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Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul √A (Episode 6) DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 9000 PUSH UPS!!!

Hello,everyone~! Or should I say, "Hello again,everyone~!". Haha,how are you guys doing? Still good? Just eaten that delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Or that delicious Subway sandwich? What I'm trying to ask is have you guys eaten yet? XD I know,I'm trying too hard to be funny T^T No need to remind me that! T^T Oh,by the way. Remember long,long,long ago that I said about Persona 4 the Golden Animation is the same as the normal Persona 4? Well,it is not. The comments from the anime site that I watch anime were lies! T^T I'm near finishing it at the moment but when I finish watching it,expect an anime review about that!

Also,I have to almost re-watched the episode of Durarara!!x2 Shou for that review and I'm re-watching this episode of Tokyo Ghoul because I might forget some things in the episode.And I'm surely not gonna miss them. Anyway,let's start of the review! I was a little disappointed that we don't get to see much of Kaneki in this episode but more focused to Amon,Juzo and Akira. Which is fine because we can learn more about them and like I said many times,these characters are humans and they need rest.As for Kaneki,after he what happened at the Cochlea,he needs lots of rest. And he still can't control himself yet,maybe one of the ghouls from Aogiri will train him or something.

It was fun and I laughed watching the funny scenes from Anteiku with Nishiki and Roma, Akira being drunk and when Takizawa called his superior bastard XD That was so priceless! XD And last but not least was when Amon send Akira back to her apartment and maybe start to have dirty thoughts? I guess? XD And he started doing push ups at the balcony. But damn,almost eight thousand push ups? O_O Amon you are cray cray! In this episode,we get to see and learn more about Amon because he is always so serious,focused on work and of course disciplined. I was about to say that it was character development but of course,it's not character development.

By the way,that Big Madam person was really weird. No offence to those who behaved like that but this character is a little weirder than Blue Pegasus's guild master from Fairy Tail! I thought he was gonna do that to Kaneki but it was Juzo.And that place looks like the same place where Kaneki got kidnapped and has to fight from the previous season. Also,I thought that Shinohara guy was dead! I'm glad he didn't but it looks like Kaneki was just eating his armor or... Touka and Ayato's father...^^"

Anyway,that is all for this review! I hope you guys like the review! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!^^/

Anime Episode Review : Durarara!!x2 Shou (Episode 5) Izaya Is a Vlogger?! O_O

Hello,everyone~! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual just a little tired because it's a little hot in my room at the moment^^" My air conditioner broke a week ago and now,I'm just using my fan XD And of course,you guys probably see this coming but I'm sorry for the late review.I have no excuse for it and I'm planning on doing all the review today because tomorrow is my birthday and I want to relax on that day^^ (Although,I have been resting all this time XD) But yup,tomorrow I'm gonna turn 18! Anyways,let's get this review started and coming up next is Tokyo Ghoul! So,stay put or maybe not . Just read it when you have time,no worries XD

Anyway,let's get this review started! At the start of the episode,Izaya started recording himself in a vlogger kind of style.To those who don't know what is a vlogger or a vlog, it's a video blog and vlogger is of course, a video blogger. There are a lot of vloggers on YouTube with bog channels and small channels alike. Mostly recording some part of their lives while some just record what they are doing and just talk about stuff like me,a blogger who talks stuff on a blog. Once again,that was a long explanation XD Anyway,I like how they use that kind of style in this episode because it shows what is going on in the present time kind of thing.Such as vlogging or recording himself and that portrait recording style that sometimes saw when someone is recording using their phone.

I guess the word I'm trying to say is,they're putting some or one of the trends so far in our time in this episode which is a huge plus. I'm also glad that they are started to show some new characters in this episode such as Rokujo Chikage,that blonde girl biker that lure Celty into a trap and probably want to chop her head off.Just saying.Good thing she doesn't have a head,huh? Mmhmm.. And of course that psycho little cute girl who used a stun gun on the strongest man in Ikebukuro. Things just got better and better,huh?

