Friday, December 12, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 23) Is Tatsumi Dead?!! O_O

Okay,this is a very late review but did that just happened?! Anyway.Hi,guys and how are you guys doing today? I hope you guys are doing fine and are having a good day.My day just got started and I'm a bit tired right now because I didn't sleep at all because I have to wake up early and do some stuffs. I also wanted to apologize that I didn't made this review on time but there were some personal things happened and I will talk about in my other blog later today. I will also be ranting about fans making anime main characters fight each other and compare them.I really hate when that happened especially that they are all my favorite characters and characters that I inspired.

Anyway,enough of that and let's get on with the review,shall we?! In this episode,things were getting intense and packs a full of action.It's cool to see that they able to infiltrate so easily and all and I know that anime is about to end (or maybe not,I don't know XD),I was looking for a bit longer fights in this episode.But on the second thought,it might be boring and repetitive since there aren't a lot of characters left. This episode is like one of those episodes that a lot happened but when we think about not a lot happened,you know?

HOWEVER! Everything makes up for me when Wave and Tatsumi fight along side by side to protect the people.Their Imperial Arms and the Emperor's Imperial Arms reminded me of Gurren Lagann for some reason.Maybe because they look like robots? Or Mechas? And I think Wave's Imperial Arm is similar to that black-suited guy from Accel World (I don't know the name of that character because I haven't watch it yet...). Because his Imperial Arm looks more futuristic than the other Imperial Arms. Back to the fight,it was amazing and I like how the characters talk while they're fighting because it would waste much time just standing there and talk.

I also wonder if the Minister killed the Emperor's parents so that he could control him.I wonder what will happened to the kingdom,Night Raid,the Emperor and the Minister? I really hope Tatsumi didn't die,can't we enjoy a good ending where everyone doesn't get killed?! And that Golden Incursio was awesome! It looks more dragon-like,I love it! I love the episode and I hope you guys feel the same as well.This is it for this review,I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a good day!!^^/

Monday, December 8, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 22) Last Good Memories!! T^T

Hello yet again,everyone! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? I'm fine as always and I'm listening to the ending song of Hajime no Ippo: Rising while doing this review! I think I will add this in the music player when I change it soon. Anyway,I'm just glad that I get to catch up with the new episodes and make reviews about them on time! Oh,by the way! I'm sure you guys missed Secre since she hasn't appeared for a while! She said she will review the new episode of Akame Ga Kill! tomorrow so,look forward to it.Okay? Enough of that and let's get on with the review of this sad and awesome episode!

So,I guess you guys probably know by now that my theories were wrong but I'm not upset.The story is fine and I didn't have second thoughts of it.I think I didn't get much impact of it because of my mood but if I was in my normal mood,I would probably cry about Yuuki's condition and about her life in general. Asuna,you have such a good heart! T^T I think in the next episode there will less or no scenes in the Alfheim Online (Sorry if I misspelled that^^") on the next episode because like Asuna said,there are a lot of things that Yuuki has yet to see so,she will probably ask Kirito to do what he did on the roof with Yui.

I just hope that Asuna's mom won't be a party pooper again in the next episode! And it's rude to check on your tablet while eating breakfast! I should just smack you..! ... calm down,calm down... Also,is Yuuki sounded a bit different in this episode? Or is it just me? She sounded more mature for some reason...Before,she sounded more cheerful and high energy but in this episode,her voice was calm and smooth.What do you guys think? Also,Yuuki said there was another or two other members in the Sleeping Knights has three more months to live.I wonder who?

Even though there will be not much action but we're not sure yet.Bu ,I'm really looking forward to it because I want to see Yuuki enjoy herself and get to see Asuna's school. I'm very weak with people who has illness like Yuuki and I would help them just like Asuna did to Yuuki.I'm sure Yuuki was lonely when her sister passed away and that makes me a little sad..

Overall,I love the episode.This anime has it's power to touch peoples' hearts since the first season and I like it.The music and the story mixed in very well and that is what I like the most in anime.What do you guys think of the episode? I hope you guys liked it and like this review as well.I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great weekend!!^^/

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.36/211) Dance Battle!! And Nyan Cancer?! O_O

Hello again everybody and good evening! How are you guys doing and how is your weekend going so far? My weekend is good so far but it rained again today and it was raining pretty heavily just like yesterday.Also,my dad got back from the hospital today.He was sick but he decided to leave the hospital because some nurses and maybe even doctors,didn't took care of him and didn't do their job seriously.I'll talk about it more in my other blog soon so for now,let's get on with the review! :)

So,this episode was just hilarious to me.It might lack some action but there is a lot of comedy and I don't mind about it. Cana already took down Scorpio but I'm sure her journey as a card battler has just begun.Go,Ca-Na-Oh!! I'm looking forward to that new spin-off,what about you guys? It was cool to see Cana and Gildarts bonding as father and daughter,it's cool. I wonder how will Levi turn the game around as she is in a pinch and maybe about to lose.I feel sorry for Nab because Levi can't remember his name....Actually...I don't know his full name either,do you guys know? Don't let him know about this or he'll get depressed and stop doing jobs...

