Thursday, May 29, 2014

Anime Talk : One Piece - Ep.465 [Garp And Ace Moment] [Maybe Contain Spoilers!]

Hey,guys! Welcome to another anime talk! How are you guys doing by the way? And hows your day? I'm fine as usual and my day is getting started because it is morning here and I haven't eaten breakfast yet because I drank a lot of orange juice... Anyway,let's just jump or dive in the anime talk and I think it will be short. Today's anime talk is about One Piece Ep.465 . In this episode is in the the war between the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates (Sorry,I forgot what arc that is and I'm too lazy to look it up^^") The scene that I'm going to talk about is when Sengoku gave the order to all marines to execute Ace immediately instead of the scheduled time.

Garp walk up to the execution platform and sit next to Ace. That scene,almost made me cry,guys!  Because there are some flashbacks when Garp met Ace's mother when she gave birth to Ace.Her mother died and Garp sent him to Dadan.The reason that made me cry maybe it's because I can understand how Garp feel and I imagine myself in his shoes.I would be very sad when I raised an adopted child that I love so much,will be executed in front of my eyes and I can't do anything about it.

By the way,imagine Garp not following Sengoku's orders and quit being a marine.He would be one strong pirate if he wants to that is.And when Garp started to cry and said "You two should just be marines like I told you to!" and Ace was about to cry with Garp.Then that sad moment was ruined. From sad to epicness as Luffy and his team fall from the sky.That is the most epic moment I've seen so far and I know there's a lot of epic moments before that but this is great too. Oh,yeah.The feels when Bon Kurei sacrificed himself for his friends and now that guys,is a true man and a true friend.

And dammit cat, stop stepping on my laptop! You stepped on it again! Oh,you lucky you're not a person or you'll end up on the floor,sir! Cute little furballs...If you guys thought something dirty,stop it...I just embarrassed myself,aren't I?... A-Anyway, another thing that hit me when Garp was grieving for Ace is when he said to himself "What should I do?!". That was tough. Even though a strong person has a soft heart or the strong person has a steel heart but inside that steel heart, is a very soft heart. I really hope that made sense because it is cool.

Well,that's it for my rambling.Thanks for reading this,I really do appreciate it. I'll see you guys some other time maybe after the next episode of Fairy Tail which is this Saturday.Take care of yourselves and have a great day,guys!^^/

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Anime Episode Review - Fairy Tail (Ep.8/183) Execute The Executioners And Don't Mess With Aquarius!

Hey,guys! How are you doing today? Hows your day been going so far? I'm fine as usual and my day is do I explain this..Slept at 8:00 AM and woke up at 3:00 PM. Yup,that happened and that made my girlfriend worried. I didn't sleepy at all because I watch One Piece till late at night and watching a movie cutscene from InFamous, InFamous 2 and InFamous: Festival Of Blood. I've been looking for those for a long time because I wanted to know more about InFamous because it is a good game and I like it.And we went off topic...great...

B-back to this episode review, in this episode we see that Natsu and his team are kicking the executioners cocky butts.And man,the confetti girl is so sadistic and the plant girl is a little weird and she reminded me of Sunny from Toriko because they both kept talking about how things are beautiful or what they see beautiful.Those two executioners magic are very interesting and cool but I was a little annoyed whenever a character keeps being cocky when they fight.Not very annoyed more like 'why' annoyed. For example,the confetti girl, "The red paper is God of flame", "The yellow paper is the God of lightning" .

She keeps saying 'Kami,Kami,Kami' and it's like a glitched robot or videotape and it keeps on repeating. I think she reminds me of another character but I can't remember.I'm not really hating or anything,it's just my personal thoughts of the characters and I like the Garou Knights because they have some interesting powers.By the way,am I the only one that think that these battles escalated very quickly? I think they should continue the tournament while Natsu's team fighting the Garou Knights.They should show some scenes of the battle in the tournament and continue the fight with Natsu and the others.What do you guys think?

And of course,the episode starts with Aquarius angry face. I missed her so much because she's very funny when she keeps yelling at Lucy or someone else that interrupts her.And man,no one and I mean no one should mess around with Aquarius.Imagine her being a Yandere...The series will be over,I think! I'm sorry if you guys annoyed of me keep talking about Aquarius and no,it's not because of her cleavage or anything.I just like her personality.Maybe because I'm Aquarius too? LOL,I doubt that.

