Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 17) No!! Chelsea! Bols-san! T^T

Hello,everyone! How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual and I just finished watching the new episode of Akame Ga Kill! I must say,this episode has a lot of impact to me because I don't want Bols to die.He has a wife and daughter and I like him.He was a good man... T^T Even though we don't know each other but I always watching him and it was not just me but probably thousands of people watching him without him even noticed our presence.. Oh yeah,poor Chelsea. She will not be forgotten and Tatsumi will be forever using her make up and become an Okama.

I was sad of Chelsea's death,believe me. But it didn't give me much of an impact like Bols until they show us her head on a pillar or something.To give the citizens a warning to not do what they don't want them to do...Long explanation as always...But still,they did her so dirty! First cutting her fingers,then cut of her arm and then shot her from the back?! Damn,that is f***ed up! So ****** up! I wonder how the other members of Night Raid will react about Chelsea's death..

Despite of the sad deaths of Bols and Chelsea, we get to see Akame and Kurome's past.Well,some of it, that is. So,Kurome is drugged and does that drug some sort of curse to her? Because she was very tired and all,like a curse started to weakened or something. And if I was one of the kids that was trained by the capital,can I just run away when they have a race in the forest? That would be a good opportunity to me.

Well,I think that is it for this review. I hope you guys enjoyed the review and the episode. I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!^^/

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 16) The Fairies, The Princess and The Giant!!

Hello again,everyone~! How are you guys doing? And hows your day so far? I'm fine as usual and my day was okay and it was raining almost the whole day! Anyway,I just watched this anime and I will try to make a review of the new episode of Akame Ga Kill! It's 11:00 PM right now so,I might a review about it sooner or later.And if I can't do it tonight,I will do it tomorrow. Now,without further ado,let's get on with the review and eat some peanut butter sandwich later! Don't ask any questions just do it!

So,in this episode. Kirito and his party are doing an odd,not in the system but a special system from that floating thing from the past, mission. In short,it's not a normal mission...sorry... It's amazing how that floating thing,I forgot the name is,I'm sorry, can do a lot of things like make two NPC's act not like other NPC's in Alfheim. I know that it can do more than that but explaining it in this post plus with my bad explanation, this review will go all over the place so let's get on with the battle and stuff.

I kinda understand when everyone thought releasing the girl in the ice cage would be a trap but in that kind of situation it's not always a trap. (I've been looking for her name and lost my patience...) I don't know if the girls are jealous and don't want to rescue her or something. Kirito thought it was a trap because of his experience in playing a lot of VRMMORPG games. Yo! Secre here! Danial had to go because he is in a little bad mood at the moment.He really feel horrible for doing this but let's give him time to clear his mind,okay? Let's continue!

I think,the author decided to make a little change in SAO because in previous season and previous arc,all have life threatening scenarios.So,maybe he decided to try something out and make it in only in game environment. So far,I like the arc and I think there will be more about the NPC that they rescued because we saw her in the opening- It's her,right? I think...I need to pay more attention to the opening! ><

Overall,the episode is okay and I can't wait to see them fight that Giant King, Thyrme? Thryme? What's up with this names?! LOL,anyway that is it for this review.I hope you guys liked it and liked the episode as well! I'll see you guys in the next post so,take care and have a great day!!^^/

Monday, October 27, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.30/205) Celestial Spirits Arc!!

Hello,everyone! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual,just woke up at 3:00 PM.Very normal and healthy! Actually,no don't do that.Do something like outdoor activities and enjoy youth.That make me sounded like an old man and I don't care.Also,I'm sorry for the late review.I thought of making it last night but was very into Prince of Tennis.I'm on episode 32,I think and I like it! I watched some of the episodes on TV when I was a kid,so it brings back some memories~!

I'll make a review about that anime when I reached a hundred episode because I feel like making a lot of Anime Episode might make you guys bored especially that the anime has a lot of episodes and it's already completed.Unless you guys don't know,Prince of Tennis is a sport anime so,if you don't like sports or sports animes that anime isn't for you.Now,without further ado let's start the review!

So,I'm guessing this is a filler arc but correct me if I'm wrong. And so far,I liked this arc and I really didn't see that coming when Lucy's spirits turned evily or should I say all the 12 Golden Gates spirits turned evil. Do you guys see a guy wearing a straw hat? I really thought that was Luffy and thought that was a crossover episode between One Piece and Fairy Tail,how dope would that be,huh guys? By the way,did you guys notice that Virgo makes this weird noises whens he attack Lucy? It was pretty funny!

