Friday, August 23, 2013

Anime Review - Mirai Nikki

Hey,what's up everyone^^ I know it has been awhile and I'm sorry,I've been a little busy and always forgot to make a new post in this blog.I've been thinking which anime I want to review and note that I'm still not good making reviews and I hope you guys understand every review I made.So,the anime I decided to pick is "Mirai Nikki" or "Future Diary".

Mirai Nikki is about a boy named Yukki,he has gotten into a game which you have to kill the other diary owners' diaries and become a "god".The god,Deus,create that game so that the winner take his place because he's dying and if he dies the world will be destroyed.In the game,Yuki is First and there are twelve other people besides him.

Another player named,Yuno or Second,has a crush on Yuki and doesn't want him to get hurt and wants him to be always be with her and love her.She will kill anyone who will get in her way and she doesn't feel anything when it come to killing people.The anime has only 26 episodes,it is kinda a bloody anime so if you don't like the kind of anime which has some violence and blood,I recommend you don't watch it but aside of all the killing and stuff the story is okay and it has some romantic moments and some touching moments.

To me I like the anime,it has a great story and it has some twists in the story which it is awesome.Different players in the game have different goals when they become a god and they have no other choice but to kill other players in order to achieve that goal.Watch it and after you finished watching it and you like the anime,go watch the recent OVA of Mirai Nikki.The tittle is "Mirai Nikki:Redial"

Well,that's it guys.Let me know if you like the anime and to those who just finished watching it,also let me know what do you think about this anime.I'll see you guys later and have a great day!^^//


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Anime Review - Nurarihyon no Mago

Hi,everyone today's another anime review is "Nurarihyon no Mago/Nurarihyon's Grandson".This anime is about Nura Rikuo,a boy that has 1/4 Yokai/Demon blood flowing in his veins.He lives with a lot of yokai in house with his grandfather and his mother.His grandfather is the oldest Nurarihyon in the family and he is the commander of the One Hundred Demons.Rikuo is the third heir to become the next commander,taking his grandfather's place but some demons doesn't agree of him being a demon at such a young age.

At first,Rikuo does not want to take his grandfather's place and he hates becoming a yokai but eventually he becomes the commander to protect his friends and his family.He considers the yokai at his house his family and doesn't want them to get hurt from other yokai clans that try to take away his clan's territory.

There's a second season for this anime "Nurarihyon no Mago:Sennen Makyou" watch it as Rikuo gets stronger and learn about his power more and know what happened to his father when he was killed.That is actually it guys and I want to apologize because this is shorter than the previous post.This is all I could remember and think of and I can't think anymore because its 4:47 am .

I'll show you the anime wallpaper as a sign of apology and tell me if you guys want me to put an anime wallpaper about what review I'm doing.So,I'll see you guys later.Bye!^^//


Anime Review - Soul Eater

Hi,guys today's another review is "Soul Eater".The anime has 52 episodes and the manga is still ongoing,it's new chapter comes out every month so if you guys have already watched the anime,go read the manga because it is getting more epic and full of awesomeness!^^

So,the anime Soul Eater is about a an academy of  Weapons and Meisters.The academy is Shibusen/DWMA,Death Weapon Meister Academy.The weapon and the meister are partners and have to collect Kishin Eggs.A Kishin Egg is a soul that has gone evil and will turn into a Kishin which is bad since the Kishin controls madness and will spread it around the world.A meister's job is to make his or her weapon eat 99 kishin eggs and a witch's soul to become a death scythe.A death scythe is the Shinigami/Lord Death's weapon because his soul wavelength can sync with any weapons but only to those who turned into a death scythe.

The main characters in this anime are Maka Albarn,Soul Eater,Black Star,Tsubaki,Death The Kid,Liz and Patty.Soul is Maka's weapon,Tsubaki is Black Star's weapon and Liz and Patty are Kid's weapons.Soul is a scythe,Tsubaki is a dark magic tool and Liz and Patty are twin pistols.Watch their adventures as a team,to defeat the Kishin and save the world from madness.

Well,that's it for the anime Soul Eater review.I'm sorry if it is too short but that's all I could think of and to avoid spoilers.So,wait for the next review and see you later guys!^^//


Anime Review - Death Note

Hi,guys and welcome to another anime review;"Death Note" and today I might make another two reviews because I haven't been posting for a long time and I'm so sorry^^" .Okay,Death Note is just like what the name means,its a notebook of death.You just simply right the person's name and remember the person's face.If you don't right the cause of death the person you wrote on the notebook will die of a heart attack.

Another feature of the notebook is that you can see the owner of the notebook which is a Shinigami/Death God and if you trade some of your lifespan with the shinigami,you'll get some of the shinigami's abilities.In the anime is about a high school boy named Light Yagami,he saw a Death Note fall from the sky into the school grounds.He picked it up and read the rules inside the Death Note.At first he thought it was just a prank and didn't believe it but he decided to try the Death Note by writing criminal's name.

When he killed the criminal,he was so shocked then he feels very happy and kills more criminals.Later,everyone feel very happy and safe because the criminals activities have decreased and they called Light,Kira.Then the E.C.P.O,some kind of police force,could not let this go any further so they decided to ask for help from the world's smartest and youngest detective and no,it's not Shinichi Kudo.It's L.L solved a lot of cases around the world,just watch the anime to see how cool he is.

