Monday, April 28, 2014

Anime Episode Review - Fairy Tail 2014 (Ep. 4/179) Bikini Contest And Gray Vs. Rufus

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine and my day is fine as usual,I mean it just started because it is 5:04 AM right now.I thought of making this review yesterday but I didn't have the time to do it so, I decided to do now.Better late than never,huh?^^ And I think this is going to be a short review because there's nothing much happening in this episode.

The episode is great,we get to see Gray fight with that snob Rufus and Lucy and Mira having a bikini contest^^" I laughed out loud when they having that contest in that kind of place so that they could get the guards attention and it was Happy's idea! I love Fairy Tail when they are trapped or something,they always have fun and making jokes.There are a lot of emotions mixed in this anime,sometimes it makes you sad,angry and shiver down your spine because of the epicness!

Rufus and Gray's battle was pretty intense because they both use Molding Magic but Rufus has the upper hand because he uses Memory Molding Magic and he can use and mix any magic that he memorized.My favorite part in the battle is when Gray talking about his memories with his loved ones and how it is precious to him.His new technique, "Infinite Chaos" is I'm not mistaken,is so awesome it kind reminds me of Erza's infinite sword technique. Rufus could be very strong opponent if not because of his ego and being a total snob. I like his magic because it is interesting and it could be very useful.I could use it for my exams!

Another part that I laughed out loud at,is when Natsu and the others found those magazines from the dead bodies.They actually watch Mira and Lucy's bikini photos before they died! Now,that's a hardcore fan or just a simple pervert,I guess but hey,I would probably do the same....maybe....don't judge me....A-anyway,I wonder what will happened on the next episode.Who will fight in the tournament next? I didn't watch the preview so I don't know. Do you guys watch previews? Anyway,that is all for this episode review. I'm sorry for not being so entertaining because I'm not an entertainer and I'm not good at entertain people. But despite that you guys read my blogs and I thank you.

Until next time.See you later,guys! Be safe!^^//

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Anime Episode Review - Fairy Tail 2014 (Ep 1-3)

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm doing fine,still breathing and not kickin' because of my toe! Like this morning when I stretch to get up in the morning- I mean evening...I woke up at 1300,alright? Because I always sleep late....don't judge me...I have a fragile heart... Anyway,I hope you guys are fine and are having an AWESOME day^^ So,this is the first anime episode review.I figure I should do this to stay active and so that I can share the epicness,the sadness and maybe some BS-ness..^^" Don't say BS kids...

Today episode review is from the continued anime,the second most epic anime or third in my list of course,Fairy Tail~! Of course you all know,the anime was on hold for some reasons of Lucy's voice actress but let's not bring that up because why,right? Water under the bridge and all that is matter now is that the anime is back!So,when I watch the first episode and right before the opening sound,there are some epicness like Natsu fighting dragons and Lucy got the front row sits to watch him fight. I like it when they do that,showing us the scenes that will appear on the future episodes and continue back to the from where it lift off.

Also,I forgot to tell you guys that I haven't red the manga yet because to me why would you read the manga when the anime is ongoing and I like to read the manga where the anime ended and continue reading after that.Such as Soul Eater,Sora No Otoshimono(Ecchi),Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I know that I'm mixing with different animes in this review right now so I apologize^^" Back to the review. I also surprised when the Sabertooth guild master obliterate Lector,Sting's cat/partner. I also surprised when Sting killed the master but I'm confused on who will be the next guild master of Sabertooth? Will,it be Sting or that mean Minerva? And I think Minerva is now the most hateful character in Fairy Tail XD

I also can't wait when the Dragon Festival starts and what will happened because I saw some manga pages from the web which spoiled me! But I'm not gonna tell you guys in this because I don't know if all of you have red the manga or not. That is the end of episode 1 and now for episode 2,I'm amazed how Wnedy can talk to Dragon's spirits or souls. I laughed when the dragon they talk to refuse to talk to Natsu and the others because they're humans and he willingly talks to Happy because he is a cat! XD The reaction of them towards the dragon was priceless! XD

And last but certainly not least~! Episode 3- Great! My hands smells like cat litter! Oh,this is so fantastic! Damn you,cat litter!! You made me hate my own hands...well,a little because my hands are everything to me.I sound like Sanji^^" Excuse of my distraction of my hands.Moving on,Episode 3! Now,to those who haven't watched episode 3 yet,go watch it now before reading this paragraph! I hope no one will be mad at me after I post this T^T In episode 3, I was amazed by Mavis's strategy in the Magic Games/Tournament... Turns out she's a strategist and she use to help wizards win in wars long ago.

