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Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 8) Incursio's Successor And Kurome

Hey,guys~! How are you guys doing?! I'm fine as usual and doing great! I'm sorry for the little late review but hey,at least I post it today,right? Seriously,I apologize but if I want to watch an anime I have to be in a mood for it.That's who I am and, even though I post reviews so late,I'm glad you guys still read the reviews and still be with me and that I thank you! I seen other reviews on my Google + notifications and I was wondering what happened in the episode but I know it must be something big. And it actually is! Both me and Secre were surprise when we watched this episode.So,what were you guys' reactions? Did you feel the chill run down your spine or shocked or cried? Well,let's talk about that and start the review!

So,in this episode the fight between Bulat and his former superior, General Liver or just Liver now,I don't know maybe he likes liver and he even eats liver for breakfast.Maybe it's healthy? I don't know but his name is Liver. By the way,Esdeath is a real sadist,huh? I know what she did with that guy from the north but dang girl! We get back to her later and now back to Liver~! It was a pretty intense fight between him and Bulat.I guess,that is what to be expected from them since they used to fight side by side for a while. I think this is the only episode that we get to see Bulat fight longer than in the previous episodes.

And it was pretty intense when both of their Imperial Arms reached their limit and they decided to end it with a sword fight. I knew Liver would use blood because of his Imperial Arm and control them but I thought he would make Bulat's blood just coming out from his body and rip him to shreds or at least make him get down on his knees. But using his own blood which has poison in them and strike Bulat was pretty smart but to insert that poison in your own body like that is crazy! That is why drugs are dangerous,kids! I was hoping that other guy with flute was not one of those characters that we get confused of their genders.For example, Crona from Soul Eater and Hideyoshi from Baka and Test.And thank goodness that didn't happened!

After Liver died after giving his last words like a zombie and when that flute guy said his technique which was "Demon Summoning" or something, I thought he's going to summon a monster or something but with that blond hair and with that muscular body,you almost look like Alex Louise Armstrong~! Just a little because your face didn't change and you look like a kid wearing a costume.At least he get to change back to his original form,I'm sure he have no regrets compare to that Daidara guy who got cut in half by Bulat.I'm sure he is regret for not getting enough experience and level up.

And now,what I like in this episode.I like the fight scenes in this episode and it was full of them in this episode,I know.But It's sad that Bulat died,he would be the last person I thought would die after Sheele.And it was awesome when he let Tatsumi using his Imperial Arm,Incursio.That Imperial Arm is by far the most epic Imperial Arm in this anime.Made from flesh of a strong dragon? Heck yeah! Tatsumi looks like a mini version of Bulat for some reason but at the same time he looks a little bit bigger from his normal size? Overall,I love the episode and the ending was sad but also left us a question...Is that girl,Kurome, wearing a school uniform?! OMG!! I'll see you guys later and have a great day! Take care!^^

 P.S.: The real question was,is she Akame's little sister? Danial always like to mess around...What am I going to do with him? See you later,everybody! And Danial apologizes because he thought he could post this today,Monday but it's already Tuesday! We apologize! And farewell Bulat and Sheele... P.S.S: I forgot to talk about Esdeath...I'm sorry and I will talk what I wanted to talk about her in the next review of Akame Ga Kill!

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Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 8) How To Misuse Your Avatar!

Hello again,everybody~!! How are you guys doing today? And what are you guys up to? Can you guys tell me? Please? I'm just typing this so that this paragraph is a little longer but if you guys wanna tell me what are you doing,do it! Anyway,I'm glad that I get to do this review because it's Monday here already and that means Akame Ga Kill's new episode will be out soon and I don't to make two reviews! I really thought that I have to do this episode review later today because I couldn't watch the video because it stopped at seven minutes.Fortunately,I get to watch it after I refresh the page~! And now,let's get on with the review with Secre~!

Good evening,everyone.If it's not evening then I apologize. I just finished watching today's episode and Danial is just sitting at his desk watching YouTube videos... Well,as long he is happy and healthy,I'll let him do whatever he wants.I wanted to be more involved in this reviews so,I hope you don't mind me taking the lead here. So,in this episode the main tournament is starting and right just when the episode starts and when the camera just came zooming in,I noticed a 'Bandai' logo in one of the digital screens.

At the start of the episode,it was kind of slow and the timer countdown noise was a little annoying because it sounds like an alarm clock.It was very funny when Kirito acted like a girl when he and Sinon walk through the crowd.His avatar looks cute but it's kind of weird when behind that cute avatar is a guy.And Sinon is acting like a Tsundere in this episode.I thing it suits her of being a Tsundere. By the way,I like how Death Gun looks like.He looks skinny but I love his cloak and his mask.I would steal only those two and leave him alone like he's not worth it. There's nothing much to review at the start of the episode and the middle but near the end was pretty intense.

I like how the game works or should I say how the tournament works.The players have an item to look at the other players.The map is huge,different terrains and more.I love this game! It's also funny when Kirito unequipped his equipment which means his clothes too and just swim in the river...Just be glad that there were no cameras found you,Kirito.And it was pretty intense when that Dyne guy fight against Pale Rider.I really thought that Pale rider was the real Death Gun because he was very agile and he is pretty awesome. Kirito,I know you're using a girl avatar but don't get too carried away!

What I like in this episode.even though it's a slow episode,I like it just because I don't mind much about action and all that other stuff.At least there was some humor and that pretty much makes up for the slow pace.I love everything about GGO,I just like RPG games,I guess.forgive me if this review is more about me being overjoy and not much information.I hope you all entertained,I'm sure I was entertained and I hope you keep reading our reviews! I'll see you guys later and take care,everyone!^^/ Danial~! Where's the ice-cream that you promised me~?

