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Anime Episodes Review : Kuroko No Basuke 2 (Ep.26 - 44) Fist Pumping,The Zone And Poison Cooking

Hello,everyone! How are you guys doing today?  I hope you guys are doing alright and more importantly,how do you guys feel with this episode review of this anime? Do you like it so far and do you want me to post it frequently or not? Because I know that most of you guys already watched this anime and the same goes to those who hasn't watched this yet will feel a bit annoyed because I post this a little bit frequently lately.Just let me know and tell me what to do,alright? And by the way,I think I won't be able to do a review of SAO and Akame Ga Kill! today because I'm so tired right now and not really in the mood because of my neighbors.

If I decided to make the review of either on of them,I maybe will post it,depends on the situation and my mood. Anyway,enough about me and let's get this review started!

So,after the match between Kaijo and Touou,team Seirin went to the mountains this time to train.Everyone except Kagami went there because he wants to train with his master which is in USA. They improved a lot thanks to Riko's dad. He trains them physically and mentally and show them some pointers.And after that training,everyone became stronger including Kuroko and Kagami. I like how they include details about the muscle and how we should train our muscles with some techniques and for example,running around in the mountains.

This anime is good to those who really love sports and to those who want to workout and be good in sports.I definitely feel pumped after seeing them train and play during their matches with other schools.Do you guys feel the same too? Kuroko's new technique was awesome and that is Misdirection Overflow. The battle between his team and Aomine's was very intense and it took like four episodes,I think.By the way,I don't remember much in the previous episodes because I kept on watching more and more and I ended up forgetting a little.

We also got introduced to a new character and that is Kagami's master.She appeared after their match with Touou when Koganei found her asleep in a room,topless. It was funny to see their reactions when they saw her kissed Kagami and when she kissed Riko,there goes her first kiss~ XD Aomine really changed after he got defeated and it was cool to see him fist bump with Kuroko when the match ended. Kagami is getting stronger and he even got the Zone! He really is on par with the Generation of Miracles! Well,barely but he is so cool and strong! He sometimes looks like Ichigo from Bleach...just wanted to say that because I love Bleach and Ichigo is awesome!

Anyway,I think that is it with this useless review^^" I hope you guys enjoyed this review despite of me being a a little fanboy and all. I hope it didn't annoy you guys and I hope you guys keep on reading! And thanks for the views! You guys are really gong ham on this blog! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have an awesome day!! ^^/

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Anime OVA Review : Kuroko No Basuke - A Monkey Can't Win!

Hello again,guys! Well,instead of me keep asking how are you guys doing,let's just start the review at full speed,shall we?^^ I don't like to repeat the same things over and over again but I don't know. If you guys don't me keep asking you how are you doing,let me know. By the way, Happy Birthday to those who are born o 28th of September! I hope you have a great day and enjoying your birthday! Alright! Let's get on with the review and continue with our lives~!

This is the first OVA of this anime and I don't know if there's gonna be more but I hope there is more because this OVA is so funny! And as I'm a high school boy, I exactly know the feeling whenever you have to do your best in your exams and it's very entertaining when I watch some anime characters went through the struggle and make us laugh. That is why High School genre is one of my favorites! Anyway,this OVA takes place after or before their match with Touou Academy and Kagami wasn't doing well with his mid term exams and he has to do it again so that he can play with the others.

So,the whole episode is about Kuroko and the others help Kagami study so that he could pass the exam.I really like the episode because it is full of funny scenes and funny expressions. I kind figured it out how Kagami is going to study and know which either of him or Kuroko that did their test badly. It was funny how Kagami's teammates react towards his mid term results and I like how Kagami surprised that the fact Hyuga is not as smart as he suspected just because Hyuga wears glasses. That fact is true by the way,just because we wear glasses doesn't mean we're smart! T^T Wait...did I just insult myself? ....That was embarrassing...

But really...for real,high school genres are pretty fun and amusing.It kinda motivates me doing great in school but before that,I need to change and study....study...study... Anyway,overall I like the OVA and to those who already watched the OVA,what do you think about it and what is your favorite part or scene? As always,I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I'll see you guys again next time! Take care and have a great day! ^^/

Anime Episode/Fandisc Review : Kuroko No Basuke - Oshaberi Shiyokka Episode 1

Hey hey,everyone~! How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual but I feel pretty hungry at the moment because I haven't eaten break fast yet... I want to go and eat now but I'm a little lazy right now so, maybe later XD Anyway,I hope you guys are doing great today and I hope you have a great weekend.Don't forget to do your homework and brush your teeth! It's irrelevant with this post but just do it anyway,okay? I'll give you a candy as a reward~ Okay,two. Fine,three! Five and that's it! ...What am I doing?^^" Let's just get on with the review and end this,shall we...?

Before we start this review,can someone please tell me what is a fandisc? Is it like an OVA or a special episode? Anyway,I think this review will be short because most of what happened in this episode is a recap of their previous matches before Touou. I like this fandisc because it's just full of comedy and all characters come together and doing their own thing. By the way,I already reached second season and it's still pretty intense,funny and entertaining. Well,I don't want to talk about because that is it for this review on the fandisc...

This is the shortest post ever... Let's talk about the bloopers,shall we? At least I get to make this post a little longer and maybe you guys remembered the bloopers and smile. This is my favorite blooper so far or ever! And that is when Midorima shoots his far away three point shoot and acts like a badass as he always do.He walks and looks away from the hoop and saying how he won't miss and then he stopped until the ball went through the hoop and he continued to finished his sentence.

I also like the blooper when Aomine's teammates captured him in a bag and drag him to watch the game and they use a 'magazine' that he always likes to read or watch as a bait and captured him,it was pretty hilarious! All that aside,I love how they put the fandisc and an OVA in between episodes. I like that because that will lighten the viewers mood or just to make the viewers laugh a bit before they continue the match between Seirin and Kirisaki Dai Ichi a.k.a jerks in basketball. I'll make a review of the episodes soon so,keep an eye out for that. Well,I think that is it for today.I'll see you guys next time so, take care and have a great day~!! ^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.26/201) Mud Bath Party!!

Hello again,everyone~! Wow,three reviews in one day?! How can this be?! LOL But seriously,I'm surprised of myself to post three reviews in one day.I think it's a new record for me but I don't know. I'm fine as usual by the way and I hope you guys are doing well. It's almost dusk here and I just finished watching this episode just now because I just remembered that Fairy Tail's new episode is already out.I was bored at that time and thankfully I get to make this review. So,what are you guys up to? And hows your weekend? Anyway,let's get this review started!

I don't know how to start the review but here I go! So,today's episode has not much action at the beginning until Lucy,Happy and Natsu went for a job but before that they received a huge and warm welcome form the people of Magnolia.And if you guys noticed there is the guild who took away Fairy Tail's headquarters and kick them out when Natsu and the others were frozen or asleep at Tenrou Island. It's cool to see them getting greeted again by the townspeople because Fairy Tail was the main attraction or something like that. Before they were laughed at and looked down but now,they're on top again!

Makarov's expression when the Mayor give them back their old Fairy Tail headquarters. But the building looks a bit different now...maybe because of the camera angles. And did Natsu really took the King's crown?! It's like Bleach all over again! Get it? Aizen took the King's Key or something and Natsu took the King's crown! No? Okay... I actually thought there was going to be a fan service scene when Lucy was in the mud but it was very funny when they use her as bait to capture the mole by dressing her up as the mole's bride!