Wow,as to expect from the first guild master of Fairy Tail. Mavis is awesome and she's so cute too! But still doesn't that count as cheating for helping them win? Well,they do want to save a fellow guild member and a member of their family so I guess they're willing to do anything. I guess on the next episode, we will see Gray fighting against Rufus and Natsu and the others trying to escape from the castle.I wonder what the Princess will do or what's her purpose in later episodes. She reminds me of Nelliel from Bleach for some reason^^"

Anyway,I think that is all for these three episode reviews.I'm sorry if you guys were confused because I keep mixing up with other anime or other anime characters.Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys later.Oh,yeah! I almost forgot.Thanks for going ham on the Shingeki No Kyojin OVA 2 post.13+ ?! Wow! Thanks for the likes,guys! Have a great day! Also,the pics I have been using aren't mine.I don't Photoshop to edit my pictures><

Friday, April 18, 2014

Anime OVA Review - Shingeki No Kyojin OVA 2

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine and I hope you guys are fine too and are having a good day today. Today I'm going to make a short review of an OVA. this is the first time I do this and I hope you guys enjoy this kind of review.I also think of doing an episode review,doing a review of a new episode because I'm not very active with this blog much so I think 'why not?', right? Anyway,let's get on with the review!^^

Today's OVA review is, Shingeki No Kyojin OVA 2: Ilse No Techou. I just watched the OVA last night and let me tell you guys something. It's freaking funny! It's like it's a different anime. It's about Jean and Sasha having a cook off competition and the OVA is more about Jean. When you guys see the opening, you'll see more of Jean than Eren like they switched places! XD

My favorite scene was when Commander Pixis became a Titan and started a rampage.Well.not really it's like in his imagination and he didn't really turned into a Titan he just become a giant human. And then Mikasa, Armin,Jean,Conie and I think either Sasha or Anne turned into Titans! It was so surprising and so funny.The OVA was released on 11 April 2014. If you guys haven't check it out yet, you should know that it doesn't related to the theme of the anime like killing Titans and etc. it's just full of comedy.

So,to those who only want to watch some epic fights or something and no comedy, don't watch it. And to those who had a bad day and want some laughs,go watch it and laugh out loud because that is what I did! I guess that is it for now. I'm sorry if this review is lame because there is nothing more for me to tell you about the OVA. Thanks for reading and have a great day,everyone!^^// By the way, the pic is not from me.I did not drew that,just to be clear. Bye!^^//

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Anime Review - Kekkaishi

Hey,what's up guys?^^ How are you guys doing today? I wish you all well and have a great day. I've been thinking for awhile on what review I should do next.I think very hard because I'm a forgetful person so sometimes I forgot what anime that I finished watching^^" So,let's start the review! Mission start!

Today's anime review is, Kekkaishi! Kekkaishi is about two high school kids who seal and destroy the ayakashi or demons from entering their school because the school is on a land called Karasumori which holds some power that will make the ayakashi stronger. Two clans have protected that land for years and the clans are the heirs of a demon exterminator named, Tokimori Hazama. He protected the land and died there. Now, Yoshimori from the Sumimura Clan and Tokine from the Yukimura Clan, protect the land and fight ayakashi.

It has been passed down to them and it is their duty to protect it. Kekkaishi is what they call themselves because they destroy ayakashi with barriers. Yoshimori's brother who is the leader of a certain organization called, The Shadow Organization. Their job is to assist the Kekkaishi or do whatever it takes to prevent the ayakashi from entering Karasumori. It's a supernatural anime so those who like supernatural stuff,trying checking this out. The anime has 52 episodes and the manga is already completed.

 I haven't red the manga much but I will read it someday.The first time I watched that anime is of course, Animax! I love that channel so much. The first time I watch  animes like Beelzebub, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Kekkaishi on that channel. I like Kekkaishi very much because the story was good,the soundtrack was good and the opening song was good and it only has one opening song and I think four or three ending songs. The ending is not bad too,not too sad and definitely not a cliffhanger. After you guys done watching the anime,try read the manga too because there is another Arc that they didn't put in the anime.

