Saturday, September 27, 2014

Anime Movie Review : One Piece 3D2Y- The 15th Anniversary Special Overcoming Ace's Death And Luffy's Pledge To His Friends!

Hello,everyone~! How are you guys doing today?! I just woke up and I'm fine as usual except I feel a little bit sore at both of my arms because I worked out last night.And I haven't been working out for a while so,yeah... XD Anyway,I know this movie came out last month and the reason I watched it now because I forgot about it and I thought the sub version of it hasn't came out yet. And I was a bit confused before I make this review because I don't know if this is a special movie or episode but I Googled it and it says it's a movie. But if I'm wrong,I'm sorry.

I've been wanting to watch this movie because I saw some videos of it on YouTube but I didn't watch it because I don't want to get spoiled or see spoilers. Some times I don't mind spoilers but some times I do.Either way,I like the movie and it was awesome.The movie takes place when Luffy is training with Rayleigh and after he sent his message to the rest of his crew and that is '3D2Y'. No,it doesn't mean he got the power to make himself in 3D,it means three days. I should stop blabbering and get on with the review,shouldn't I...?

The villain in this movie was to me, a copy or an opposite of Luffy. His name is...I don't know how to spell his first name...His name is World and also known as "The Destroyer of The World". He is a More More fruit eater. He's a devil fruit user or eater and he can change the sizeof objects and speed 100 times. He kinda resembles Luffy because he doesn't trust his crew mates and abandon his brother while Luffy trusts his crew mates and doesn't turn his back away from his brother,Ace. I don't know if World and his brother,Byojack died in the movie or they managed to escaped.

I like World because he is interesting and his powers is awesome but I like him more before he turned bad and when he treats his crew as tools.By the way Minecraft fans! There's a character in the movie who can turn anything in to cubes! If he is real...maybe we can play Minecraft in real life! No? Well,it is kinda dangerous,I mean if one of them crushed you,you dead,son! And you won't be able to,I guess we're against the idea? Okay... Overall,the movie was great,the action was awesome,the music is good and the same goes to the artwork. By the way,Akainu looks cool with that beard~!

What I like in this movie,I like the music,the artwork and of course the funny scenes of Hancock and Luffy!Also,I like how they connect everything from the Battle of The Best Arc to Luffy's training and what I mean by that is,how World got our from Impel Down.I like the movie because it's connected to the story,that's what I'm trying to say,dammit! XD I'm really bad at explaining things...Anyway,that is it for this review of this movie! I hope you guys like it and to those who haven't watched the movie,go watch it! There's a special treat at the end of the credits~ I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have an awesome day!! ^^/ P.S: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOGLE!!!