It's really funny when they still use characters like Nab.Not just because they are weak or anything but they also become the comedy relief characters because they will make us laugh in the later episodes.Anyway,it looks like Yuki's fight with Libra just started and I started to think that these battles actually benefits Natsu and the others or improve them.I will not be surprised if they were pretending the whole time just for their sake....and I'm sorry if I already spoiled it! XD

It was also funny when Virgo keeps trying to make Lucy suffer but she laughed instead when Virgo keep tickling her and Virgo's expression was pretty funny.I think one of the reasons I like Lucy is because she's like the straight-man in this anime but I'm sure there are more straight-man characters in this anime but straight-man female characters are just the best to me XD. And by the way,I didn't know Cancer has a very creepy side...with all the moans and such...please change to your normal self,Cancer-san... I want to hear you said 'ebi' instead of 'kani'! XD

I was actually surprised that Gray could dance and do that split! Gray,if you ever wanted to stop being a mage,be a dancer,man! XD It was more funny when Juvia could sense that Gray is doing something that all girls love. I don't actually dance and if there is someone keeps pushing me to dance,I would run out of the room and get a hella far from it! XD Haha,so overall.I enjoyed the episode and I love the episode.I hope you guys liked it as well and I hope to see you guys next time! Take care and have a good weekend!!^^/


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 22) Akame Vs. Kurome!

Hey,guys and good evening!! How are you guys doing this weekend? I'm as always but yesterday however,was pretty cool.Literally because there was a storm here and it rained for a few hours straight!It's pretty rare to have storms in my area and because of it,I had a blackout and the only electrical appliances that were damaged were my kettle.Of all things,that got busted.And it was a cool kettle by the way,it turns red when it's boiling and then turns back to blue when it's finished.It was pretty.Yeah.

Haha,anyway.Aside from my nonsense about my dead electric kettle,I want to apologize to you guys for this very late review.I was really hooked to Hajime no Ippo and now,I'm a little sad because it stopped and I don't know if they're gonna continue it or not but I really hope they do because I really like it and they did a good job for the last episode of the anime which I will talk about when I make a review of it soon.Let me know what you guys think about that and if you know if they will continue the anime,please let me know!^^/

After I watched this episode,I definitely can see slowly but surely that the anime will reach it's climax because the Capital started to use their secret Imperial Arm that maybe only the Emperor can use.And with only a few characters left,there's gonna be a great and big battle and I think we will all expect that and enjoy that.So,the episode focuses on Akame and Kurome. And since Kurome doesn't have much time left,she wanted to settle the score once and for all.

Their fight was okay but I think I like the flashback about their past better.I don't know why maybe because there was not much impact in the fight but with the appearance of that monster or what they call, Danger Beast if I'm not mistaken, makes up for it.But it is weird for a beast wearing a suit like that! XD It looks like a giant astronaut and the suit looks the same as the suit from the game 'Alien Isolation', right?

It is also sad when you think the way Wave is thinking,I would go crazy if my friends keep dying and I can't do nothing about it.I'm still looking forward to Wave fighting against Tatsumi or maybe they won't fight each other and maybe fight side by side.It would be cool if Esdeath and Wave switch sides.Anyway,I think that is it for this review.I liked the episode,what about you guys? I hope you guys like the episode and this review! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a good day!!^^/

Friday, December 5, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 21) The Sleeping Knights - Dismissed!!

Hey,guys and good morning? It's way past midnight here so,I don't know what to say XD. Good midnight? Haha,anyway.I'm sure you guys notice some differences on this blog and my other blog.I decided to change it up a little because it has been the same for awhile and it was getting a bit boring.So,what do you guys think? I had a tough time for the background image because of the darn size of the file! "Your file is too large"... Sometimes,I just want to punch my screen and this is one of those times! But I won't punch it because I will regret it and I will be mad at myself.So,the aftermath is bad^^"

Enough of my nonsense and let's get on with the review,shall we? Okay,first of all and this is really important so,I will be very appreciate it if you guys tell me... what is the darn name of the soundtrack when they fight the boss?! T^T Is the reason I can't find the soundtrack because it hasn't been released yet? Q_Q That sound track was very dope and I want it ASAP! Ahem! Okay,moving on.Now, that I left that out off my chest, let's continue! The episode continue with Kirito fighting the other players,being a badass and cool in front of Asuna as usual. And as a price for that,he didn't get much screen time in this episode! Muahahaha!! Yeah,I'm a little hype right now for no reason...^^"

The action in this episode was pretty okay.Not too epic but it was enjoyable and I don't hate it. I think in this episode there was more closure between certain characters such as Asuna and the Sleeping Knights because they defeated a boss by themselves.I wonder how much money they got from that reward.And they just gonna leave us the 'Don't tell him/her that yet'-cliche?! What are they hiding? I think it is kinda obvious that Asuna and Yukki are sisters (Sorry if I spoiled you... ^^") but is there something more? Something about Asuna's past? Again,so many questions so much time but testing our patience while we wait for the next episode!

