Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Episode 22/197) Ultear's Sacrifice!

Hey,guys...How are you? Doing great? I'm doing great,a little bit surprised from the impact of this episode...First of all...this is a great episode and second...oh my god! Did that really happened?! Sorry,I'm just so hype right now after I watched this episode! Wow just wow... I know it's sad but that major counterattack was really epic.I don't know if you guys feel the same but this episode was really epic for me and I really got the chills running down my spine and I'm really aware that I'm overreacting but to see them fight back when they were in a midst of despair was really awesome!

When Ultear finished casting that magic and when I see that nothing changed around her,I was like, "No...no...Don't tell me that it was all for nothing!". The feel of Ultear's sacrifice was all for nothing really make me feel a little down especially when it showed that she only change time and went back to one minute.And with her expression like that? Come on,it feels like we just got trolled by the writer of Fairy Tail! I always heard he was a troll but I didn't expect this,haha. So,let's get back to the beginning of the episode and we get back to this in a little bit,shall we?

So,when they show us that they're still struggling and maybe at their last breath,made me think that is there gonna be deaths in this episode.And I keep denying the thought but when they show Droy,Jet,Macao,Bacchus,Laxus,Wendy,Gajeel but Lucy,I thought she would be alright even being surrounded by those little dragons.And the same goes for Rogue and Sting but then again,they probably would get badly injured or something.And I like how in detail when they explain about the effects of the Last Ages on people around the world and the wizards that are fighting the dragons which is cool.

But is Ultear really dead? I know what Hades said but I want her to be alive.She already went through a lot and I'm sure she has already atone all of her sins by sacrificing herself and save lives. Ultear use to be a hated character but now,in this episode it's like we learning more about her character and feel for her. And about destroying the portal.It's a good plan but the question is how? Maybe just let one of the dragons ram into it.Now,that would be a great plan! Or maybe just throw Zirconis at the portal or make Mother Glare fall on it. I'm still wonder why his name is Mother Glare when he sound like a male? His name should be Father Glare or something!

Now what I like in this episode,the fight scenes especially Wendy and Laxus VS. Zirconis. They make a good combo and their combined roar attack was awesome. I also would like to see Gajeel using his Iron Shadow power against that dragon,he did use it a little on that attack but I want him to change like he did in the tournament. The story is at a good pace and I like it.The plan to destroy the portal,the major counterattack. Ultear's sacrifice. I love everything that happened in this episode! There's nothing to hate or complain then just embracing the feels! And that is it for this episode! Thanks for reading and I hope you guys were entertained!

I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day!^^/