Monday, September 22, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.25/200) Like Mother,Like Daughter...

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing on this Sunday? Hows your weekend? I'm fine as usual and my weekend is good as usual as well.It's raining now but I don't mind since I love rain except thunder and lightning... Well,before I get started and I know I said this like a million times,I'm sorry. I apologize for posting this review a bit late.I was in a bad mood last night and I was very tired. Oh yeah,Happy Birthday to those who are born today, 21st of September! I forgot to make a wish a few days ago^^" Anyway,let's start with review unless you want me to keep on talking nonsense for the next few minutes!

As you all know,this is a pretty sad episode and the episode leave me a question,is Ultear the old lady or she already died? I'm a bit confused so,I don't know but maybe you guys can tell me in the comments after I post this which I don't know when because a lot happened when I was making this post.You all can blame it all on my idiot neighbor. Again,this episode has no action but I'm glad that I see no one complained about this episode has no action.At least the story keeps going,right? 

Maybe Natsu and the others will fight another evil group called the Tartarus? correct me if I'm wrong though.Also,I red a comment that just gave a spoiler about an upcoming arc. I haven't red the manga yet so it's obvious why I'm angry at that guy,the one who left that comment. But I'm glad no one gave any spoilers about Akame Ga Kill or Tokyo Ghoul because that would suck. Okay,let's stop with review for a bit. Everytime when there's no action in any animes and when I want to make a review of it,I noticed that nothing much happened,literally. 25 minutes of nothing much to review on is what I'm trying to say but don't get me wrong,I love the episode but it makes it a little hard for me to make a review about it^^"

What I like in this episode,I like that they give Natsu to wear his clothes that he wear before the anime put on hold.I also like the funny scenes and of course the sad scenes.We're gonna miss you,Ultear. By the way Erza,I think you have a future of being a Mangaka! I'm sure a lot of people will buy your manga because your drawings are epic! Oh,I just remembered about a manga that the author of Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima, made a one shot manga, "Starbiter Satsuki". I haven't read it yet but if you guys interested,go check it out! That is all for this review.I hope you guys like the episode and the review! I'll see you guys next time! Have a great day and take care!!^^/