Sunday, September 7, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 10) Death Gun And My Little Pony VS. Kirito And Sinon!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing? I'm as always and I just waste a lot of time trying to find a new picture for this anime review.Strangely,there's no SAO Wallpaper with 'Sword Art Online II' written on it! And that really bugs me for some reason. I also waste time to edit some photos for this review but I can't do it.So,I will use the same wallpaper and I will try looking for a new wallpaper later or tomorrow.Well,enough of my nonsense rambling and let's get to the review,shall we?

Once upon a time,at the year 2015...I think. There was a young hero,a young boy and a young crossdresser- I-I mean,unintentional using a female and has an advantage.The young man or woman,is Kirito.With his fellow partner and rival,Sinon The Tsundere,they are fighting Death Gun who is forever alone ever since his nakama got killed in a game called SAO. NAKAMA TACHI~!! those who don't know what that was,it's a song from the anime Toriko... Back to the story.After the whole SAO incident,Death Gun is a SAO survivor and is on a journey to find Kirito and thirst for revenge.

And in today's chapter,Kirito saved Sinon in such a heroic way that fans could ship them or make a fanfic out of them. And hey,maybe they can make a fanfic of Death Gun and My Little Pony! Or his little,I'm confused... And that was a bad timing for a Trauma Strike,that's what I would call it because I don't know what you call it when that happens. I've seen some feedbacks about the episode that it has less action and more talking.I agree but I still enjoy the episode and I wonder if they fight Death Gun again on the next episode? A comment that made me smile and chuckled is this, "Hiding in the cave so that the scanners can't detect them.Bet,those tire tracks can't find them either..." XD It was something like that and it was funny. Man,Kirito should watch out if Asuna finds out what they were doing the cave alone...she'll turn him into a sandwich.

Anyway,I'm sorry for talking a lot of nonsense in this review.I did it on purpose because there was nothing much really happened just some little fight and a lot of talking. What I like in this episode, the robot horse. It looks cool and funny at the same time.Maybe it's one of the horses of Merry Go Around but more futuristic! The flashbacks of Kirito and Sinon,I like how more open they are to each other especially Sinon.I hope she will recover from her trauma and just be happy. That is all for this review and again,I'm sorry for the weak review but thanks for reading it anyways. I'll see you guys next time,take care!^^/