I couldn't say more in this episode but I can't wait for the next episode and learn more what happened to Lucy's spirits and what are their motives? Maybe take over the human world so that no one would control them or something like that? I also like the part when Gray talked to Erza about her clothes and Erza said the same to Gray. The fight between Natsu and Shogun Loke was pretty awesome,I called him shogun because he looks like one with that armor. The designs of the bad spirits was also cool,a lot of changes and some are funny ones and some are like their alter selves. Anyway,the episode was okay as an introduction of the new arc and I can't wait to watch more.

That is it for this review,I hope you guys liked this review and the episode.I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a good day!^^/

Monday, October 20, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 16) Akame Vs. Kurome! And Susanoo's Secret Technique!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm as usual just a little tired as I just woke up and all. As I said yesterday,I will let Secre handle this review so,I hope you guys enjoy this review and the episode!^^/

Hello,everyone! How are you guys doing? Well,enough dilly dally and let's get with the review,shall we? So,the battle continued between between Night Raid and Kurome's team continued. We also get to see more of Kurome's toys or zombies which is kinda messed up especially that the fact she brought her childhood friend back to life.I know you want to be with them but gotta let it go, no Frozen joke intended.Maybe intended,slightly intended.

I was also surprised when Leone got her left arm cut off by Kurome and I thought that exact moment she's gonna get killed by her.I'm glad she didn't though because I don't wanna see anymore deaths from Night Raid. I also don't want that Bols guy to die too since he has a wife and daughter. I don't really care about Kurome so please,kill her quick,lol XD I was joking so please calm down,Kurome fans^^"/

And the battle between Najenda and the former general from the capital was kinda cool and I was surprised when his body sent flying towards the Mega Danger Beast's flames and got completely incinerated. Susanoo's secret technique is pretty awesome as well and he looked so badass in that form! I wonder if he could take on Esdeath in that form,we'll see~ And I guess Tatsumi will fight Wave in the next episode or maybe not since he was sent flying by Susanoo,that's a super home run! Let the crowd do the Wave for Susanoo~! Get it? Wave and the wave that crowds usually do in a stadium or at a concert? No? Okay... Overall,the episode is decent,it's okay because there are just a lot of action going on and kinda slow paced.I don't know but what do you guys think of the episode?

Anyway,that is it for this review! I hope you guys enjoyed the review and maybe enjoyed the episode. I'll see you guys next time so be sure to take care of yourself! Have a great day,everyone! :)

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 15) Long Explanation Of A Big Quest!

Hello again,everyone! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? I'm fine as usual and as you guys figured,I just finished watching the new episode of SAO. And it's almost 3:00 AM here and so far so good.Which means I might make a review of the new episode of Akame Ga Kill! I'm still deciding either I should make a review of it or Secre should do it.I think I will let her do it since I already made like two anime reviews and two anime episode reviews including this one. Well enough of my babbling and let's get on with the review!

So,it seems it wasn't just Fair Tail that just got new opening and ending songs in the new episode but SAO too? And I must say that the opening was pretty epic and the song was okay and the same goes to the ending which is not as epic as the opening. So,Kirito plays ALO with his friends and his days continue as usual.I though they would make him play another game in this arc but maybe they did the right decision on making the next arc in ALO because the game has updated a lot and there are new features,weapons and etc.

But I was kind of disappointed that the episode started of with that Excalibur quest.To me,they wasted a lot of time in this episode by they getting ready for the quest and that long explanation about the monsters and the king of monsters and Caliburn and such. I don't know if my brain was slowly processing during the explanation but it was boring to me. However despite all that,I'm still looking forward to the next episode and hope there will be more action and hope that they move their pace a little faster than this episode.

What do I think about the episode and what I like in this episode,I think I only like the funny scene at the beginning of the episode when Sugu and Kirito talk about Tonkii.I also liked the opening and I will give my opinion on the ending next time as I didn't watch it at all. Anyway,let me know what do you guys think of the episode and I'm sorry if the review wasn't really that entertaining.This is it for the review so,I will see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day!!^^/

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.29/204) New Opening And Ending Songs And Fun With The Celestial Spirits!

