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Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 4) Executioner Executed!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual,I just finished watching this episode and I'm sweating here because I watched the TV without turning the fan on! And finally the fireworks has stopped! I found my sanity by the way so, you guys can stop worrying about me. Wait,you don't? You only came here to read my reviews and don't care if I'm insane or not? That's it! I'm gonna sulk in the corner now! I don't care anymore! My secretary will take it from here,goodbye! Waaah~!! U-umm,hello everyone. It's nice to meet you,I'm Secre, Danial's secretary. Please forgive him for his behavior,he is a very nice person.I'm sure he will apologize to you soon.Now,let's get on to the review,shall we?

I watch animes with boss all the time but this is my first time making a review so please forgive if I made any mistakes. In this episode is like none other than the past episodes,the Night Raid got a job to kill the violent Zank The Executioner. This man has gone crazy after numerous times of executing people with no mercy at all. B-boss,I'll make you some milk later,okay? I got to this review- Boss! He just slammed the door and ran away while crying... He's such a handful sometimes. Anyway,with the job aside.We also learned more about the weapons they are using which is the Imperial Arms.

These weapons were created by the king a long time ago and I must say,these weapons are very 'handy',get it? Imperial Arms,handy? Okay,I'll stop. Miss Akame's weapon seems to be the most fearsome weapon of all 48 of the Imperial Arms. I also like when the boss of Night Raid explained the features and the name of the weapons. The author had quite of imagination to make those weapons have such a lot of abilities.The animation was great as always and I'm looking forward to other members of the Night Raid to use their weapons to it's full potential.

What I like in this episode,this episode is very calm at first when Akame and Tatsumi made breakfast for everyone and of course I like that part.I also love one of Akame's characteristics in which she likes to eat a lot and that is deceiving because we kept thinking she is so strong and all but when we see this side of her,she is just like any normal girl.Cute and innocent,kinda innocent. The battle scenes was wonderful, I like when they swung their swords there is this blue trail.That is a nice touch. And the last part when Zank thanks Akame for killing him and making him stop listening to those 'voices'.

Well,that is it for this episode review.Please let me know if you were entertained and please come again and read more of our content. I hope to see you all again and have a good day. Boss~! Where are you? The review is over! Boss~? I definitely need a raise from this...

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 4) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm sorry for the late review,my Internet was so slow yesterday that I can't watch the episode! And now I'm in a hurry because I'm watching Johnny English on my TV right now so,I'm sorry if you see that I'm in a hurry (Which I do). I'm fine,today because today is the first day of Hari Raya,a lot of fireworks tonight which is cool but at the same time annoying.What can you do,right? Well,at least they make the sky pretty and make a lot of noise like maniacs... Anyway,enough of me rambling which is good for your guys because my rambling is poisonous and bad for your guys' health.Let's get on to the review~! (Finally...)

In this episode,Kirito logged in GGO and got hit on by a bunch of guys. It's funny to see his reaction when he got that avatar and I'm glad he didn't picked it so that he can be low profile or something. But kinda makes you wonder why no one noticed his voice! He has a female body and a male voice,I guess this is what you guys called a 'trap'? XD But I'm not complaining,it's funny when he pretends to be a girl. I think why I hate when he use a girl avatar at first was because I'm use to his cool clothes and weapons.

Maybe this avatar is good,for comedy that is.GGO is like any other games,you have to learn about weapons,stats and many more. I think I'm making useless reviews up to this point because I can't focus,sorry.Let me refresh for a bit. I like the concept of the game,I guess you could say.About the bullet trails and how stats are very important and all. The animations in this episode is great especially when Kirito charged and dodged from the game he played to gain money and when he ride that big bike with Sinon. How he dodged the truck and he looks cool on that bike. He is so cool now! Damn~!

And now what I like in this episode, I like the gun shop which is cool looking and it has a lot of choices.I also like the mini game he played to gain some money and the reaction from the crowd as he beat the game. What the- This guys ain't playing around with their fireworks! Calm down,people! Anyway,this episode has no hate for me,I like it.It has no problems and I think other people will said it's slow and all but I like it. I'm sorry about this useless review,I can't think straight with all these fireworks going on and it's pretty loud too! Anyway,I hope you guys have a great day and I hope you guys are well while I'm trying to find my sanity.

I'll see you guys later,okay? Take care... Sanity...~ Where are you...~?

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Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.17/192) Wizards Of Fiore Vs. 7 Dragons!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine and so happy right now because my blogs are getting a lot of views! Maybe not a lot compare to other bloggers but I'm happy with what I have right now and that is you guys.To those who started reading my blogs,welcome and thank you all for reading my blogs since the beginning! Let's continue to grow and enjoy ourselves~! My day is good so far and I hope for the same to you guys. Now,let's get on with the review of this epic episode of Fairy Tail.

In this episode,everything just went south right when the portal spread wide open,no pun intended or dirty mind was put on the last sentenced so stop.Just kidding,you know I like to joke around with you guys even though my jokes are terrible... A-anyway,this episode is pretty epic to me anyway,some of the viewers always complaining how slow the episodes are sometimes but I think this episode is at a good pace and I'm really looking forward to the next episode.