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Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.21/196) Ultear's Burden And Gray!!!

Hello again,everyone~!!  How are you guys doing and how is your day so far? I hope you guys are okay and are having an awesome day!So,nothing much to be said but I hope you guys are enjoying the reviews,I try to be funny even though I know I'm not.Thanks for stopping by and let's just into the review! And I will try to make the SAO review and then I could relax and tomorrow making Akame Ga Kill! review! Can't wait to find out what happens next! Okay,let's get on with the review!

So,we continued off with Jellal and Erza and Milliana.They expression was like they did something bad and they were busted by Milliana. "What are you doing with my daughter?" "N-Noting ma'am!" "Mom! I'm 18 years-old,deal with it! And Jellal didn't so anything like killed Simon!"... I'm sorry,guys.It was funny in my head but after I type it out,it's really weird and I think I need help.But seriously don't talk to your moms like that,remember she was the one who gave birth to you and it was very hard.Not that I know about it but every women said so... This is going very off topic...^^" I'm glad nothing happened when Milliana saw Jellal and when Kagura is there too,copying Ultear and trying to be a ninja but she failed because she's not in the shadows,she's behind a pillar.

At first,I thought Ultear became bad again and I'm really glad that she isn't because I like her character.Changed from bad to good and I feel bad for her when she have all this burden and how she have to deal with her crimes from the past.She would let others hate her for the sake of her comrades or friends. I think she's going to do something big in this chaos because in the opening she shoot something,her magic to the sky.I just hope she doesn't die in future episodes or in this arc.

And last buts certainly not least and the main attraction,Gray-got shot-all over his body~! I saw that scene from the manga because a Fairy Tail group from Facebook posted that and I was shocked to see that.I was more shocked when I see that in the anime because I didn't see that coming at all.I was happy because it was a funny scene and then BAM! Got shot at the heart and all over the body.I thought that happened in another arc or something...I'm guessing a lot is going to happen in this arc. Also,that funny moment when Sting bring the dragon he fight against to Rogue.Sting really changed after that tournament. He reminds me a bit of Natsu!

And I'm glad that Ultear didn't kill Rogue but I feel bad for her because she feel guilty about herself and kept thinking negative things about herself. I'm also glad that rogue's spirit was lifted when Sting arrives.So,if he turns evil he wants Sting to kill him.I can't wait to see them fighting those two dragons and I really hope Rogue doesn't turn evil. Now,what I like in this episode. I like the progression of the arc and the story so far and I like how they show some battle scenes that is going on and great,my cat sneezed on my arm...If I'm in a hospital or became a zombie,you guys know why. I just like everything that is going on in this episode and I know I said I like the progression of the story but in this episode it's pretty slow paced.

I hope to see something more in the next episode.Even though this episode was slow but that impact at the end was perfect and sad. That is all for this review.I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves in this review.Thanks again for stopping by.I hope you guys are having a good day and take care!^^/

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 8) Mado's Death And Hinami's Epic Kagune

Hey,everyone~!! How are you guys doing? I'm sorry again for the late review you guys can blame it all on my Internet.It was so slow when I tried to watch this episode yesterday that I can only watch until six minutes of the episode.I keep trying at least three times but still the same and then I gave up and decided to watch it today.I thought I could make a review of this episode,Fairy Tail and SAO but it looks like I will make a review of those two later today.So,let's just jump into the review and get on with it,shall we?

So,we finally get to see Kaneki and Touka fight Mado and Amon if that's really are their names,I hope I spelled it correctly...let me look it up...I think I spelled their names correctly so,yay! There's a lot happening in this episode and all kinds of emotions happen when I watch the fight scene.I was really hating Mado because he is being a jerk for luring Hinami there and maybe showing her parts of her mother and showing both her mother and father's kagune.He's the most hated character in Tokyo Ghoul for me and I'm sure some other people think so too.

It was awesome seeing Touka raging like that and wanted to just kill that guy.She surprisingly sound like Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist to me for some reason when she keep screaming at him and calling him a bastard and an old geezer. Mado was pretty much a psycho like Tsukiyama and I hope I spelled his name right.And again Tokyo Ghoul is really much Attack On Titan because of how humans hate the titans but this time the other species or races hated the humans.It's like a huge conflict between the two worlds in this anime but in Attack On Titan,we only see only a part of hatred and that is only from the humans.We don't actually see any hatred from the Titans towards the humans,you know what I mean? I hope so because my explanation skills suck^^"

About Kaneki's mask,I know I hate it and I said it from the previous reviews but because of this episode,I really like it.It looks cool. I haven't watch and hear the opening since episode one and then I tried to listen it and watch it,it's awesome! I like the scene when Kaneki fell and his Ghoul self,I think, jumps and hits his back against him.I like little things like that and I it's cool to me.When Kaneki tried to control himself after he ate a piece of Amon...a piece of Amon...that actually sounds delicious. And when he stabs Mr.Yomo and he is badass.I like him because he is such a cool character.

Now,what I like in this episode.I like how this episode make me feel different emotions such as anger to sadness and then to happiness.Anger,was when Mado kept talking bad about Hinami's parents and that they shouldn't exist and how he talks to her.Sadness was when I look Hinami's expression when she saw her mother's kagune.I was surprised when she used her kagune which has inherit both her parents kagunes and because of those two kagunes,she looks like a butterfly so cheer up,Hinami.I like how they didn't make touka too OP or too strong for Mado and make it that she's on even or equal level with him.

