Monday, September 15, 2014

Anime Talk : One Piece - Ep. 537,I think? [Vander Decken's Power And The New Fishman Pirates Arc]

Hey,guys~! How are you doing? And what are you up to? I'm fine as usual and it is 4:22 AM right now so,it's okay! XD Before I begin the anime talk,I want to apologize for not making the SAO review yesterday or on Saturday.I was in a really bad mood last night and the aftermath was me feeling really tired and I may not be able to focus when I make the review. Even if I do it now,I maybe still can't focus because my lack of sleep.I'll try to make the review in the morning or in the afternoon.Also,how do you guys like the layout of blogs? Do you like it? If you do,comment down below!

Alright,you guys know that I'm really falling behind with this anime as it continues to be ongoing (Which is great!) and there will be more episodes.It may take time before I get to DressRossa Arc and the filler before that? The one with girl that can change size and become a giant and wants to rescue her dad which is a great cook and he cooks using volcanoes? That's a long explanation about that filler,huh...? Oh,I forgot to mention Punk Hazard as well! I totally forgot about that arc! So,today I want to talk about the descendant of the Flying Douchebag-I mean Dutchman! Flying Dutchman from Spongebob,right? I'm a bit curious about him so,I think I'm gonna open the Wikipedia later and see what he's about. my cats are fighting on my desk...Don't they have better things to do like sleep?! Hissing at them didn't work,it's not super effective! What should I do?! Okay,they stopped...Hey,don't touch his butt! I'll try to ignore them and let's get on with this talk! I was pretty surprised and impressed of Vander Decken's Devil Fruit ability.He touches his targets and throw objects to the target regardless of the direction he threw. Good thing he's not that smart otherwise he would be a problem. But if touching the target he has to do,then he has to be very sneaky.If he want to kill Marine Admirals or The Four Emperors,he would probably get noticed right away because most of them use haki.

And I think I can understand why Vander want to kill Shirahoshi and I'm sure we all know as well.If someone is in love with the opposite sex,they really want them and won't let them be taken by anyone else.So,if the he/she rejects you,of course those who can't move on or think wisely will go crazy and murder his/her lover.I'm not supporting him or anything,I'm just saying that I understand his agenda...or something like that,I just want to use that word,that's all...

There is another thing that I wanna talk about and that is the moral of this arc or the lesson that maybe Oda wants everyone to learn and that is no matter who or what you are,we share the same blood.I think that is the message that he wants to give to the world and I really like that. People need to understand with each other more.Well,that is it with this anime talk.I'll try making the SAO review as soon as possible and try to make some anime reviews that I forgot to make.So,until then I'll see you guys next time! Have a good day and take care!^^/