While Lucy is trying to reach the trigger to close the portal and when she and Yukino use their celestial spirits to close the door which is an epic scene,we can see some little fan service with their you know. But I'm glad this episode doesn't have much fan service and more focused to the dragons and the portal that has some of Zeref's magic and Celestial Magic. I wonder what Rogue is after? Is he just want to destroy the world? Right now,he is the only character with the wizard-esque image,don't you guys ready? With that long hair and all. And let's talk about the dragons a bit,they are so cool,especially the flame dragon,Atlas Flame! I saw in some pictures from the manga but I'm not gonna spoil anything so don't worry. The other dragons are cool but Atlas Flame is my favorite! Which dragons do you guys like?

What I like in this episode,I like the scene of Lucy and Yukino when they summoning their celestial spirits and perform a Celestial Magic called, Zodiac! When the spirits close the portal and when the dragon was about to come out,it would be awesome if Wendy or Natsu use their roar to knock that dragon back.That would be cool,right? I like when they show us the guilds fighting with the dragons and explained how Lucy knows about the portal.I thought she got controlled by something or someone but what she did was indeed the right choice. What is your guys favorite scenes or moments in this episode?

Well,that is it for this episode.I'm sorry if it's not much and thank you for reading my reviews and I hope to see you guys next time. So,stay safe and take care.And as always,have a great day~!! ^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 4) What The Friday?!

Hey,guys~! How are you guys doing today? I hope you are well during this summer vacation and stay safe.I'm fine as always and my day is good so far. I'm just wondering why advertisements on TV is always about beauty products? More frequent than healthy products,fast foods and other advertisements even movie trailers! I haven't seen a movie trailer on TV for a while! Anyway,let's just get on with our lives and the review,shall we?

In this episode we get to learn a bit more about ghouls and half-human ghouls like Kaneki.It seems half-human ghouls are stronger than full blooded ghouls. And we also get to know another ghoul who owns a bar named,Itori. Who is also friends with that mask making guy and Ren,the serious white haired guy.He reminds me a bit of Gokudera from Katekyo Hitman Reborn.While Tsukiyama Shu,the weird character from before and still weird,reminds me a bit of Hisoka from HunterXHunter from the way they act when they found someone or something that they really want and act like they're on drugs XD. Sorry.

This episode is just full of weirdness when that guy Tsukiyama is around like when he has a crowd of weird people. Those people are so weird when they wear those masks and acting kinda sexual.They usually wear those during a dance or something and when they at an black market auction. I think Tsukiyama is serving those people with human ghoul meat? I don't know,I don't quite understand at all but if you guys know,can you tell me? Some reviewer I am,huh? Haha,don't worry I'm not belittling myself.I'm just accepting that I'm still new to this that is all.

I can't wait for the next episode because I hope I get to see Kaneki fight more and using his ghoul powers and learn more about Rize. Even though this episode is weird but I like it and I want to see more.It's good to add some weirdness so that us,the viewers would get into the anime more,I suppose? Now for what I like in this episode,I like it when Kishimura forcing herself to swallow her friend's food,that's a good friend right there.And I like Tsukiyama,I'd like to see his abilities and how the story goes with him along but he sure is bad news. Well,I think that is it for this episode review.I'll see you guys next time and have a great day,everyone~!! ^^/

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 3) Mine Is Not Bad

Hey,everyone~! How are you guys doing today? I'm so sorry for the late review and I will make the Tokyo Ghoul review in the morning because it's 3:36 AM now.Plus,I literally keep thinking for a title for this review! I think it took me about an hour and a half! Well,it's because I was watching videos and chat with my friends and my girlfriend but still...And now,I lost the motivation of making this review! I was motivated when I finished watching the episode... *Sighs* Let's just get on with the review...

In this episode,Tatsumi was ordered by the leader of the Night Raid to train or learn from one of their comrades named,Mine. I was surprised when Mine wasn't being all tsundere and mean at Tatsumi. Even though she did but she keep it at minimum. The voice actor of Mine is awesome,her voice is cute and  very suitable for characters like Mine. I'm impressed in this episode because most of it is comedy and we learned a little more about the minister and the king of the Capital which is a little kid. And he is influenced by the minister and the minister looks like Santa Claus's evil twin brother or something.

We also learned about Mine's past and she is the same with Bulat and Akame and that is having a bad past.I assume they all have bad past and I can't wait to know about their past. I like Mine because she is serious and focused.As a sniper,you have to be focused and we see that when she shot the minister's relative and one of the guards. I'm also curious about that mystery character that have three eyes. I think that is all I have to review about this episode.Now,what I like in this episode.

This episode is kind of lay back episode or filler but I know it's not a filler.It just feels like it because of how Tatsumi and Mine went shopping and they keep arguing.It's one of those episode that characters just chilling out.The animation,the art and all is good to me,I like it.And I guess that is it for today.I'm sorry if this review doesn't make any sense,I can't think straight all of the sudden,maybe it's because I'm tired. I'll see you guys next time and have a good day,everyone! ^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 3) Asada Shino's Past

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual just finished watching Sword Art Online II. I was going to make a review of it yesterday but I don't have the mood or the time to watch it and make a review about it.From now on,I'll try to make the reviews as soon as possible. Maybe right after the episodes came out. So,let's just dive into the review and enjoy^^.