I'm sure the next episode is Natsu and his team tries to get out and that probably be the whole episode unless they show some battles in the tournament. I really want to see Laxus fighting that lightning guy from Sabertooth and I would like to see Kagura fight Erza.Those battles will be so epic! I'm only looking forward to those fights. Tell me,what fights are you guys looking forward to see? And that is the end of this review.Thanks for reading and giving this post a +. That means a lot to me and I really appreciate it.I'll see you guys later and have a great day!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Anime Talk : One Piece - Ep. 447 [The Change Of Sides]

Hey,guys! This is just a random post that I just thought of doing it a few days ago. I thought it would be cool to have an anime talk just between me and you guys.In Anime Talk, I would discuss you guys about certain anime episodes.For instance this one is about One Piece. I will just talk about what got me interested in certain episode and I want to share it with you guys. In case you guys forgotten what episode is this,this is from the Impel Down arc.This episode is when Luffy and his team which is inmates of Impel Down,enemies from the past and a couple of Warlords, breaking out of Impel Down.

In this episode,Luffy fights the assistant warden,Hanyabel. I'm sorry if I spell his name wrong. He's the guy who keeps wanting to be the warden and take Magellan's seat as the Warden of Impel Down. In this episode, Hanyabel feel indebted to Magellan,I guess? Because of all this time,he has been wanting to be the warden and blaming all this chaos is Magellan's fault.But when he can't get things under control,Magellan said he is on his way to help him and he ask Hanyabel to delay the criminals until he gets there.

Hanyabel was moved and he made a resolve to help Magellan eve if it costs his life.He fight Luffy and he keeps losing but he doesn't give up and continue to fight Luffy.The other staff of Impel Down cheer him on until Hanyabel is down for the count.In that scene,it made Luffy the bad guy and Hanyabel the good guy.Because Hanyabel keeps fighting Luffy even though he knows that Luffy is in another league. When I watch this scene,it made me change sides for a bit.As long as the anime goes,I've been cheering Luffy and his crew all the way but when I watch this scene,I switch side and rooted for Hanyabel.

It's amazing how Oda can make the viewers or the readers to change their sides between the heroes in the anime and the enemies in the anime.You know,what I'm saying? It's very amazing indeed.I hope you guys understand I'm trying to say here and tell me if you guys felt the same as well when you guys watched this episode.It's not like I don't like Luffy and his crew,I do and their awesome.Just this episode that made me change sides for a bit.

Lastly,my favorite scene is when Magellan walks to Hanyabel and praise him for delaying the criminals as long as he can.As Magellan walk to the staircase to the upper floor, he said "You better not die on me because you're the only successor that I accept!" That's more or less what he said and that made me moved a little,ain't gonna lie. Anyway,that's all. I hope you guys like my Anime Talk or just my meaningless and useless rambling! If you do like it,I thank you. I'll see you guys tomorrow as I will make a review of Fairy Tail's new episode.See ya!^^/

Note: I do not own this picture.^^/

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Anime Episode Review - Fairy Tail (Ep.7/182) The Celestial Spirits Are Back!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? And hows your day by the way? I'm fine as usual and my day is so far so good and it is night time right now.Oh,yeah did you guys know that yesterday, I can't watch anime on because Google Chrome gave me a warning of Malware in that site. But today,I can watch anime again and I hope there's no Malware anymore.For those of you don;t know,Malware is some kind of virus that could be a trap to your computer.The person who use that virus can get into other person's files and stuff. So,to those who always watch anime at Animeplus be careful and make sure you guys have an antivirus in your computer.Well,I know everyone does. I just want to prolong the conversation^^" But enough of that and let's dive into the review!

Today's episode is more focused on Lucy and Yukino's battle against Uosuke. Uosuke,right? Forgive me if I misspelled his name because I'm a forgetful person^^" By the way,what do you guys think of Arcadios when he walk in lava? I got to admit that he looks so cool and all but I'm still wonder how he still have his legs.I know that Horo..Horolo...Horologium? Yes,Horologium! *Achievement:Remembering Names* I know Horologium saved Arcadios but his legs would burnt to nothing,right? I'm not hating or anything so, don;t be mistaken. I was just talking out loud^^

Also,I feel very nostalgic for some reason.Maybe it's because it has been a long time since we see Lucy's Celestial Spirits. Lucy and Yukino are a very good combo and I like them fighting together with that new soundtrack. I was very surprised when Pisces is actually a mom and her son.I don't know much about Horoscopes so,forgive me. But their characters and personality is okay and unique and I like when the son called Yukino 'mother'.It's the same with Lucy's spirits when they treat her whatever they like. By the way,since when Virgo started to call Loke 'brother'?! And as usual Fairy Tail with it's own comedy, Virgo doing her weird dance again and Loke does the same.

It makes me very nostalgic,you know? That all the characters are back and we know them for a long time now and it's cool to see them again. By the way,did you guys notice that Scorpio's face look just like Oda,the creator of One Piece, anime version? There was a special in One Piece call 'Soccer King' and there was a character named, Odacchi which is Oda's nickname. The face of his anime character is the kind look the same as Scorpio's face. I also heard that the creator of Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima was Oda's apprentice or student. I don't know if it's true or not because there is another reason why people said so. They said Gildarts and Shanks face are the same.I'm a noob at researching this kinda stuff so,sorry that I can;t confirm that Hiro is Oda's student.

