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Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.11/186) Erza Vs. Minerva... Dammit, Minerva

Hey guys, how are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and my day was good as usual. My travel was cancelled because we all woke up very late! Hahaha, we probably go tomorrow on Monday. Anyway,I just finished watching this episode.I didn't do it earlier because like I said,woke up very late.Then I went out with my family for a while and had dinner. And as usual, I'm writing this during late at night. It's almost 1:00 AM here. Let's just jump in the review,okay? And I'm sorry if I sound not as cheerful as before and if you guys didn't notice,don't worry about it. I guess my brain is trying to gather up everything from the episode because there were some small surprises and Minerva... She is just straight up the most hateful character in villain category.

To me she's much worst than Doflamingo, Angel and I can't think of the other characters that I hate so much.The way she did to Millianna and Kagura is so cruel and unfair. I was a little disappointed of the fight between Erza and Kagura because it was so short and doesn't have much impact. But from that small fight, we at least know a bit more of Erza's and Kagura's pasts. They're both from the same village and same goes to Simon. And she saved Kagura from getting captured. I think they never met before except from that moment because if they met before,Simon would recognize her when they were enslaved to build Tower of Heaven.

I'm also looking forward to the other fights like I said from the previous post.And I like how they ended the fight between Gajeel and Rogue with Rogue getting his butt kicked and Gajeel got insulted by Rogue. I think Rogue is stronger from before based from the opening and I think Gajeel will have a hard time fighting him. I bet you guys can't wait for the three way battle of Laxus Vs. Orga Vs. Jura! I know I can't wait too and I didn't expect Jura will join in and fight them. By the way,have you guys notice in the opening at the part where Erza,Kagura and Minerva fighting each other? There's one part when she fights them and pushes both Kagura and Erza away while she gets the spot light. She's like, "Move it! I haven't gotten a lot of screen time! And I want more hate!" or something like that.Am I the only one who thought of that?

Overall this episode is okay.Everything is in progress such as 10,000 dragons coming to join the party and battles in the tournament.Maybe next time we get to see with Gray and Juvia Vs. Lyon and Cherie. Maybe we get to see some Unison Reid action! And I'm sorry if I spell that wrong and if I spelled it correctly, then thank goodness! Anyway,that is it for today's review. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves by watching the episode and reading my review. I'll see you guys next time and I hope you guys are having an awesome day! See ya later! ^^/

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Anime Episode Review - Fairy Tail (Ep.10/185) More Surprises! And Future Lucy Is More Lighter Than Lucy

Hey again,guys! How are you guys doing? I don't know if it's already a new day for you guys but if it is,then I wish you to have a great day and I hope you guys are well or get well soon.I think I'll post the next review later because it's already 5:00 AM here and I want to go to bed but before that I want to post this.I just finished watching this episode too and before I finished watching it,I thought that I'll post this episode tomorrow or later but when I watch the episode till the end,I decided to just post this before I go to bed. So,sit tight and enjoy.

So, as we guessed, this episode is more to the Erza Vs. Kagura Vs. Minerva. And I think next episode is going to be mixed with other battles such as Laxus Vs. The Lightning God Slayer guy or Gajeel Vs. Rogue. I wonder who will Sting fight against and what is he planning? And does this mean he's the leader or guild master now or is Minerva the guild master? Either way,looking forward to the battles and future Lucy's story. This episode is mainly about Erza and her past since she and Kagura know about Jellal and guess what? The kind Simon has a baby sister. Who would've thought? I like how they will link the new characters to the older characters or the characters that have died.

And I also surprised that Ultear was the one who pulled the strings at the Tower of Heaven. It's quite frightening of what Ultear can do and she even manipulate Jellal. It's cool to see bad characters become good like Hot Eye. If you guys don't remember,Hot Eye was from the Nirvana Arc? When Fairy Tail,Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus and Cat Shelter join forces to fight the evil guild which I forgot the guild's name.Hot Eye was a member of that guild then he turned good because of Nirvana which can switch from good to bad and vice versa. Then Hot Eye help to fight his own guild and he is Woody's brother. He has been searching for him for a while.He was then taken by the kingdom of Fiore's military.

What shall Kagura do? Will she unleashed her anger towards Erza? And whose blood splatter on the ruins? And why does everyone looked shocked? I can't wait to watch the next episode! I think that is it for this review.I'll see you guys next time and stay awesome as always,okay? See you guys,later!^^/

Anime Episode Review - Fairy Tail (Ep.9/184) Two Lucys And Minerva The *****

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? Well,I hope you guys are having an amazing and cool day because I'm sure not having a cool day today. It's not a bad day or anything just HOT. Whenever I walked out of my mom's room which has an air-conditioner by the way,I will start sweating like I just got back from the gym.Not that I've gone to one recently but I wish I do because I want to stay healthy and try to avoid something that is completely suck. And worst of all is that school holiday is almost over! It feels like it went by so fast. I even thought of exercising during the holidays but of course there's something gets in my way.... But anyway,enough of my rambling and let's just get to it.Shall we?