And if this anime is going to end soon,how will the ending turnout and if it really will end,will there be another season? I'm asking you,manga-readers-samas!^^/ Overall,I like the episode and at this point,I just wanna know about Asuna and Yuuki's past and how are they related.Well,that is it for today,I'll see you guys next time so, take care and have a good day!!^^/

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.35/210) New Manga Spin-Off! Ca-Na-Oh!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm feeling better but my cough hasn't gone away yet and I really it goes away soon because it really hurts my stomach,XD If you're in my house or outside of my house,you can hear me coughing very loudly.I can't even talk or laugh too much or I'll start coughing again and again.Anyway,I know this is a bit late and I'm really irresponsible but all I can say now is sorry and I hope you guys continue reading my posts! I also thought of making manga reviews in my other blog,what do you guys think?

Anyway,let's start the review shall we? In this episode we continued off with Cana's card battle against Scorpio.Mira has an easy win against Pisces and it looks like Wendy and Lucy are in a bit of trouble.Well,maybe not a bit especially Lucy.By the way,how many of you guys out there who likes or even play cards especially like this which I think is a card battle or whatever you may call it.I would like it if I learn a bit more about it and know all the cards properties,effects and so on. But in this matter of Ca-Na-Oh! It's a bit complex for me since you are the rule but you also control the whole game.

At first,I thought Scorpio will be that character who is very hard to defeat because he said he is the rules of the game so,I imagined that he controls everything and make it totally one sided.I'm really glad that he isn't that kind of character because it would be an arc of just Cana fighting against Scorpio or something like that.So far,I like how this is going and I don't really mind much about Cana's battle.I just hope not a lot of people would started to get mad and say that the episode was boring^^" I also like the combination of Natsu and Happy which turned them into Nappy Dragneel! XD

Overall,I liked the episode and I also like the funny scene when Cana summons her father,Gildarts! I'm guessing that in the next episode we're gonna see Levi's battle or Natsu and Wendy fighting against Loke. Is it Loke or Loki? Now, I'm confused...@_@ But what do you guys think of the episode? Was it enjoyable or it was a bit boring? Either way,I'll see you guys next time so take care and have a good day!!^^/

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Anime Season Review : Hajime no Ippo (Ep. 1 - 76) [Contains Spoilers!Obviously...]

Hello,everyone! Happy belated Thanksgiving! I'm sorry for not making the usual three reviews.I wasn't really up to it and I was still a little sick and I was and still concentrating on my health.Also,there is another reason why I didn't make those reviews.I haven't watch the new episodes yet because I was busy watching this anime that I decided to watch and that is, Hajime no Ippo! I've seen and heard about the anime before and I wasn't really fond to the anime then but now,I'm really hooked to this anime.It's pretty addicting and I don't know if that word is suitable for this,lol. But I really liked the anime,it looks a bit old school and I really like some old school animes, it is also pretty epic and touching,I should say.

I just watched the second season of this anime and that is, Hajime no Ippo:New Challenger. I want to watch it so bad but the site was having some problems and I've been cursing and swearing at that site since afternoon,lol XD That's how much I like this anime and for a sport anime,there are some sad moments such as when Ippo met Vorg before he flew back to Russia and the first ending song played when they part ways.It was very sad and I like how they put in the opening and ending songs in some scenes in the anime,quite a nice touch. And of course, I love all the fights including Ippo,Takamura,Kimura and Aoki's fights.But Ippo's fights were very intense and I always want to know what happens next after the episode ends.

It has a lot of thrills and the comedy was very funny and all but most of them are dirty jokes! XD I love how these sports animes gets you motivated and makes you like or love the sport,it's pretty amazing. So far,the best fights that I like is Ippo VS. Sendo.I bet everyone agrees with me because of how intense their fights were and how manly it was. Another thing that I like this anime is the sound of the punches.I don't know why but I love those sounds! And let's not forget the funny trio, Aoki,Kimura and Takamura-san! They always made me laugh! XD Even though some of them are dirty and they are perverts especially Takamura who is the Lord of Perverts. XD

Anyway,if you guys like sports especially boxing and don't mind dirty jokes and such XD Go check the anime out,I'm sure some of you guys like it because not everyone likes the same thing,right? And I don't mind at all^^ And thus,I shall bring this review to a close.Go check the anime out and let me know what you guys think.If not,I shall do a Dempsey Roll on you! O_O Just kidding! See you guys later and have a great day,guys!!