Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 9) Forever Alone Death Gun...

Hey,guys. How are you guys doing? I'm good and I'm glad that I get to make this review for you guys because I want to post this as soon as possible because this episode was out on Saturday and the same goes for Fairy Tail.I make those reviews including Tokyo Ghoul because I want to post them in order and it's already three days since the episodes out.I'm worried about them more than Akame Ga Kill because the new episode was out yesterday which is Monday and today is Tuesday.You guys know what I'm talking about but I don't know how to explain^^". Anyway,let's just get on with the review and get this over with!

So,we started off at the scene where Death Gun paralyzed Pale Rider and about to shoot him.I think he's different not just that he can kill players online but that he can get passed by the system of the game. I said this because of how he ambushed Sinon at the end of the episode. At first,I thought they can detect him because maybe he has a device to make him invisible but I'm sure they can detect him even though he use that.Either way,I think we're gonna find that out on the next episode.

It's cool how they broadcast the tournament openly that other games like ALO.How cool is that? If future games are gonna be like that,that would be awesome an very futuristic. Maybe you can watch anime in those games,that would be awesome,lol. Anyway,it's impressive how he dodge Sinon's shot and I'm surprised that he didn't go after Kirito when that happened. But poor Pale Rider who is now a Ghost Rider.Maybe he'll become a ghost in the game and the forums will be filled with sightings of Pale Rider's ghost...that's kinda scary so I'll stop. But seriously though,who is Death Gun? If you guys know who he is,can you tell me? I know there are a lot of clues in this episode about him but I forgot most of the characters in the first season.

I don't like the episode a bit because it is slow pace and it's about the same thing and the pace of the story is slow as well not like Tokyo Ghoul. It's a little boring but it was intense when Kirito deflect those bullets when he and Sinon fight another player. And it was intense when Sinon's trauma starts to kick in and that she's in a pinch. What I like in this episode,the fights and I think that is all because most of the episode is about Kirito and Sinon walking to where Death Gun is and about Asuna and the other's relaxing time watching TV. That is it for this episode,I'm expecting more on the next episode.I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day!^^/