Hello,everyone~! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and my day was good as usual too! I'm sorry for posting this a bit late, I was busy all day celebrating my mom's birthday and I was a little busy doings some chores and stuff. Also,if I able to do the SAO review,I will try but if I can't do it tonight, I will do it tomorrow with the Akame Ga Kill! review. Now,without further ado let's jump into this review!

Before the episode starts we get to see and listen,yes, we can see and listen at the same time! Isn't that awesome?! Wait,it was just me? So,you guys watch and listen at the same time before I can?! What is this sorcery?! Get it? Sorcery and this is Fairy Tail...and it's about magic? ...okay,I'll stop, So,first of all what do you guys think of the new opening and ending? Did it beat the previous opening and ending? To me,the previous opening was better but the new opening isn't half bad.However,I wasn't interested with the previous ending and the new ending is way better! To me that is...^^"

Anyway,judging from the opening, I think the next arc is coming soon or either it's a filler arc about the celestial spirits. Your guesses are as good as mine right now as I didn't read the manga and I'm glad that I didn't because I wanna watch the anime T^T So,I think the arc will start either the next episode or the episode after the next episode.That was a bit confusing... Anyway,the episode was just a filler about Lucy and Yukino repaying their spirits by granting their wish and thankfully,nothing fanservice scenes happened but the episode was hilarious.

I enjoyed the episode and I like the flashback of Aquarius and Lucy when she was a kid.Aquarius has kinda have a gentle or mother side in her despite of all the things she did to Lucy in the past.I love when I see characters getting along~! What did I like in this episode,basically just everything. The new opening and ending,the comedy and the story or a past of a certain character,Aquarius. And that is all for this review!

I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves in this review and the episode! I hope to see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!^^/

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Anime Review - Persona 4 The Animation

Hello and good morning,everyone~! How are you guys doing at this fine 3:17 AM morning? I'm fine, thanks and my day just got started and today is a special day as it is my mom's birthday! Anyway,I'm sorry if you guys expected a Fairy Tail review and SAO review. I will probably do them later when I'm free and the reason why was because I want to finish this anime first because I really love the anime and I thought I should make it ASAP. Fun fact, ASAP or asap is smoke in Malay~! Not the term but the meaning~! See? You can learn something in my blog! But it rarely happens though...

Before I get myself depressed and sit in a corner,let's get on with the review,shall we? As some of you guys know this anime is based off the game,Persona 4 Arena. I watched some gameplays of that game and because of that game,I was interested and watched the anime. I'm glad that I chose to watch this anime because it had some good laughs,cool fight scenes,tear jerker scenes and some and a little ecchi scene. The anime is about a group of high school students trying to solve a case of mysterious murders and trying to find the truth about it.

They are, Yu, Chie, Yosuke, Kanji, Yukiko, Teddie, Rise and Naoto. They all have personas to use to fight the shadows in the TV world. I think I'll tell you guys just that and let you guys watch yourself. And don't worry,the anime has 25 episodes so,you should have time to watch it.Go watch it now. NOW! I'm just kidding,please don't hurt me! T^T I would really like to buy the game when I got my PS3 because the anime really reminded me of Digimon for some reason. Maybe because of the different worlds and the Personas?

Anyway,there is not a second season of this anime but they made another anime after this one. It's Persona 4 The Golden Animation. The story is the same but they added another character in the story.It has 12 episodes and I'm watching the first episode right now. So far so good and I understand why some hate it because it's the same and not much difference with the previous one. Well,they said that but I started watching it myself so,I don't know yet but I will make a review about it when I'm done watching it. Overall,I love the anime.The art work was great,the characters were unique and interesting,the comedy was hilarious,the music was great and I love the ending!

So,I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day! I'll make the Fairy Tail and SAO reviews later so,keep a lookout! See you guys later!^^/

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Anime Review - Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Hey,guys~! How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual and it has been awhile since I make an anime review because I make a lot of episode reviews and anime talks. I think I will make more anime review soon but it might be awhile because I have a big exam coming up and I have to study hard especially math....math... Anyway,enough about me and let's get this review started because it's all about this anime and not me and my exam.Let's go!

I heard about this anime from a friend who is a blogger too and he made a review about this animes in this past summer which included this anime and he also makes movie reviews so,if you guys are interested here is the link to his blog :J And J Productions .I started watching this anime yesterday and this anime made me laughing so hard. I laughed at all episodes and I really had a good time with this anime and it made me feel towards the characters like, I will feel sorry for them or I think they are cute,something like that.