What I like in this episode,definitely the funny scenes when they try to capture the mole and when the mole found his mate which is a crayfish,right? It was very weird and funny.I also like the part when Mavis meets and talks to Zeref.It was pretty epic and cool as they are both strong wizards. And what is this final battle that Zeref said before the episode end? Will Natsu and the others fight him soon? I bet that fight is going to be so epic! Anyway,that is all for this review. I hope you guys liked the episode and this review. I'll see you guys next time so take care and have a great day!^^/

Anime Episodes Review : Kuroko No Basuke (Ep.17 - 25) Kise VS. Aomine!! (May Contain Spoilers)

Hello, everyone~! How are you guys doing today? I hope you guys are doing well and having a good day but unfortunately my girlfriend is sick today and she still goes to school. I hope she gets well soon and I hope you guys wish that to her too! Anyway,I just posted a movie review so go check it out if you haven't! I suppose to post this first but I decided to post that because I know it would take a lot of time to make a review of the movie because one,I'm bad at explanation.Two,I'm bad at explaining things.And three,I'm just bad in general! But despite all that, you guys keep reading my content and I really appreciate that!^^

So,let's get this review started,shall we?! I just watched the 25th episode of Kuroko no Basuke just now and man,that match was intense! But let's start from episode 17 and then we talk about episode 25. So a lot happened such as Seirin lost to Touo Academy and everyone was down from that match and I was down too. They work so hard until the end and the other team just crushed them like that! I also thought that Kagami separated himself from Kuroko and he would turn back to his old self where he was self centered and doesn't think about his teammates. It's pretty sad to see them not talking to each other,it's like two friends who got into a fight and I know the feeling and it's pretty bad. But I was happy when Kagami didn't abandon Kuroko at all,he just want to get stronger by his own way.

I'm still loving this anime so far and I think I would hate it or get bored of it anytime soon because every episode is either funny or just intense! Don't you guys get inspired when they started to train at the beach? Especially when Kagami has to run for how many laps from the convenience store and back to the gym and covered in all that sweat?! Kagami's body look just like the Armored Titan from Attack On Titan,right? I hope no one find this weird or think that I'm weird...I swear I'm not! T^T Kagami is still my favorite character and the same goes for Kuroko.I like the other characters as well because each of the is interesting and has a unique personality but I like Kagami and Kuroko more. T

Then we get to see Kaijo High School VS. Touou Academy. At first,I thought they're going to lose but after seeing them all that serious and high spirited,I was hoping and know that they would win. Their match was very intense and Kise's copy ability was awesome! I wish I have that ability and maybe I would do better at playing my guitar or any kind of sport. But damn,Aoimine is no joke.He is monster. And to think that he would help Kise up when the toll on his legs starts to give effect to him. And to see him cry was heartbreaking because he looked like someone who lost ability to use their legs and cried about it.No offense to anyone out there who has problems with their legs,I'm just feel sorry to them who has disability like that. Kasamatsu is a great leader, He lift his teammates spirits up and continue to lead them.

And I think that is it for this review,I'm really looking forward to the next episode and I hope you guys like reading this reviews.If you haven't watched it,you should go watch it and let me know what you think about the anime. I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have an awesome day!! ^^/

Anime Movie Review : One Piece 3D2Y- The 15th Anniversary Special Overcoming Ace's Death And Luffy's Pledge To His Friends!

Hello,everyone~! How are you guys doing today?! I just woke up and I'm fine as usual except I feel a little bit sore at both of my arms because I worked out last night.And I haven't been working out for a while so,yeah... XD Anyway,I know this movie came out last month and the reason I watched it now because I forgot about it and I thought the sub version of it hasn't came out yet. And I was a bit confused before I make this review because I don't know if this is a special movie or episode but I Googled it and it says it's a movie. But if I'm wrong,I'm sorry.

I've been wanting to watch this movie because I saw some videos of it on YouTube but I didn't watch it because I don't want to get spoiled or see spoilers. Some times I don't mind spoilers but some times I do.Either way,I like the movie and it was awesome.The movie takes place when Luffy is training with Rayleigh and after he sent his message to the rest of his crew and that is '3D2Y'. No,it doesn't mean he got the power to make himself in 3D,it means three days. I should stop blabbering and get on with the review,shouldn't I...?

The villain in this movie was to me, a copy or an opposite of Luffy. His name is...I don't know how to spell his first name...His name is World and also known as "The Destroyer of The World". He is a More More fruit eater. He's a devil fruit user or eater and he can change the sizeof objects and speed 100 times. He kinda resembles Luffy because he doesn't trust his crew mates and abandon his brother while Luffy trusts his crew mates and doesn't turn his back away from his brother,Ace. I don't know if World and his brother,Byojack died in the movie or they managed to escaped.

I like World because he is interesting and his powers is awesome but I like him more before he turned bad and when he treats his crew as tools.By the way Minecraft fans! There's a character in the movie who can turn anything in to cubes! If he is real...maybe we can play Minecraft in real life! No? Well,it is kinda dangerous,I mean if one of them crushed you,you dead,son! And you won't be able to respawn...so,I guess we're against the idea? Okay... Overall,the movie was great,the action was awesome,the music is good and the same goes to the artwork. By the way,Akainu looks cool with that beard~!

What I like in this movie,I like the music,the artwork and of course the funny scenes of Hancock and Luffy!Also,I like how they connect everything from the Battle of The Best Arc to Luffy's training and what I mean by that is,how World got our from Impel Down.I like the movie because it's connected to the story,that's what I'm trying to say,dammit! XD I'm really bad at explaining things...Anyway,that is it for this review of this movie! I hope you guys like it and to those who haven't watched the movie,go watch it! There's a special treat at the end of the credits~ I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have an awesome day!! ^^/ P.S: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOGLE!!!

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Anime Episodes Review : Kuroko No Basuke (Ep.1 - 16) Worth The Hype!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual and my day was great because it rained almost whole day today.So,as you all might wonder why am I doing a review of this popular or well known anime? Well,I haven't watched this anime because I thought it was another anime and that is 'Fruits Basket' or something like that.I don't remember why I don't like watching it,maybe it contains a lot of romance. Also,I haven't watched that anime either and I'm always like that,calling this certain anime suck and when I watched it,I got hooked. Before I get started to review this anime,let me just say that this anime is worth the hype!

I heard about this anime literally everywhere and I some of my friends talked about it and said that it was an awesome and epic anime.I decided to watch it last Monday and I really liked it! I'm not a huge sports anime fan but this is different.I also like 'Prince Of Tennis' but I haven't finished watching it yet.I might make a review of that some day because I haven't finished watch 'Tales of the Abyss', 'Kuroko no Basuke', 'Oreimo' and 'Black Lagoon:Rebecca's Blood Trail'. Anyway,let's get this review started!

Actually before I get started,let me tell you what is this anime about. Mainly,this anime is about Basketball and it's about a first year who graduated middle school from America and went to a new high school and that is,Seirin.His name is Kagami Taiga. No,he is not Taiga and Ryuuji's child from Toradora. Kagami really loves basketball but he wants to wins for himself and just basically he is a self centered baka. Despite that,I really like him or his character and when I first saw him in the anime, I though, "Damn,he's huge...No pause..." I think that is the first time I've seen an anime character that tall! It's not that I don't like it but I like it.Seeing something different is cool and I like that the author really puts everything basketball related in  this anime and make some characters very tall because that's how some basketball players all,they are damn tall...kinda makes me jealous...

Long story short,he enters the basketball club in Seirin and then he met Kuroko,the same name in the title, and they become partners in every match,kinda. Kuroko just want to be his shadow and help him become the best basketball player. Kuroko Tetsuya is from the 'Generation of Miracles'. He's from Teiko Middle School and the other five prodigies of the Generation of Miracles are from the same school.They are very strong,skilled and got that talent! Kuroko also has a very little presence and that makes almost everyone don't notice him at all.He is also great at passing! That is all that I'm going to tell you and if you interested,go watch it!

