Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Anime Review - Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm getting a little better and I hope that I will get well soon because I hate getting sick! >< So,a friend of mine requested me to make a review of Hyouka. I haven't watched that anime yet but I will and then I'll make a review about it. He is also sick so,get well soon,dude!

Today's review is, 'Kuroshitsuji' Also known as, 'Black Butler'. Black Butler is about a rich boy,Ciel Phantomhive. He owns his family company,The Phantomhive Company. The anime takes place in London,it was in an early age where technology hasn't been discovered yet. In the anime,Ciel made a contract with a demon and the demon becomes his butler. His butler's name is Sebastian. A lot of girls like the anime because of Sebastian's good looks and how cool he is.And just to let you guys know,I don't like Yaoi^^" I liked the anime because it is cool and funny, that's it^^"

I also like him because he is so cool and awesome. The anime is not really dark so I don't know if it is suitable for younger viewers^^" I like the anime because the characters that work for Ciel has different stories of their pasts and some characters has supernatural powers. The anime also has two seasons. On the first season,I like the first opening song and the song is Monochrome no Kiss by Sid.

On the second season, there is a little yaoi in it with the new characters. I don't remember the characters' names but they are similar to Sebastian and Ciel, a human who have a contract with a demon. My favorite character would be Sebastian because he is a boss. He is funny sometimes when he handles with the other characters who work under Ciel. That's all for this anime review, I hope you guys liked it^^" I'm still new at reviewing anime so,I'm sorry if there isn't much information about the anime^^"

I'll see you guys later and have a great day^^//

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Anime Review - Fullmetal Alchemist

Hi,guys! How are you guys doing today?^^ I'm getting better and my day is good as usual and I hope you guys' day are great and awesome at the same time XD So,anyway, I'm gonna make a review while I wait my mom because she's being a DJ in a radio on facebook. She supposed to end at 3:30 AM but many people in the radio group requested more songs from her.

Back to the anime review! Today's review is, 'Fullmetal Alchemist'!. Let me tell you guys a funny story and how I discovered Fullmetal Alchemist. When I was a little kid,I kept changing channels on my Tv then I saw a cartoon on a channel. I decided to watch it because I thought it was Digimon XD . Then  a few days later,I went to my friend's house and he watched the anime too! He said it is one of his favorites.

I believe Fullmetal Alchemist has 100+ episodes? I haven't watched it yet. I give it a review based on what I know about the anime so far because I already watched the Brotherhood version. I liked the comedy in the anime when everyone keeps calling Edward who is one of the main characters, a shorty, shrimp,bean sprout and many more! XD I also liked when everyone said that he is the little brother and Alphonse is his older brother.

Alphonse is one of the main characters too,he is Ed's little brother but in the anime his soul is stuck in a suit of armor because he and Ed tried to revive their mother by using the forbidden alchemy. They both have to pay the price,Ed lost his left leg and right arm while Alphonse lost his entire body. In the anime, they searched all over the place to find the Philosopher Stone. They thought it could bring Al's body back and Ed's lost body parts but they soon know what made the Stone and that change their minds on getting the Stone.

Ed joined in the military after he got his automail and learned martial arts with his master. Al also joined in the military and he can use martial arts too. The anime however has a lot of blood so those who can't stand see blood,don't watch it^^" To me the anime is good,I'll give you guys another review after I finished watching the anime.

I'm sorry because there are not a lot of information. I will give my full review next time. Thanks for reading and liking my posts,it means a lot to me!^^ I'll see you guys later and have a great day!^^//

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Anime Review - Gintama The Movie:Be Forever Yorozuya

Hey,guys! What's up and I hop you guys had a great day!^^ I'm still sick but my day is good. I got nothing to do so I decided to the a review of an awesome movie I watched last night!SPOILER ALERT TO THOSE HAVEN'T WATCHING THE MOVIE YET!!!!! So,today's review is 'Gintama The Movie: Be Forever Yorozuya". When I started to watch the movie, I was like "Why are they repeating the same messages over and over?" And as always,it was just a joke from the troll anime,Gintama! XD They were repeating a message about movie pirating and it was funny how the guy with camera want to record the movie.