Let me explain what is this anime about. The anime is about a 16 year-old high school girl named, Sakura. She's cute,energetic and funny character and she falls in love with Nozaki,a manga artist who really cares about his hobby almost more than anything.In the anime you will meet more characters that are very funny and interesting. Throughout the anime,you will watch as Sakura keeps trying to confess to Nozaki and help with his manga and crazy adventure with other characters in their high school lives. The anime has 12 episodes and so far,I saw one episode special so,if you guys are down and want something to cheer you up,watch this anime and it will make your frown upside down.

I love the artwork,the soundtracks and the story. I wish there are more episodes but I guess it's better to end it there because not all anime should continue because their endings are already perfect. Also,some of the soundtracks reminded me of Clannad for some reason.I don't know if the same company that made the music for Clannad made some music in this anime too but if it is,it's awesome! Overall,I love the anime,the characters,the music and the artwork. And I feel sorry for Sakura at the last episode but at least she is happy,right? T^T

Anyway,that is it for this anime review! I hope you guys liked it and liked the anime.If you already watched the anime,what is your favorite scene? My favorite scene was the scene of Sakura and Nozaki at the last episode.That is beautiful and touching. I'll be on my way now so,I'll see you guys later! Take care and have a great day!! ^^/

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 15) Swimsuits And The Storm Has Begun!

Hey,guys and how are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and I'm a little hungry but to top it all that,I'm fine as a horse. I don't know why people say that but let's just roll with it... I'm really hype since this evening and I don't know why,I was being silly and goofy and it looks like I'm still hype even though I just took a break from studying because I have a huge exam on 3rd of November and I need to do my best to stay sane and for the sake of my loved ones! Life is like an anime sometimes,lol XD Anyway,let's get on with the review and for you guys,read it. And for me,type while suffer from hunger! Actually,lemme take five...Sorry!

Okay,I'm back! So,in this episode, Night Raid are going to assassinate a leader from the religious group or his assistant. I don't know if I was slow when Najenda explained the plan or my brain was very tired after all that studying. Anyway,they decided to take care of the Jaegers first. And you all know why they make Wave sent flying like that. I think they want him and Tatsumi fight later which will be epic.I think they made the right choice to do that because you got to save the best for last.

And Kurome's Imperial Arm was awesome.It's pretty badass when she resurrected the huge Danger Beast like that and the skeleton of the beast was very epic! It reminded me of Digimon, when Greymon turn into a skeleton of himself and I don't know what his name was. I like how they make a scene for fan service for nothing like being a decoy or something. I thought they wore swimsuits so that the enemy attract to them. And it was funny how Lubback say 'Gay',no offence but the way he said it was funny.

And I'm sorry if you guys annoyed when I said whenever this little twerp shows up but, Seryu is so cray cray that I literally hate her. I know I should chill but damn,she's a psycho! Acting all cute with that little puppy and that little 'Teehee' expression... Mine! Make sure to make your shots count! Not like when you missed a shot on Kurome! Also,don't die. What I like in this episode, the funny scenes,the progression and maybe the fan service because it was a little funny. I'm hoping for Tatsumi Vs. Wave on the next episode or him against Esdeath. Anyway,that is it for this review. I hope you guys were entertained by this review and the episode!

I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!^^/


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Anime Talk : Sword Art Online II - New Arc Coming Soon?!

Hello again,guys~! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? I feel a little better now and I hope you guys like Secre's review on the new episode of Fairy Tail.I'm sorry that I didn't do it instead and I hope you guys aren't mad at me^^"/ Anyway,let's get on with this anime talk,okay? And I think this will be a short one. So,I was going to watch a new episode of SAO but when I get to the anime site,there aren't any new episodes but a preview of the next episode which will be released on next Saturday.And it looks like we're gonna meet a new character and watch another arc of another game. I watched the preview and it was pretty epic and I can't wait.

I saw some people angry about no episode today and to be honest,I would felt the same.But after I watched that preview,it makes up for it and I gladly wait for it. Well,I think that is it and damn,this post is short! XD Anyway,what do you guys expect from the new arc and the new character? Is it gonna be epic or no? Well,I can't wait for it and to see what kind of game will Kirito play next.

Well,I think that is it for this extremely short anime talk.I'll see you guys next time so,have a great day and take care,okay?! ^^/


Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.28/203) Bisca's Past And The Wild Wild (Kinda) West!