I like how Kaneki's thinking on how to connect both humans and ghouls and how he tries to think to communicate with Amon,to make him realize that ghouls aren't all to blame.Humans are to blame as well because they just attack because how different ghouls are and how they afraid of them.His and Amon fight was great even though it was short and nothing much really happen but I like it. The pose of Kaneki when he just receiving blows from Amon reminded me of Doctor Hiruluk,Chopper's father from One Piece.Happiness was when Kaneki said that Mrs. Ryoko told Hinami to live,that was cool and heartwarming.

Anyway,I think that is it for now.Thanks for stopping by and reading my reviews! I'll see you guys next time and have a great day!^^/ By the way,what do you guys think of the image I edited?^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 7) It's The Shogun! (Shogun Ka Yo!)

Hi,guys! How are you guys doing today? First of all,I want to apologize of this very late review.I was not feeling well again and I really can't do anything and I didn't even turn on my computer and get online but now,I'm feeling better and I just watched the anime.I get sick easily because I haven't exercise much lately and I really need to do that and just being healthy.And to those who are confused of the title, it's a reference from Gintama. Just thought it would be funny because there are two shoguns in this episode. Now,let's get to the review!

As the episode started,we can see that Tatsumi,Mine and Akame are still grieving of Sheele's death.There are some personalities or characteristics of Tatsumi that I don't like and one of them is being cocky and another one from this episode,he doesn't think before he say something.Of course Akame looks calm and all but it's kind of rude when you said that she is use to death and Sheele's death is nothing different. I wouldn't be surprised if she punch him or something but he punched himself so,it's okay.And I don't like how whenever he pumps up and hype about something Bulat will punch him and scold him and make him feel down a little.

I know his intention is good and all but it's kind of sad and annoying when that happened.Such as, when he gets hyped about a mission and Mine pipes him down or other members does that to him.I don't know why in this episode I like him in some scenes and in some other scenes,I don't hate him just a little annoyed but overall I still like the anime and he adds a good mix,I guess? It's sad when a girl protects his father which is a politician and wants to fight the minister and end up got killed by Esdeath's subordinates. I really don't like women going to the battlefield because they should just stay at home,raise kids or something and be happy in life. I know it's their choice but I really don't like the idea.

Also,Tatsumi's reaction towards the huge ship was priceless! His reaction was the same as mine because it was huge! It's like one of those what do you call them when you're on a vacation and you get on a ship to spend your vacation...A cruise! I apologize because my brain is working so slow today... It's like a huge cruise ship is what I'm trying to say and it's very cool.I like the design of the ship and I think it has traditional Japanese style design in the ship? Still awesome and Tatsumi looks very good in that suit! I really like anime characters in suits or tuxedos because they look so cool and badass! And I think that old guy one of Esdeath's subordinates is Bulat's General when he use to serve the Capital? If that's the case,I expect a battle from them in the next episode. And it was very epic when Bulat fought all three of them at the same time and managed to kill one of them.

Oh,yeah.I forgot to talk about Leone's reaction when their boss ask her to watch Esdeath.She was being so naive and thought she could take her on by herself and when she really did watch her,she gets really scared and realized how naive she was. Another I like in animes or rather in movies,stories and etc. is when a character quickly realizes his or her mistakes like Leone when she realized her mistake and she realize she can't fight her and she followed her instincts. I guess Esdeath is really bad news despite how she can release her murderous and evil aura like that and on purpose so that Leone would attack her. She is one powerful enemy and I'm looking forward of her fighting Night Raid in future episodes.

What I like in this episode.Again,I like the story and pretty much the same with the art and the animations.The fight scene of Bulat and Esdeath's subordinates was pretty epic.Tatsumi's fight was pretty epic too and I like the scene when the blew towards him and he holds his sword while looking at Daidara.I also like the scene,when the King ask Esdeath what she desire and she wants love.The reactions was funny and I was surprised that she wants love.And the King suggest the Minister to her and she declines because of her concern on his health. Well,I think that is it.I'm sorry for the late review and sorry for the long review,LOL. I hope you guys are well and having a good day.Take care!^^//

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Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 7) Girlfriend And Little Sister Comfort Time!

Hello,everybody~!! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? Come on,tell me.Tell me about your life! I'm just kidding,sorry... Hows your day so far by the way? Mine is great except some stupid guys outside my house making noises like monkeys gone wild. It's like they never seen bikes before,I mean come on. Anyway,there is a game review coming up soon and warning,it's very long and you don't have to read it just searched the name of the game which will be in the title of the post.Not in this post the other post that I post in Random Blogs.I'll post that maybe tomorrow.What? You want my secretary to make this episode's review? O-okay...Secre...~! I'll just go and watch One Piece or something...

Hello,ladies and gentlemen.How are you doing this evening? I am fine,thank you but now,let's get on with the review,shall we? In this episode,it started slow and calm just like one of those slow episodes.And the episode starts with Kirito and his sister eating lunch and they're eating fried rice! That's delicious~! I love fried rice,some times I make Danial cook fried rice for me~! Like one time,when I helped with something and he make fried rice as a reward then he ask me go and exercise because I need to be in good shape...

