Thursday, September 18, 2014

O~o~ Anime Reviews ~o~O Milestone!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and my day was kinda okay and I say that because I slept almost the rest of the day just because I stayed up last night,lol. I gotta stop doing that because not enough sleep is bad for your health,remember that kids! Oh,you're not a kid? J-just remember that,okay buddy? Sorry if that was awkward but at least you guys don't have a cat that just sits on your lap,acting cute and a few seconds later they just farted because that just happened to me.My cat farted on my lap just now...two times!

So,as you guys can see, I or we just reached 100 posts~!! WOOO!! I already made a milestone on my other blog which also just reached 100 posts and I just want to thank you guys for this because if it wasn't for you guys I won't make it this far. And I know that blogging is not that much of a deal but it is for me because at least I have something to do! XD And also,please comment in my posts. I know most of you guys are my friends but I mean come on,I rarely talk to my friends and not because I'm a snob or anything.

I'm just not really active in Google +. I'm always online and watching YouTube videos or doing something else...sometimes... So,to my friends just tag me or something and let's talk,lol XD And to my followers,comment on my posts,please. I'm forever alone in case you guys don't know... T^T I have Secre but she's a jerk! She always picking on me and bully me T^T Anyway,here's the stats of this blog:

Oh by the way,I forgot to mention in my other blog. I just notice the menu screen or something when you want to upload photos,has changed.Did you guys notice that? Do you guys even understand what I just said? XD Well,nevermind about that and here's the stats:

I'm really appreciate that you guys keep on reading my content this far.I love you guys and I hope to meet you guys next time. Take care and have an awesome day,everyone!! ^^/