Hello,everyone~! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual until just now.I'm a little angry right now and I don't want to talk about it here because I don't want to make you guys feel down or feel angry with me,you know what I mean? If you're happy right now or not happy and just sad,I could make it worst by telling you what happened and don't worry,it's nothing major. I just don't want to ruin you guys' day and your mood.So,enough about that and let's get this review started! Also,I think I will have Secre take over because I don't feel of reviewing this episode right now.

Hello again,everyone. I hope you guys are well and having a good day.Well,enough with the intro or whatever the hell you call that,sorry. Let's just get on with the review with the fist of a Fire Dragon!! Today's episode is another filler and it is also about Bisca's past and how did she and Erza met each other. At first,I thought this episode is going to be an episode of Fairy Tail members challenge each other in playing billiards. I'm glad they didn't do that because it would be kinda funny and boring.

I didn't expect that flashback was very distant when Erza looked at one of the billiards balls.They should put a little text on the screen and said 10 years ago or something because you would've let your audience or viewers just watching the episode with a little but confused. The scene when I found out that the flashback was very distant was when I saw Lucy wearing her old outfit. The episode has some twists in it and I like it.And I'm glad there weren't a lot of fanservice because that is the least of my worries. When I saw the younger version of Bisca,I really didn't thought it was her because again,I don't know how far was the flashback.

As you all know,there aren't a lot of actions but there are a lot of funny moments of Erza when she ties to play billiards and confronted Bisca. The bunny suit really looks good on her but why did she wear it for playing billiards? XD Overall,I like the episode and Danial likes it too.He said the episode make him feel a little better. And I'm sure that a lot of people don't really like these filler episodes that much because they want the action and the next arc. I don't really mind with filler arcs or filler episodes.Sometimes,you need to lay off from the original story and just have fun.

Well,that is it for this episode and this review on this episode.Yes,episode-ception~! Haha,I hope you guys had a good time and entertained in this review and this episode.I'll see you guys next time so,have good day and take care!! :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Anime Talk : One Piece - Ep.547 [Queen Otohime And Fisher Tiger's Struggle!]

Hey,guys and welcome to another anime talk or anime rant.Maybe it's not a rant...I don't know and whatever. How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? I'm fine as usual but I feel a little tired because I slept late last night and I woke up early today.I hate it when that happens because it's making feel very tired and making me go to bed.I don't want to sleep till evening or something because that sucks.The feeling when you woke up was horrible,to me at least. Anyway,let's get on with the anime talk and today's topic is again,One Piece and the episode is in the Fishman Island Arc and it's about Queen Otohime and Fisher Tiger.

Again with what I said in the previous anime talk,I think the Fishman Island Arc is really related or about with the issues in the real world. I don't want to say what it is because I don't want to cause any trouble,I don't want to make mistakes which will cause misunderstanding and I think you guys know what I'm talking about in the Fishaman Island Arc.And no,there is no Illuminati or any secret organizations and scary theories! In this episode which is episode 547,I almost cried after Otohime got shot and her sons cried their eyes out as they stay right beside her.Especially, Fukaboshi or Fukoboshi,he's the eldest brother so,I kinda understand what he feels in terms of brother's burden or something like that.

I'm also impressed how hard working Queen Otohime and how funny when she cried after she slapped the robber and got drunk when she is live while giving an announcement to her people. She's really an interesting and funny character in that arc.And about Fisher Tiger,he surely suffered a lot and I kind of understand how he feels or everyone feels when (In One Piece world) getting slaves is okay but freeing them is not okay.It's like in our world and wow,this anime talk is pretty serious,huh? Sorry.

Overall,I love the arc so far and when Jimbei tells Luffy and the rest of his crew about the Sun Pirates and Fisher Tiger,I really though that Arlong was good in the past but it looks like he is still the same from then and now. By the way,is he dead? Or is he still around in the open sea? Searching an island so that he can take over and make the people his slave? Or he became old and always fishing,lol XD Anyway,I think that is it for this anime talk.I hope you guys entertained and thanks for reading this even though it's nothing much.Maybe you guys should give me a topic for the anime talk.

As always,I'll see you guys next time and have a great day,everyone~!!^^/ Even though it's Monday...

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 14) Tatsumi VS. Esdeath Soon?