What I like in this anime so far,mostly the music,the soundtrack,the art, the comedy and the characters. I like the art so much because when someone shoots the ball into the hoop,the hoop bounce and it looks real.The hoop looks very realistic and I love it. Now,I wonder why everyone keeps fangirling and fanboying this anime! Thank you fan boys and fan girls out there~!! I can't wait to watch the next episode where they're gonna fight Aomine! So,to those who already watch this anime,are they gonna keep this anime ongoing? What do you think about the anime? If it doesn't continue,do you think they should make another season of it? You got ten minutes to answer this questions! >:3 Nah,I'm just kidding!

Anyway,I think that is it for this review.I'm sorry if there isn't much reviewing in this post but I don't want to make this post longer than it should.You guys should check it out and if you don't like sports,at least give this one a chance. I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have an awesome day~!!^^/ Also,I will keep making reviews for this anime so,make sure you check them out!

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Anime Review - Cuticle Detective Inaba-San!

Hey,guys~! How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual and of course it's pretty late here,it's already 3 AM,haha XD Anyway,Happy Birthday! To those who are born on 23rd of September! I hope you have a great day on your birthday.Don't party too crazy or you'll hurt yourself or those who are around you.If you see me,please give me ten dollars and a slice of pizza,thank you.That is payment for me wishing you happy birthday here.What,you think it's free? Pfffft! I started to sound like Nami from One Piece... Anyway,today I'm gonna make on a review on an anime that I already watched so,sit tight,don't relax and enjoy~!

I watched this anime a couple years ago when my friend suggest it to me and show me how funny the anime is.The anime's genre is comedy,action,mystery and shounen. The anime is very silly and funny so if you have a bad day,try watching this and maybe it could crack a smile on your face or even your stomach! Even though stomachs don't crack but that's besides the point! The anime only has 12 episodes so you probably can finish this anime in a day.

The anime is about Inaba Hiroshi, who is a detective just like in the title.He is a 'Dobelman'. Dobelmans are humans but they are wolves? Half human half wolf and they have their own powers when they do something that they like.For example,Hiroshi transforms to his wolf mode to fight Don Valentino (The villain in the anime and he's a goat.And a mafia boss.Wow) he has to bite a hair and I forgot what hair he usually bites but if he bites different hair,he gets different powers and his personalities changes,depend on what kind of hair or what hair color. If you don't get what I'm saying because my explanation skills suck,go watch it yourself.You won't regret it.

There are some cute characters in this anime so,to those who like cute characters,check this anime out. Just search the name like in the title or 'Cuticle Tantei Inaba'. Well,I think that is it.Wow,this is short and I like it.Short and simple! Well,that si it for this review! Let me know what you guys think of the anime in the comments! I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day!! ^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 12) Chelsea Will Chop It Off! O_O

Hello and good evening,everyone~! How are you guys doing today? I'm doing great and today is sunny! My day is good as always and I hope you guys are having a good day as well. Today,I decided to be more positive with myself and become better person.I want to change and I really mean it! To those who wants to change,let's change together! And don't let any negativity stop you! Inspirational mode is on~!! Anyway,I did say that I'm gonna do an anime review today but I don't know when.I'll try my best to make it and post it as soon as possible. Now,let's get on with the review!

The episode started off in style as Tatsumi and the others ride on the wild beast stingray to somewhere that has a lot of beasts for them to level up and prepare for Esdeath's team. So,we got introduced to one of the new members in the last episode and that is, Susanoo.And now we're introduced with another cute but also like to tease Mine about her cleavage and just tease her in general and a quite honest person,Chelsea~!

Before I made the review or even watch the episode,I saw pictures of her from other reviewers so,I kinda guessed that this episode is going to be about her or something. And it's really funny when you expect that a guy like Susanoo not just fighting but doing housework as well.When their boss open her arm like that when she wants to show them what he can do,I thought he was gonna transform into a weapon or something but instead,he made a freaking house! XD The episode has not much action except the scene where Tatsumi and Leone train themselves by fighting mini dinosaurs.

I think if they make a game out of this,it would be an  RPG game. It's pretty suitable for that genre and I think I would enjoy playing it,do you? Anyway,why do I always got sidetracked over little things? Maybe I just wanna say what's in my mind... Lastly,about that Run guy.I would never thought he could have another attention except serving Esdeath.Is he an assassin or working under the Minister? And the guy with a creepy face and with a creepy smile before the episode ended,who is he?! And Seryu cried?! I never see that coming! I'm just overreacting,guys. I'm okay,I promise.

What I like in this episode,the funny scenes,the flash backs of Seryu and Mr. Stylish and the improvement of the characters,I guess.I also can't wait to see Susanoo and Chelsea fight with their full potential because Chelsea obviously didn't show all of her abilities and Susanoo has a secret technique which is still a secret and maybe won't stay that way on the next episode. So,that is all for today.I hope you guys enjoy the episode and the review. I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day~!! ^^/

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 12) Kirito VS. Sterben Gun!!

Hello again,everyone~!! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and a little tired because it's 3 AM here. I'll go to sleep after I finished doing this review or after I watched Katekyo Hitman Reborn.I feel like I should make this review as soon as possible just to make up for posting the last review a little bit late. And again,you guys can blame it all on my neighbor because thanks to those douchebags,I got tired and not in the mood in blogging or making reviews. Also,I think I'll do an anime review later today after I made Akame Ga Kill! review.If I have time,I'll do it and now,let's get to the review and enjoy!

So,finally we gets some action in this episode and let me tell ya,this episode is intense! A lot going on in this episode and one of them is Kirito fight against the shinigami wannabe,Death Gun! And by the way,I might search for this later on YoutTube but do you guys love the soundtrack with the violin when Kirito just stand in the desert waiting for Death Wind.Did they play that soundtrack on season one? I really need to rewatch that sooner or later. Anyway,one of the epic moments that happened in this season and in this episode was when Sinon and Death Gun fired each other and both of their bullets in slow motion with the camera moving in different angles.

But what it seems to be a little plot twist is when Death Gun was so confident that Kirito doesn't know his name.And again,did that moment happened? When Kirito said to one of the Laughing Coffin members a.k.a Death Gun that he doesn't want to know his name? Now,I really need to rewatch it T^T Well,I thin they heard us when we said we need more action and how do you make viewers continue watching anime? Just put a cliffhanger in a middle of an intense fight,that should do the trick. I'm really looking forward to the next episode and learn more about Death gun and his buddy.

What I like in this episode,the soundtrack,the intense atmosphere and pace,the slow motion scene and when you can talk to your cyber daughter in your phone! Technology is amazing sometimes... That is it for this review,I hope you guys like the episode and this review! I'm sorry if it's not that entertaining in this review and in the last two reviews but I hope you guys still love reading my reviews! I'll see you guys next time,take care and have a great day!!^^/

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.25/200) Like Mother,Like Daughter...

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing on this Sunday? Hows your weekend? I'm fine as usual and my weekend is good as usual as well.It's raining now but I don't mind since I love rain except thunder and lightning... Well,before I get started and I know I said this like a million times,I'm sorry. I apologize for posting this review a bit late.I was in a bad mood last night and I was very tired. Oh yeah,Happy Birthday to those who are born today, 21st of September! I forgot to make a wish a few days ago^^" Anyway,let's start with review unless you want me to keep on talking nonsense for the next few minutes!

As you all know,this is a pretty sad episode and the episode leave me a question,is Ultear the old lady or she already died? I'm a bit confused so,I don't know but maybe you guys can tell me in the comments after I post this which I don't know when because a lot happened when I was making this post.You all can blame it all on my idiot neighbor. Again,this episode has no action but I'm glad that I see no one complained about this episode has no action.At least the story keeps going,right? 