So,in this episode we learned more about Shino or his avatar name,Sinon or Shino. If the guys in charge of the subtitles got her name wrong,I'll choke them to death and then gave them a hug.Nah,I won't do that so don't worry guys,I won't hug them. Shino is like every other teenager.Normal and always getting picked on because she has a trauma that happened to her when she was little but we get to that later. Question though,why female gangsters or bullies look so weird in the anime? Are they like that too in real life? Because I never met one before.

For example,do you guys know the anime 'Durarara!!'? Do you guys remember a scene when Sunohara gets bullied by these weird looking girls? If they look like that in real life,I would laugh at them and just walk away.I mean seriously.Okay,we totally gone off topic! Thanks a lot,guys! Sheesh...I mean I'm sorry,so sorry! Shino has a trauma with guns since she was little and she shot a robber when he tried to do robbery in a post office.Why the post office though? Why didn't he just go rob at bank or something? What an idiot. Shino should be a hero for killing that guy and I hate her mother's reaction when she looks at her.

You're her freaking mother! Go comfort her! Didn't you see she saved your booty and everyone else's booty?! I feel sorry for Shino.She lives alone and being a target for bullies like those three clown girls.I hope she will be happy in her life and get over with her trauma. By the way,I think her friend,Shinkawa,is the Death Gun guy.Because we got a glimpse of him,sitting in front of his computer and looking at the pictures of the players that got killed by Death Gun.And I think Shinon is his next target.

What I like in this episode so far.I like Shino's story and maybe we'll get to know a lot more about her.I like the comedy scene in this episode when Kirito was with that nurse.Imagine what will Asuna do when she saw her touch Kirito and knowing that she looked at his body before?! XD To top that off,I can't wait to see the next episode and maybe Kirito will meet Sinon in GGO. By the way,Kirirto has a cool bike! LOL,I'll see you guys next time.Take car and have a very good day!^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep16/191) Open the Portal Or Close The Portal?!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and right after I said that,I'm having a stomach ache...A-anyway,how is your day going? My day is good so far,then again I woke up at 4:00 PM XD So, more than half of my day just gone like that because of me sleeping so late. Anyway,this episode is much better than the previous ones especially the fight in the tournament.It has the old Fairy Tail feeling and  you can feel the chill running down your spine.Well,my spine anyway. I'm not sure about you guys' spines.Enough of my rambling and let's just jump in the review,shall we? Please?

In this episode the Princess finally opened the portal and I'm so confused,should they let it open or close it? I think it's dangerous to use that portal since the two guys, Lahar and Doranbolt from the Council,said that the portal's very existence violates 30 laws!I got the feeling something bad is going to happened and we'll see that on the next episode.Well,that is it for now.Just kidding! Sorry... Another thing that surprises me is Rogue is using Sting's magic after he killed him.Sorry,future Rogue.Not the present Rogue because the present Rogue is good and is Sting's best friends, #BestFriends. Right? Okay,I'll be serious! Sheesh...

I wonder where will Natsu go when he sucked in the shadow? Is he going to get some of Rogues magic? And the fight between him and future Rogue is very cool and epic.In the fight we get to see Natsu using his Lightning Fire Dragon moves and Rogue using his White Shadow Dragon moves. He's way stronger than his present self! Well,maybe because of Sting's magic but still,he has improved a lot.I think future Rogue gotten his hands on Zeref's magic because Jellal sense Zeref's magic from him and Natsu said he smells evil.

And the best surprise of all,we get to see the king and it turns out,he was the one who wears the pumpkin costume during the tournament! It's so funny when he keeps saying thank you to the wizards and he accidentally say 'Kabo'. It's very epic to see all the guilds in Fiore working together to fight the dragons. Where did Minerva go though? Is she to embarrassed that her guild lost in the tournament? What I like in this episode.I basically like no,I love everything that happened in this episode.And I really can't wait for the next episode.

Well,that is it for me.I'll see you guys next time.Take car and have a very good day^^/

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 3) A New And Weird Character Appears!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine and well.Just finished watching this episode of Tokyo Ghoul and after this I'm going to watch Fairy Tail and make a review of it after this. Happy holidays to you guys who are having a summer vacation,be careful during the holidays and do anything reckless and of course,enjoy yourself to your hearts content! Now,let's jump in or dive in the review!

In today's episode,we see Jason visiting someone who is,I don't know a ghoul? Or is he just a normal human? Anyway,I think he makes tools for Jason like the one he left at the crime scene like an idiot.Who would left their murder weapon at a crime scene? If you don't it,at least throw it in the river or something... And it seems Hide is fine and well and damn it,I thought that Nishio guy is already dead but it looks like he's still alive and is hospitalized. Are ghouls immortal? I forgot how they die or how to kill them but one of them is by dying in starvation.

