Thursday, March 5, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.45/220) Awesome GruVia Episode!

Hello again,guys! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? I'm fine as usual and I'm actually feel a little hungry,haha^^" And by the way, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!! WOOOO!!! Yup, and that means there is no review for this episode so,I'll see you guys next time! Just kidding!! XD "Oh,Danial! You're so funny! XD NOT! >:(".

I am back!^^ You see the little paragraph up there? I stopped there since the 17th of February and now,I'm going to continue the review. It has been a long time and I apologize, I was going through some stress and burden lately and recently I got my results from my big exams! I didn't get any A's but I did alright to pass the exam! In between the period of the 17th February till now, I haven't watched any anime. Okay,wait I lied. I didn't watch any anime until two or three days ago? I started watching a horror and gory anime, "When They Cry" and one of the most popular anime this year, Death Parade!

I will talk and review about them after I finished watching both of them.Now,let's begin the review! I liked the episode because fillers like this gives other characters a chance of the spotlight for a few minutes and let them take the lead of an episode or two. A lot of people love Juvia because she is a high spirited girl and also very funny from time to time that has to do with Gray. I wonder the fan girls will react the same when they saw Gray? O.O After, she figure out what to get for Gray on their anniversary and I think it was their 555th anniversary?^^"/ Correct me if I;m wrong because I feel like I am wrong on this one.

Gray was very cold to her when she was about to gave her the scarf and didn't know it was Ul's death anniversary. But I'm glad that he took it anyway and liked the gift. My favorite part was on the next day and Juvia was going to celebrate their another anniversary with Gray and she was about to gave him one of those anime girl pillow thing and it was hilarious! XD Not hilarious to those who have one of those but to Juvia who was about to give that to Gray XD

I think that is it for this review. I'm sorry if it was not much, I couldn't remember the whole episode that well but I hope you guys enjoyed it! Thanks for reading the review and I hope you guys liked both the review and the episode. I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!^^/