Maybe Natsu and the others will fight another evil group called the Tartarus? correct me if I'm wrong though.Also,I red a comment that just gave a spoiler about an upcoming arc. I haven't red the manga yet so it's obvious why I'm angry at that guy,the one who left that comment. But I'm glad no one gave any spoilers about Akame Ga Kill or Tokyo Ghoul because that would suck. Okay,let's stop with review for a bit. Everytime when there's no action in any animes and when I want to make a review of it,I noticed that nothing much happened,literally. 25 minutes of nothing much to review on is what I'm trying to say but don't get me wrong,I love the episode but it makes it a little hard for me to make a review about it^^"

What I like in this episode,I like that they give Natsu to wear his clothes that he wear before the anime put on hold.I also like the funny scenes and of course the sad scenes.We're gonna miss you,Ultear. By the way Erza,I think you have a future of being a Mangaka! I'm sure a lot of people will buy your manga because your drawings are epic! Oh,I just remembered about a manga that the author of Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima, made a one shot manga, "Starbiter Satsuki". I haven't read it yet but if you guys interested,go check it out! That is all for this review.I hope you guys like the episode and the review! I'll see you guys next time! Have a great day and take care!!^^/

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 12/Final Episode) Kaneki Just Went Ghoulvolution!

Hey,guys~! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual just hope that I won't get a cold or something,lol XD My mom is sick right now and I don't wanna get sick because there will be nobody to take care of her and that is why I didn't make this review yesterday. I was pretty busy with everything such as housework,more housework and taking care of my mom. But damn,that last episode though! I didn't even know it was the last episode until one of my friends said it but there is an announcement that the second season will be out next year so,look forward to it,alright?!

So,the episode is pretty epic and gory and the best of all,we get to see what does a Chinese Red Head Centipede looks like! I'm really afraid of bugs and just seeing that thing moving makes me feel a little creeped out. And what we learned in this episode is that Jason was not the cause to change Kaneki  but it was Rize. But if you think from another angle,it seemed those two were the cause Kaneki to change and have that cool white hair. I'm kinda disappointed when Kaneki changed because he is no different than other ghouls that just like to eat and kill.Does he have the ability to change back to his old self? Or his personality doesn't changed at all and he was just simply angry or something.

Either way,I'm sure we'll find out next year and there are a lot of fights or battles that I'm looking forward to and some characters as well such as that One-Eyed Owl ghoul and...many more! I don't remember other ghouls,there's this badass looking ghoul who fights against,Tsukiyama,the mask maker guy and Yomo-san.Right? I am so bad at remembering names...just like Ichigo... Back to the review,I'm glad that they show us Kaneki's past because that would make a great touch for a final episode. And it's cool to see him spectating his memories when he was a kid. It's pretty sad how his mom died.

Rize however is like hollow Ichigo or Kaneki's bad/evil side and his inner world is cool until all of the flowers turn red and turned into a horror anime... The only thing that I won't forget from that episode is the torture and insanity that Kaneki has to go through.A centipede in your ear?! That's scary as ****! What do I like in this episode, I like the flashbacks,the actions,when they played the opening when Kaneki fights Jason and when he dominates him and make him count backwards.And I guess that's the end of Jason! He will now stop cutting trees and let the Earth become a better place :) And white hair Ken looks like a character from Death Note,just saying...

That is it with this episode,I hope you like the episode and this review! What do you guys think of the episode or the anime in general? I've seen a lot of people comment about the censorship in the anime.I don't mind about the censorship but what about you guys? I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day!!^^/ P.S: Here's a video from an anime reviewer about the second season's announcement : Tokyo Ghoul Second Season's Announcement. Take care,everyone~!!

Image by: chusska.deviantart.com

Thursday, September 18, 2014

O~o~ Anime Reviews ~o~O Milestone!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and my day was kinda okay and I say that because I slept almost the rest of the day just because I stayed up last night,lol. I gotta stop doing that because not enough sleep is bad for your health,remember that kids! Oh,you're not a kid? J-just remember that,okay buddy? Sorry if that was awkward but at least you guys don't have a cat that just sits on your lap,acting cute and a few seconds later they just farted because that just happened to me.My cat farted on my lap just now...two times!

So,as you guys can see, I or we just reached 100 posts~!! WOOO!! I already made a milestone on my other blog which also just reached 100 posts and I just want to thank you guys for this because if it wasn't for you guys I won't make it this far. And I know that blogging is not that much of a deal but it is for me because at least I have something to do! XD And also,please comment in my posts. I know most of you guys are my friends but I mean come on,I rarely talk to my friends and not because I'm a snob or anything.

I'm just not really active in Google +. I'm always online and watching YouTube videos or doing something else...sometimes... So,to my friends just tag me or something and let's talk,lol XD And to my followers,comment on my posts,please. I'm forever alone in case you guys don't know... T^T I have Secre but she's a jerk! She always picking on me and bully me T^T Anyway,here's the stats of this blog:

Oh by the way,I forgot to mention in my other blog. I just notice the menu screen or something when you want to upload photos,has changed.Did you guys notice that? Do you guys even understand what I just said? XD Well,nevermind about that and here's the stats:

I'm really appreciate that you guys keep on reading my content this far.I love you guys and I hope to meet you guys next time. Take care and have an awesome day,everyone!! ^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 11) Okama Army!!

Hello and good evening,everybody~! Are you guys having a stylish day? I hope so because today is annual R.I.P Mr. Stylish Day! What? That day doesn't exist? It does exist,I promise and to celebrate it,you have to watch from his first appearance in the anime to his death(You don't have to XD).I chose this day to because Mr. Stylish just created a nightmare for all otakus,hentais,titans,Sanji and just all of humanity and probably aliens.And he is the first doctor or scientist to create the Okama Army! We would love to give him an award but unfortunately he is already dead with Akame's poison so we decided to sold his award and just buy some stuff or donate some of the money to those who need it.

Before I start reviewing the episode, What do you guys think of Secre's review on SAO? Did she do a good job or not? Because she keeps asking for a raise and I say that I would ask you guys first and if you guys say no then I won't give her a raise. It's as simple as that! And just between us,I don't want to give her a raise... She even owe me a dollar! What? It's just a dollar? Just a dollar?! I don't care, she needs to pay me back even if it's the last thing she do! Let's get to the review! That rhymed! So,the episode started with Mr. Stylish's Okama Army infiltrated Night Raid's base and attack Tatsumi and the others when they were hungover- I mean asleep as they were so tired from Tatsumi's homecoming party. I knew Leone won't die from that kind of attack.I mean she's like an animal and she has those animal instincts.

And Bullock was pretty awesome with his Imperial Arm and I was pretty amazed at how he created that spear from those strings.It reminded me of Alchemy for some reason. Unfortunately,we didn't get to see some action from Tatsumi until before the end of the episode.I like Mine in this episode because even though she is very angry that the enemy is using Sheele's Imperial Arm, she keep her cool and completely obliterated that guy.The fights in this episode are pretty awesome and I love all of them and I like that epic moment when their boss has returned and she rides on that giant beast stingray. And their new member,Susanoo is cool and pretty funny when he looks at mine for a few seconds before tidying her hair. His Imperial Arm was amazing and I'm curious of that other member.Is she strong and what is her Imperial Arm?

I'm looking forward to see how the old members of Night Raid react or treat the new members and hoe strong they are.I also wonder what will happen if the rest of The Jaegers heard about Mr. Stylish's death.What I like in this episode,I love everything that happened in this episode.It had action,some comedy and new characters! It's a three in one! What do you guys think about the episode? And that brings us a close to this review. I hope you enjoyed yourselves when you read this review. Comment and tell me what you think and comment what should I don on my 100th post in this blog and in my other blog. I'll see you guys next time and until then,have a great day!^^/

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 11) She Llllllikes Him~!

