Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Anime Review - Shingeki no Kyojin

Hey,guys! What's up?^^ Since I've got nothing to do, I will post another review!^^ And this anime review is probably been out all over the net because this anime has been really popular last year. Was it last year?^^" I think so...if I'm wrong,shoot me with a dying will bullet or ask the strongest man in Ikebukuro to beat me up^^"

Today's anime review is, Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack On Titan! Attack on Titan is about human race almost driven to extinction because of these dangerous titans. And since a long time ago, humans live behind the wall and they have a peaceful life until the Colossal Titan suddenly appeared and made a big hole in the wall and the titans from the outside world rushes in, wanting to eat humans. This anime has become really popular that it made not just the Otaku community but also the normal people who weren't into anime.

Everyone liked the action and the story of the anime because it was really different than any other animes. In other animes we have giant robots, ninjas, samurais, shinigamis, pirates and more. Fun fact about the anime that I know about which is only one because I'm not the type of guy who would search all over the internet and learn  more about animes,about the authors and their backgrounds.^^" The guy who made the manga, Hajime Isayama, got the idea when he watch the Japanese famous hero, Ultraman. Have you guys watched Ultraman before?^^

I watched some Ultraman when I was a kid and I also watch it sometimes because I'm not really into it.My little brother and my friend are big fans of Ultraman and they would always watch them. Back to the anime, the main character is Eren Jaeger, who hates the titans so much because all he wants is to fight for humanity so that they could gain freedom. Eren has a special ability which made him hope for the humanity. He has a big role in the anime and he has his friends to support him.

The anime will have its own live action movie, it will be out soon either this summer or next year.The anime has 25 episodes and it will also have a second season but it would probably won't be this year maybe because they need a lot of time on the awesome graphics like the first season, I don't know. Search 'BobSamurai' on YouTube, he is a reviewer and I know this from watching his Shingeki no Kyojin video. Here is his channel link, BobSamurai .

My favorite scene from the anime is of course the fight scenes of Eren fighting the titans and fight against the Female Titan. The sad moments are when Eren's mother got eaten and when the rest of Levi's squad got killed by the Female Titan. I can't wait for the next season even if takes a long time but I will still wait patiently.^^ Well,that's it for this review! I hope you guys found this review useful and I hope you guys keep enjoying reading my reviews even though I'm not that informative^^" I forgot to tell you guys that Shingeki no Kyojin also has one OVA and a few specials so,to those who haven't watch it yet,you're missing out.Be careful because there will be a lot of blood and violence in the anime.^^

Be safe and have a great day,guys!^^//

Anime Review - Beelzebub

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I hope you guys are fine and well.Also,I wish you guys having a great day. I'm fine but I'm having a stomach ache at the moment^^" My day is fine,it was sunny this afternoon and later in the evening it start raining^^ So,I've been thinking what anime to make a review on and I decided to review this anime.I will probably make a review of Shingeki No Kyojin either later today or tomorrow.^^"

Today's anime review is, Beelzebub! Beelzebub is about a delinquent high school boy who has to take care the demon king's son.And he has to taught him to become stronger and take over the world. The main character's name is Oga Tatsumi, who also known as the strongest in Ishiyama High.He becomes the parent of Beelzebub or Berubo is what he called the demon king's son. Berubo would always be on Oga's shoulder and help him fight stronger demons and delinquents.

However, Oga doesn't want to be Berubo's parent so, he keeps looking for someone who is stronger than him and ask them to take care of Berubo. But in the end he would just beat them up and forgot to let them take care of Berubo. I like the anime because I like high school life animes because I just like them. I don't know why actually^^" One of my favorite episode is when Oga's friends making their avatars for playing a game online.

They would make weird avatars and Kanzaki made his avatar into a yogurt milk! XD I was seriously laughed very hard at that moment. I also like the characters personalities and how they would react when Oga fights with a naked baby on his shoulder.The anime has only 60 episodes.Go try and watch it because there will be a lot of fighting and comedy.I think the manga is still ongoing, I'm not too sure because I haven't red the manga yet.

Well anyways, that is it for this anime review. I hope you guys liked it and interested on watching it.I'll see you guys later and have a great day!^^//