That Rokujo guy reminded me a lot of Sanji from One Piece. He is a ladies man or pervert and he fights by just using his legs. Well,he did punched Shizuo once... Rokujo is cool and I like him and I don't want him to be one of the bad guy in this season. And why was the episode narrated by that brocon girl that works for Izaya?! She said 'Rubbish' a lot in this episode and keeps talking about her little brother! And Masaomi's warning,I wonder what is going to happen? Gang wars maybe? I'm sure you guys already know what happened since you already watched the recent episode^^"/

Anyway,I that is it for this review! I hope you guys liked this review even though it was late^^" I'll see you guys next tie so,take care and have a great day!!^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Kuroko no Basuke Season 3 (Episode 5) Emperor Eye! The Showdown Starts Now!!

Hello and good evening,everyone~!! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual especially after eating some mushroom soup and pizza! I was really hungry before and damn,I was like a zombie! XD So,how's the weekend, everyone? So far mine is so far so good and I was pretty lazy today.Sunday should be an official lazy day,lol XD I know that some people needed rest on the weekends and all but try to be a little bit active. Relaxing is fine but don't be lazy like me and why do I started giving advice at the start of this review? XD

Haha,anyways. Let's get this review started and I hope you guys enjoy yourselves! In this episode,is the continuation of the match between Shutoku and Rakuzan. And it looks like we got a glimpse or a full view on Akashi's power which is awesome but too OP, you know? XD I like how in animes that are related to anything in real life,they added some abilities to the characters. Some of the abilities looked not logical at all but they try to keep it as logic as they can which I don't mind at all and I think there are some logic behind Akashi's ability. And he is not a guy to mess around with.

I also liked the flashbacks about one of the upperclassmen in the Shutoku team,Miyaji. I like flashbacks like this because it gives the team more character and more familiar. Before,the only people we know much on was Midorima and Takao. So,I'm glad that they showed some flashbacks about their other team members. The flashbacks from Takao was great and touching. I wish I was active in sports and have good memories~! T^T Another thing,I liked in this anime and I think I already say about this but I like how when they're on the edge of losing and just losing hope on winning before their teammates smack them and cheered them on. That was awesome.

It was funny to see Midorima's expression when he got yelled at by Miyaji from the flashback and got smack on the head when he was down. Midorima was always serious and he is now has some development in his character such as bonding with his teammates- And I don't mean that kind of bonding! Get your mind out of the gutter,people! >.< Anyway,I cant wait to see the next episode to see more of the match and about Midorima and Takao's trump card. That is something exciting to see!

That is all for this review! I hope you guys liked both the anime and the review! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.44/219) Snow Globe of Memories!

Hello,guys and how are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual,feel a little hungry at the moment and I woke up late again today...Just because I finished school,how dare I to wake up late?! XD I guess it's fun for everyone else who are still school and all and let me tell you,it doesn't feel any different at all.Well,for me at least since I didn't go to school for a long time^^" Anyway,enough about me and let's talk about you guys for a minute. I was surprised with the amount of views I'm getting right now! You guys always blew my mind and I was surprised that the views from the previews Fairy Tail review is more than Tokyo Ghoul and Durarara!! 102 views to be exact! That is awesome!!

Thanks for reading my content from where I started and still reading them today.And to those who started reading my content,welcome! Also,I think I might have to continue doing this review later because I have to go out with my mother in a few minutes so,I apologize^^"/ Thank you again for reading my reviews and I love you guys! So,in this episode, I think we all expected there weren't a lot of action in this episode as it gets settled down from the Celestial Spirit Arc. I wonder what arc is coming up next but I think it will came in another two or three episodes like this one. I love episodes like this because it kinda shows us a 'Day in the life of' kind of thing.

And again,it makes us learn and bond more of the other characters and in this case it's Asuka-Chan~! I like that the episode focuses on her and that she wants to get something back for her parents. This episode is also fun because we get to see Asuka bosses Natsu around and plays with him.And there are some or a couple of NaLu moments in this episode XD And I think the fact that both Natsu and Lucy babysitting Asuka makes Natsu and Lucy a married couple with Asuka as their child.I don't know if the author did that on purpose but I'm sure the NaLu fans (I'm a NaLu fan as well^^"/) were very happy when they see them together.