Hey,what's up, guys~?! How are you guys doing today? Good evening and Happy Birthday to those who are born on 15th of September! No matter what year you were born,I just hope you have an birthday with your friends and family. I think I'm gonna do this more often,wishing people their birthdays everyday.That sounds a great idea,right? By the way,I forgot to explain what was the real reason of me posting the anime talk last night or this early morning.I post it as a replacement for SAO because I feel bad for not posting anything so,without further ado,here's the review! Ooh,that rhymed!

Haha,like you, right? I'm not a hentai! But if you say that to another hentai,I guess he would smile because you gave him a compliment. Why is that a compliment though? Either way,it's pretty funny! Yeah,it is! Oh,I forgot that we have to make the review of the new episode of SAO! We have to watch it right now! Hmph, you have been slippin' a lot, boss. You should've step your game up,bruh. I already watch the new episode! I can make the review by myself if you want but you have to give me a raise~ W-what?! W-why didn't you tell me? We could watch that episode together,you know?! You were asleep like a drunken old man! Now,I think we have a deal,right? Fine... I'll be back after I watch the episode...

Finally,he left. Hello,everyone! I hope you are having a great day even though it's Monday but we shouldn't let it interfere with our lives,right? Stupid Monday....anyway,let's get on with the review! Again,there's no action at all in this episode and there are a lot of talking instead. Like Danial,I don't really mind as long as we get to watch it then it's fine. This episode is pretty entertaining because of all the funny scenes or funny reactions from some characters in the anime. Such as when Asuna yelled at the guy from the government and Kirito and Sinon's alone time. I wonder if Asuna-san saw Kirito and Sinon together like that? There might be blood after she meets him when he logs out.

But if you count of Sinon's fast heartbeat when she realized that she didn't lock the door with the chain and that Death Gun's partner may be in her room while she's still logged in GGO. Lesson from this anime, always keep your doors lock,kids! And never answer the door if it's not someone you know! What I like in this episode, the funny scenes and weird zoom ins of Sinon's little butt.The government guy getting yelled at by Asuna.And that awkward moment when Kirito realized that the live camera was recording him and Sinon. I think that is all.I'm sorry if the review wasn't very entertaining and I hope you guys enjoyed the episode and the review!

 Ow! We'll see you guys next time so take care and have a great day,everyone!!^^/

Anime Talk : One Piece - Ep. 537,I think? [Vander Decken's Power And The New Fishman Pirates Arc]

Hey,guys~! How are you doing? And what are you up to? I'm fine as usual and it is 4:22 AM right now so,it's okay! XD Before I begin the anime talk,I want to apologize for not making the SAO review yesterday or on Saturday.I was in a really bad mood last night and the aftermath was me feeling really tired and I may not be able to focus when I make the review. Even if I do it now,I maybe still can't focus because my lack of sleep.I'll try to make the review in the morning or in the afternoon.Also,how do you guys like the layout of blogs? Do you like it? If you do,comment down below!

Alright,you guys know that I'm really falling behind with this anime as it continues to be ongoing (Which is great!) and there will be more episodes.It may take time before I get to DressRossa Arc and the filler before that? The one with girl that can change size and become a giant and wants to rescue her dad which is a great cook and he cooks using volcanoes? That's a long explanation about that filler,huh...? Oh,I forgot to mention Punk Hazard as well! I totally forgot about that arc! So,today I want to talk about the descendant of the Flying Douchebag-I mean Dutchman! Flying Dutchman from Spongebob,right? I'm a bit curious about him so,I think I'm gonna open the Wikipedia later and see what he's about.

Great...now my cats are fighting on my desk...Don't they have better things to do like sleep?! Hissing at them didn't work,it's not super effective! What should I do?! Okay,they stopped...Hey,don't touch his butt! I'll try to ignore them and let's get on with this talk! I was pretty surprised and impressed of Vander Decken's Devil Fruit ability.He touches his targets and throw objects to the target regardless of the direction he threw. Good thing he's not that smart otherwise he would be a problem. But if touching the target he has to do,then he has to be very sneaky.If he want to kill Marine Admirals or The Four Emperors,he would probably get noticed right away because most of them use haki.

And I think I can understand why Vander want to kill Shirahoshi and I'm sure we all know as well.If someone is in love with the opposite sex,they really want them and won't let them be taken by anyone else.So,if the he/she rejects you,of course those who can't move on or think wisely will go crazy and murder his/her lover.I'm not supporting him or anything,I'm just saying that I understand his agenda...or something like that,I just want to use that word,that's all...

There is another thing that I wanna talk about and that is the moral of this arc or the lesson that maybe Oda wants everyone to learn and that is no matter who or what you are,we share the same blood.I think that is the message that he wants to give to the world and I really like that. People need to understand with each other more.Well,that is it with this anime talk.I'll try making the SAO review as soon as possible and try to make some anime reviews that I forgot to make.So,until then I'll see you guys next time! Have a good day and take care!^^/

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.24/199) Let's Dance, Kabo!

Hello again,everyone~! How are you guys doing? First of all,I wish you guys are having a good weekend and I'm sure we all really need it so that we could just chill and keep calm and do whatever we want! By the way,there's this big exams for all 12 year-olds in my country and that is UPSR. Good luck everyone,do your best and don't cheat! I'm fine as always by the way and my day is good as usual even though I slept until 3 PM or so because I slept late last night which is probably at six in the morning! XD Anyway,enough about because as you all know it's not about me,it's about the review and the entertainment! So,sit back,relax,have a drink or something and don't relax!

After all the chaos created by future Rogue and the dragons,everyone celebrate their victory in the palace while the town is in the rubble. But dang,all the characters look so good in those clothes! Gajeel looked a bit weird just because of his hairstyle and I never thought he would have that kind of style! Basically,this episode has no action at all and just full of joy and funny scenes. I didn't looked at the comments but I'm sure there will be at least a few people causing a ruckus about this episode. But I don't know if it's just me but parties from old Fairy Tail are more extreme than this and made me feel like I was with them and share that sweet victory.

Maybe because of the music or the fact that they're in the palace. Either way,I will say this again.All the clothes that they're wearing really suit them well and it's fun to see the guilds together especially the guild masters.And let's not forget about the Garou Knights,it certainly has been a while since we last seen them. They would be great help fighting for the dragons though... I thought Natsu was missing because he wanders to the place where future Lucy dies and he just stares at it but no,he head to make an awesome entrance of becoming a king! Imagine him ruling the country... But one thing is for sure, he is truly the Dragon King! No spoilers or anything, it's just what I feel.

What are my thoughts in this episode and what I like in this episode, I see this coming because that's natural and expected after you fought dragons and almost got killed. I love all the funny scenes in this and the Gajeel x Levi scene. Gajeel is really blunt,huh? XD I also like that Kagura and Erza are in good terms and Erza being her older sister. Dang,she's actually cute...And how did Erza fit Happy, Carla and Lily there?! They're so lucky- I-I mean unlucky! They could die from suffocation! Anyway,that actually sums it up for this review. I'm sorry if it's not that entertaining in this but at least I tried and I will try again!

I'll see you guys next time! Have a good day and take care!^^/

Friday, September 12, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 11) R.I.P Maru-San's Bike...

Hey,guys~! How are guys doing? I'm pretty much fine at the moment since I got a good laugh because I tease my brother.Long story short,he will sleep outside and he agrees with the idea! I think I will tell the story in more detail in my other blog because if I do it here,the post will be long like assignment long or essay long or contract long which are taboos of blogging.Actually,not really.I'm just messing with ya,but there are some truth in that,really.Anyway,let's just get on the review before we either go to work,sleep,school,college,skate park,cross dress park,notice me senpai avenue and etc.