Hello and good morning,everyone~! How are you guys doing today and wow~!! I just typed with only one hand while scratching my cheek with my other hand! Multi-tasking no Jutsu~!! Anyway,it's almost 4:00 AM here and I may go to bed after this because I can't stay up two nights in a row,right? I should stay up three nights in a row! HAHAHAHA!! I'm so hype right now and I don't know why,lol. Anyway,enough about me.It's about the review and we shall get into the review,swim in it and drink it,if possible. But make sure you can swim,okay? Especially you,Jimmy! Learn how to swim,dammit!

Now,let's dive in~!! There aren't a lot of action in this episode but at least we get to watch some Tatsumi x Esdeath moments in this episode and it was funny and a bit 'appealing' if you know what I mean. We also get to see and learn about Esdeath's past and her childhood which has a lot of killing and surviving. Her father is nice but the way they live and their belief is wrong but everyone can believe whatever they want so,I'll lay off on that. If Esdeath was from a female-only clan,it would be the same as Amazon Lily,right?

But we also don't know where she got her sadistic side,maybe from her mother? Maybe not since she got killed by a Danger Beast. And by the way,the amount of fanservice were shot through the roof in this episode.Probably not since there was only cleavage shots and 'jiggly jiggle'... Despite all the fanservice,I like the episode and I kinda like the fanservice but I wasn't paying much attention to them.And it seems there is going to be more and more fanservice as it goes but as long as that didn't disturb the story or anything then it's fine.

We also learned how she got her Imperial Arm. All this time,I though he was like Susanoo but if she was like him she would be like a little mindless but her personality is just like other humans.And turns out she drank blood of a Danger Beast from far up North.Not Kanye's son,the direction. Also (I said a lot of 'also' in this post,LOL XD) when Esdeath show her first appearance in the anime,I thought her Imperial Arm was her sword.Glad they show us what is her Imperial Arm in this episode. Overall,I like the episode,it was great and funny. I'm looking forward to the next episode and will Tatsumi fight Esdeath soon? What will her reaction be? I feel sorry for her since she just know how to love and all...

Anyway,that is it for this review.I hope you guys were entertained and like the episode.I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day~!!^^/

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 14) One Little Step!

Hello again,guys~! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? I'm doing fine as usual and I'm doing the most amazing thing ever in the whole world~! Doing nothing and watch some videos XD It's not that amazing but I know that you guys always do something cool like going outside and socialize...Yeah,I need to get out more often...Definitely.... Anyway! I don't know what else to say...Oh! Thanks to Secre for taking over the last review of SAO and Akame Ga Kill! She did a really good job and as a reward she can do whatever she wants. WOOOOOO!! Everything is great~! Cuz I'm on a vacation~! Leave a comment if you guys know the song that I just sang! Bye now~! She's really hyper when she's very excited^^

Anyway,without further ado let's get on with the review because that's how I do! That rhymed!! So,after the pedo bear got knocked by the boom box with a big BOOM! Get it? The radio was called a boom box and Sinon threw it at Shinkawa... The episode started with a big BOOM,eh? XD Okay,I'll stop. Sorry... By the way,I wonder if that syringe is real.Are there syringes like that in real life? I mean,we already advanced in technology and stuff so,I thought if that syringe is real but if not,they should make one because it looks cool~!

And finally,Death Gun got arrested and sent to medical something something. They should just sent them to an insane asylum or something and make a real life Outlast and make them run around,panting and scared! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Ahem,it's good to look up to your brother,Shinkawa-kun. Just don't look up to that insane Jason and Ogre Jr. ,okay? Good and it's a big no no to do that with girls,okay? You could get your family jewels destroyed so,be careful. Here's a candy,run along now...sucker... :) I'm being so creepy in this review and I'm so sorry! >.<

I like how Sinon keeps her attitude against Kirito the same way in the game and in real life.And it's funny when her schoolmates thought that Kirito is her boyfriend.That's the power of anime characters,ladies and gentlemen. It's very touching when Sinon confront with the woman who works as a counter at the post office and her daughter,Mizue (The cutest character in this anime,probably XD) She was so cute~! Overall,I love the episode episode.It has action,comedy and more. Well,that is it for this review. I'll see you guys next time and I hope you guys have a great weekend!! ^^/

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.27/202) Got trolled By Sting And A Frog's Journey!

