Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hey, how are you doing? ;)

Hey, everyone! ^^/ I know, it has been quite awhile...It has been more than a year! Darn, it felt like it has been ages since I opened my blog. Pretty weird what time can do to you. First of all, I'm sorry for not posting any reviews lately. I did so because I thought, "I haven't watching any Anime lately, why bother?" or "How long am I going to do this?" and because of those thoughts, I gave up this blog. Since then, I have been quite busy with my personal life and no, nothing major like being productive and such XD

Been busy with problems and more focusing to my mom and my little brother. Now, we have to move which is pretty difficult because the house we're going to move takes a bit awhile for us to move than expected. And recently, my dad passed away and my mom and I have to dealt with a lot more personal stuff. Don't worry, we're fine and all, accepting his death. Second, to my old readers (if I have any in the first place XD) sorry for leaving you guys hanging and to the newcomers, welcome! Two days ago, I think, I decided to check on my blogs, to see how much views that I got. And I was very surprised! The first twenty-five posts have more than 4000 views! 4000 views! O_O That's pretty amazing and I'm flattered that you guys red my reviews (despite some weren't good XD).

And lastly, what should I do with this blog now? Would you guys like me to continue doing reviews on this blog? Or do you want me to do something different like discussions? Also, I've been writing a Naruto fic on -no, I'm not self promoting! XD What I was trying to say, would you guys like me do short stories (Really short) and short fanfics? Be warned though, that the characters may be OOC/Out Of Character. Also that I forgot about certain things from the anime. I wish Blogger can do a voting poll on a post, that would be great^^"/ By the way, I might still do reviews but just not as frequent and I hope that is okay.

Here is the link to the Strawpoll! And that is all for this update post! I'll try to do my best to be active on this blog because I want to be more productive. Oh, and one more thing? Do you guys mind if I put ads on my blog? Okay, that is all for real! See you guys next time and have a great day!