Friday, September 12, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 11) R.I.P Maru-San's Bike...

Hey,guys~! How are guys doing? I'm pretty much fine at the moment since I got a good laugh because I tease my brother.Long story short,he will sleep outside and he agrees with the idea! I think I will tell the story in more detail in my other blog because if I do it here,the post will be long like assignment long or essay long or contract long which are taboos of blogging.Actually,not really.I'm just messing with ya,but there are some truth in that,really.Anyway,let's just get on the review before we either go to work,sleep,school,college,skate park,cross dress park,notice me senpai avenue and etc.

In this episode,Kaneki is trapped in a game and it is called, 'One Night With Jason C. Cray' which is more scarier than Five Night at Freddy's.The title said five nights but it has seven,make up your mind! In this game,you'll be Kaneki and you have to endure of being tortured or witness it first hand with centipede also known as Centimeter Speed. Not really. A needle to the eye,manicure and learn how to count! You can play games and learn something,how cool is that?! Alright,alright.I'll be serious,okay? So,the CCG,I don't know what that stands for but they raided a shopping mall with a lot of their forces or police or whatever.This men have a mission.This men have a purpose.This men...have to go grocery shopping for their wives,girlfriends and mother in laws.Time is running out...Coming in 2027... Shopping Time The Movie: Shop Till You Drop!

I'll be serious now,promise <3 So,I'm guessing that Jason is trying to make Kaneki stronger? After what that Shinohara guy told Amon about what happened to Jason when he was tortured by a psycho interrogator.And he is doing the same techniques that he got tortured to Kaneki.But seriously though...of all things you have to use a centipede...If I was there,sitting on that seat and then see that thing,I'll try to break free and run as far away as possible! I mean look at how it's wiggling itself like that...I really hate bugs... Another I want to point out is when the CCG guys were arrived at the mall and getting ready and then got ambushed and shot by the ghouls,why Shinohara,green haired guy and Amon didn't wear helmets?! You could get a headshot,you know?! Haven't you guys played video games before?! And since when ghouls use guns?!

Most of them looked like Usopp from One Piece with those scopes that they're wearing or whatever it's called.I think after I finished watching the anime,I want to read the manga because I saw the comments and they said that they left out some scenes in the anime and that made me curious. I really like seeing the Anteiku members working together to rescue Kaneki. And there are a lot of strong ghouls from the 11th Ward and I'm guessing that we will see Touka VS. Her ***hole Brother.I hope no one from the Anteiku dies. And who is the One Eyed Owl? Is it the old man from Anteiku? Or Aogiri's leader or something. At the end of the episode,we see a white hair.Maybe white haired Kaneki will appear in the next episode and kick some butts! I wonder what is Jason's intentions because after he got tortured,he became strong and is he going to that to Kaneki?

What I like in this episode,I saw some people in the comments that this episode is lame because there is no Kaneki action.It's true but I actually like the episode because of the fights,new and strong ghouls and that mystery one eyed ghoul.And of course,I like the funny scene with that kid riding on Maru's bike and let it explode.Look at those tears,man! XD He was like, "Your sacrifice won't be in vain,partner...!" . And that new Quinque...Quenque? That new weapon that was given to Amon from Mado's collection that use to fight ghouls is pretty cool! Definitely can't wait to watch the next episode and that is it for this review! I hope I entertained you guys a bit.Maybe made you laugh or giggle or even smile. So,I'll see you guys next time.Take care and have a great day!!^^/