Saturday, September 27, 2014

Anime Episodes Review : Kuroko No Basuke (Ep.17 - 25) Kise VS. Aomine!! (May Contain Spoilers)

Hello, everyone~! How are you guys doing today? I hope you guys are doing well and having a good day but unfortunately my girlfriend is sick today and she still goes to school. I hope she gets well soon and I hope you guys wish that to her too! Anyway,I just posted a movie review so go check it out if you haven't! I suppose to post this first but I decided to post that because I know it would take a lot of time to make a review of the movie because one,I'm bad at explanation.Two,I'm bad at explaining things.And three,I'm just bad in general! But despite all that, you guys keep reading my content and I really appreciate that!^^

So,let's get this review started,shall we?! I just watched the 25th episode of Kuroko no Basuke just now and man,that match was intense! But let's start from episode 17 and then we talk about episode 25. So a lot happened such as Seirin lost to Touo Academy and everyone was down from that match and I was down too. They work so hard until the end and the other team just crushed them like that! I also thought that Kagami separated himself from Kuroko and he would turn back to his old self where he was self centered and doesn't think about his teammates. It's pretty sad to see them not talking to each other,it's like two friends who got into a fight and I know the feeling and it's pretty bad. But I was happy when Kagami didn't abandon Kuroko at all,he just want to get stronger by his own way.

I'm still loving this anime so far and I think I would hate it or get bored of it anytime soon because every episode is either funny or just intense! Don't you guys get inspired when they started to train at the beach? Especially when Kagami has to run for how many laps from the convenience store and back to the gym and covered in all that sweat?! Kagami's body look just like the Armored Titan from Attack On Titan,right? I hope no one find this weird or think that I'm weird...I swear I'm not! T^T Kagami is still my favorite character and the same goes for Kuroko.I like the other characters as well because each of the is interesting and has a unique personality but I like Kagami and Kuroko more. T

Then we get to see Kaijo High School VS. Touou Academy. At first,I thought they're going to lose but after seeing them all that serious and high spirited,I was hoping and know that they would win. Their match was very intense and Kise's copy ability was awesome! I wish I have that ability and maybe I would do better at playing my guitar or any kind of sport. But damn,Aoimine is no joke.He is monster. And to think that he would help Kise up when the toll on his legs starts to give effect to him. And to see him cry was heartbreaking because he looked like someone who lost ability to use their legs and cried about it.No offense to anyone out there who has problems with their legs,I'm just feel sorry to them who has disability like that. Kasamatsu is a great leader, He lift his teammates spirits up and continue to lead them.

And I think that is it for this review,I'm really looking forward to the next episode and I hope you guys like reading this reviews.If you haven't watched it,you should go watch it and let me know what you think about the anime. I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have an awesome day!! ^^/