In this episode,Kaneki is trapped in a game and it is called, 'One Night With Jason C. Cray' which is more scarier than Five Night at Freddy's.The title said five nights but it has seven,make up your mind! In this game,you'll be Kaneki and you have to endure of being tortured or witness it first hand with centipede also known as Centimeter Speed. Not really. A needle to the eye,manicure and learn how to count! You can play games and learn something,how cool is that?! Alright,alright.I'll be serious,okay? So,the CCG,I don't know what that stands for but they raided a shopping mall with a lot of their forces or police or whatever.This men have a mission.This men have a purpose.This men...have to go grocery shopping for their wives,girlfriends and mother in laws.Time is running out...Coming in 2027... Shopping Time The Movie: Shop Till You Drop!

I'll be serious now,promise <3 So,I'm guessing that Jason is trying to make Kaneki stronger? After what that Shinohara guy told Amon about what happened to Jason when he was tortured by a psycho interrogator.And he is doing the same techniques that he got tortured to Kaneki.But seriously though...of all things you have to use a centipede...If I was there,sitting on that seat and then see that thing,I'll try to break free and run as far away as possible! I mean look at how it's wiggling itself like that...I really hate bugs... Another I want to point out is when the CCG guys were arrived at the mall and getting ready and then got ambushed and shot by the ghouls,why Shinohara,green haired guy and Amon didn't wear helmets?! You could get a headshot,you know?! Haven't you guys played video games before?! And since when ghouls use guns?!

Most of them looked like Usopp from One Piece with those scopes that they're wearing or whatever it's called.I think after I finished watching the anime,I want to read the manga because I saw the comments and they said that they left out some scenes in the anime and that made me curious. I really like seeing the Anteiku members working together to rescue Kaneki. And there are a lot of strong ghouls from the 11th Ward and I'm guessing that we will see Touka VS. Her ***hole Brother.I hope no one from the Anteiku dies. And who is the One Eyed Owl? Is it the old man from Anteiku? Or Aogiri's leader or something. At the end of the episode,we see a white hair.Maybe white haired Kaneki will appear in the next episode and kick some butts! I wonder what is Jason's intentions because after he got tortured,he became strong and is he going to that to Kaneki?

What I like in this episode,I saw some people in the comments that this episode is lame because there is no Kaneki action.It's true but I actually like the episode because of the fights,new and strong ghouls and that mystery one eyed ghoul.And of course,I like the funny scene with that kid riding on Maru's bike and let it explode.Look at those tears,man! XD He was like, "Your sacrifice won't be in vain,partner...!" . And that new Quinque...Quenque? That new weapon that was given to Amon from Mado's collection that use to fight ghouls is pretty cool! Definitely can't wait to watch the next episode and that is it for this review! I hope I entertained you guys a bit.Maybe made you laugh or giggle or even smile. So,I'll see you guys next time.Take care and have a great day!!^^/

Monday, September 8, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 10) Ogre Jr.'s Drill Will Not Pierce The Heavens!

Hey,what's up guys?! How are you guys doing and how is your Monday going? Everyone hates Monday but let's just endure it until Friday! Anyway,I already watched this episode probably an hour ago and I keep thinking for a title and I decided to choose that.And Actually,I just woke up^^" I was playing with my cat and I fell asleep... I swear,mattresses are evil! They make you fall asleep whenever you lay on it! They will rule the world,you'll see! Let's just get on with the review before I get too carried,okay...?

From the last episode,Tatsumi was taken by Esdeath and become her lover.He is either lucky or unlucky,I can't really say because whenever when we see a male character with a beautiful and hot or cold depends on the female character,we would say, "Lucky,bastard...". It's funny whenever I see a comment like that but in this case,I guess he's unlucky and lucky at the same time because of the situation and what he is?

But dang,that Ogre Jr. got some upgrades now? With that big drill reminded me of another anime called Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann,a mecha anime. She probably watched that anime too! Or that Stylish guy.And her gun looked like Sinon's Hecate,well kinda. LOL,imagine her playing GGO XD She would be famous with her psychotic behavior and that scary look. Back to the episode,at the there aren't a lot happening except of the Jaegers raid at the Bandits Hideout/Esdeath and Tatsumi's first date and the scene just themselves,alone in the bedroom and more cleavage shots... I was surprised when Tatsumi actually asked her to join him but thankfully,he didn't mention that he is from Night Raid.

When he came up the idea,I thought he was crazy but when I think back that Esdeath doesn't like how the capital works too.So,I thought it would be great if she joined but the other members will not talk to her and just give her bad looks,I guess. I like her character because sometimes she's a war fanatic or something and when she's in love she's just like any normal girl.I really looking forward of the next episode after Stylish discovered Night Raid's base. There might be a Night Raid VS. The Jaegers! What I like in the episode,the funny scenes from the start, I like Tatsumi character development because of mature of him making decisions and remember everything that Bulat said to him. And I can't wait to see Akame fight against her sister,Kurome.

That's all for this review,let me know if you guys enjoyed yourselves and like the review.I'll see you guys next time! Have a good day and take care!^^/

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 10) Death Gun And My Little Pony VS. Kirito And Sinon!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing? I'm as always and I just waste a lot of time trying to find a new picture for this anime review.Strangely,there's no SAO Wallpaper with 'Sword Art Online II' written on it! And that really bugs me for some reason. I also waste time to edit some photos for this review but I can't do it.So,I will use the same wallpaper and I will try looking for a new wallpaper later or tomorrow.Well,enough of my nonsense rambling and let's get to the review,shall we?

Once upon a time,at the year 2015...I think. There was a young hero,a young boy and a young crossdresser- I-I mean,unintentional using a female and has an advantage.The young man or woman,is Kirito.With his fellow partner and rival,Sinon The Tsundere,they are fighting Death Gun who is forever alone ever since his nakama got killed in a game called SAO. NAKAMA TACHI~!! Sorry...to those who don't know what that was,it's a song from the anime Toriko... Back to the story.After the whole SAO incident,Death Gun is a SAO survivor and is on a journey to find Kirito and thirst for revenge.

And in today's chapter,Kirito saved Sinon in such a heroic way that fans could ship them or make a fanfic out of them. And hey,maybe they can make a fanfic of Death Gun and My Little Pony! Or his little pony...now,I'm confused... And that was a bad timing for a Trauma Strike,that's what I would call it because I don't know what you call it when that happens. I've seen some feedbacks about the episode that it has less action and more talking.I agree but I still enjoy the episode and I wonder if they fight Death Gun again on the next episode? A comment that made me smile and chuckled is this, "Hiding in the cave so that the scanners can't detect them.Bet,those tire tracks can't find them either..." XD It was something like that and it was funny. Man,Kirito should watch out if Asuna finds out what they were doing the cave alone...she'll turn him into a sandwich.

Anyway,I'm sorry for talking a lot of nonsense in this review.I did it on purpose because there was nothing much really happened just some little fight and a lot of talking. What I like in this episode, the robot horse. It looks cool and funny at the same time.Maybe it's one of the horses of Merry Go Around but more futuristic! The flashbacks of Kirito and Sinon,I like how more open they are to each other especially Sinon.I hope she will recover from her trauma and just be happy. That is all for this review and again,I'm sorry for the weak review but thanks for reading it anyways. I'll see you guys next time,take care!^^/

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep. 23/198) . . . . . . Is Going To Kill Frosch?! I Knew It!