In this episode there's nothing much happened but there's two other characters that we don't know much about and they're are the doctor,that Jason visits to are his wife and daughter.We know the daughter is a ghoul when we saw her eating human flesh.I was surprised that they censored some things in this episode.I'm glad that they censored them because it would kinda disturbing but I don't mind if in the manga they show human flesh or something like that because it's not realistic compare to the anime.Do you guys understand what I'm saying?

What I like in this episode,I like when Kaneki fell off from the highway,it's funny when the guy he's with,told him at the last minute and he fell. I also like the scene when he's talking the the daughter,Hamine,right? About some words that she doesn't know in the books she red. It's nice to see some heart warming and funny scenes in an anime like this.And right before the episode ends,we see a weird character which probably related to the story because that's what always happened in animes,whenever a weird character appears he will be either a good guy or bad guy.

I don't like those kind of characters much but I like them a little because they make the anime a little joyful, I should say? Like I said from before in the Akame Ga Kill! review about in an anime they need to have characters with different personality or differences between one another. Well,I guess that is it for this episode review.I can't wait for the next episode because I want to know who is that weird guy.

I'll see you guys later and enjoy the holidays,everyone!^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 2) Hentai?! Oh,It's Tokyo Ghoul...

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? Yes,it's me again and I'm fine as usual and still tired...Thirsty to be exact but I'll have to endure for now,just another four hours,baby! Come on! I'm sorry for being so hype in this review but like I said from the previous review,I want to entertain you guys! So let's jump in and devour the review shall we?!

Let's start with my review. In this episode,we see more of Kaneki's struggle and his awesome friendship with Hide.So,it turns out that doctor who treated Kaneki,transferred Rize,the ghoul's organs into him and that's why he's become half ghoul and half human.But man,imagine you can't eat anything but human flesh which is so disgusting and drink coffee.I would go completely crazy if I was him.Well,he did look like he's going crazy,he would be a perfect character in Outlast. Just screaming and eating other patients and scare the player! That's actually a good idea...coming soon...Outlast:Hunger of a Ghoul!

Back to the review,when Hide and Kaneki on their way to meet the jerk Nishio,we have a little hentai scene and what's funny is when the girl screamed and ran away. I actually thought Kaneki and Nishio become friends since they're in the same school or campus. I was surprised when Nishio kicked Hide like that and I actually thought he was going to protect Hide from Kaneki. It's like a scene in other animes,two characters having a misunderstanding and then they become good partners or friends.

The fight between Nishio and Kaneki was pretty cool,Kaneki is like Naruto when he has the Nine-Tails's tails.What do you guys think? And don't you guys think that Kaneki is very similar to Eren? Tatsumi from Akame Ga Kill is kinda similar to Eren when he said he's going to erase scum like the Ogre in this world. And now,what I like in this anime,we know more and more about ghouls and seems like not all of them are monsters and jerks like Nishio and Rize. I'm looking forward to the next episode.The fight scene is awesome,the story is getting good and I like the characters so far. I almost cried when Kaneki and Hide became friends when they were little.

Anyway,I think that is it for now.What do you guys think is going to happen later in this anime? Will Kaneki fight the police or meet a Jason soon? Will this anime reach 12 or 25 episodes? I'll see you guys next time and make sure you have an awesome day,guys! Not just today but everyday!^^/ Picture by azizkeybackspace.deviantart

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 2) Second Kill! And Officially A Member!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual but so tired.I'm sorry for making this review very late,I'll try to make the review early.By the way, how do you guys like my last review? Was it funny how I talk like a nobleman or a gentleman? I tried very hard to talk or sound like a gentleman.I'm sorry if you find it not entertaining,I just want to entertain you guys while reading my post because reading could be very boring sometimes and I know that not all of you don't like reading.Some like reading and some not so,I want to entertain both.I hope that make sense,now let's jump in the review.

Instead of telling you guys what I like in this episode,let me start with reviewing the whole episode. In this episode,we learn more and more about Night Raid and it's members.From the last episode,I thought Leone was the leader but of course,I was wrong and the leader of the Night Raid looks cool and I'm she has some painful past towards the capital.I'm sure all of them are.

I was surprised when I the character,Bulat was gay and I laughed so hard.No offence to you gays but it was just unexpected of him being gay.I think the author did that on purpose because each member needs to have different personalities and got to have some differences. By the way,Bulat means 'Round' in my language.Just throwing that out there. do you guys think this anime reached to 25 episodes or 15 episodes? And if it does,will you guys hope for another season? To me,another season is not necessary unless the author has another good story.If not,they should stop because this anime is already great and I'm sure it will be greater later in the future episodes!

I like Leone's character because aside of her cheerfulness,she's serious when she needs to.Like when she met the client and she can feel her pain. Akame's character is cool too because aside of her epic sword skills or assassination skills,she's cute and caring. I wonder what happened to her sister though.Darn it,I forgot the name of the female member with the glasses,the one uses the big scissors.She reminded me of Sa-chan from Gintama.Mine is a character that I hate because she's a loli-tsundere type of character? I don't know,I just don't like those kinds of characters but I hate them with passion because they make the anime fun and different,I guess? What do you guys think?

That's it of my review and now what do I like in this episode. The fight was cool,the characters are awesome because of their differences and personalities.The story is so far so good,can't wait for the next episode.The animation and the art is great.That is all I gotta say,hope you like the anime and this review.And I hope you will keep sicking around.I'll see you guys next time,have a great day!^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 2) That Close Range Headshot Though!