Back to the review,nothing much really happen.Just some comfort to Kirito by his sister and girlfriend,Asuna who is now trapped and become a fairy trapped in a phone.Yes,Kirito is the villain this season,plot twist! My apologies,I was only kidding.Did you laughed? We all know the villain is Death Gun,I mean if there is a character that wears a creepy cloak and mask,that's a villain! 100% villain! We also see Miss Asada and her friend,love love scene~ Her friend was obviously being too fast,I mean slow down,man.I'm glad she's your friend because if she isn't,she would have called the cops.I know I would if Danial did that to me and I would have use my martial arts skills.

Now for what I like in this episode,we get to see women comforting Kirito.He learned what he doesn't understand and he gets on with it and get online on Gun Gale Online for the BOB tournament.Again,for the Bobs out there,how are you gentlemen doing? This episode is okay,it's funny to see Miss Asada being angry about Kirito because that's not how she usually behaves in the real world.And she looks kinda cute. Like I said,there's nothing much happen but I like this kinds of episodes because it let's you calm down a bit before something epic starts such as the battle between Kirito and Sinon and the battles in the tournament of course.

Well,that is it for today. I hope everyone here enjoyed themselves.I know I did and I'm sure Danial would enjoyed it as well.Danial,say goodbye! We're done! Alright,thanks for stopping by and reading my content.I'll see you guys next time and have a great day and let's prepare for tomorrow!^^/ There,I'm going to watch One Piece...You're actually looking at the female characters instead of the actual anime,right? Right?!

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill (Episode 6) Sheele's Death And Seryu Ogre Jr.

Hey,guys~! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine and still haven't showered! It's not something that you guys need to know but it's for entertainment even though you guys aren't laughing at least it made you think, "He hasn't take a shower? What a stinker" or something like that. Anyway,before I started spouting more nonsense let's just star and get on with the review.My secretary is crying because she just finished watching the episode and I'm sure you guys know why or what she's crying about. Oh,before I forgot.I'm sorry for the late review,like I said I was sick and I was not in the mood on watching Akame Ga Kill. Now,to the review~!

At the start of the episode,Tatsumi and Leone were doing a mission at the red light district.And it was kind of an ecchi moment with those girls on drugs? And when that guy's hand was in her kimono... A-Anyway,this is the first time we saw Leone transforming,right? We saw her other form before but we haven't saw how she transform and what does it look like.So,I think it's cool to see that and the best part was when they fight the bad guys and Leone is just too strong! Look at those punches! I really like her character because of how easy going she is and how strong she is.

Then Mine and Sheele were running away after completing a mission,I think.And this girl,who helped Tatsumi before and have a dog Imperial Arm which what Mine called an Organism Type,I think. Her character really changed in this episode compared to her nice and innocent and cute character from before.She's dangerous and kinda badass like her mentor,Ogre. She's acting like a little devil psycho when she ran into them and get to fight them.

The fight was very awesome and intense and I was like, "This is just episode 6 and it already this intense?!". And to get both arms cut off like that? Sheele isn't playing around at all! And that dog reminded me of something and I can't remember what it is... Maybe one of the Homunculus from Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood? The dog was cool and when he turned to a berserker,his fur turns red and he becomes huge and looks like a hell hound. I think Seryu will appear again but with mechanical arms,I think.And she won't be the same cute and innocent character anymore and be more psycho and sadist kind of character.

And man,the impact when Sheele's body ripped off like that.When that happened,I was like, "No,no. Don't tell me she's going to die on this episode...This is only the sixth episode! No!" And when Sheele uses her technique that shine her scissors brightly,it was like hope for me.Hope that she'll live and they can get her fixed and cure her.And then,my hope shattered and she's really dead.Eaten by that derpy dog and that psycho owner. What I like in this episode,again the story is on point and I love it.The impact of Sheele's death was strong and nobody didn't see that coming except for those who already read the manga. I love the fight scene because it was so intense and everyone was all out on this fight.

Everyone is struggling to survive and defeat the enemy. I thought Mine was going to get captured for a second there but thanks to Sheele,she escaped. I'm guessing that when Seryu really appear again,Mine is going to take care of her and her hell hound.Just look at the revengeful expression. And the scene when the rest of Night Raid,shocked and grieve on Sheele's death. And I definitely can't wait for the next episode and I don't think there's going to be any fights? Because of what happened and I think the next episode they are going to cool down and just be by themselves or they do missions as usual or making a plan on attacking the Central.

And thus,that is it for this review.Thanks for stopping by and reading my content.I'll see you next time and have a great day,everyone~!!^^/ "Daddy,I've become a psycho and Ogre Jr.~! And I still look kawaii~" -Seryu Ubisomething 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.20/195) Uncle Atlas Flame And The Assassin,Ultear!

Hwy,what's up everyone? No,I didn't ask you guys to chat with me on WhatsApp but that would be good since I don't have a lot of friends on WhatsApp...Anyway,how are you guys doing? Are you guys having a good day? I'm fine and my day was good as usual.I woke up very late today because I can't sleep last night and I played a video game that I just beat a week ago. I slept at 9 Am I think and woke up at 5 PM. Anyway,enough about me woke up late and let's get on with the review!

In this episode,they are still fighting the dragons and this time we can hear the other dragons talk.The dragon that Gajeel is fighting with sounds like Oga from Beelzebub,is it true? I don't know if I'm wrong but either way that dragon looks cool.That dragon and Atlas Flames are my favorites right now. I just remembered,we didn't get to see what happened when Millianna saw Jellal helping Erza.They don't have even one screen time in this episode XD. Then we get to see the Raijinshuu fighting Atlas Flame and all of their attacks isn't working on him because he is just too strong and awesome. Then Natsu dropped on him like he is some kind of big scrap of metal when he hit Atlas,the sound effects are really funny sometimes.

