Monday, September 22, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 12) Kirito VS. Sterben Gun!!

Hello again,everyone~!! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and a little tired because it's 3 AM here. I'll go to sleep after I finished doing this review or after I watched Katekyo Hitman Reborn.I feel like I should make this review as soon as possible just to make up for posting the last review a little bit late. And again,you guys can blame it all on my neighbor because thanks to those douchebags,I got tired and not in the mood in blogging or making reviews. Also,I think I'll do an anime review later today after I made Akame Ga Kill! review.If I have time,I'll do it and now,let's get to the review and enjoy!

So,finally we gets some action in this episode and let me tell ya,this episode is intense! A lot going on in this episode and one of them is Kirito fight against the shinigami wannabe,Death Gun! And by the way,I might search for this later on YoutTube but do you guys love the soundtrack with the violin when Kirito just stand in the desert waiting for Death Wind.Did they play that soundtrack on season one? I really need to rewatch that sooner or later. Anyway,one of the epic moments that happened in this season and in this episode was when Sinon and Death Gun fired each other and both of their bullets in slow motion with the camera moving in different angles.

But what it seems to be a little plot twist is when Death Gun was so confident that Kirito doesn't know his name.And again,did that moment happened? When Kirito said to one of the Laughing Coffin members a.k.a Death Gun that he doesn't want to know his name? Now,I really need to rewatch it T^T Well,I thin they heard us when we said we need more action and how do you make viewers continue watching anime? Just put a cliffhanger in a middle of an intense fight,that should do the trick. I'm really looking forward to the next episode and learn more about Death gun and his buddy.

What I like in this episode,the soundtrack,the intense atmosphere and pace,the slow motion scene and when you can talk to your cyber daughter in your phone! Technology is amazing sometimes... That is it for this review,I hope you guys like the episode and this review! I'm sorry if it's not that entertaining in this review and in the last two reviews but I hope you guys still love reading my reviews! I'll see you guys next time,take care and have a great day!!^^/