Monday, September 1, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 9) Rize's Fanboys And Black Star's Parrot!

Hey,everyone! How are you guys doing? I know that I made this review very late and I want to apologize because of that and I know that it must be annoying for me to make reviews very late and that I apologize a lot.I'll try to make myself better and post the reviews on time.As for this episode,I tried watching it on Saturday but my Internet was slow or the site was very slow and I didn't get to watch it.So,I decided to do it on Sunday but I was busy with some personal stuff and I wasn't really in the mood of making reviews that day. I thank you guys for reading my reviews despite of how late I post them and so,without further ado- is it ado or a do? ....Anyway,let's just get to the review!

Darn,I forgot the name of Kaneki's friend! I was just about to talk about him but I forgot his name! Now,I have to look it up.... T^T Hide! I knew his name was Hide! When I was thinking for his name,I though his name was Kida. Anyway,let's get on with it and sorry for not remembering his name. You know what? I'm not sorry! It's not my fault! I mean,he didn't get a lot of screen time in any of the episodes since he was injured! No wonder he look so sad in this episode. He probably depressed that he didn't get any screen time and didn't get to hangout with Kaneki and the others. Don't worry,Hide. Your time will come! Your time to shine will definitely come!

So,after all the feels from the last fight,everything started to get settle in and going back to normal. Hinami's disguise in the beginning of the episode was so,suspicious to me. The wig is a good touch and the same goes for the mask but I don't know,she looks like a mini thug! Hahaha... I don't know,it sounded better in my head. Basically,this episode is all about taking it easy and calm before the storm.Everyone is having a good time,joking around and all but the 11th ward aren't playing around.Maybe there is going to be a war either between 11th ward and the 20th ward or 11th ward and the Doves.

And finally in this episode we get to know about some pasts and that is Kaneki and Touka's past. How can he live by himself without any support from his parents? Touka's past was kind of not expected if you're looking at her from a different angle.One angle,you'll thought she has a bad past and maybe that is why she is so fearless. And if you look at the other angle,you will thought, "She must've a good past or at least had good childhood". But after we see his brother at the end of the episode,I think she may have bad memories from the past. I have a theory why her brother is in the 11th ward and being so fearless and a true ghoul image if you would say.

But I don't want to spoil anyone's fun so,let's just wait for the next episode and see what's going to happened.I'm guessing these guys that is looking for Rize doesn't know that she's dead and if they know that she's dead,are they talking about Kaneki since he has a part of Rize in him? And about Hide,I know that he know that Kaneki is a ghoul.We all know that but is he going to expose Kaneki to the Doves or decided to keep it as a secret forever. What I like in this episode,I like Amon's past when it was his first time to be Mado's partner and when he doesn't understand much about him.

I also like this episode because even though it is slow but the progression pace hasn't change,you know? What I mean is,this episode isn't just for the characters to enjoy and have a good time and relax and nothing change around them.Instead,they are having fun while the enemy are still plotting something and other ghouls are on the move.And I like the end of the episode when Touka's brother wants to meet her and I like these new characters,they seem quite interesting.Well,that is it for this episode review.I know it's not much but I hope I at least entertain you guys.I can't think straight for some reason.I'll see you guys next time and take care!^^/ P.S:Who likes a nickname Devil Ape? -_-