So,remember guys, no movie pirating! And as the movie goes on, I kept laughing and laughing because Gintoki got sent to the future and he keeps making those epic surprised faces when he learned about the future and how the people he know changed a lot. He thought he was in a 3D movie and he ate dangos for his offering on his grave because he thought 3D is 3 Dango,I laughed so much at that.

The guy with the camera head put a snot on his forehead so that his appearance changed and no one recognizes him.He looked so funny and to those who watched the movie,you probably remember how he looked like XD He looked like a Chinko! (To younger viewers especially girls,do not google it^^") And he really does looked like one! XD I'm very glad that Gintama doesn't change with their jokes and gags because that is what makes us laugh and want to watch more.I'm still shocked on how everyone changed like Elizabeth,Shinpachi,Kagura,Madao,Tama and Catherine.I also shocked when Kagura told Gintoki that he died because he ate a poisonous mushroom! XD

My favorite scene is when everyone joined Gintoki at the battlefield and the song is on during that time.It was so epic when everyone helped him fight the aliens and the Enmi. The song is, Genjyou Destruction by Spyair.I'll put that song on my MP3 player next month because I liked that song a lot and it is very suitable when it played in the movie.To those who haven't watched Gintama yet,try watch this movie and maybe it could change your mind and made you interested to watch the anime.

I don't know if Gintama will continue so to those who have any news about Gintama,please leave a comment because I want to know and I'm sure other otakus want to know too! That's the end of this review,thank you for reading my posts and I'll see you guys later,have a great day!!^^//

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Anime Review - Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?

Hi,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm actually not okay,I'm a little sick right now^^" And now,I'LL INFECT ALL OF YOU!! Just kidding,how would I infected you guys through the internet XD Unless I'm a robot and give you guys' computers a virus O_O But! Unfortunately,I'm not a robot^^"

Alright,today's review is 'Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?'.This anime is about a boy who become a zombie,his name is Ayumu.The anime has a little ecchi and a lot of comedy.In the anime Ayumu took care of a girl,unfortunately I forgot the name but whatever she says it will happened.She'll always write something on a note pad to communicate with someone.

The anime also includes a ninja vampire,magical girl who uses a chainsaw and more vampires.It has 12 episodes and so does the second season and the second season also has three OVAs.Watch as Ayumu get beaten all the time while trying to protect the girls who started to live with him at his house.Also,he cannot get under the sunlight,his skin will crippled and he looked like an old man and he'll be very weak but he likes to hangout at the graveyard.

I really liked the anime,it is so funny.My friend suggested me to watched the anime which was two years ago.Go and try watch the anime yourselves guys but remember it contains a little ecchi so those who don't like ecchi or very young,don't watch it.Again,I'm sorry for not giving you guys a lot more info but I'm sure you guys will enjoy this anime so give it a try^^

Well,that's it for now.I'll see you guys later and have a great day! Anime daisuki! ^^//

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Anime Review - Toriko

Hi,guys^^ This is the last review for today and I hope you guys liked the two reviews that I just posted not a while ago which is Samurai Champloo and Black Lagoon. I know these reviews won't make up for a couple of months of no review,I'm really sorry and I'm glad that you guys are still reading my blogs^^

Today's review is 'Toriko'. Toriko was created on the year 2011.I know that a lot of you guys don't like this anime because it's not very interesting because it is basically about food.Well,yes,it does about food but the food in the anime are different than our normal food.The anime is about the Gourmet Age,all sorts of ingredients that are very dangerous,hard and beautiful. The anime is also about Toriko and his partner,Komatsu.They begin their adventure by getting stronger by eating delicious foods and achieving goals. Toriko's goal is to finish his Full Course menu and get an ingredient that he wanted the most,God. Komatsu's goal is to able to cook for Toriko's Full Course menu.

Toriko is different than normal human beings because in his body,he has Gourmet Cells. Gourmet Cells makes you stronger when you eat very delicious foods.Toriko is also one of the Four Heavenly Kings,the other three are his friends. Coco, Sani and Zebra. All four of them has their own powers and they are awesome. When I first watched it,it looked like it is an anime suitable for younger viewers like kids.They censored the blood,cigarette and other negative things that aren't suitable for kids.

