Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul √A (Episode 5) Kaneki Is An Arrancar?! O_O

Hello,hello,hello~! How are you guys doing this fine and kinda late morning (midnight)? I'm fine as usual and my day was a little bit poopy but don't worry it wasn't all poop just a little poop. Eeewww,poop XP Okay,so! I'm sorry for the EXTREMELY late review. I was very stressed about some stuff at my end and I'm sure you guys gone through stress too. I mean,who doesn't? I was stressed on how useless I am and the fact that I can't do anything as a man. And what I meant by that is,the responsibility as the eldest son and being a man. It might sound ridiculous and believe me,I do think the same thing but I want to change and I guess I don't know how or what is my first step. Anyway,I hope you guys understand. You guys are awesome and I appreciate you guys for reading my content!

Let's start the review! The episode started with Amon and a priest ghoul who ran an orphanage years ago and took Amon in. I always wondered about that guy's past. The priest is twisted for sure and I thought he will linked more later in this season but maybe not. And by judging from this episode,I'm sure there are some ghoul fans that are always pay a billion percent of attention in animes including this one.And for example for what I'm trying to say is, the Cochlea is full of ghouls that are super strong,right? They could easily taken out the guards and make a run for it. And second, why the heck did Amon just stood there while Akira got her leg bit by that Jason's psycho apprentice?

Be in mind that the fact I'm talking about these doesn't mean I hate the anime or the season. It's how reviewers do,okay? For the ghouls in the Cochlea, unless there are some weak ghouls mixed in with the strong ghouls and on that note,it would be logical that they would taken out so easy by the guards and Doves. But the only strong ghoul I have seen so far (that is locked in Cochlea of course) is that Shachi Kamishiro dude that beaten up Kaneki. And damn,Rize is famous! Is it because of her beauty or her strength though? And it was cool so that there are different colors of are there (So far,I saw blue colored kagune...yay!^^"/

And I guess in this episode,we got some answers on why Kaneki left Anteiku and that is for to make himself stronger and to protect them.Also,that scene where Kaneki's kagunes turned into giant centipedes,it's cool and all and he looks more badass but I hate centipedes! >.< Another thing that I saw is Ayato's reaction towards the Dove guy's Arata quinque. I'm guessing it was made by Ayato's and Toka's father's kagune. Like how Mado used Hinami's parents' kagunes into a quinque. And that is all for this review! I hope you guys enjoyed this review and the episode! Let's look forward to Kaneki's fight against Shachi! I'll see you guys next time! Have a great day!!!! ^^/