Saturday, September 20, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 12/Final Episode) Kaneki Just Went Ghoulvolution!

Hey,guys~! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual just hope that I won't get a cold or something,lol XD My mom is sick right now and I don't wanna get sick because there will be nobody to take care of her and that is why I didn't make this review yesterday. I was pretty busy with everything such as housework,more housework and taking care of my mom. But damn,that last episode though! I didn't even know it was the last episode until one of my friends said it but there is an announcement that the second season will be out next year so,look forward to it,alright?!

So,the episode is pretty epic and gory and the best of all,we get to see what does a Chinese Red Head Centipede looks like! I'm really afraid of bugs and just seeing that thing moving makes me feel a little creeped out. And what we learned in this episode is that Jason was not the cause to change Kaneki  but it was Rize. But if you think from another angle,it seemed those two were the cause Kaneki to change and have that cool white hair. I'm kinda disappointed when Kaneki changed because he is no different than other ghouls that just like to eat and kill.Does he have the ability to change back to his old self? Or his personality doesn't changed at all and he was just simply angry or something.

Either way,I'm sure we'll find out next year and there are a lot of fights or battles that I'm looking forward to and some characters as well such as that One-Eyed Owl ghoul and...many more! I don't remember other ghouls,there's this badass looking ghoul who fights against,Tsukiyama,the mask maker guy and Yomo-san.Right? I am so bad at remembering names...just like Ichigo... Back to the review,I'm glad that they show us Kaneki's past because that would make a great touch for a final episode. And it's cool to see him spectating his memories when he was a kid. It's pretty sad how his mom died.

Rize however is like hollow Ichigo or Kaneki's bad/evil side and his inner world is cool until all of the flowers turn red and turned into a horror anime... The only thing that I won't forget from that episode is the torture and insanity that Kaneki has to go through.A centipede in your ear?! That's scary as ****! What do I like in this episode, I like the flashbacks,the actions,when they played the opening when Kaneki fights Jason and when he dominates him and make him count backwards.And I guess that's the end of Jason! He will now stop cutting trees and let the Earth become a better place :) And white hair Ken looks like a character from Death Note,just saying...

That is it with this episode,I hope you like the episode and this review! What do you guys think of the episode or the anime in general? I've seen a lot of people comment about the censorship in the anime.I don't mind about the censorship but what about you guys? I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day!!^^/ P.S: Here's a video from an anime reviewer about the second season's announcement : Tokyo Ghoul Second Season's Announcement. Take care,everyone~!!

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