They censored it because the anime aired in Japan are at 9:00AM and according to the law,animes that are aired in the morning and have something like blood,body parts cut off and etc. have to be censored.But later in the anime,they're censored it anymore because maybe they changed the time for the anime to be aired.

On episode 0,the anime was having a crossover with One Piece and DragonBall.I liked that episode so much because it was very epic.Try giving it a shot guys,it's worth a try and plus,later in the anime there are one or two crossover with One Piece!^^

That's it for today,I hope you guys are interested or curious to watch the anime and don't worry the anime is suitable for all ages^^ I'm sorry if you were expected for more info but that's all I can give you guys.Thanks for spending your time reading my posts and I hope you guys have a great day.Bye!!^^//

Anime Review - Black Lagoon

Hey,guys!^^ Here's another anime review and I probably post another review after this so stay tuned^^ If you guys haven't read my recent post,go check it out if you want.It was about Samurai Champloo^^.And today's review is 'Black Lagoon'. Black Lagoon is a name of a illegal company of a group of people.They'll do any kind of jobs as long as they get paid.

This anime is not suitable for kids so those who are under 16,don't watch it^^" It involves a lot of swearing,killing and blood.The anime started with the Black Lagoon about to either rob or getting someone,I don't remember,sorry^^" On the first episode,they recruited a new member and his name is Rock and even though he joined an illegal organization,he still refuse to kill people and if possible to avoid to kill people.I watched the anime when I was 13,I was already matured so,it is okay for me to watch it at that age,right? XD A friend suggested the anime to me and I like the both dub and sub version of the anime.

My favorite character is Revi or known as Twin Guns Revi (Or something like that) because she uses twin pistols as her main weapon.She is Russian and she also has an older sister named Balalaica.She's the leader of an organization which was formed by ex-military. The anime also has a second season called 'Rebecca's Blood Trail', in that season they're looking a rich kid's maid but she is not an ordinary maid.The kid knows about her true identity and now he is worried about her because she disappeared.

I guess that is it,I'm sorry again because there is not much info about the anime.I'm not a perfectionist and if I do I would even included the name of author of the anime or manga writer^^" But hey,less info makes you curious and want to know more,right? Go check it out and I'm sure,you guys will like it.That's it for this anime review and I hope you guys are having a great day!!^^//

Anime Review - Samurai Champloo

Hey,guys!^^ It has been a while since my last anime review and I'm sorry if this review is a little short or not much information because I'm only tell you guys what I remember about the anime.I also realize that the reviews that I gave you guys are not actually reviews but synopsis of the animes^^" I'm so sorry about that^^"

Alright,today's review is 'Samurai Champloo'. Samurai Champloo is based on Japanese ancient history of Edo. I'm sorry if already made a mistake >< I watched Samurai Champloo on Animax.I started liking it because it was so funny and cool.It has some rap songs and soundtracks by Nujabes.I've heard some of the songs like San Francisco and I liked it a lot,Nujabes was a cool dude.Back to the anime, it's about a young girl named Fuu.

She's working in a store with her uncle and auntie who were taking care of her since she was little.Her mother passed away because of illness and now,she wants to find her father and ask him why did he left her and her mother.She's been on a journey with a rounin, Jin and a criminal,Mugen.

Jin and Mugen doesn't get along at all but sometimes they work together when they have the same goal such as looking for money to buy some food.Jin is very calm,everyone wanted to fight him after he killed his master.I don't know why so I'm sorry but I'm sure you guys are curious,right?^^Jin uses two swords. Mugen however,use to belong a group.The group was basically was his friends from his birthplace or something like that. His sword fighting technique is freestyle, meaning he doesn't have any basic sword style.

Mugen also is a hothead and a perv so whenever he spotted a big breasted women,he'll follow them and flirt them.The anime doesn't contain any hentai just women with big breasts.That's alright,right?^^" I love watching both the sub and dub version of it and be warn there will be some swearing^^

So,will Fuu finally meet and talk to her father? Why don't you guys find out?^^ That's all for this anime review,I see you guys next time.Have a great day,guys!^^//