When this whole battle started,I thought in my head "Would Natsu fight this fire dragon when he met him? Or maybe even eat him since he is made of flames?" And my thought become a reality when he keeps devouring Atlas's flames.The reaction from Laxus and the others was priceless! Every reaction when Natsu doing something so crazy are priceless! I also remembered when I see Natsu talking to Atlas about Igneel,I saw a manga version of it form somewhere a year ago,I think.I thought Natsu and the others went to another dimension or Dragonland or something.I'm not giving out spoilers or anything.Heck,I don't even know if what I just told you guys are spoilers in the first place! If I'm talking instead of typing,I would be out of breath! XD

And Ultear at the ending,crouching in the shadows like a trained assassin or a ninja. Is she really going to kill Rogue? I doubt it but I think she will do something,I mean did you guys notice her at the opening? Like she's shooting fireworks in the sky to celebrate for a great victory or something. And I wonder what's written on Future Lucy's journal? Question that needs to be answered ASAP... Now,what I like in this episode. The funny scenes such as Natsu eating Atlas's 'Flames'... See what I did there? His name is Atlas Flames and Natsu is eating his flames~! ....okay...Another funny scene when Virgo talks to Lucy and she ignores her while reading the journal and the last one was when Natsu called Atlas 'Uncle'.

It was a funny and kind off an 'aww' moment,I guess? Because you become someones Uncle? I also like the fight scene between Rogue and Motherglare against Natsu and Atlas Flame. I enjoy this episode very much because I get to see others fighting the dragons and Motherglare's offspring. And I like the scene when Gray helped Rufus and  when Jura helped Ogra.It's cool to see them working together and at good terms with each other. #PowerOfNakama. I think that is it for this episode,I can't wait for the next episode,will Ultear kill Rogue? What's on the Journal? Will there be another NaLu scene? Haha,I'll see you guys next time and have a great day!^^/

Pic by: ng9 from Deviantart

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Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 7) Everyone's Fired Up!

Good morning,afternoon,evening and night,everyone~! We already passed 1000 pageviews and we're now 1008. That's awesome and I still don't know what to do when or after we reached that.I check if there is any problems with the settings about comments and it seems you guys can only comment if you guys have a Google account but I'm sure most of you guys have Google accounts so,don't be shy and comment...I'm lonely...Anyway,about the Akame Ga Kill review,I will make it and post it but maybe not share it.Maybe I share it at my community but I don't know.I wanted to watch it but I was not on a mood for it and I watch something else.I haven't continued watching other animes such as One Piece but I continued watching Oreimo 2 but I stopped because my history was cleared on accident...So,I forgot what episode I watched...

Anyway,let's get on with the review! In this episode,Hinami continued running and looking for help from other ghouls that she know and she bumped into Kaneki. From the last episode review,I know I said I want to watch him fight the Doves but I also thought that would not be possible as well.I mean,look at those guys. And to think they used the kagune from Hinami's father. And the most sad part was when her mother got killed by them and she know she can't fight them and just accept it. That's a good mom there. but I don't like Touka's action by killing a guy who is not involved at all. She should try and kill Amon or Moda even though Moda is not there. Just don't kill someone who was not involved with Hinami's mother murder.

That Moda guy really makes me angry when he says bad stuff to Hinami's mother that her act as a mother was just copied from humans or something like that.I really hope he dies either in the anime or in the manga. I don't know what Amon will do if that Kusaba guy didn't get killed.I mean,because of his death he changed and became more motivated on wiping out the ghouls. Would his perspective change if that Kusaba guy is still alive and after Hinami's mother,Mrs Fueguchi's death. I'm really tired of keep typing 'Hinami's mother' a lot,haha.

But then again,I can't say he will change sides or anything because like he said, he has comrades who were killed by ghouls. And I think on the next episode Kaneki and Touka are going to fight that Mado guy at an Elementary School. I really thought I got to see Kaneki fight using his mask but instead he shows us his mask like, "This is my mask,do I look cool like The Legend of Zorro" or something. The mask looks kind cool but it is still weird for me. Especially with the zip at the mouth and the teeth...You can zip my mouth but I can still talk...and I can still keep a smile on my face! Haha,the jokes on you haters! ....What am I even doing?

What do I like in this episode, I love the story,Mrs Fueguchi's death was very sad and the fight scene between that mysterious character with a rabbit mask and Moda and Amon. The mask looks cool...The ending was cool because it's like a cliffhanger!The animations was okay,I enjoyed myself watching it.And I can't wait for the next episode! Well,that is it for this review! I hope you guys also like the episode and this review.Leave a comment,just say anything like "I love ponies~! <3" or something. I'll see you guys next time so don't lock the doors and windows.Just kidding,lock the doors and windows at all times! If a friend or family member came,ask for identification! Take care and have a great day!^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 6) Swordsman Vs. Sniper!

Hey,everyone~!! How are you guys doing today?! I'm so sorry for this late review,I was not feeling very well and I just started to feel better and I just finished watching this episode of SAO. Also,I just realize that this blog is going to reach 1000 pageviews soon! That's awesome! This is kinda of a YouTube thing but what do you guys want me to do to kind of celebrate the 1000th pageview? Please comment,I never seen you guys comment at all,do I have to do something in the settings...? I'll check it out after this but please comment and if you don't,I'll try to think a way to celebrate even though that is not going to happen.^^" Anyway,let's enjoy ourselves and get on with the review~!!