Hello,everyone~!! How are you guys doing? I'm doing great just still a little paranoid about the spider... If you guys wondering what I'm talking about,go to my profile and there is a post from my other blog about my experience with a huge,creepy spider that suddenly appeared and I have to kill it. Anyway,let's get on with the review before I make you guys feel scared and paranoid like me...

Haha! My theory was correct! I knew they were gonna use one of the dragons and that is Motherglare to use the portal! Even though they didn't plan it all but still... That portal seemed pretty strong but I thought it's not that strong but after Lucy and Yuki use their magic,Zodiac, which is very powerful didn't make a dent at all.And why when they both holding hands their you-know-what jiggles up and down?! Fan service?! How many fan service do we need here? As long as nobody is complaining it's alright,I guess.

And I know that some manga writers don't want to reveal that much and give that much fan service.I think I told you guys before about an interview with Oda Eiichiro,the creator of One Piece,said that they need to please the higher ups of the company.If they're pleased,their manga will continue to be published and the anime goes on.But before you guys make any judgements or make a post in social media or whatever,look it up.I don't to be blamed and get in trouble^^"/ The episode was alright but it didn't feel like it was a victory like the characters said.Not just because the Dragonslayers didn't manage to defeat the dragons but also that it doesn't have that to me,an impact feeling.

Like when they always win,there will be a victory soundtrack and everyone cheers but I think right now they have a bigger mess to deal with and that is Fiore itself. I wonder if the next episode is just wizards from all guilds help to restore Fiore. Hiro really gonna do us like that,huh? Not letting us know who killed Frosch,what a troll. Even though he's a troll,that was a nice touch. And another nice touch is that NaLu moment at the end! I'm sure a lot of NaLu fans were very happy when they watch that scene! Because I know I am! What I like in this episode,even though there are a lot of things going on I like the funny scene of Princess Hisui and the Jade Dragon,it was great!

The scene with future Lucy meets with the other future selves from Fairy Tail was great too,it kinda makes you wonder that are they dead and in heaven or something or they all alive? Either way,I like that scene and the attack from Atlas and Natsu was awesome. Future Rogue's intention was kinda good but wrong at the same time just like Natsu said,he shouldn't tempered others' pasts and let them choose their own future. That's it for this review.I hope to see you guys next time! Have an awesome day and take care!^^/

Friday, September 5, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 10) Jason Is Cray Cray!

Hello,guys~! How are you guys doing? I'm fine,thanks and my day is good as always and I hope you guys have a good day! And man the views on this blog keep going and going even though I didn't post anything! Thanks a lot,for reading my reviews,guys! I don't know what else to say,literally.I legit don't know what to say^^" I usually say a lot here because I just wanna talk to you guys before we get started^^" Think of it as an intro,kinda... Anyway,let's get on with the review!

So,the episode started with some chaos by those ghouls from Aogiri Tree. They got the name from a strange looking and scary looking like those trees you saw in horror movies or horror games. I'm jut kidding,I don't know where they got the name from BUT! Touka's little brother is a jerk and an ***hole.Excuse my language but I really hate him than Tsukiyama and please tell me why Master (The old guy) called him too?! Well,at least he looks serious and kinda look cool before the episode ended.

I guess he really needs that screen time,huh? 'Notice me,Kaneki~' Can we talk about that guy from the Doves office or headquarters or something? The Maru guy that keeps shouting like a baby who wants it's pacifier. He kinda reminds me about someone when he said "Trust your lives to me" or something like that. Is he a good guy or a psycho good guy like Mado? And that Banjo guys was really funny,is he of those comedic relief characters? Either way,I thought he was a bad guy but turns out he's just a guy that just follows what his heart tells him. I wonder what will happened if they know that Rize is already dead? I think they will find that out on the next episode.

And thus,a couple of weird characters appeared! The white haired guy with stitches and a... I don't what kind of guy he is and if I said anything,I'm afraid that I would offend someone! Is he an okama? He's not a crossdresser so scratch that.Ah,nevermind. I was surprised that Jason is a ghoul! I thought he was just a maniac that just likes to hunt ghouls. And it seems stabbing a guy in his stomach would calm him down...Jason is cray cray~!

What I like in the episode,the pace,the comedy,the tension,the scene where Kaneki got beaten to a pulp,it's not like I like him get beat up what I meant was how gory it was and how strong Kaneki is because you have to remember this is Tokyo Ghoul and it started with a little gore then it has to have a little gore.What am I saying?^^" Maybe what I'm trying to say is they keep the point of the story or the anime. Either way,I love the episode and I can't wait for the next episode where the Anteiku VS. Aogiri Tree! Can't wait to see that old man fight. That is it for this episode,I hope you enjoyed and entertained.I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a good day!^^/

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 9) Love At First Sight~! #Essumi?

Ahhh~ Oh,hello you guys~! Can you feel the love in the air? Oh,love! How are you doing? Are you guys having a good day? This full of love day? A lot of questions that need to be answered but let's get on with the review before we go and spend our time with our partners-Koi!!!! Before I get started,I guess I should tell you that this review will be full of love.You have been warned,stranger! I'm just playing! We won't do that.I figured that if I keep doing that,I will probably annoy you guys but if you guys want me to do that just let me know and I will do it on another review.

Me and Secre are gonna do this review so,let's do this! So,we started the episode with a bath scene.Never got bored with those,am I right? Hey,Secre.Talk to me,what's up? Fine,go ahead and sulk then. In this episode all the characters are taking it easy a little after Bulat's death which is good because you won't get anything done by just grieving and make a big deal. And I'm happy to see some funny moments after what happened.And it is confirmed! Leone is heavier than Akame! Just saying...I hope she doesn't kill me or anything... I would like to see that happen to you,stupid boss... What is up with you? What did I do? Oh,to not make you guys confused,I'll change the color of what Secre is saying. Does,it make it better? I'll check this post after I finished and change the color if I can't see them.

Not being a perv or anything but there are a lot of cleavage shots in this episode or there were always a lot cleavage shots? I wonder if someone out there making a video montage of all cleavage shots in this anime,lol. Hmph,stupid perv.Just die already! Don't make a fuss here,please. Think of the children! Anyway,Tatsumi really changed like he gained a lot of experience and leveled up.He can even fight that bull guy with his bear hands! Maybe they should call him Tatsumi the raging Bear! Get it? His bear hands... Nice joke,genius! Don't be a meanie!

It was funny when the emperor show the minister about what characteristics of a guy she likes.It was very in detail and I saw some pictures from the manga about Esdeath blushing when she looks at Tatsumi.So,thank you Bing Images... You just gave me a spoiler but I don't really mind... I'm guessing that some of you guys out there are thinking what are they gonna do in her room.I understand you guys' feelings but let's just keep it to ourselves. That Wave guy was very funny when anyone he met is weird,those reactions are so funny! I really hate it when Seryu appeared in this episode her and that little potato dog and that psycho look on her face. I wonder what will happen when Esdeath found out that Tatsumi is a member of Night Raid. Will she destroy Night Raid and keep him to herself?

What I like in this episode,the funny moments with the Night Raid members and Wave. And how Esdeath just take Tatsumi away was pretty funny,she really is into that kind of stuff,huh? Her looks are deceiving sometimes.A war fanatic who now is looking for love and just took an innocent young man to her room.Nice plot. I think this anime is like Tokyo Ghoul because both of them are inspired by Attack On Titan,I think.It's cool to be inspired but some idiots will say that they are copying Attack On Titan or something.I like the episode and I can't wait to watch the next episode! She should just punish him and making him plead for his life... Well,Secre just left...I didn't know she had that side of her but anyways,that is it for this review! I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day!

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 9) Forever Alone Death Gun...