Hello again ladies and gentleman.I thank you for joining me this wonderful evening.It is evening,right? Let's forget that trivial matter and continue on my review as after this I'll make a review on Tokyo Ghoul.I just finished watching this anime a few minutes ago while my cat keep blocking the screen...And why do I sound like a nice old gentleman,you may ask? Because it's just for entertainment and I'm sure I'm not acting like a normal gentleman or noble or whatever you may call them,hohohohoho~ If this made you concerned,don't worry.I'm not crazy. Let's get on to the review,shall we? Off we go~oo~!

In this particular episode,we watch Miss Sinon or Shinon,the sniper.Fighting with that gentleman who's named couldn't be more ridiculous,Behemoth. Mr. Behemoth went out on an evening stroll with his other six fellows who carry guns.Miss Sinon and her group have been watching them,I guess. And wanted to take them down because of how cowardly their methods are,Behemoth's group that is. Like I said from the previous episode review of this anime,Sinon is like Riza Hawkeye and I know that all snipers are like that,very calm and showing no emotions whatsoever.Keep Calm And Shoot!

Their strategizing skills are very good,very remarkable indeed.As you played other shooting games,you have to be smart and not just barge in like a wild maniac,maniac,maniac~! Ahem,sorry.I just remembered a song.Continue. The gunfight was marvelous and I like the animations that happened during the fight such as the trails of the bullet before it hits the target and most of all the art is remarkable.I love the part where the sun comes out behind the fog,so relaxing that I could drink tea in peace.

Nevertheless, Sword Art Online II is going to be marvelous this season and in the opening,I noticed Sir Kirito is using a girl avatar. What happened,Sir Kirito? But I can't deny he looked a bit cute.No Yaoi,I'm just talking what's in my mind.That's all and nothing more and of course, I can't to see the nest episode.What will Lady Asuna react when Sir Kirito talk about GGO? Well,I guess that is with our adventure for now. I'll see you ladies later and of course,you gentlemen also but I prefer to be with the ladies. Have a good day.Ta ta~!

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.15/190) The Feels And More Epicness

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as ussual and I'm sorry for the delay of posting these episode reviews.I'll try to post them today and man,I have to watch and make review on other three animes! Haha, I'm looking forward to watch them and I can''t wait to make a review on them.So, let me stop rambling and get on to the review!

In this episode we got a lot of mysteries solved such as the confusion about the Eclipse 2. Seems like someone else followed future Lucy and that is future Rogue.And damn,future Rogue look so old with that white hair.It's kinda funny that he still has his black hair cover his eye.No offense to anyone but he looks like an old emo.Again,no offense and if anyone still feel offended,I apologize. It was really sad when we see future Lucy dying in her past self and especially with Happy's speech and expression.

He always the type to be so cheerful and happy but when he sad,he gets us sad as well! To me in this episode,nothing much happened except for future Rogues appearance, the Princess and her soldiers preparing the Eclipse and future Lucy's death. I really can't wait for the next episode and I really hope it's not as disappointing as the last episode.Despite of all the feels and how we're so happy Fairy Tail won,you can't deny how disappointing the battles were.So short and all and it really feels different from the old Fairy Tail.

But who knows,maybe they did that on purpose and with the next episode they will give us a lot of cool fights,more interesting story and I don't know,I just want to watch Fairy Tail! XD By the way,do you guys wondered what happened to that guy with the pumpkin costume? Don't tell me he has some sort of role or he's an epic character hiding in the shadows because that would be too funny.Yeah,I guess that is it for now.Not a lot of excitement except at the end,what a cliff hanger! I'm sorry that I don't have much to tell you guys,it's just a lot happened today and it's clouded my mind right now and I can't think very well. I'm very thankful to you guys that despite of my grammar and how messy my review is but you guys still read it.Even though I don't know you guys read this or not but thank you.

So,I'll see you guys next time! Have a great day and take care!^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 1) First Kill!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and I just finished watching the first episode of Akame Ga Kill! I just watched it today because I was a little busy yesterday and I finally get to make a review of it.And I'll try to make the reviews of Fairy Tail and Tokyo Ghoul because there's something I gotta do later.Anyway,let's just jump in the review.Warning this anime contains a lot of blood,a bit gore and violence.

The anime is about Tatsumi,who went to the Capital so that he can join the military and buy his village.His village is very poor and he wants to help his village out.He and his three friends go on the journey to the Capital but got separated.This anime reminded me of a TV show called 'Deltora' when the Earth Dragon appeared and how Tatsumi looks.His face reminded me of that show for some reason.I love animes when they started out with a short battle and letting you get to know of the main character.

I also love the comedy and funny scenes in this anime.At first I thought, "This is is a total idiot" and I thought his gonna become one of those characters that keeps bragging and being all cocky.But I'm glad he's not like that at all and its funny how he got swindled by the member of the Night Raid,Leone. When Tatsumi got helped by the girl from the rich family,I also thought that she is nice and thought that she got anything to do throughout the anime.It kinda crushes me when they reveal the truth about the family to Tatsumi.

