Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Anime Review - Cuticle Detective Inaba-San!

Hey,guys~! How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual and of course it's pretty late here,it's already 3 AM,haha XD Anyway,Happy Birthday! To those who are born on 23rd of September! I hope you have a great day on your birthday.Don't party too crazy or you'll hurt yourself or those who are around you.If you see me,please give me ten dollars and a slice of pizza,thank you.That is payment for me wishing you happy birthday here.What,you think it's free? Pfffft! I started to sound like Nami from One Piece... Anyway,today I'm gonna make on a review on an anime that I already watched so,sit tight,don't relax and enjoy~!

I watched this anime a couple years ago when my friend suggest it to me and show me how funny the anime is.The anime's genre is comedy,action,mystery and shounen. The anime is very silly and funny so if you have a bad day,try watching this and maybe it could crack a smile on your face or even your stomach! Even though stomachs don't crack but that's besides the point! The anime only has 12 episodes so you probably can finish this anime in a day.

The anime is about Inaba Hiroshi, who is a detective just like in the title.He is a 'Dobelman'. Dobelmans are humans but they are wolves? Half human half wolf and they have their own powers when they do something that they like.For example,Hiroshi transforms to his wolf mode to fight Don Valentino (The villain in the anime and he's a goat.And a mafia boss.Wow) he has to bite a hair and I forgot what hair he usually bites but if he bites different hair,he gets different powers and his personalities changes,depend on what kind of hair or what hair color. If you don't get what I'm saying because my explanation skills suck,go watch it yourself.You won't regret it.

There are some cute characters in this anime so,to those who like cute characters,check this anime out. Just search the name like in the title or 'Cuticle Tantei Inaba'. Well,I think that is it.Wow,this is short and I like it.Short and simple! Well,that si it for this review! Let me know what you guys think of the anime in the comments! I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day!! ^^/