Hey,guys. How are you guys doing? I'm good and I'm glad that I get to make this review for you guys because I want to post this as soon as possible because this episode was out on Saturday and the same goes for Fairy Tail.I make those reviews including Tokyo Ghoul because I want to post them in order and it's already three days since the episodes out.I'm worried about them more than Akame Ga Kill because the new episode was out yesterday which is Monday and today is Tuesday.You guys know what I'm talking about but I don't know how to explain^^". Anyway,let's just get on with the review and get this over with!

So,we started off at the scene where Death Gun paralyzed Pale Rider and about to shoot him.I think he's different not just that he can kill players online but that he can get passed by the system of the game. I said this because of how he ambushed Sinon at the end of the episode. At first,I thought they can detect him because maybe he has a device to make him invisible but I'm sure they can detect him even though he use that.Either way,I think we're gonna find that out on the next episode.

It's cool how they broadcast the tournament openly that other games like ALO.How cool is that? If future games are gonna be like that,that would be awesome an very futuristic. Maybe you can watch anime in those games,that would be awesome,lol. Anyway,it's impressive how he dodge Sinon's shot and I'm surprised that he didn't go after Kirito when that happened. But poor Pale Rider who is now a Ghost Rider.Maybe he'll become a ghost in the game and the forums will be filled with sightings of Pale Rider's ghost...that's kinda scary so I'll stop. But seriously though,who is Death Gun? If you guys know who he is,can you tell me? I know there are a lot of clues in this episode about him but I forgot most of the characters in the first season.

I don't like the episode a bit because it is slow pace and it's about the same thing and the pace of the story is slow as well not like Tokyo Ghoul. It's a little boring but it was intense when Kirito deflect those bullets when he and Sinon fight another player. And it was intense when Sinon's trauma starts to kick in and that she's in a pinch. What I like in this episode,the fights and I think that is all because most of the episode is about Kirito and Sinon walking to where Death Gun is and about Asuna and the other's relaxing time watching TV. That is it for this episode,I'm expecting more on the next episode.I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day!^^/

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Episode 22/197) Ultear's Sacrifice!

Hey,guys...How are you? Doing great? I'm doing great,a little bit surprised from the impact of this episode...First of all...this is a great episode and second...oh my god! Did that really happened?! Sorry,I'm just so hype right now after I watched this episode! Wow just wow... I know it's sad but that major counterattack was really epic.I don't know if you guys feel the same but this episode was really epic for me and I really got the chills running down my spine and I'm really aware that I'm overreacting but to see them fight back when they were in a midst of despair was really awesome!

When Ultear finished casting that magic and when I see that nothing changed around her,I was like, "No...no...Don't tell me that it was all for nothing!". The feel of Ultear's sacrifice was all for nothing really make me feel a little down especially when it showed that she only change time and went back to one minute.And with her expression like that? Come on,it feels like we just got trolled by the writer of Fairy Tail! I always heard he was a troll but I didn't expect this,haha. So,let's get back to the beginning of the episode and we get back to this in a little bit,shall we?

So,when they show us that they're still struggling and maybe at their last breath,made me think that is there gonna be deaths in this episode.And I keep denying the thought but when they show Droy,Jet,Macao,Bacchus,Laxus,Wendy,Gajeel but Lucy,I thought she would be alright even being surrounded by those little dragons.And the same goes for Rogue and Sting but then again,they probably would get badly injured or something.And I like how in detail when they explain about the effects of the Last Ages on people around the world and the wizards that are fighting the dragons which is cool.

But is Ultear really dead? I know what Hades said but I want her to be alive.She already went through a lot and I'm sure she has already atone all of her sins by sacrificing herself and save lives. Ultear use to be a hated character but now,in this episode it's like we learning more about her character and feel for her. And about destroying the portal.It's a good plan but the question is how? Maybe just let one of the dragons ram into it.Now,that would be a great plan! Or maybe just throw Zirconis at the portal or make Mother Glare fall on it. I'm still wonder why his name is Mother Glare when he sound like a male? His name should be Father Glare or something!

Now what I like in this episode,the fight scenes especially Wendy and Laxus VS. Zirconis. They make a good combo and their combined roar attack was awesome. I also would like to see Gajeel using his Iron Shadow power against that dragon,he did use it a little on that attack but I want him to change like he did in the tournament. The story is at a good pace and I like it.The plan to destroy the portal,the major counterattack. Ultear's sacrifice. I love everything that happened in this episode! There's nothing to hate or complain then just embracing the feels! And that is it for this episode! Thanks for reading and I hope you guys were entertained!

I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day!^^/

Monday, September 1, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 9) Rize's Fanboys And Black Star's Parrot!

Hey,everyone! How are you guys doing? I know that I made this review very late and I want to apologize because of that and I know that it must be annoying for me to make reviews very late and that I apologize a lot.I'll try to make myself better and post the reviews on time.As for this episode,I tried watching it on Saturday but my Internet was slow or the site was very slow and I didn't get to watch it.So,I decided to do it on Sunday but I was busy with some personal stuff and I wasn't really in the mood of making reviews that day. I thank you guys for reading my reviews despite of how late I post them and so,without further ado- is it ado or a do? ....Anyway,let's just get to the review!

Darn,I forgot the name of Kaneki's friend! I was just about to talk about him but I forgot his name! Now,I have to look it up.... T^T Hide! I knew his name was Hide! When I was thinking for his name,I though his name was Kida. Anyway,let's get on with it and sorry for not remembering his name. You know what? I'm not sorry! It's not my fault! I mean,he didn't get a lot of screen time in any of the episodes since he was injured! No wonder he look so sad in this episode. He probably depressed that he didn't get any screen time and didn't get to hangout with Kaneki and the others. Don't worry,Hide. Your time will come! Your time to shine will definitely come!

So,after all the feels from the last fight,everything started to get settle in and going back to normal. Hinami's disguise in the beginning of the episode was so,suspicious to me. The wig is a good touch and the same goes for the mask but I don't know,she looks like a mini thug! Hahaha... I don't know,it sounded better in my head. Basically,this episode is all about taking it easy and calm before the storm.Everyone is having a good time,joking around and all but the 11th ward aren't playing around.Maybe there is going to be a war either between 11th ward and the 20th ward or 11th ward and the Doves.

And finally in this episode we get to know about some pasts and that is Kaneki and Touka's past. How can he live by himself without any support from his parents? Touka's past was kind of not expected if you're looking at her from a different angle.One angle,you'll thought she has a bad past and maybe that is why she is so fearless. And if you look at the other angle,you will thought, "She must've a good past or at least had good childhood". But after we see his brother at the end of the episode,I think she may have bad memories from the past. I have a theory why her brother is in the 11th ward and being so fearless and a true ghoul image if you would say.

But I don't want to spoil anyone's fun so,let's just wait for the next episode and see what's going to happened.I'm guessing these guys that is looking for Rize doesn't know that she's dead and if they know that she's dead,are they talking about Kaneki since he has a part of Rize in him? And about Hide,I know that he know that Kaneki is a ghoul.We all know that but is he going to expose Kaneki to the Doves or decided to keep it as a secret forever. What I like in this episode,I like Amon's past when it was his first time to be Mado's partner and when he doesn't understand much about him.

I also like this episode because even though it is slow but the progression pace hasn't change,you know? What I mean is,this episode isn't just for the characters to enjoy and have a good time and relax and nothing change around them.Instead,they are having fun while the enemy are still plotting something and other ghouls are on the move.And I like the end of the episode when Touka's brother wants to meet her and I like these new characters,they seem quite interesting.Well,that is it for this episode review.I know it's not much but I hope I at least entertain you guys.I can't think straight for some reason.I'll see you guys next time and take care!^^/ P.S:Who likes a nickname Devil Ape? -_-