Acting very good and kind but they're actually sick psychos! When the Night Raid appeared and killed the mother or wife of the family,I thought they were evil because it happened very fast and quick.Again with comedy,I like when he starts to fighting with Akame and when he asks her that she's going to kill the girl and she just respond with 'Yep'. I'm surprised she's not the serious type of character.So far,I like all the characters.The animations are good,heck what do I know about animations...I don't even know how it works... The art is awesome too,it gives me the Attack On Titan feel for some reason.

Well,I guess that is it for now.I'm sorry for the long post and thanks for reading! I'll see you guys next time and have an awesome day!^^/

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 1) Eat Or Don't Eat?!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? Good morning if it's morning wherever you guys at because it's morning where I'm at.Time zones are pretty difficult sometimes,right? Anyway, I'm fine as usual just a little annoyed from my neighbor because he makes noise with his bike while my little brother is asleep. Aside from that,you know the feeling when you just watched something epic? Well,I have that feeling right now! I just finished watching the first episode of Tokyo Ghoul and it turns out great.

I like when they make us surprised for example,when that female ghoul throwing a girl against a fish tank and eats her.By the way, how did Jason get to Tokyo?! And where did his chainsaw go?! This anime kinda gives me a Shingeki No Kyojin feel because the ghouls are the titans,the ghouls eat humans like titans and humans hate titans and ghouls. And does the main character has the same voice actor as Eren? Correct me if I'm wrong.

When the female ghoul fights and escape from Jason,it looks like she has some tentacle powers? I don't know,blood bending maybe? She watched too much avatar! And I knew from the start that Rize is the female ghoul.I mean,come on I'm sure you guys can see that a mile away but maybe they purposely do that but I don't care.I like the story so far and it is quite interesting.

But be warned that this anime has a lot of blood and gore so,it's not suitable for all ages and for those who don't like to see a lot of blood and decapitated human body parts. But seriously though,the airports need to step their game up! I mean because of them,Jason made it to Tokyo! And he's more scary than before but he's way scarier if he has his chainsaw,right? I don't know,I haven't watched any Jason movie but I watched a movie where he with Freddie Krueger. But what do you guys think? Do you guys like the anime so far?

I'm digging this because I love watching animes like this because they are interesting to watch and make us hide under our beds for fun! And because of that,we've proven that there is no monsters under our beds! Thank you anime! Since I watched scary movies and animes,I confronted my fear of the monster under my bed and now look at me,I've become a better man! Lol,I sound like a guy in a commercial XD Anyways,this is it for this review.I'm sorry because there's not much to talk about since this is just the first episode.But worry not! There are mores to come!

I'll see you guys next time! Have a great day or morning,everybody!^^/ By the way,I just searched for a photo for this post which is a Tokyo Ghoul pic but I can't find any but some weird pictures like the main character wearing a mask or something.Anyhow, I'll just put a nice picture of Mount. Fuji!^^/

Monday, July 7, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 1) Gun Gale Online!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I hope you are doing fine because I am fine as well and my day is good like always but outside of my house I can hear some kids riding on their bikes like there's no tomorrow and it's getting a bit annoying.But as long as I have my headphones and music still exists,I'm in my own world.So,I know you guys already watched the new season of Sword Art Online.I was about to make a review of it yesterday but because of my Internet which is unforgiving and jerk,had to be so slow and causing problems that I can't even watch Sword Art Online!

But today, I finally get to watch it and make a review of it.You guys don't need to read this review but if you guys still want to read it,then I won't stop you but thanks you. Now,let's get to the review! The new season of Sword Art Online is about a new virtual reality MMO games called 'Gun Gale Online' or 'GGO' for short. I guess in this game you only use firearms and a few more abilities. At the start of the episode,we see this player named,Zexceed which is close to 'Exceed' from Fairy Tail, got shot by a mysterious and scary looking player.

And Zexceed died not just in the game but in reality too. Sometimes it made me think that games like are kinda dangerous even though the creators said it is pretty safe.But anything could happened,the worst case scenario your brain will get fried like BBQ and it's both Game Over and Life Over!And when it has already been a day you died,your mom would be like "Timmy? Timmy? He must be playing his new game. *Sigh* Kids this days..." and when your corpse starts to get smelly. "Timmy! Why is your room smell so bad?! I told you don't eat burritos late at night!".

Virtual reality is cool and I know in the future we will have those kind of devices but I would rather stay with consoles and mouse and keyboards,thanks.That is just my opinion though,it could be very safe and fun but I don't know.And right before the episode ended we introduced to another character named,Shinon which is to me the new 'Hawkeye'. Sometimes I wondered when someone especially from the military,whenever they finished talking through a walkie talkie or something they will say 'Roger'. Imagine someone name Roger close by and he'll say, "Why do you keep calling my name?!". Haha,that would be hilarious!

Well,that is it for now,I'll see you guys next time.Have fun and take care.Also,have a great day!^^/ Oh! By the way! I think I'm gonna make a review on Tokyo Ghoul.I heard it's good and scary! Anyways,take care!^^

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.14/189) Happy Ending And New Beginning!