So,the Death Gun dude was from an evil guild that kills players in SAO,Laughing Coffin...coffins don't laugh though... He might be one of the guys that Kirito fought before because he knows Kirito's sword fighting styles and such.I don't quite understand why he is so afraid so,please forgive me.Is he afraid that Death Gun is after his booty and will kill him  which will kill him in real life? That's a new definition of "Fight me in real life,bro!",don't you guys think so? Then he gets scared and sweat like he just watched something so horrible that mankind never thought it exists and he yells like a maniac as he fight with other contestants.

He really was on an edge there and he should really calm down like he always do in SAO and ALO.And of course,the only way to make him come to his senses is from a girl he just met and held close like a yuri anime scene. Sinon is like a cute tsundere when she realized Kirito holding her very close to him like that and it was kinda funny. I wonder what Kirito will get after defeating Sinon like what is his reward? 200,000 gold or something? Or a Gundam light saber?! XD That would be awesome and weird at the same time,imagine him carrying that huge light saber! Now,what I like in this episode. Nothing much happened but at least they explained to us and refreshed our memories about the Laughing Coffin AKA Coffin Of Psychos.

The fight scenes were great and when Sinon fires her weapon and the glass breaks and shatters in front of her,that was awesome! I like that a lot,nice touches. The art,graphics was great which I really don't care from now one because it is not about those graphics,it's about anime! Anyway,I think that is it for this review.Again,leave a comment on what I should do when I reached 1000 pageviews. I'll see you guys next time.Have a great day and take care^^/

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.19/194) NaLu And Fan Service!

Hello and how are you,everyone?! I feel like I'm going to get sick but let's hope I don't get sick because that would suck a lot.I think I'll make the SAO review after this and if not,I'll make it tomorrow with Akame Ga Kill! review.I would like to apologize before hand because I'm a little frustrated right now and I might not think straight.So,beware of a messy post,haha. I'm frustrated because my little brother is being stubborn and great,now I got a headache.anyway,let's get on with the review and enjoy ourselves.Shall we?

In this episode,we get to see more fights between the wizards and the dragons.And now the Fairy Tail members have to fight the offspring from the dragon that Rogue is on,Motherglare. So,she's the kind of mother that glares a lot? Motherglare? Also,I know Erza is tough and that she doesn't want to show her weakness in front of other guild members but she shouldn't push herself and she should know her limits.And when she finally she reached her limits,she just gave up? Come on,Erza. And I'm guessing in the next episode,Millianna will fight Jellal? Imagine if Kagura saw Jellal...they would fight someone rather than fight the dragons that are destroying the town or country,I'm guessing that would happen.

It's cool to see the dragon slayers step in and their guild members back them up.I just can't wait to see the fights because the dragons are tough and can be defeated by them,the dragon slayers and I was hoping to get to see those fights in this episode.So,I'm a little disappointed but at least they make some progress...kinda...I saw the part when Lucy and Natsu flew in the bell before.It was from a NaLu group and they copy or download the manga page.I notice a little difference.In the manga,Natsu helps Lucy covering up her cleavage by using his hands but in the anime,Lucy already covered herself and knock Natsu out.

Fan service is not really a good thing but sometimes they are funny and sometimes they are not.Because of fan service,people who don't watch anime would make an assumption that anime is not suitable for teens and children.It's true it's not suitable for children but they didn't actually show the whole body.That's the only reason why other people think anime is bad. Now,what I like in the episode. I like the part with Zirconis using his magic on the army and the Minister.It was very funny and it was funny when Arcadios got smacked on the face by the princess because he looks at naked Lucy. And I like when Cobra makes his appearance and yells at Blue Pegasus.It was cool and funny when he yell at the girl.She's kinda not doing anything than showing her body at the dragon and Cobra. More useless than Sakura.

Nothing much really happen but the episode gave me a good laugh so,I like it and I wish to see some fights on the next episode and less fan service. Well,that is it for this review.Thanks again for stopping by and read my post,I really appreciate it! I'll see you guys next time! Have a good day and take care^^/ I hope I didn't misspelled anything...

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 6) Don't Die!!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? It's Sunday,a day to relax,a day with no worries,a day of Hakuna Matata~ I'm fine as usual and my day kinda just started.It's already 12 afternoon and I couldn't sleep,sorry Emily...So,I played video games and watch some Beelzebub on my phone.By the way,sorry for the late review.I was about to do this last night but my cat was sleeping on my chair and I don't want to disturb him especially when he is sick at the moment. Besides,if I do it last night I would not be able to think straight and by last night I meant like 3 or 4 in the morning...Anyway,let's just get on with the review.I'll make the Fairy Tail review sooner or later because I'll be going out with my mom and my little brother.

So,in this episode we continue to watch Touka with that psycho Tsukiyama. Touka's kagune looks pretty awesome and looks like wings. The fight scene was great but it would be pretty awesome if it was a little longer but that's my opinion.Either way,the intro was great.A lot of action right from the start and that I like a lot! I saw some comments about people complaining about the censorship in the episode or the anime in general.I'm guessing in the manga there aren't a lot of censorship,not censorship.What I mean is in the manga you could see all the blood and arm got cut off and etc. And is Tsukiyama dead? I'm not sure if he is because usually characters like him will appear again and become more psycho than before! That is so psycho! Saiko? Psycho? Okay...