Another thing I want to talk about is that I'm sorry for posting this so late and don't worry,I will make review of the next episode after this.If you guys red my recent post in my main blog,you'll know why I post very late than usual.In this episode,there are some surprises, I guess and we also learned a few stuff that we wondered about.Such as how in the world Arcadios survived after he gets in the lava.By the way,you guys had no idea how long have I tried to remember Arcadios's name....I remembered his name when I read back the previous reviews.... I literally thought his name was, Apuricho or something XD I even searched that on Google and got nothing.So,back to the review...again. Turns out the amulet around his neck saved his life and do you guys think that amulet has to do anything with the ghost jade dragon? I think it's a lacrima that has that dragon's powers like Laxus's powers. I don't know it's just me thinking out loud.

And finally we see an event that was shown from the opening or intro of the anime and that is the battle with the three strongest female wizards! I feel bad for Mavis when her prediction was wrong and it seems she can't predict Minerva at all. I think the author make that on purpose because this battle is too intense and just using Mavis's prediction would just be a hindrance for this epic battle,I guess? Don't take any offence of what I said, I like Mavis's powers and she is very strong and all but if they keep using her powers there's no fun in the battle. I think that is what I'm trying to say.

News flash: Lucy learned the Shadow Clone Jutsu! Haha, just kidding! I kinda expected this to happened since the series continued and I figured it out when I watch the opening and you see a hooded person,crying and she is standing behind Lucy. I'm sure you guys figured that out as well because it's easy to spot and easy to figure it out. But when that scene continued,when Natsu keeps rolling on the ground and stopped in front of future Lucy, I thought to my head, " He's gonna say 'Why do you smell like Lucy?' or something like that..." and he did! Wow,does this make me a psychic?! Unfortunately, I can't predict future episodes unless I red the manga.Which I won't because I want to watch the anime first then I watch the manga.

I think that is it for this episode review. I'll post another another one maybe after this because I got a headache from out of nowhere and I have to go somewhere tomorrow and it's far.I probably stay there for the night and come back here by the day after tomorrow. What do you guys think of the epic battle? Who will win? And which guild that will win the tournament? I'll see you guys next time and have an awesome day,everyone because we all deserve it and we'll shall make our days always awesome!^^/

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anime Talk : One Piece - Ep. 500 - 508 [Brothers And Nakama And The King Of The Pirates] [And Again, Maybe Contain Spoilers]

Hey,guys! How are you doing today? I'm fine as usual, just finished playing with my little brother and I don't know why I want to tell you guys that but meh... Anyway, I'm sorry for haven't posting the new episode reviews. I will do it soon but because of some unavoidable circumstances, I had to postpone it because I was scared and I was guarding my house from a dangerous person. I will tell you guys in detail maybe some other time because it is a little private but I'm still want to share with you guys. But of course,I will post about it in my main blog because this is an anime review not a Danial Review. Now,let's jump in to today's anime talk which is about a flashback of Luffy's childhood!

After the War of the Best, Luffy was severely injured and he was almost go insane after Ace's death. He escaped by Trafalgar Law's submarine and set sail to the island of women. Of course you all know that but just in case you forgot or anything. When Garp sent Luffy to Dadan and when Ace made his first appearance to Luffy in that episode of course and being a brat and a jerk even though everyone keeps saying he is so cute but that besides the point. I also just realized that the voice actor for little Ace is the same as Shinpachi from Gintama and Ryohei from Clannad. I don't know the voice actor's name so,sorry. And I think Sabo's voice actress is the same as Naruto,correct me if I'm wrong though. Also,Sabo's dad has the same voice actor for Brook! I don't know why but I like it when they use the main characters voice actors or actresses on another character.For example, they said Bon Kurei's voice actor is the same as Franky.

And again,I gone off topic... Back to the review, I like Sabo's character and his background.He's a noble's son and he hates the society filled with selfish nobles.It's the same in real life. I mean,some rich people force their children to marry with someone with high status so that either their reputation doesn't go downhill or it'f just for business. There's multiple other reasons of these selfish rich people but not all of them are like that. Some of them are very generous but it's hard to find them because nowadays everyone wants money and guess again people,I've gone off topic again! When I see Luffy keep crying and asking for help,it kinda makes me wonder what if he is still like that when he grows up? I kinda feel sorry for Ace because he thought people want him to die or wished he would've never been born because he carries his father's blood.

