Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anime Review - Hyouka

Hey,guys!^^ How are you guys doing today? I'm fine and a little tired since it is 2:10AM right now XD And I'm also happy because my friends wished me happy birthday yesterday which is the 17th February^^ Comment down below if you guys' birthdays are on the 17th February!^^

Today's review is, 'Hyouka'. In this anime, there is full of curiosity and a lot of theories. What kind of theories? Did that made you guys CURIOS? Haha, just joking^^" Hyouka is a high school life anime,it is about the team of four of the Classics Club.When you watched the anime,you'll met an energy saving guy named,Houtarou Oreki. His motto is "I don't have to do what I don't want to do and if I want to do something, I'll do it quickly".

In the anime,Oreki and Fukube just started their first year in high school and Oreki's older sister who use to be a member of the Classics Club,wanted him to join in that club because it is about to get disbanded.Later,you'll met a curios girl named,Chitanda. Her eyes of curiosity are very powerful than the Sharingan eyes or the Rinnegan eyes.Whenever she is curious about something,Oreki has to solve it.

Much more later,you guys will meet Ibara. She has a crush on Fukube since middle school,she's a tsundere,she likes to read manga and she is in the Manga Club.She doesn't like Oreki much but she doesn't hate him or anything.I guess that's all I can tell about the anime,go check it out if you guys are curios about it.The anime has 22 episodes and one OVA.

My favorite would be Oreki because he is an interesting character and I haven't seen a very lazy character in an anime before.And I like how he always goes on about saving his energy and he doesn't want to do much work.He's cool and sometimes funny.A scene that I liked from Hyouka,is when they trying to find out about Chitanda's uncle and the meaning of 'Hyouka'.

So,are you guys curious what is the meaning of 'Hyouka'? Go watch it to find out and I'm sorry if I'm being pushy or something.^^" Well,that's it for my review,I'll see you guys later and have a great day,you guys!^^//

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Anime Review - Sket Dance

Hello,minna-san~! Here's another review for today and maybe I'll make another review either today,tomorrow or next week^^" And again,I wish you all have a great day and I would like to say thanks for reading my reviews and my other blogs^^

Today's review is, 'Sket Dance'! Sket Dance is a club that was formed by Bossun,the leader of Sket Dance.Their job is to help everyone in their school so that they can enjoy their high school life.The guy who made Sket Dance is an assistant to the author of the king of parody anime and that is Gintama and yes,I forgot the name of the author of Gintama.I'm an idiot, god damn it! So please bear with me,nee~? I liked the anime so much because it is so funny,cool and awesome! Just like Gintama,the jokes keeps getting better and better.

I also like when they show Switch and Himeko's pasts.I feel very sad for Switch and to you guys who already watched Sket Dance,you know what I mean,right? And to those who haven't watch it yet,go watch it right now~! If you're in school then you can watch after school...I'll let this slip but don't get too comfortable! Lol,just kidding^^" Please don't be angry at me,onii-chan and onee-chan~! The anime has about 78 episodes and one OVA.Sket Dance also has a crossover episode with Gintama. I wish they would continue Sket Dance but I guess if that's all the author can do then I respect that.

My favorite character is Switch.He is so smart and cool.He is very funny especially because his voice actor is the same as Gintoki's voice actor. I also liked his character which he doesn't talk but he communicates with his laptop and that is so cool! I like animes that have something new or different other than other animes with high school life genre.And another thing I like Sket Dance is some of the characters when they are a kid.Himeko,Momoka and Daisey are so cute! Does that mean I'm a lolicon?^^" I hope not.

Anyway,that's it for this review.Tell me who is your favorite character and why.I'll see you guys later and have a great day~!!^^//

Anime Review - K-On!

Hey,what's up guys?! How are you guys doing? I hope you guys are good and well and have a good day^^ I'm feeling a lot better than before and know I just hope my cough and flu gone sooner or later^^" Anyway,today I'm gonna make a review on one of the animes that inspired me to play music or started to play music^^

Today's review is, 'K-On!'. K-On! is about a group of girls that are from the light music club and they formed a band.I think the band's name is 'After School Tea Time' and I'm sorry if I'm wrong because I watched that anime last year and I haven't watched the second season yet because I'm busy with other animes and busy in general. So many anime,so little time^^" The feels,right? Anyway,I like the anime because the songs are not bad, I really liked them and I like the comedy in the anime and the story isn't bad eitther. My friend introduced me this anime,he would keep talking about it maybe for hours or days when we met at school XD

At first,I haven't grown any interest towards the anime so I didn't watch it but one time when I was bored and kept thinking on what anime I should watch next and then I thought to myself that I should try and watch K-On! My favorite character is Yui. I liked her because she is so funny and I like how cheerful and easy-going she is. I also liked when her friends yelled at her or scolded at her and she starts to cry or something.They also aimed to be the most famous band,I think. I remembered that the president of the club,Ritsu, aimed to perform somewhere but unfortunately! I forgot^^"

But hey,maybe that makes you guys interested and try to watch it,right? Then go on ahead and watch the anime till you drop.After you drop,get yourself back up and watch more animes! I mean that's what we are,right? We're Otakus! The anime has probably more than 20 episodes and if I'm wrong call me an idiot^^" It has two seasons and a movie and maybe two OVAs! So be sure to watch all of it,okay?I'll see you guys later and have a great day!^^//