Then they let Nishio work at the Anteiku with Kaneki and other ghouls so that he won't have to bear the guilt of eating humans and instead eating corpses.It's a corpse party! I'm glad to see Nishio and Kaneki in good terms I really like when a bad characters becomes good with the main character after a while.Aside from the happy and warm scenes,we get to see some scenes that gave us the feels and by the way,Jason has a big nose...I'm just sayin'...And they actually call him Jason! Well,they call him that in the previous episodes but I forgot to put it in the review.Did I put it in or not? (Pause) I just feel bad for Hinami because it looks like her father died because of those jerks the Doves.

Why would they call themselves 'Doves'? Do they like to dove a lot and being total jerks? I can't blame Hinami's father but because of him getting involved with Jason and the Wards (Which I'm very confused about...) and because of that he puts himself and his family in danger.And now those poopy Doves are after his wife and Hinami,please don't die,please don't die. I just hope Kaneki found Hinami and maybe save her mother from the Doves.Her mother's kagune is massive! Maybe it is more to defense than offense but I just hope she isn't dead or next episode we get to see her fight the Doves and get killed.

What I like in this episode,the feels first of all. The fight scene was okay even though it was short but I I like it.I'm glad this anime isn't all about gore or killing and fighting ghouls and Doves.I like it that it gave us,the viewers the feel of hope on a character so that she doesn't die and this is just episode 6.I'm expecting a lot more in the future episodes and because of that,I can't wait to watch all of them and read the manga afterwards. I guess that is it for today.Thanks for stopping by and read this review.I'll see you guys next time and have an awesome day everyone! Take care!^^/ I hope Jason doesn't get a chainsaw in the future episodes because that would be cray cray...

Monday, August 4, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 5) Pervy Imperial Arm...?

Hey again,guys! What are you guys up to? I change the question because I keep asking you guys that almost all of my posts in my blogs.I don't know if you guys are bored of that but either you bored or not,let me know. As I already ask you guys what are you guys doing,I'm actually doing nothing but typing as I typing as I typing typing,what? Haha,sorry. I was watching a video on YouTube and can you guys help me about something.When I'm blogging,I can't watch anything else but I can hear the audio from another tab. Is there anyway to watch the video in the same tab as I'm blogging? Or do I have to get another monitor because of this? Because that is absurd! That is the first time I used that word and I like it! I mean,technologies have been advanced a lot and can they do that? If they can,can you guys help me? Please?

Anyway,let's just go on with the review because that is why you guys are here and I don't want to waste your time.Here we go~! So,in this episode Tatsumi is being trained by a natural yet airhead assassin named, Sheele. Also known as, Sa-chan's twin,Sa-chan's sister from another mother or Sa-chan's daughter.I should really stop confusing you guys,I'm sorry XD. I feel bad calling her an airhead because it's kinda a bad word and I don't really like it. She's just a clumsy and cute girl who wears a Chinese traditional dress,right? Just like the other members,we get to learn about her past.

She also had a bad past but it's not really bad compared to others but it really is sad when you rescued your friend and he/she becomes afraid of you or stay away from you.That's really messed up and I hate it when that happens.But what surprises which is not really,sorry. Is when her friend's dead boyfriend's friends...that is so confusing but you get what I mean because you watched the episode already. Killed her parents before they want to kill her and they told her about it. Was she angered when they killed her parents? She look happy to me but I guess that besides the point.

What I like in this episode,the story is good so far.The animation is good and the fight scenes are good too.The bad character that we saw in the opening with Akame,the girl in white who is also a sick sadist ice queen?That's a full description of someone...I don't quite like Tatsumi's character where he sometimes become too cocky but he's cool sometimes so that's okay to me.I also like the scene when Tatsumi tried using Zank The Ogre's Imperial Arm on Akame,Mine and Sheele.It was funny and he really reminds me of Issei Hyoudo. And I'm looking forward to the next episode because I want to know the other members' pasts.The minister looks like Santa Claus in his Titan form just look how he eat that meat! Got a lot of soul into that bite! Hahaha,well that is it for this review.

I'll see you guys some other time and have a good day,everybody~!!^^/

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 5) Unknown SAO Survivor?!

Hello everybody~! How are you guys doing today? I hope you guys are doing great and having a great holiday.Yesterday was Friendship Day,right? Or was it the day before yesterday? Haha,anyway.I just want to say Happy Friendship Day to my friends,let's hope our friendship stays forever! Maybe later or one day I'll make a blog about some funniest or embarrassing moments when I'm with my friends,that would be awesome! Anyway,let's get to this review and sorry again for the late review!

In this episode Kirito and Sinon entered a tournament called Bullets Of Bullets or for short term BOB. Not your friend bob just BOB... I'll like to say 'Hi' to the Bobs out there just for fun nothing offensive just a friendly with a smiley 'Hi'...Was that awkward...? A-Anyway,they entered that,alright? And we see a lot of noob players with scary faces and showing their main weapons so they can get Sinon-senpai and Kirito-senpai to notice them. They should do that on Vine or YouTube,that probably will get their attention.The atmosphere in the Gun Gale Online is much more different than Sword Art Online and Alfheim Online.I literally have to search that on Wikipedia,Alfheim Online...I thought it was Elfen or something for short term of that is ALO.

It's cool that the author could change the atmosphere like that from a cheery and happy atmosphere to killing,underground and dark kind of place.The fight scene during the tournament between Kirito and the gunman was pretty cool.It's different but he's getting use to it and it looks bad habits do die hard because he keeps sheathing his sword at his back.He does that a lot when he was playing in SAO and ALO,maybe? For some reason,I don't remember much about SAO And ALO. Maybe I should re-watch the anime again... Before the episode ended,Kirito finally meet Death Gun! He looks kinda scary,can they make a costume of him? That would be awesome!

