Monday, September 15, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 11) She Llllllikes Him~!

Hey,what's up, guys~?! How are you guys doing today? Good evening and Happy Birthday to those who are born on 15th of September! No matter what year you were born,I just hope you have an birthday with your friends and family. I think I'm gonna do this more often,wishing people their birthdays everyday.That sounds a great idea,right? By the way,I forgot to explain what was the real reason of me posting the anime talk last night or this early morning.I post it as a replacement for SAO because I feel bad for not posting anything so,without further ado,here's the review! Ooh,that rhymed!

Haha,like you, right? I'm not a hentai! But if you say that to another hentai,I guess he would smile because you gave him a compliment. Why is that a compliment though? Either way,it's pretty funny! Yeah,it is! Oh,I forgot that we have to make the review of the new episode of SAO! We have to watch it right now! Hmph, you have been slippin' a lot, boss. You should've step your game up,bruh. I already watch the new episode! I can make the review by myself if you want but you have to give me a raise~ W-what?! W-why didn't you tell me? We could watch that episode together,you know?! You were asleep like a drunken old man! Now,I think we have a deal,right? Fine... I'll be back after I watch the episode...

Finally,he left. Hello,everyone! I hope you are having a great day even though it's Monday but we shouldn't let it interfere with our lives,right? Stupid Monday....anyway,let's get on with the review! Again,there's no action at all in this episode and there are a lot of talking instead. Like Danial,I don't really mind as long as we get to watch it then it's fine. This episode is pretty entertaining because of all the funny scenes or funny reactions from some characters in the anime. Such as when Asuna yelled at the guy from the government and Kirito and Sinon's alone time. I wonder if Asuna-san saw Kirito and Sinon together like that? There might be blood after she meets him when he logs out.

But if you count of Sinon's fast heartbeat when she realized that she didn't lock the door with the chain and that Death Gun's partner may be in her room while she's still logged in GGO. Lesson from this anime, always keep your doors lock,kids! And never answer the door if it's not someone you know! What I like in this episode, the funny scenes and weird zoom ins of Sinon's little butt.The government guy getting yelled at by Asuna.And that awkward moment when Kirito realized that the live camera was recording him and Sinon. I think that is all.I'm sorry if the review wasn't very entertaining and I hope you guys enjoyed the episode and the review!

 Ow! We'll see you guys next time so take care and have a great day,everyone!!^^/