Hey,guys~! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual,I just woke up and it was 5:00 PM XD I slept really late last night,I slept at 8:00 AM actually... I wasn't sleepy at that time and I was bored so I watch some One Piece.Also,I forgot to make this review yesterday (Saturday) which is the date that new episodes uploaded.And when I saw some reviews on SAO,I was confused because I thought yesterday was Wednesday for some reason and I though it was a special episode of SAO or something so,I go the anime site that I always go to and I was shocked and felt really stupid XD So,that is the reason why I make these reviews a little late. Maybe I was confused because I make the review of SAO pretty late before?

Anyway.Let's get on with the review and forget my rambling,shall we? XD I do ramble and talk nonsense a lot but at least that entertained you guys,right? No? Okay... In this episode of Fairy Tail which has no actions at all but I don't really mind because there are a lot of comedy in this episode and I love this episode because it' mainly about Sabertooth and Frosch. And I definitely got trolled by Sting when he orders everyone in his guild to take their clothes off. I was like, "What are you doing,Sting?! I thought you promised to Yukino that you wouldn't treat her like the former master did!". I really felt sorry for her and I thought Yukino was the only one who has to take off of her clothes but I didn't expect the rest of the members to do the same.

But when it turns out to be a pool party,my jaw literally dropped and I was laughing so hard! Dammit Sting! I'm still can't believe that Sting became the Master of the guild but I think he is suitable to be the master and he looks more like Natsu.Not by destroying everything in his way but just having fun with the guild members. And it was funny when Fairy Tail was having a pool party and got a day off. I thought Frosch got kidnapped but I didn't expect that he does not have sense of direction at all! He's like the Zoror in this anime! But more cute and less badass. And I like how they keep tailing Frosch till the end for nothing,LOL XD Also,what the hell is wrong with you,Ichiya?! XD Man,everyone is being crazy in this episode and all because of a cat! I'm glad they make an episode like this to give characters like Frosch some spotlight,you know what I mean?

Overall,of course I love the episode because it was so funny and how we learn a bit more about Frosch and get to see Sabertooth on their regular basis,I guess.Anyway,I think that is it for now.I don't know if this episode and the last episode was a filler and maybe next time we get back to the story and probably more action. I'll see you guys next time and have a great day,everyone~!! ^^/

Friday, October 3, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 13) Red String Of Fate~!

Hello again,everyone~! Secre again and I think I will be making this review by myself and let the boss have some slack.He's watching some videos at the moment and it's pretty late for him as well.I don't know how to make him go to bed early...maybe I should tie him on his bed with a big chain...and maybe I should knock him out first before I do that! Genius! Oh,anyway. How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? I'm fine as usual and I was wondering. If there is a mysterious place on Earth that you would go,where would it be? I would probably go anywhere that is mysterious because it's interesting and fun! Let me know in the comments,okay?

In this episode,new enemies started to appeared and attacking people and animals.They are some kind of new Danger Beasts that got controlled by someone who has an Imperial Arm. At the beginning of the episode,shows us the Jaegers team members.And I like how in this episode they make the Jaegers look like the good guys for a minute,making us think they are good.Just like when Danial talked in one of his anime talk about the War of The Best from One Piece,the author make us change sides for a bit so that we can look at different perspective or making us like the other characters.

My jaw literally dropped when Bols's wife and daughter came to visit him because he left his launch box! And Danial did the same too when he watched this episode,he couldn't believe that he has a beautiful wife and a very cute daughter.Surprise,surprise XD It's also heartwarming to see that and to see Wave and Kurome smiled at them. I'm glad that we learned a couple of characters' pasts in this episode and that is Bols and Lubback. I really didn't see that coming when he told Tatsumi that he used to be a wealthy child. And isn't Najenda a little older for him? I don't know and I don't mind at all. But the coincidence on meeting Esdeath on the mountain was pretty ridiculous,lol! I love Tatsumi's reactions when Esdeath appeared and tortured the monster.

I guess it really is fate,huh? You should be happy,Tatsumi! I ship them so much that I could ship Titanic! Overall,I love the episode and so does Danial.The funny and some fight scenes were okay but the funny scenes is number one! Haha,I'm looking forward to the next episode.Is Esdeath going to kidnap Tatsumi again? Or fight him? Either way,I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day,everyone~!! :)

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 13) Shinkawa-kun Is A Psycho!