Speaking his father's blood,did you know that Ace really resembles as his father? I know that's obvious but I mean is,whenever he is in a fight, he won't run away. When Dadan asked him why he didn't run away,he said "If I run away,the enemy will hurt someone I love behind me and behind me is Luffy.." He said and he looks away.Then Dadan remembered when he talked to Garp and they talked about Roger. Garp said Roger would never run away for the sake of his crew and he also said, "One time,he defeated a whole military from a country because they said something bad for his crew." I was happy when they talk about Roger because we don't know much about Roger and it makes me happy because I get to know the mysterious character more and more. There's another scene which made me surprised. It was when Sabo tried to help Ace and Luffy because of the big fire in gray Terminal and he got beaten up by the military soldiers. Then another mystery character appears, Monkey D. Dragon! I'm the kind of guy who likes to see a badass character or a mystery character's reaction towards anything. When he helped Sabo and when Sabo tells him how much he hated the kingdom and how much he wants freedom,he gives off a surprised reaction. I hope you guys understand what I'm saying^^"

Anyway, I was very angry when the Celestial Dragon shoot at Sabo's boat only because he crossed paths with his ship.Selfish bastards like them, (excuse my language by the way) need to beat some sense into them,literally! And it was depressing and sad when Luffy,Ace,Dadan and the others heard about Sabo who maybe die. What a lot of people hope for is that Sabo is still alive and I hope so too.Another touched scene if you could say, is when Ace and Luffy departs from Windmill Village and that made Dadan cry which is funny and touched.I mean of course she will cry because she and her bandits raised them and I also like when they tease her by asking is she crying or not and I almost cried at this scene. Then back to the present,Garp came back to his village and got beaten by Dadan. I almost cried at that scene too.But the most impact of sadness when Luffy's crew found out about Luffy and how much they feel bad and sad for him because they can't be there with him. It was so much sad that it made Sanji's make up wear off! LOL XD

Another scene that I almost cried is when Jimbei helps Luffy as he gone berserk because he can't accept Ace's death and because he thought he lost everything until he remembered he still has his 'nakama'.That was a great scene. To me it's hard to cry in this anime because it has a lot of action and all but I do feel sad.If there is an anime like Clannad and Angel Beats then trust me,you'll see me cry for a few times. When I cry,I wouldn't like, "WAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!".No. Tears will just flow out from my eyes and I will keep quiet,that's all. That's right,I'm a boss! I'm actually not...forgive me and excuse my cockiness.... Anyway,I think that's all.I'm sorry if some of them didn't make any sense and I'm sorry for making a long post.Thanks for keep reading my post and I really appreciate it.I'll see you guys next time on the Fairy Tail episode reviews! Have an amazing day,everyone!^^/

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Anime Talk : One Piece - Ep.475 - 491 [All Kinds Of Moments And Some Deaths] [Maybe Contain Spoilers]

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine but not very well,I'm a little sick at the moment and that's why I haven't posted an episode review for Fairy Tail. I've been sick for three days now including today and I hate when I'm being sick especially when my throat hurts..! Well,enough of me. Let's just jump in today's Anime Talk which would be longer than others. Let's go! Set Sail~!

Today's Anime Talk, I'm going to talk and share with you guys about some deaths that happened in the Marinford War arc and some moments that happened in there.Those moments are either epic moments and sad moments. The first thing I want to talk about is Little Oz Jr.  I was surprised that he is what,Oz's grandson or something? It's kinda cool when Mr. Oda linking a character from episodes back from this arc and the character from this episode.I mean,who would of thought that there descendants of Oz. Is that the right word to put it? If not forgive me and please don't hate me,I'm sick and I'm a fragile person. I was excited when I see him in action and how determined his is to save Ace.

I like how they show some flashbacks of both characters memorable moments when they met. It's cool that Ace made a huge hat for him and he keeps wearing that hat and just stay outside.I feel sad when the Marines finally take him down and the pirates were sad when they thought that he died. I really respect Whitebeard because of how keep his bond with his sons and his allied pirates which he also consider them his sons too. Whitebeard shows a perfect picture or model for a parent that cares a lot for their children and how much they love them. When Whitebeard become a pirate from an unknown crew,they asked him what does he want since he found a lot of treasure and he doesn't want any. Whitebeard just keep smiling and answered them, "A family". They laughed but he keeps on smiling.