Another thing that I'm looking forward to is Aquarius! I always like when she keeps yelling at Lucy and be mad at her every time when she summons her. And her expression at that ending! So funny! And I can't believe Pisces's weakness is water when they are fish and they're magic is water. Weird weakness but it's funny and I like it. Well,that is it for today. Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys next time and the next next time and so on. Till we meet again,my friends! Bye!^^/

Friday, May 16, 2014

Anime Episode Review - Fairy Tail (Ep.6/181) Mira Is Still In That Swimsuit And Minerva The Stalker

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I hope you guys are fine and I hope you guys are having a nice day today. I'm fine as usual and my day is so far so good. I'm happy that you guys liked the recent episode review which is yesterday. There's some people liked it and I'm really appreciate it but I don't know if they read it or not so can you guys at least comment the post,please?^^" I want to interact with you guys, you know? If there is a setting for commenting my post,please let me know.

Anyway,let's start with this review,shall we? so,what we saw in the episode is Natsu and the others are still fighting with the Garou Knights. I must say, the Garou Knights are very interesting and they have cool magic. Like acid,gravity,plants and confetti's but I don't know what magic the other guy use. The guy that looked like a knight and fight Natsu. And oh my god,why do you guys like to lay on my table? T^T Leave me alone for a few minutes,I'm Blogging here! but you guys are so cute...dammit...Sorry,having trouble with my cats...moving on..

There's a few things I like in this episode and one of them is when Makarov and Mavis were talking about apology letters! It was so funny and Asuka is so cute~! It's pretty funny when she keeps calling Mavis a little kid and Mavis keeps denying it, in an adult way is what she said.I noticed some people were angry of this episode maybe because there's not much action? They say it is too slow and stuff. I don't mind actually because we can't just have action all the time,we need to have at least some comedy to cheer us up. And dammit Mira why do are you still wearing that swimsuit? XD Well,at least you were being a badass when you using your Take Over.

And now they're playing behind my laptop...J-just do whatever you want...I don;t care anymore...Back to the review,I hope we get to see Natsu fighting with that weird Joker guy. I called him Joker because he looked like Joker from Batman. It's pretty random,I know. But yeah,I can't wait to see their battles with the Garou Knights and I can't wait to see who is going to fight next in the tournament. In the tittle, I said 'Minerva The Stalker' because she was standing on a roof and looking at Millianna when she was distracted by a cat.

I think Minerva has dirty thoughts on Millianna when she look at her from the,I was just kidding^^" But I think she's going to take out Millianna and get some points.Well,that is it for today's episode review. Thanks for reading my reviews up until now,I really do appreciate it.I'll see you guys later and have a great day!^^//

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Anime Episode Review - Fairy Tail 2014 (Ep.5/180) Knights That Aren't Actually Knights...

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and I'm sorry for the late review of this episode and the next episode of Fairy Tail. I will make a review of the next episode after this. Well,I hope you guys are having an awesome day and enjoy this review and enjoy more Anime!

Alright, the first thing I want to talk about this episode is, Lector is still alive! Well,that's it for this review.The cat is more important than anything that happened in this episode! Good bye everybody! Nah,I'm just kidding^^" Another thing I want to talk about is that both Fair Tail and Sabertooth have their own goals now.Of course they want to be the number one guild in Fiore but since Sting became the master of Sabertooth after what he did to that long nose guy, he aims for Lector as he is missing and Minerva is the only person who know where he is.

I'm glad that she rescued Lector and all but she is still- I don;t know,I hate characters like her but because characters like her exists in anime, they will make the audience or the viewers more and more into the story or should I say be more focus to the current battle or certain arc. Every anime needs to have the most mean,douche,scumbag character like Minerva,Doflamingo and who else? I can't remember the characters that I hate so much. And I meant was the evil characters you hate so much.So much that you would scream at the screen and wish that character get defeated already or die^^"

But for now the evil character that I hate the most is Miss Minerva. I must say,she is quite an amazing villain. She looks like she's the kind of person that want everyone to bow down to her and think that she is so superior to others. Enough of my useless babbling. What I like in this episode? Well,I like that Sting become the master and I like the introduction of another enemy that fight Natsu and Wendy, the Garou Knights. Most of them does not look like knights though....except that one guy who actually looks like a knight. Cat,get away from my laptop,please...I can't type this way...Thank you for finally move,cat! Also, Natsu and Wendy would make an awesome combo!

I don;t know if I can continue with theses episode reviews because I'm not very good at it^^" But I'm happy that you guys read it despite the review is very awful. And that's it for the review,there's literally nothing for me to say because there isn't anything interesting happen in this episode. Let's hope the next episode has a lot more action and why in the hell Mira still wearing a school swimsuit? XD Fan service maybe? Still,kinda funny how she doesn't care of what she wears. Until next time guys,have a great day^^//