Monday, January 11, 2016

Anime Review : GunGrave

Hello again, guys! Yup, I decided to post another anime review just for you guys! Now, most of you may haven't heard about this anime and to tell you the truth, I stumbled upon this anime on accident when I was trying to find some good anime to watch. And I must say, I love this anime! I love the action, the story, the violence? And some plot twists! If there was any! Because I already forgot and you guys better hope I don't mess this up! XD By the way, I forgot to tell you guys that there is an OVA of Kuroko no Basket and I think the title was, 'The Best Present Ever'? I'm not sure but look up for the OVA and I'm sure you'll find it- What? You guys already seen it? I was too late? Oh...sorry...

Gungrave by the way, is about a young lad and his friends. The young lad's name is Brandon, Brandon Heat. Is he hot? Yeah, I guess. I mean, he looks cool and he is the silent type so, to all the girls that love the silent type of guys, try checking this one out *wink* *wink* XD Oh my god, I'm being weird again XD This anime is a mafia anime so there will be a lot of shooting, dying, blood and a little bit of swearing I guess but that's just normal but to those who are young, better ask your parents to supervise, alright? Alright?! Good.

The anime was pretty thrilling and sometimes emotional about some scenes and I think there are about 50 episodes if I'm not mistaken. I really wish I have a really good memory so please leave a comment if you guys looked the anime up and saw how many the episodes are to let me know, okay?^^"/ The anime is mainly about a mafia organization which is where Brandon will join along with his friend and that organization is the Millenion. It's a pretty big organization and it has a very big reputation in the city for being I don't know, mafia like? Scary and powerful? I'm so bad at these...

I think that is it. I don't want to talk too much because I don't want to spoil anything and if you are wondering, this anime didn't just came out. I think it was aired in the 2000's and don't worry, the artwork is not that bad^^/ I hope you guys will give it a try and enjoy watching this anime. I'm sorry for cannot tell you any more detail but I don't know what else to tell you and I don't want to spoil you guys. I'll see you guys next time and have a great day, you guys! ^^/

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Anime Episode Review : Kuroko No Basuke Season 3 (Complete) The End? Or Will There Be Another Season?! And I'm Back!

Hey, guys! How are you guys doing today? I don't know if you guys are still having holidays right now but if you do, happy holidays! I know it has been awhile and I'm sorry but I have been really busy and have some personal problems. And while going through these problems, I think I will stop blogging soon but don't worry not real soon but maybe when I'm too busy until I have no time for anime. And also, if you guys have noticed, the music player is gone now and I don't know if some songs won't play before but the reason it's gone now because I enabled the HTTPS settings or something. It says some gadgets and other things will not work when enabled and this is supposed to make my blog or any links I put in is safe for you guys and take you guys to where I wanted you to go instead of someone send you to a malicious site.

Anyway, enough of that boring stuff! By the way, present Danial here! The first paragraph that you see up there was from my past self and since then I didn't wrote anything. I just started today. Right now. Yeah. 1/10/16 . 420 bla- Okay, I should stop myself before I go overboard and become the crazy me again! On to the review~!!

Okay, so! This season, haha man, I gotta tell ya. This season was awesome and in fact, I'm re-watching the anime again just for funzies and I just got into season three. I still couldn't believe that they only trained once which before season three and they have been fighting with all these monsters?! Props to the Seirin team, I mean dayuummm!! And Kagami unlocking the true zone?! That was awesome and freaking epic, man! I forgot what was the name was the zone but let's call it the true and universal zone, shall we? Because it looked so pretty and it looked like they played basketball in space.

The story and the time it took for it, the anticipation and the cliff hangers were great! I think I don't have any hate against this season or the whole anime in general but then again, I'm actually a chill dude so when someone said that a certain movie was lame, I would say that I like it. Which is bad as a reviewer but hey, I'm giving out my opinions, right?

Back to the review, the fight between Seirin and Rakuzan was intense and a little emotional when Akashi returned back to his normal self and become humble towards others. And another emotional scene for me was when Aomine realized that the person who guards the door of the true zone was actually Kuroko himself. It was like, instead of Kuroko defeating the Generation of Miracles with Kagami, he was really uniting them and make them open their eyes. And seeing Aomine let out some tears was just a plus to that.

The fight between Shutoku and Rakuzan was not intense but very meaningful and again, a little bit emotional for me when they lost and cried especially when Takao was about to cheer Midorima up but instead, he also cried. The fight between Seirin and Kaijo was awesome and it shows how strong Kaijo are and I like the scene when Kasamatsu said, "We are Kaijo, don't you dare underestimate us!" with his teammates behind him and that was a great shot!

I was really at the edge of my seat when they all trying to steal the ball and not letting the other team score in the Seirin VS Rakuzan match. And of course, Seirin won and I was so happy about that! What about you guys? What did you felt when you watched the last episode? And does that make you feel like they should make another season or just stop here? I don't mind for another season as long as the story is okay and that it has the same epicness, comedy, hard work and just basically from all three seasons!

And that is all for today! I'm sorry if I wrote weird, I guess I'm still rusty from not reviewing for a long time^^"/ But I hope you guys enjoyed and I hope you guys are having a great new year! I'll see you guys next time so, stay safe and have a great day, people!!!!