Saturday, September 27, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.26/201) Mud Bath Party!!

Hello again,everyone~! Wow,three reviews in one day?! How can this be?! LOL But seriously,I'm surprised of myself to post three reviews in one day.I think it's a new record for me but I don't know. I'm fine as usual by the way and I hope you guys are doing well. It's almost dusk here and I just finished watching this episode just now because I just remembered that Fairy Tail's new episode is already out.I was bored at that time and thankfully I get to make this review. So,what are you guys up to? And hows your weekend? Anyway,let's get this review started!

I don't know how to start the review but here I go! So,today's episode has not much action at the beginning until Lucy,Happy and Natsu went for a job but before that they received a huge and warm welcome form the people of Magnolia.And if you guys noticed there is the guild who took away Fairy Tail's headquarters and kick them out when Natsu and the others were frozen or asleep at Tenrou Island. It's cool to see them getting greeted again by the townspeople because Fairy Tail was the main attraction or something like that. Before they were laughed at and looked down but now,they're on top again!

Makarov's expression when the Mayor give them back their old Fairy Tail headquarters. But the building looks a bit different now...maybe because of the camera angles. And did Natsu really took the King's crown?! It's like Bleach all over again! Get it? Aizen took the King's Key or something and Natsu took the King's crown! No? Okay... I actually thought there was going to be a fan service scene when Lucy was in the mud but it was very funny when they use her as bait to capture the mole by dressing her up as the mole's bride!

What I like in this episode,definitely the funny scenes when they try to capture the mole and when the mole found his mate which is a crayfish,right? It was very weird and funny.I also like the part when Mavis meets and talks to Zeref.It was pretty epic and cool as they are both strong wizards. And what is this final battle that Zeref said before the episode end? Will Natsu and the others fight him soon? I bet that fight is going to be so epic! Anyway,that is all for this review. I hope you guys liked the episode and this review. I'll see you guys next time so take care and have a great day!^^/