What I like in this episode,the tournament looks awesome and the animations are awesome too.This episode is a little bit slow paced but I like it.And that funny moment when a girl is just in her underwear and got a hard slap on the face. Haha,that was funny.That always happens in some anime and what you get,a slap. It's kind of an old joke but at the same time it never gets old?Maybe? I don't know what I'm saying anymore! I'm looking forward for the next episode.What will Death Gun do if he knows that the girl avatar in front of him really is Kirito.And I think he is one of those guys that attacked Kirito and his friends in SAO but I forgot the name of their group.

Anyway,I think that is it for today.Thanks for reading this episode review.I hope to see you guys again.Have a good day and take care!^^/ I hope I didn't misspelled anything...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.18/193) Dragon Hunting!

Hi again,everyone~! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? I'm fine and I'm...watching videos as usual...I probably play a video game after this,it's an rpg game called .hack//G.U Volume 3. Great game and the anime was good too.For the anime,I think it has two or three seasons but the ones I already watched is .hack//Sign and .hack//Roots. I haven't finished watching Sign because I was busy watching other animes and it has a slow pace in the anime.Well,to me that is because it kinda repeat the same thing over and over and I don't quite get it but I do like the idea or the anime as a whole because it's about a virtual reality game like SAO and it's an rpg open world game.

But enough about that and let's get on to today's episode from the anime Fairy Tail. In this episode,we learn a lot of things such as what Rogue is after and Sting and Rogue's past which were very surprising because I thought they were heartless jerks because of the way they said they killed their dragons who are supposed to be their parents. It's sad when they have to kill their parents like that because they want them to be stronger. So,the future Rogue is going after the title 'Dragon King' and in order to do that he wants to kill Acnologia. Then why didn't he just fly and kill him instead of destroying the city? Or maybe the dragons wanted to do that and that's why they follow him.

There's a lot of fights in this episode because of the dragons,duh. It's cool to see other guilds working together or fight together for their country.It's like a few hours ago they were very competitive and now they are nice.Like Ogra and Rufus,they work together to fight the dragon.I guess they never worked together before and they learned their lesson and respect Fairy Tail! I don't know if there people who will be like, "Jura was so strong during the tournament and he is one of the wizard saints.Why can't he defeat the dragon?!" or something like that.I'm guessing that dragons are the strongest against all wizards put together and only Dragon Slayers can defeat them like when Natsu bring down the dragon that future Rogue ride on.

What I like in this episode,the animations and stuff are great but I don't like it when Atlas Flame uses his flames against Fairy Tail and we can't see them clearly in the flames and it looks a bit darker. #AtlasFlameFTW He is still my favorite dragon because he is so cool.I also like when Natsu keeps going after future Rogue even when he was slammed against a building or fell off.And I like the scene when Doranbolt and the other guy released Cobra so that he can join the others to fight the dragons.Seven Dragon Slayers VS. Seven Dragons! I can't wait to see that on the next episode!

Well,that is it for this episode.I hope to see you guys next time! Have a great day and take care!^^/

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 5) Epic!

Hey,everyone! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual just in a bad mood at the moment because people in my area are playing firecrackers at 5:30 PM! It's understandable playing firecrackers at night but in the evening?! That just one thing,last night at 1:00 AM a family in my area play firecrackers at that time...Sometimes I just hate holidays because of that and who in the world using a horn outside?! I'm sorry,I shouldn't tell you guys about that but I just want it off my chest area,I mean my chest.Now,this is just awkward... Anyway,have you guys heard about Japan shutting down some anime and manga sites? That really brings me down but I heard they can't do that because they are trying to shut something down online,in the Internet. I hope they don't because those sites are the only way I watch anime and read manga.

In my area,they don't sell anime CDs or DVDs and some of the manga are in Malay and most of them are in Chinese. Anyway,let's just get to the review and I maybe talk about this in my other blog.So,let's get to it.Shall we? In this episode,we learn a bit more of Nishio,the first character that I hate at the beginning of the anime but I kinda like him now because of how he tries and determined to save his girlfriend even though he doesn't stand a chance.It seems,Kaneki's last attack on him really make him weak.He is still hurt from his last fight with Kaneki and I think he hasn't ate any human flesh for a while,I think. Then we get to see the weird,likes to speak French and hentai,Tsukiyama.

He's more weird than Hisoka,right? I don't know but they could either be rivals or friends. I just can't wait to see Touka beat Tsukiyama. I just can't wait to be king~! The good old times...~ A-anyway,what I like in this episode.I like Nishio's past,very cool and a little sad when his sister died and he became what he is now.I like the part when Touka's friend thought Kaneki is her boyfriend and she gave her a thumbs up! Nice one,Touka's friend! Another part that I like is when Kaneki called Tsukiyama that he is a pervert.It's kinda funny when he called him that.

It's also nice to see Kaneki helped Nishio when he got beat up with other three ghouls and I'm glad to see Kaneki fight even though it was not much but at least he can fight and protect himself. And of course,I like the fight scene when they fight Tsukiyama.The last part before the episode was pretty epic and I expect a fight between Touka and Tsukiyama,Touka VS. Tsukiyama(Hentai). Well,that is it for this episode. I will make a review of Fairy Tail after this so look forward to that.I'll see you guys next time.Have a great day and take care!^^/