I also like the part when Lucy used Aquarius so that she can become a fountain for awhile and she has to endure of all the marriage proposals around her XD To those who red the manga,I know you guys must be sad when you see Aquarius in this episode after what happened in the manga. I haven't read the manga yet but I have seen some pics about Aquarius. To those who are curious,read the manga.I think there are a lot of sad moments in there. Back to the anime! Have you guys thought about the sky pirates in this episode,reminded you of the sky pirates from One Piece? I forgot the name of the sky pirates from One Piece but it was similar to this sky pirates.

I don't mind if there are some characters that are similar to other anime.In fact,it is fun to see them because we all be like, "Oh hey,that character looks exactly like.....!" Don't you guys feel the same as well? And thus,I shall bring this review to a close! Thanks for reading my review and I hope you guys liked both the review and the episode! I'll see you guys next tie so, take care and have a great day!!^^/

That kiss though! XD Poor Happy! XD

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Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul √A (Episode 5) Kaneki On a Rampage!!

Hey,what's up, everyone~? How are you guy doing and what are you guys up to? I'm fine as usual just a little tired and I'm blogging and messaging my girlfriend at the moment. I might continue this review because it's very late now and I feel a little sleepy^^" By the way,I have an advice that I think you all should know,never eat while laughing at the same time..you'll get a stomach ache after a few minutes.You're welcome.. Haha,anyway. This episode was very chaotic and a bit mixed emotions because one,Inspector Hinazawa (The guy wearing the Arata armor that got killed by Ken.And I just found out that his name is actually Shinohara -_-) and Ayato's past.So,without further a do,let's get this party started,shall we? Well,it's not a party if I'm alone...I'm just kidding,I have you guys,right?!

At the start of the episode we get to see the one eyed ghoul twins,Kurona and Nashiro, fighting against their ex classmate or something like that,Rei or now known as Juzo. Juzo is a very unique character,I thought he was a ghoul like the twins but it seems that the twins weren't ghouls when they were young.And tell me truthfully,how many of you guys thought when the twins and her friend met Amon after class and their friend was being all shy,how many of you guys thought that she was gonna confessed to Amon? XD Because I thought she was gonna confessed or something,lol XD

Anyway,I think I like Juzo because of he's weird but in a good way and interesting.I wanna know his past and why is he acting like this. Also,know I know that a Kakuja is a stronger version of Kagune. Does that mean Kaneki is getting stronger and stronger? And Kakujas have sacs in a ghoul's body? They have weird bodies,man... I thought this episode Kaneki was gonna fight and go crazy on that Shachi guy.And Kaneki looks cool with his Kakuja and spider legged Kagune except for his new mask which looked similar to Ayato's mask which looked like a beak.

The mysterious Owl- Well,mysterious Owl to us but not to the Doves,makes another appearance! And he does not looked like an owl at all! It looked like one of the monsters from Ultraman! And Amon looked liked a train hit him and I can't blame him! First, he meets the priest ghoul who took care of him then he meets the twin ghouls and now,his fellow senpai Inspector was being eaten by Kaneki! Now,that's what it feels to be hit by a wrecking ball...with no one on it of course.. I can't wait to see the next episode because I wanna see what is going to happen to Kaneki and Ayato. It was sad when he remembers when his father red him and her sister a bedtime story. So sad T^T

And so,I shall bring this review to a close! I hope you guys liked this review and the episode! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!! ^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Durarara!!x2 Shou (Episode 4) Hot-Pot Party~!!

Hello,everyone and good evening~! If it's evening at where you at and good morning,afternoon and good night to those who are in those times of the day! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual just a little bit tired and so far my day is going well and normal as usual. I'm really glad that I get to do those reviews in almost one day and here is another review to add in the mix! And before I get started,I wanted to say thanks to my friend, Review Portal Network, for giving a shout out in his Durarara!! review! And if you're reading this,I will read your review soon since
I already watched the episode! Thanks again!