What else do I wanna talk about..remember.....remember...! Okay,another thing I wanna talk about is Luffy.He's stubborn and an idiot we all know that but man,he endured so much to save Ace! Infiltrate Impel Down,got poisoned by Magellan,got injected with Energy Hormone by Ivankov,escaping Impel Down,fight Magellan again and fight the Marines! According to Ivan,Energy Hormone is fooling the body,makes you forget your fatigue and it is a temporary treatment and don't forget the circumstances after that.And Luffy already shortened some of his life span and by using Gear Second a lot will decrease his life span.How long is Luffy's life span?! Where's Ryuk or Misa when you need them?!

One moment that I expected to happened is when Squard stabbed Whitebeard through his chest.I knew he would do that because he was missing and everyone was wondering where did he go and we he suddenly appears behind Whitebeard,I knew something was about to go down. Again,I respected Whitebeard that even though he got stabbed by his own son,he hugs him and ask him who lied to him. Then Whitebeard jumped off his ship and joins the fight and I was touched and feel sad when Squard starts to cry when he blames himself for what he did.Crocodile was very angry when he see Whitebeard was easily got stabbed by someone. I think that shows how Crocodile expect highly from him and respected him even though he tried to kill him when they arrived. I'm also interested of Crocodile's past, the past that Ivan threaten him.Was Crocodile an Okama before?! If it's true then it is hilarious!

Another moment that made me surprised is when Little Oz Jr. is still alive after he got knocked down by the Marines and because of that psycho, Doflamingo. I hate the guy but I can't hate him all the time because he is cool and he is a perfect villain but this isn't Doflamingo so F him! I'm still sad when Little Oz Jr. helped the Whitebeard Pirates for the last time before he got killed by the Marines and the Admirals,I think.. And before he fall,he said to Whitebeard, "Please save Ace-kun,Pops", I think. Sorry if I was wrong. He kinda said that but I forgot the exact words. Whitebeard approved Luffy as he saw him keeps on going to save Ace even if he gets beaten up by the Marines and he orders his crew to protect him at any cost. I also like the moment when Luffy is struggling and he accidentally use his Conqueror's Haki without him noticing and knocked almost everyone and everyone else's expressions when that happened.

Also,can I say that I love Kizaru? No homo or anything,I just like his character in this. I like his expression and his voice. He kinda looks like someone who always chill and calm. I don't know if it's just me but still it is very funny of how he speaks and his expressions. Akainu is to me a bad Marine, because he doesn't execute Justice in the right way instead he use wants to execute Justice by using fear and killing. And when he becomes a higher rank Marine in the future which is after the Time Skip but I guess we can talk about that later. And of course,the most sad moments is Ace and Whitebeard's deaths... Even though they're dead but at least they did something memorable and something that no one will never forget. Wait, that's the meaning of memorable,right? And I just thought of Deja Vu just happened! I remember that I just talk about 'Memorable' and what it means...

Back to Ace and Whitebeard's deaths, I was surprised when Whitebeard died and he is still standing! And when the narrator talk about Whitebeard and his crew,the damage he got during the war and the only thing I remember what the narrator said is, "Even though he got multiple damages, his back has no scar nor a scratch." It was so cool when the narrator finished,Whitebeard's cloak blown away and show us his back and as a father, you must show your sons your back meaning not showing any weaknesses and always protect I think..I remember that saying from Bleach. I've seen videos of Ace's death on YouTube before and look at Luffy when he keeps crying but when I watch in the episode,he was literally about to go insane! I surprised that could happen to him, to Luffy! I've never heard him scream like that,his voice actress is so awesome! Yeah,Luffy's voice is from a woman but I'm sure a lot of you already know.

Then Red-Haired Shanks appeared! I didn't expect all the Marines would just surprised when they see him. I didn't know Shanks was such a big deal. And what Coby did was very brave.He conquered his fear and say what is on his mind. And let's not forget the King of Douche, Blackbeard! Who stole Whitebeards power and has his new crew. I can't believe that Sengoku would let Shanks take Whitebeard and Ace's bodies.Does that mean he respects Shanks or what? But Garp was furious when he saw Shanks because he was the one who influenced Luffy to become a pirate. Then Buggy give Luffy and Jinbei or Jimbei to Law. Law has cool sideburns by the way... Then Hancock follows them and some of the Marines help her find them as they love her because of her beauty... Well,I think that is it. Man,that was a long talk! If this I talk all of this to you guys in real world, I would be so tired and you guys would be fallen asleep. You guys could read this as your bed time story if you want,LOL.

Anyway,I'll see you guys later,okay? Have a great day everyone!^^/