Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 9) Love At First Sight~! #Essumi?

Ahhh~ Oh,hello you guys~! Can you feel the love in the air? Oh,love! How are you doing? Are you guys having a good day? This full of love day? A lot of questions that need to be answered but let's get on with the review before we go and spend our time with our partners-Koi!!!! Before I get started,I guess I should tell you that this review will be full of love.You have been warned,stranger! I'm just playing! We won't do that.I figured that if I keep doing that,I will probably annoy you guys but if you guys want me to do that just let me know and I will do it on another review.

Me and Secre are gonna do this review so,let's do this! So,we started the episode with a bath scene.Never got bored with those,am I right? Hey,Secre.Talk to me,what's up? Fine,go ahead and sulk then. In this episode all the characters are taking it easy a little after Bulat's death which is good because you won't get anything done by just grieving and make a big deal. And I'm happy to see some funny moments after what happened.And it is confirmed! Leone is heavier than Akame! Just saying...I hope she doesn't kill me or anything... I would like to see that happen to you,stupid boss... What is up with you? What did I do? Oh,to not make you guys confused,I'll change the color of what Secre is saying. Does,it make it better? I'll check this post after I finished and change the color if I can't see them.

Not being a perv or anything but there are a lot of cleavage shots in this episode or there were always a lot cleavage shots? I wonder if someone out there making a video montage of all cleavage shots in this anime,lol. Hmph,stupid perv.Just die already! Don't make a fuss here,please. Think of the children! Anyway,Tatsumi really changed like he gained a lot of experience and leveled up.He can even fight that bull guy with his bear hands! Maybe they should call him Tatsumi the raging Bear! Get it? His bear hands... Nice joke,genius! Don't be a meanie!

It was funny when the emperor show the minister about what characteristics of a guy she likes.It was very in detail and I saw some pictures from the manga about Esdeath blushing when she looks at Tatsumi.So,thank you Bing Images... You just gave me a spoiler but I don't really mind... I'm guessing that some of you guys out there are thinking what are they gonna do in her room.I understand you guys' feelings but let's just keep it to ourselves. That Wave guy was very funny when anyone he met is weird,those reactions are so funny! I really hate it when Seryu appeared in this episode her and that little potato dog and that psycho look on her face. I wonder what will happen when Esdeath found out that Tatsumi is a member of Night Raid. Will she destroy Night Raid and keep him to herself?

What I like in this episode,the funny moments with the Night Raid members and Wave. And how Esdeath just take Tatsumi away was pretty funny,she really is into that kind of stuff,huh? Her looks are deceiving sometimes.A war fanatic who now is looking for love and just took an innocent young man to her room.Nice plot. I think this anime is like Tokyo Ghoul because both of them are inspired by Attack On Titan,I think.It's cool to be inspired but some idiots will say that they are copying Attack On Titan or something.I like the episode and I can't wait to watch the next episode! She should just punish him and making him plead for his life... Well,Secre just left...I didn't know she had that side of her but anyways,that is it for this review! I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day!