Saturday, September 21, 2013

Anime Review - Sword Art Online

Hey guys,how are you today?^^ Today's review is going to be "Sword Art Online".I'm sure a lot of people already know about this anime since this anime exploded the world last year.A lot of people liked it and loved it.Most girls loved it because it has a romance genre in the anime and I also liked it,it was awesome and it gave us a whole new view about online gaming becoming more realistic and more advanced.

But even though it is so awesome to experiencing in the game,there are some dangerous possibilities could happened in the game such as you cannot leave the game and if you're dead,you're dead in real life and that's what happened in the anime.The anime started with Kirito or his real name,Kirigaya Kazuto.He has a stepsister or cousin named,Suguha.They both learned Kendo and later in the anime they played in another online game,ALFheim Online.

Kirito is one of the beta testers of the Closed Beta of Sword Art Online,in the game his name is Kirito and also known as 'The Black Swordsman' because he's dressed in black.He at first playing the game solo because he is use to do it alone and at first people don't like him because they suspect him cheating on the game because he is one of the beta testers.

Then he helped one of the player who later becomes his friend,Klein and later on in the anime,he met Asuna.They fight together side by side and they are so strong when they're together and Kirito starts to open up with people by helping them from bad players and he once joined a small guild but unfortunately all of them died in the game.Later,in the anime he and Asuna found a kid in the woods and they tried to search
her parents or her siblings but no one knows her and they decided to take care of her and named her Yui.

So,a lot happened,Kirito defeated the mastermind who let the game go wrong and let the players trapped.But when Kirito thought Asuna is fine and already woke up in the real life,he looks for her in the hospital but unfortunately Asuna is still unconscious and in a deep sleep.She's transfered into another online game,ALFheim Online by her soon to be husband.

That's all I that I can tell you guys and I'm sorry if I gave some spoilers but go and watch it.Watch Kirito's adventure in Sword Art Online and ALFheim Online,I'm sure you'll love it and enjoy yourself.And I'm sorry if this review is kinda messy because it's already late and my brain is spinning from watching Youtube all day^^" And thank you guys for reading my reviews and liked it so far,I'll keep posting my reviews as much as I can.I see you guys next time and have a great day!^^//


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Anime Review - Angel Beats

Hey guys,today I'm going to make another anime review and that is "Angel Beats"! The anime starts off with I guess the main character,Otonnashi,he wakes up and find himself in a campus and he saw a girl,holding a machine gun,Yurippe(I think it's a machine gun^^") to fight the "Angel" .So,the anime is about the afterlife,a life after you died and in order to pass on,I think that is what its called.You have to do what you do in school,learning,attending the school activities and do what the angel tells you to do.

Yrippe is a leader of a group called "S.S.S",its kinda a rebel group against the god because they think it doesn't fair that they die and they don't have or get some good memories before they die.In the anime,the first few episodes they fight the angel and I forgot to tell you guys the angel's name,her name is Tachibana Kanade.And in the anime you will find out some of the character's past or before they die.

The group thought that when the souls/students in the campus vanished,they think the students vanished completely but they're not they just passing on,feeling no regrets and rest in peace.And that is why they keep fighting the angel and rebel against her so that they can fight god.So,when you watch the anime,you'll see they're activities like fighting the angel and one more thing,they can't die but they can feel pain and when their fighting the angel,they use weapons like an axe,a sword but mostly guns.

So,what are you waiting for guys?Go watch the anime and if some of you already watch it,the ending was awesome but sad right?^^ Wondering what's going to happened in the ending you guys wonder?Go watch and find out,there are only 14 episodes and the anime is cool,funny and sad.I love it and I see you guys later and have a great day!^^//


Monday, September 9, 2013

Anime Review - Nichijou

Hi,everyone^^ I'm sorry for not making a new post for a long time if you read my other blog,"Random Blogs" You'll know why I haven't been making much post.So,today anime review is "Nichijou" or "My Daily Life" .As the name of the title,its about daily lives of four female main characters and about their high school life.It's a comedy anime just like "Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou" but these animes are not related but it is similar.

This anime is just random,mostly about anything in your average daily life.Why I call this anime random because there is a 5 year old professor who created a female teenage robot named Nano and they have a talking cat named Sakamoto.The professor makes a scarf that makes Sakamoto speaks in human language and in the household,Sakamoto is the eldest and he is mature but sometimes playful because he is a cat to begin with.

I'll introduce the four main characters.Yukko,likes to make jokes and she is friends with the other three characters.Mio,she's a manga artist,she likes to draw 'Yaoi' mangas....,she is shy to show her drawings to anyone and she has an older sister.Mai,a genius,likes to carve wood into a buddha statue,likes to troll Yukko and Mio.And Nano,a robot,created by Professor(Literally,the 5 year old professor's name is Professor),she is nice and polite.

Watch the anime and you guys will see more crazy,funny and weird characters in the anime!I like the anime,I laugh my guts out when I watched it and there's only 26 episodes.So,go watch it and tell me what you guys think about the anime.Did you guys had a good laugh?Like the ending?Haven't watch it yet?! Then go watch it damn it!! ......Sorry,I was a little hype there even though I'm sick right now...Bye,everyone and have a great day!^^//