Hey,guys! How are you guy doing today? I'm fine as usual but I feel much better after I watched today's episode of Fairy Tail! Before I begin the review,I know it's kinda late but Happy 4th of July,everyone from America! Hope you guys are having a good time and just be happy with your friends and family like Fairy Tail.Now,let's begin the review!

At the beginning of this episode,we noticed the new epic opening song! That song is so cool,the whole opening is cool.Then we get to see all the battles in the tournament,Grey and Juvia VS. Lyon and Cheria,Jura VS. Laxus and Erza VS. Minerva. When I see Gray and Juvia's fight,they seem mature a bit.They get to work together and know the enemy's weakness.I know they've work together before but watching them fight again makes me think they actually grow and more matured. I also like Mavis's speech for them as they fight.

By the way,Laxus look so cool when he says Natsu's line and fight Jura,one of the Ten Wizard Saints! When they show us Millianna and something in her cloak,I was wondering what would it be.I thought it was her magic,the rope she uses to fight and I also thought it was a cat but why and how did the cat get there? Also,Erza's fight was cool and she determines to win for the guild and for her comrades that was hurt by Minerva and she finally won and Minerva was so scared and lost! Finally,we get the pleasure to see her lose. But don't you guys think these fights were too short? I don't actually care if the fight is long or not but not this short.

I was expecting some more action from these fights but don't get me wrong,I was happy when Fairy Tail win and when Sting and Lector reunited but I was expecting a long epic fight with the bond speech not just the speech and not a lot of action. What do you guys think?I like the fights even though they are short but I thought it should be more that that.Anyway,maybe we're gonna see the princess activates the Eclipse on the next episode.I just remembered about something.Will Arcadios stop her in time? And will Natsu and the others get out from the palace and unite with their friends?

Judging from the opening,they're still going to fight the dragons and it seems all the dragonslayers will gather and fight together! I can't wait when that happened and I'm sure that will be epic! Well,that is it for today's episode.I'll see you guys next time and I hope you guys will have an amazing weekend!^^/

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Anime Review - Sora No Otoshimono

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and I'm doing great! But I supposed to post this right after the Yu Yu Hakusho review. I can't post it because my mom wanted to use her computer for a while (And I'm also using her computer).Since I have some time right now,I thought I should make the review right now.Also,be advised that this anime is in ecchi category and is not suitable for all ages.And to you guys who love comedy,check this anime out!

Sora No Ototshimono is about a boy named,Tomoki Sakurai who loves peace and quiet and he is a pervert.He joins a club called "The New World" or something like that.His senpai,Sugata made that club but his female sadist senpai,Mikako is the president of that club and he is the daughter of the Yakuza. The anime started when Sugata found out about these weird spaces that keep appearing around the world. Tomoki hangs out at the big old sakura tree in his town and suddenly,ruins fall down on him and what came with the ruins is an angel.They are Angeloids.

And since he is a perv,he does all kinds of perv things.I mean,who doesn't when they have the power to do something beyond human expectations.Then two more angels came down and become Tomoki's angeles, Nymph and Atrea.So,mostly in the anime you'll see Tomoki's mischief and what they will learn about Synapse.The place where Ikaros came from and which is Sugata's 'New World'.I mostly like about the anime about it's comedy and story.I also like the music,the music is beautiful. My favorite soundtrack is 'Yuki No Tsubasa'.That soundtrack played when Ikaros fought Chaos,an evil Angeloid.She's not all evil just confused,I guess.

The Angeloids that serve the Synapse's master,don't really have any freedom just obeying their master. Nymph always got abused by her master and she keeps obeying him and hate humans.While Astrea,is another story...She's an airhead but he refused to listen her master's orders after she sees how nice Tomoki is.Even though he is a perv,he can't just stand by and watch them get hurt by him,the Synapse Master. That is why I like the anime,because of the combination of the story and the music or soundtrack it gives me the feels.Yes,the feels.

Also,I have a lot of memories because I've been through a lot of things in my life at that time,both good and bad.I'm sorry that most of this review is just me rambling and I'm sorry again if I'm going all over the place,my cats disturb me T^T. This anime has two seasons by the way,there was a rumour about a third season but it has been a long time so,I guess there's no third season.But the anime has one movie, 'Sora No Ototshimono: The Angeloid Of Clockwork' I haven't watch it yet but I already red the manga since the movie is from the manga.

The anime has 25 episodes in each seasons,I think.So,correct me if I'm wrong. I don't know if the manga is still ongoing but I would love to read it again.So,that is it for this review.I'm sorry if it's very long and confusing but I hope you guys will check it out.It's funny,I promise. But again,it's an ecchi anime so,you should know what to expect. I'll see you guys next time and I hope you guys have a great day!^^/

Anime Review - Yu Yu Hakusho

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm doing fine as usual but I kinda feel a little sick or I feel like I'm going to get sick.And getting sick in fasting month suck! Anyway,I forgot to do this review a long time ago because I forgot about the anime but I remembered it now as clear as wind. I have some other animes that I wanted to do a review on but make sure to leave a comment on what anime you want me to make a review on and besides,I c\get to see some new animes that I haven't watched yet. I think I'm gonna make a review on Sora No Otoshimono next.I doubted it at first because it is an ecchi anime but I guess it's okay for you guys since it has a lot of comedy.

