Monday, September 22, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 12) Chelsea Will Chop It Off! O_O

Hello and good evening,everyone~! How are you guys doing today? I'm doing great and today is sunny! My day is good as always and I hope you guys are having a good day as well. Today,I decided to be more positive with myself and become better person.I want to change and I really mean it! To those who wants to change,let's change together! And don't let any negativity stop you! Inspirational mode is on~!! Anyway,I did say that I'm gonna do an anime review today but I don't know when.I'll try my best to make it and post it as soon as possible. Now,let's get on with the review!

The episode started off in style as Tatsumi and the others ride on the wild beast stingray to somewhere that has a lot of beasts for them to level up and prepare for Esdeath's team. So,we got introduced to one of the new members in the last episode and that is, Susanoo.And now we're introduced with another cute but also like to tease Mine about her cleavage and just tease her in general and a quite honest person,Chelsea~!

Before I made the review or even watch the episode,I saw pictures of her from other reviewers so,I kinda guessed that this episode is going to be about her or something. And it's really funny when you expect that a guy like Susanoo not just fighting but doing housework as well.When their boss open her arm like that when she wants to show them what he can do,I thought he was gonna transform into a weapon or something but instead,he made a freaking house! XD The episode has not much action except the scene where Tatsumi and Leone train themselves by fighting mini dinosaurs.

I think if they make a game out of this,it would be an  RPG game. It's pretty suitable for that genre and I think I would enjoy playing it,do you? Anyway,why do I always got sidetracked over little things? Maybe I just wanna say what's in my mind... Lastly,about that Run guy.I would never thought he could have another attention except serving Esdeath.Is he an assassin or working under the Minister? And the guy with a creepy face and with a creepy smile before the episode ended,who is he?! And Seryu cried?! I never see that coming! I'm just overreacting,guys. I'm okay,I promise.

What I like in this episode,the funny scenes,the flash backs of Seryu and Mr. Stylish and the improvement of the characters,I guess.I also can't wait to see Susanoo and Chelsea fight with their full potential because Chelsea obviously didn't show all of her abilities and Susanoo has a secret technique which is still a secret and maybe won't stay that way on the next episode. So,that is all for today.I hope you guys enjoy the episode and the review. I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day~!! ^^/