Monday, September 9, 2013

Anime Review - Nichijou

Hi,everyone^^ I'm sorry for not making a new post for a long time if you read my other blog,"Random Blogs" You'll know why I haven't been making much post.So,today anime review is "Nichijou" or "My Daily Life" .As the name of the title,its about daily lives of four female main characters and about their high school life.It's a comedy anime just like "Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou" but these animes are not related but it is similar.

This anime is just random,mostly about anything in your average daily life.Why I call this anime random because there is a 5 year old professor who created a female teenage robot named Nano and they have a talking cat named Sakamoto.The professor makes a scarf that makes Sakamoto speaks in human language and in the household,Sakamoto is the eldest and he is mature but sometimes playful because he is a cat to begin with.

I'll introduce the four main characters.Yukko,likes to make jokes and she is friends with the other three characters.Mio,she's a manga artist,she likes to draw 'Yaoi' mangas....,she is shy to show her drawings to anyone and she has an older sister.Mai,a genius,likes to carve wood into a buddha statue,likes to troll Yukko and Mio.And Nano,a robot,created by Professor(Literally,the 5 year old professor's name is Professor),she is nice and polite.

Watch the anime and you guys will see more crazy,funny and weird characters in the anime!I like the anime,I laugh my guts out when I watched it and there's only 26 episodes.So,go watch it and tell me what you guys think about the anime.Did you guys had a good laugh?Like the ending?Haven't watch it yet?! Then go watch it damn it!! ......Sorry,I was a little hype there even though I'm sick right now...Bye,everyone and have a great day!^^//