Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Anime Episodes Review : Kuroko No Basuke 2 (Ep.26 - 44) Fist Pumping,The Zone And Poison Cooking

Hello,everyone! How are you guys doing today?  I hope you guys are doing alright and more importantly,how do you guys feel with this episode review of this anime? Do you like it so far and do you want me to post it frequently or not? Because I know that most of you guys already watched this anime and the same goes to those who hasn't watched this yet will feel a bit annoyed because I post this a little bit frequently lately.Just let me know and tell me what to do,alright? And by the way,I think I won't be able to do a review of SAO and Akame Ga Kill! today because I'm so tired right now and not really in the mood because of my neighbors.

If I decided to make the review of either on of them,I maybe will post it,depends on the situation and my mood. Anyway,enough about me and let's get this review started!

So,after the match between Kaijo and Touou,team Seirin went to the mountains this time to train.Everyone except Kagami went there because he wants to train with his master which is in USA. They improved a lot thanks to Riko's dad. He trains them physically and mentally and show them some pointers.And after that training,everyone became stronger including Kuroko and Kagami. I like how they include details about the muscle and how we should train our muscles with some techniques and for example,running around in the mountains.

This anime is good to those who really love sports and to those who want to workout and be good in sports.I definitely feel pumped after seeing them train and play during their matches with other schools.Do you guys feel the same too? Kuroko's new technique was awesome and that is Misdirection Overflow. The battle between his team and Aomine's was very intense and it took like four episodes,I think.By the way,I don't remember much in the previous episodes because I kept on watching more and more and I ended up forgetting a little.

We also got introduced to a new character and that is Kagami's master.She appeared after their match with Touou when Koganei found her asleep in a room,topless. It was funny to see their reactions when they saw her kissed Kagami and when she kissed Riko,there goes her first kiss~ XD Aomine really changed after he got defeated and it was cool to see him fist bump with Kuroko when the match ended. Kagami is getting stronger and he even got the Zone! He really is on par with the Generation of Miracles! Well,barely but he is so cool and strong! He sometimes looks like Ichigo from Bleach...just wanted to say that because I love Bleach and Ichigo is awesome!

Anyway,I think that is it with this useless review^^" I hope you guys enjoyed this review despite of me being a a little fanboy and all. I hope it didn't annoy you guys and I hope you guys keep on reading! And thanks for the views! You guys are really gong ham on this blog! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have an awesome day!! ^^/