Now,let's get this review started...with a hot-pot! Hot pot parties looked so much fun,I wish I can attend or make a party like that with all my friends and family.It's such a warm moment and I mean literally,those hot-pots look so hot XD Anyway,this episode was so exciting and I like it to death. It really is Durarara and it really is back. Just hearing that soundtrack while chaos is going on just reminded me of the episodes from the last season. Durarara!! hasn't really change just like Ryugamine said and I know in some matters changes are good but in this case,it's kind of a good non-changeable thing if you know what I mean^^"/

Also,it was fun to watch Celty and the others in that goose chase with the bikers. And I like how Kadota just nonchalantly walked out of the van and just punched the ex members of the Yellow Scarves.And it is also fun when they all help Celty and Celty remembered how she met them and become a member of the Dollars. Only them knows that Ryugamine is the boss of the Dollars and some other people with that Aoba guy. And I just realized that I mentioned his name wrong in the last review >.< I don't remember if I already corrected it but I'm so sorry >.< I'm guessing that he will do something big just like Izaya said at the end.Something big is coming and I can't wait to watch it.

And was Ryugamine like that before? Liked to be in that chaotic situation? I remembered that he said his life was boring or something but was he like that in the last season? Darn,I'm so forgetful! I really should re-watching that previous season soon...^^" And that is all for this review! I hope you guys enjoyed the review and the episode! I'm starting to like the opening song for this season but the ending,I don't know how I feel about it yet because I haven't listened to it yet. I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!^^/

Anime Episode Review : Kuroko no Basuke Season 3 (Episode 4) Shutoku VS. Rakuzan!!

Hello again,guys~! How are you guys doing?! It's 3:42 AM here and my eyes are started to feel a little heavy but don't worry,I can endure it! I just hope that my mind and my brain is working perfectly otherwise this review will be very messy^^" Thanks for reading my content up till now,I don't know when I'm going to stop but I'm sure as heck that I won't.But if there is something that might happened and that I have to stop,I will let you guys know and I hope that I will always be in your memories^^/ Not always because you guys have a lot to go on in your lives,lol XD Never give up,stay strong and never let others bring you down! They're down there for a reason!

Let's start the review~!! So finally,we got to see Akashi's team in this episode and it looks like there are some interesting guys in Rakuzan. Three uncrowned kings and a member of the Generation of Miracles?! It's like a huge boss at the end of the last level! The final boss! I've been interested in Akashi- not in that kind of way! I meant I'm interested in his personality. How he reacts to things and communicate. I'm always like that whenever there is a badass character,I want to see him/her react to some little things and such. Do you guys know what I'm saying? No? Okay..

The match so far is geting pretty good since they are going all out,Shutoku at least. I'm glad that they involved more on the teammates in the teams.I know it was like that from the last two seasons but it's just cool to see them like that.I'ts like getting know to someone. Oh,by the way. The starting of the episode was great,huh? If you know what I mean~? XD Lol,I'm being so creepy right now. I'm also like the funny scenes in this episode because it lightens up the mood and all and I like that. It was funny when Riko yelled at Kagami and said, "Of all times, why are you boys synched up at such a time?!" XD

And it was also funny when Kagami keeps asking Aomine to play basketball with him one more time.And reminded him that he will just hold on to his shoes XD By the way,is it even possible to dribble that hard? I know that some moves or techniques such as Kuroko's shiny super pass thingy is not real but can someone dribble that hard? If there is someone who can dribble that hard,he or she is a superhuman.. O_O And that is all for this review! I hope you guys liked both the review and the episode! Have a great day and take care!^^/ P.S:I feel sorry for that white haired guy in the Rakuzan team XD No info about him at all XD And the voice actor for Akashi did voice acting on Orihara Izaya, Captain Levi and Trafalgar Law (I think >.<)

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.43/218) End Of Celestial Spirit Arc! *Grin*

Hello again,everybody~! What are you guys up to and how are you guys doing?! I hope you're doing great and doing something that is not...weird...A-Anyway,here I am again with another review of an episode of an anime! And if possible I will post two more reviews sooner or later so look out for that! It might fell on your head or something so, make sure you wear something to protect yourself.For example, the powerful mystery legendary Kabo Mask! With it's power of... making pumpkin juice flowing out from your hand...at least it is free,right?^^" And you can sell pumpkin juice for days! It's a win-win!! Okay,that is it of my nonsense rambling^^" Let's get on with the review,shall we?

