Monday, September 15, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 11) Okama Army!!

Hello and good evening,everybody~! Are you guys having a stylish day? I hope so because today is annual R.I.P Mr. Stylish Day! What? That day doesn't exist? It does exist,I promise and to celebrate it,you have to watch from his first appearance in the anime to his death(You don't have to XD).I chose this day to because Mr. Stylish just created a nightmare for all otakus,hentais,titans,Sanji and just all of humanity and probably aliens.And he is the first doctor or scientist to create the Okama Army! We would love to give him an award but unfortunately he is already dead with Akame's poison so we decided to sold his award and just buy some stuff or donate some of the money to those who need it.

Before I start reviewing the episode, What do you guys think of Secre's review on SAO? Did she do a good job or not? Because she keeps asking for a raise and I say that I would ask you guys first and if you guys say no then I won't give her a raise. It's as simple as that! And just between us,I don't want to give her a raise... She even owe me a dollar! What? It's just a dollar? Just a dollar?! I don't care, she needs to pay me back even if it's the last thing she do! Let's get to the review! That rhymed! So,the episode started with Mr. Stylish's Okama Army infiltrated Night Raid's base and attack Tatsumi and the others when they were hungover- I mean asleep as they were so tired from Tatsumi's homecoming party. I knew Leone won't die from that kind of attack.I mean she's like an animal and she has those animal instincts.

And Bullock was pretty awesome with his Imperial Arm and I was pretty amazed at how he created that spear from those strings.It reminded me of Alchemy for some reason. Unfortunately,we didn't get to see some action from Tatsumi until before the end of the episode.I like Mine in this episode because even though she is very angry that the enemy is using Sheele's Imperial Arm, she keep her cool and completely obliterated that guy.The fights in this episode are pretty awesome and I love all of them and I like that epic moment when their boss has returned and she rides on that giant beast stingray. And their new member,Susanoo is cool and pretty funny when he looks at mine for a few seconds before tidying her hair. His Imperial Arm was amazing and I'm curious of that other member.Is she strong and what is her Imperial Arm?

I'm looking forward to see how the old members of Night Raid react or treat the new members and hoe strong they are.I also wonder what will happen if the rest of The Jaegers heard about Mr. Stylish's death.What I like in this episode,I love everything that happened in this episode.It had action,some comedy and new characters! It's a three in one! What do you guys think about the episode? And that brings us a close to this review. I hope you enjoyed yourselves when you read this review. Comment and tell me what you think and comment what should I don on my 100th post in this blog and in my other blog. I'll see you guys next time and until then,have a great day!^^/