Anyway,let's just get on the review and continue our lives! Yu Yu Hakusho is about a boy who died from getting hit by a car and because of that,he saved a little boy.The little boy's savior is Yusuke Urameshi. Yusuke is a delinquent before he died and he still is when he comes back to life.He likes to fight and always teasing and fighting his rival Kuwabara.When Yusuke came back to life,he became a spirit detective which means he have to investigate when there is a demon involve and he has to fight those demons who came to the human world.

He found some new friends on his journey as a spirit detective and they all help him and fight along side him when they entered the dark tournament. Yusuke and his friends have their own power or ability and as for Yusuke,he uses the spirit gun. I watched the anime in dub and their voices in English dub was awesome compared to the Japanese voice actors but maybe I like the dub because I use to it instead of the Japanese version. And I watched it on Animax.

I don't remember how many episodes it has but I guess it's over 50 episodes. And I think that is it for now.I'm sorry for not providing any more information but I recommend that you watch it and by the way,Yusuke is also in the J-Stars Victory and you'll see how cool his moves or techniques is! Well,that is it from me.I'll see you guys next time.Have a great day!^^/

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.13/188) A Lot Of Fights And Laxus Vs. Jura!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and I hope you guys are fine and well too.I forgot to make this review after I watched episode 13. Anyway,let's just jump in or dive in the review,shall we?

By the way,before I talk about this episode I forgot to talk about something from the last episode which is about that weird character with the dolphin in the palace when the guards fight Natsu and the others.That character was so weird and random and the same goes to the dolphin.A weird talking dolphin with a weird guy in it...nice combo. Back to review of this episode, the fight between Gajeel and Rogue was awesome but it's a bit too short for me and the shadow that possessed Rogue,is it Rogue's other personality or his magic is just evil?

I saw a review from YouTube about the manga and it's about the future Rogue.Could it be that future Rogue came back with Lucy without her noticing? Also,why Princess Hisui lie? What is her agenda? Things are getting more and more interesting that it makes me can't wait for the next episode! Back to the fights in the tournament, Orga or Orgra the God Slayer guy. He is cool because he doesn't like the other Sabertooth members. He's not cocky and all but he lost to Jura very quickly. Jura looks so strong after the time skip and now he's one of the 10 Wizard Saints?! And he's the 5th? But what rank does Makarov in?

The looks of the judges and Makarov's faces was so funny when Jura take down Orga and fight Laxus. When Jura fight Laxus and when everyone thought he was down for the count,I thought the same as them but then I thought, "There's no way he would lose like that? It's too short..." Then 'BAM' Laxus gave Jura an uppercut! I hope we can see them fight on the next episode.

I think that is all for today.I'm sorry if I keep repeating myself in this post and sorry if it's too long. I'll see you guys next time and have an amazing day,everyone!^^/

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.12/187) Iron Shadow Dragonslayer!!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and today was the second day of fasting and I'm proud of myself for endure it and not feel hungry at all. The most best feeling is when break fast because you can finally eat and drink all you want.But enough about me and let's just get to the review. That is such a short and lame intro...^^"

Today's episode we get to hear future Lucy's story about the future of course because why would she come here and not talk about the future? But Arcadios and Jellal suspected that future Lucy is lying about something but they don't know what.Well,maybe Jellal don't know what she's lying about but I think Arcadios know something.Maybe we'll learn that on the next episode.Most of the action was focused in the palace as Natsu and the others trying to get out of the palace. See? This is what you get when you buy a huge castle,you get lost easily like Zoro!

We also see some flashbacks of the future as future Lucy tells them about the future. I can't believe Natsu would lost but I guess even a dragonslayer can't beat more than 10,000 dragons.But like Jellal said what Lucy said doesn't add up at all.Is she an impostor? Don't tell me she's future Minerva or something because if she really is Minerva,Minerva just leveled up from the hate EXP. I know this is for the fan service and all but...why is Mira still wearing that swimsuit?! Are you going swimming after this with the dragons or something?!

And now for the main event! Since I don't have any drum rolls,let's just straight to the point... Iron Shadow Dragon! How cool is that?! Gajeel just went from cool to just badass awesome! His eyes look just like Venom's eyes from Spiderman. Maybe those weren't shadows but symbiotes or whatever you call them. I'm just messing you guys,sorry.Also,we learn a tiny bit of Gajeel's and Rogue's or Raios's past. Turns out Rogue is Gajeel's disciple. At first,I wondering why Gajeel would be his idol since Gajeel was a jerk when he was in Phantom Lord. Everyone was scared of him and they have a reason to do so after what he had done.

But it was nice to see that the two of them get to talk each other peacefully and that Rogue came to understanding. At first, I thought the voice that whispered Rogue was Sting but it turns out to be his shadow.Does his magic dark magic? Or something just slip in and want to take over him? We'll know more on the next episode but I guess you guys already know because you all already watched episode 13...but I will still make a review of it!

That's it for this review, I'll see you guys next time and I hope you guys are having an awesome day!^^/