At the start of the episode, Natsu and the others continued to beat (and maybe abuse?) the Celestial Spirit Beast! Seriously,I didn't expect that this episode was the end for this filler arc.I thought that the next episode might be the end for the filler. And again,as a reviewer I must say what is on my mind. I still don't feel the shivers running down my spine in this episode especially since they are defeating the Celestial Spirit Beast with that metal version of the new Fairy Tail them. I don't know either author lost his touch (Which I highly doubt it,I mean look at the recent chapters! >.<) or the sound quality was at fault.

The video player's sound quality was a bit bad but I got used to it anyways but that is besides the point here. The moment Erza makes her speech and the soundtrack started, a switch turned off inside me and I don't know why. It doesn't have the same exploding impact from the last season. What do you guys think? Do you feel the same as I do? I liked the episode and there are some scenes that I liked as well. One of them was when Natsu used that awesome technique after absorbed or eating that weird purple stuff,when everyone is alright,get to see Beardie again and see that grin! XD It has been awhile since we last saw that grin! XD

I like how every time Natsu or Gajeel or even other dragonslayers at this point can absorb another magic and use it as their own like Gajeel turned into Shadow Iron Dragonslayer and Natsu ate Etherion,the flame of guilt,the flame of a godslayer,the dark magic flame and now that purple energy.So badass! And I don't know why but I almost teared up when Lucy was so happy that her spirits are back to normal.And there were some NaLu scenes too! ;) And that is all for this review! I hope you guys enjoyed both the review and the episode! I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day!! ^^/

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul √A (Episode 5) Kaneki Is An Arrancar?! O_O

Hello,hello,hello~! How are you guys doing this fine and kinda late morning (midnight)? I'm fine as usual and my day was a little bit poopy but don't worry it wasn't all poop just a little poop. Eeewww,poop XP Okay,so! I'm sorry for the EXTREMELY late review. I was very stressed about some stuff at my end and I'm sure you guys gone through stress too. I mean,who doesn't? I was stressed on how useless I am and the fact that I can't do anything as a man. And what I meant by that is,the responsibility as the eldest son and being a man. It might sound ridiculous and believe me,I do think the same thing but I want to change and I guess I don't know how or what is my first step. Anyway,I hope you guys understand. You guys are awesome and I appreciate you guys for reading my content!

Let's start the review! The episode started with Amon and a priest ghoul who ran an orphanage years ago and took Amon in. I always wondered about that guy's past. The priest is twisted for sure and I thought he will linked more later in this season but maybe not. And by judging from this episode,I'm sure there are some ghoul fans that are always pay a billion percent of attention in animes including this one.And for example for what I'm trying to say is, the Cochlea is full of ghouls that are super strong,right? They could easily taken out the guards and make a run for it. And second, why the heck did Amon just stood there while Akira got her leg bit by that Jason's psycho apprentice?

Be in mind that the fact I'm talking about these doesn't mean I hate the anime or the season. It's how reviewers do,okay? For the ghouls in the Cochlea, unless there are some weak ghouls mixed in with the strong ghouls and on that note,it would be logical that they would taken out so easy by the guards and Doves. But the only strong ghoul I have seen so far (that is locked in Cochlea of course) is that Shachi Kamishiro dude that beaten up Kaneki. And damn,Rize is famous! Is it because of her beauty or her strength though? And it was cool so that there are different colors of are there (So far,I saw blue colored kagune...yay!^^"/

And I guess in this episode,we got some answers on why Kaneki left Anteiku and that is for to make himself stronger and to protect them.Also,that scene where Kaneki's kagunes turned into giant centipedes,it's cool and all and he looks more badass but I hate centipedes! >.< Another thing that I saw is Ayato's reaction towards the Dove guy's Arata quinque. I'm guessing it was made by Ayato's and Toka's father's kagune. Like how Mado used Hinami's parents' kagunes into a quinque. And that is all for this review! I hope you guys enjoyed this review and the episode! Let's look forward to Kaneki's fight against Shachi! I'll see you guys next time! Have a great day!!!! ^^/