Hello again,everybody~! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual just finished watch the new episode of SAO and I'm sorry for the late review,I would say that you guys can blame it all on Danial but it's not his fault this time. Unfortunately,he has this new and stupid family moved next to his house a while ago.And recently they have been causing some  disturbance that makes him get really angry and when he's angry he gets really tired and not in the mood in making any reviews. I'm sure he already explained this in his other blog but I let you guys know in case there are some who are wondering why. Anyway,enough about the stupidity of Danial's neighbor and let's get on with the review with a big kick to the kintama!

So,the episode continued off from the fight between Kirito and Death Gun who also known as 'Red-Eyed Zaza'. It's kind of a pretty cool name but I wouldn't use it when I'm playing a game,sorry. Also,I saw a picture of Death Gun's rapid attack and Asuna's rapid attack.They put both of them together and make a theory of Asuna is Death Gun.It was just a funny picture of comedy purposes. Anyway,it was kinda heartwarming and cute when Yui suggested Asuna to hold Kirito's hand when he was in a pinch during the fight. I was pretty surprised when Kirito cut him in half like that and when Death Gun's legs sent flying like that was kinda creepy.Suitable for Halloween though~

And when they want to end the BOB,I though they were gonna shoot themselves at the head but the grenade was way better! It was so funny and Sinon was very cute,smiling like that and hugged Kirito. And about Shinkawa...that stupid pervy pedo bear wannabe! Sinon should have just kicked him in the kintama and make a run for it! Or don't run away and keep kicking his kintama until it breaks! Characters like him,man... Reminded me of that guy,Asuna's ex-fiance or something.Both of their sanity are on the same level. I knew Shinkawa was bad all this time but poor Sinon,I wonder how she is after Kirito beat that idiot up. But I was surprised that he was one of Death Gun's partners or is he Death Gun's brother or something? Either way,they all twisted.

Overall,I like the episode.The comedy,the fight and the sudden attempts by Bakakawa. Dude,if you want a girl to be your girlfriend,don't rush like it's the end of the world.Take a chill pill,seriously! But I'm glad Sinon pushed him away. Anyway,I hope you guys liked the episode and of course this review as well. I hope you were entertained and I hope you guys are having a great day! See you guys next time and take care!! :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Anime Episodes Review : Kuroko No Basuke 2 (Ep.45 - 50) Looking Forward To The Third Season!!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual but I don't know if I should continue making this post because I hear a loud thunder outside and if I heard another one again,I have to turn off and unplug all the plugs,any electronic stuff before they got fried by the lightning... It happened once though and all went black and since then,whenever there is thunder we immediately turn off everything!

Anyway,enough with my nonsense.Let's talk about your nonsense- I mean,let's talk about you guys! Come on,say something. Anytime now... (Danial Kurosaki is forever alone... LOL) Fine! Be that way! I'll continue making this post and then watch some anime! Q_Q And Secre will make SAO review soon so keep your eyes peeled! B-baka! T_T

So,after the intense matches and training after the match between Seirin and Touou.They have to face Murasakibara's team,Yosen. The match was far more intense than Touou because there are a few people in the team that are two meters tall and a captain that looks like an least there is someone else who is like me... People said that I look like an adult... But thanks to that,I can watch 18+ movies without them knowing that I'm actually 17!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding~ Actually it happened one time but it was an accident so,yeah...

I like these episodes because of how hard they struggle and not giving up.Especially when Kiyoshi has to be benched and he was overwhelmed by his teammates.I almost cried at that part too because it's great to have friends like them and it really is heartwarming.And I always like the reaction of the opponents that Seirin faced when they didn't expect them to score,Kuroko's Misdirection and Kagami's abilities. And it is amazing how Kagami can get in to the Zone for the second time to defeat Murasakibara and that name is very long... Also,it's amazing to actually see someone who is tall and has long arms and legs.I know there are people like that in real life but I never seen them before and when I saw Murasakibara,it kinda made me jealous because everyone always said that I'm so tall.

But now,my friends are taller than me for some reason! Anyway,I was surprised when I watched the last episode for this season.I really didn't expect that and I think because of the match between Yosen and Seirin,it made me hype and made want to watch the next episode.I also can't wait to see them fight against Shutoku,Rakuzan and Kouji which is Midorima,Akashi and Kise. But there is no other episodes...yet! I red the comments and they said season three will be out next year on March. I don't know if it's true but I surely do hope so! Anyway,I think that is it for this episode.I hope you guys enjoyed my reviews so far and I hope you guys were entertained. Take care, everyone and have a great day!! ^^/