Sunday, August 24, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.21/196) Ultear's Burden And Gray!!!

Hello again,everyone~!!  How are you guys doing and how is your day so far? I hope you guys are okay and are having an awesome day!So,nothing much to be said but I hope you guys are enjoying the reviews,I try to be funny even though I know I'm not.Thanks for stopping by and let's just into the review! And I will try to make the SAO review and then I could relax and tomorrow making Akame Ga Kill! review! Can't wait to find out what happens next! Okay,let's get on with the review!

So,we continued off with Jellal and Erza and Milliana.They expression was like they did something bad and they were busted by Milliana. "What are you doing with my daughter?" "N-Noting ma'am!" "Mom! I'm 18 years-old,deal with it! And Jellal didn't so anything like killed Simon!"... I'm sorry,guys.It was funny in my head but after I type it out,it's really weird and I think I need help.But seriously don't talk to your moms like that,remember she was the one who gave birth to you and it was very hard.Not that I know about it but every women said so... This is going very off topic...^^" I'm glad nothing happened when Milliana saw Jellal and when Kagura is there too,copying Ultear and trying to be a ninja but she failed because she's not in the shadows,she's behind a pillar.

At first,I thought Ultear became bad again and I'm really glad that she isn't because I like her character.Changed from bad to good and I feel bad for her when she have all this burden and how she have to deal with her crimes from the past.She would let others hate her for the sake of her comrades or friends. I think she's going to do something big in this chaos because in the opening she shoot something,her magic to the sky.I just hope she doesn't die in future episodes or in this arc.

And last buts certainly not least and the main attraction,Gray-got shot-all over his body~! I saw that scene from the manga because a Fairy Tail group from Facebook posted that and I was shocked to see that.I was more shocked when I see that in the anime because I didn't see that coming at all.I was happy because it was a funny scene and then BAM! Got shot at the heart and all over the body.I thought that happened in another arc or something...I'm guessing a lot is going to happen in this arc. Also,that funny moment when Sting bring the dragon he fight against to Rogue.Sting really changed after that tournament. He reminds me a bit of Natsu!

And I'm glad that Ultear didn't kill Rogue but I feel bad for her because she feel guilty about herself and kept thinking negative things about herself. I'm also glad that rogue's spirit was lifted when Sting arrives.So,if he turns evil he wants Sting to kill him.I can't wait to see them fighting those two dragons and I really hope Rogue doesn't turn evil. Now,what I like in this episode. I like the progression of the arc and the story so far and I like how they show some battle scenes that is going on and great,my cat sneezed on my arm...If I'm in a hospital or became a zombie,you guys know why. I just like everything that is going on in this episode and I know I said I like the progression of the story but in this episode it's pretty slow paced.

I hope to see something more in the next episode.Even though this episode was slow but that impact at the end was perfect and sad. That is all for this review.I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves in this review.Thanks again for stopping by.I hope you guys are having a good day and take care!^^/