Well,that is it for this anime review. Let me know what you guys think of the anime. All I hope for is that you guys enjoy the anime.If you don't like it,it's fine because everyone has their own tastes or have their own likes and dislikes....I hope that made any sense because I don't know what I'm talking about right now^^" Overall,I hope you guys have a great day and make sure to take care of yourselves! See you guys later!^^//

Anime Review - D.Gray-Man

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and I hope you guys are having a great day. I just finished watching this anime and I heard that it had a really bad ending or it is a cliffhanger. Without further a do, let's start the review and get on our lives by watching more and anime and live^^.

Today's review is, D.Gray-Man! D.Gray-Man is one of the Shounen Jump animes and it was written or made by Katsura Hoshino. The anime has 103 episodes. The anime is about a cursed boy named, Allen Walker. He was raised by his foster father,Mana, and they traveled around together. Then Mana died in an accident,I think. Well, he died and Allen was very sad.Then the villain in the anime, Millenium Earl, appeared before Allen and said that he can revive Mana back. Without hesitation, Allen too his offer and revive Mana but he become an Akuma, a weapon that only serves the Earl and kill humans.

Long story short,he cursed Allen, Allen awakened his Innocence,destroy the Akuma Mana and he become an apprentice of General Cross. Since then, Allen want to become an Exorcist and help everyone by destroying all Akuma. He joined an organization call the Black Order (No racism Intended. If my joke offence anyone then I'm so sorry^^") and he fight with other Exorcists such as Kanda, Lenalee and Lavi. They'll meet new comrades along their journey so go watch it because they all have awesome powers. Before I finished the introduction of the anime, let me tell you about the Innocence. Innocence is a power for those who can use it to fight the Akuma.Only the compatible ones can use them and the Earl wants to destroy the Heart,a heart-shaped Innocence.The End^^

What I like in the anime so much is the songs.Well, not all songs but that besides the point for now I guess. I like when Road sang the Millenium Earl song and I like Jasdevi's song. I also liked the song when Allen played the piano.My favorite characters are Allen and Lavi because their powers are awesome and I like that kind of power.Though, I wonder why Lavi use his same techniques a lot^^" The most frustrating episodes is when Allen doing his training at the China Branch Headquarters. I kept hoping that he would get his Innocence work and help the others when they under attack by the Level 3 Akuma.

Most of all, to me the ending was not so bad.Even though it's not complete but I like the ending. the ending is like the new beginning of a new season but I'm not sure if there will be a second season.But when the second season is out, I'm sure everyone will be very excited and scream on their seats. Durarara!! got a second season why not D.Gray-Man? I also heard that the author of D.Gray-Man was very ill but that was just a rumor.If she really was ill,I hope she will be better soon. And who knows,maybe she will continue making the manga and continue the anime.

Well,that's it for this anime review.I'm sorry if it's so long for you guys and took a lot of time for reading my reviews. I'm really appreciated and happy that there are people reading my blogs^^. See you guys later and have a great day!^^//

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Anime Review - Busou Renkin

Hello,guys!^^ How are you guys doing today? I hope you guys are having an awesome day and to those who are having a bad day, try to be happy and watch some anime!^^ Today,I'm making a review of anime that I watch 3 or 2 years ago^^"

Today's anime review is, Busou Renkin! Busou Renkin is about a young high school boy,Kazuki, who become an alchemist and fight the evil Homunculus. I know that you guys probably think that this anime is similar to Fullmetal Alchemist.Well,it is not because it does it will be copyright!^^ I'm just kidding,I don't know much about this copyright stuff so,please don't yell at me because I already know that I'm an idiot XD Back to the review, Kazuki was killed by a Homunculus and he was brought back to life by another alchemist warrior named,Tokiko.

She revived him by putting a Kokugane in him and replaced his heart. Kokugane is a weapon which alchemists in this anime use to fight. Tokiko is a warrior who wants to kill and destroy all Homunculus because of what happened in her past. She joined an army called The Alchemy Army (I think^^") and fight the Homunculus. I watched the anime in Animax and I watched it because my friend recommended to me.He said that the anime is epic and cool.He is right, the anime is cool and I like it.

The ending was great.Not too depressing and not too sad and most of all not a cliffhanger. I think the manga is already completed because the author was very sick and he cannot continue. Correct me if I'm wrong in this^^" The anime has 26 episodes. There's not a lot of episodes so to those who interested,go watch it and I hope you like the anime!^^

That is all for this anime review.I hope you guys enjoyed and are interested on watching it^^ I'll see you guys later and have an awesome day!^^//