Light started to work with L to capture Kira although L suspects that Light is Kira but Light is smart,he does a lot of stuff to prevent anyone know he is Kira but he finds out there's someone else knows that he is Kira and that someone has a Death Note.If you want to find out who is it,go watch the anime.Warning that there are a lot of death scenes so those who aren't interested or very young,please don't watch the anime^^

Well,that's it.I'll make another review soon so stay tuned and I'll see you guys later,bye!^^//


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Anime Review - Another

Hi,guys.Today's review is a horror anime "Another",be warn in this anime there's a lot of blood,a little violence so if you don't like violence and blood anime then don't watch it.In this anime,is about a certain third year classroom and what happens there is a phenomenon that all the students including the homeroom teacher will be killed unless they found a person from the classroom who was back from the dead.

The person who was back from the dead doesn't remember that he/she is already dead and so does the classmates.The phenomenon doesn't stop and does not disappear and I guess it will effect the person from the classroom and the people around them like families and friends they will meet the same fate by a horrible death.

The phenomenon will certainly bring chaos to the classmates of that class,in the anime before the ending all the classmates and the people around them start to kill each other,burn the place down and being crazy.The anime has two main characters I think,it's Misaki and Kouichi.

Find out more about this anime by watching it and another warning,it has a lot of death scenes,blood and violence so watch it with your own risk especially to the young readers if you want to watch it,wait until you're older.And I'm sorry guys if this is short besides the anime is short too,it has 12 episodes in it but still I want to apologize for posting a short anime review.

I'll see you later guys and have a nice day,Danial out ^^//


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Anime Reiview - Hunter x Hunter (1999)

Hi,readers^^Today's review is the old version of the anime "Hunter x Hunter" .In this anime is about a boy named Gon,being a hunter and searching his father who is currently adventuring somewhere and also a hunter.There different types of hunters,there are hunters goes around the world looking for treasure,hunters being paid to be someone's bodyguard and hunters that collecting herbs and making really delicious food.

In the anime,Gon starts his adventure when he turns 12 which is one of the terms to become a hunter,have to be 12 years old and above.He got new friends in his adventures,Leorio,Kurapika and Killua.Gone and his friends passed every test of becoming a hunter.Gon is a nice kid,making people around him like him and support him.

Later,after he passed all the exams,he,Leorio and Kurapica goes to Killua's home because Killua failed the final test because he killed one of the contestant and he was disqualified.Killua did that because of his older brother was manipulating him during his match with him.Despite of that,Gon,Leorio and Kurapika still believes in Killua and wants to meet him,to see if he's okay.Killua's family are famous assassins so getting into his house was pretty hard for them,they trained to become stronger and finally get to meet him.

After they leave Killua's home with him,they split up.Leorio wants to study hard for his medical school entrance exam while Kurapica goes training and finding out about the group that annihilate his clan while Gon and Killua are together and looking for some money by entering a tournament.

When they fought a lot of battles in the tournament,they realize that some contestants are strong by using some kind of power which is "Nen".Nen is a persons aura and use it for offence and defence,they learn it from a Nen master named Wing and his other student Zushi.Gon and Killua get more stronger and mastered the basics of Nen and knowing their own Nen nature.

As Gon and Killua finished training with Master Wing and Zushi,they go to Gon's home on Whale Island.At Gon's house they discovered more secrets about his father and in order to find him and get more clues,they have to go to a city and buy a game console and play a game called "Greed Island" .A game created by Gon's father and his friends.

Will Gon meet his father?Will he and Killua be okay in the game?Go watch the anime to find out^^ Oh,and the difference between the old Hunter X Hunter with the new one "Hunter X Hunter 2011" is that the art and graphics of the new one are better and more episodes than the old one but the story is the same.

Well,that's it for now guys and I'll see you guys later,bye!^^//


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Anime Review - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Hi,readers^^Today's review is one of the most epic anime I've ever watched and that is "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann".It is a mecha anime where "Beastmen" I think that's what they call,forcing humans to live underground and never let them go back to the surface.The anime starts with a boy named Simon,known in his village "Simon The Digger" because he always digs underground with some villagers but he's more dedicated because he likes to dig using his drill.

Simon's parents died when the ground shakes because the Beastmen using the gunmen(The mechas),Simon only has his brother,Kamina.They both are close and Kamina always tried to go to the surface because his father went to the surface and never came back.Later then,one of the Gunman fall into Simon's village with a girl named Yoko fighting it.Simon found a small mecha and inserts a small drill key into it that he found when he was digging to activate it.He controls the mecha and fight the Gunman.Kamina named the small mecha Lagann,they adventure continues as they're fighting Gunmens and Kamina gets his own Gunman from the enemy and named it Gurren.

They also found out that Gurren and Lagann can combine and fought countless enemies.The combined mecha is Gurren Lagann.I don't want to tell you guys any further because I don't want to reveal anymore spoilers to those haven't watch it yet.Just watch it,watch their adventures as they struggle to fight the Beastmen and take back the surface where they're belong.Witness the epic battles,countless hardships and watch as they keep moving to the future.

Well,I guess that's it guys.Be sure to watch it,tell me what you guy's think about the anime and as always guys,I'll see you later.Bye!^^//


Friday, August 2, 2013

Anime Review - Danial Kurosaki's Anime List

Hi,readers and how are you doing today?^^I'm here and I want to show you guys my anime list,in this list is all the anime I have watched the whole episode.So,here it goes~

2.Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
3.Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou
4.Brave 10
6.Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
7.Death Note
8.Arcana Familia
9.Soul Eater
12.Clannad:After Story
13.Cuticle Detective Inaba-san
15.Hayate The Combat Butler
16.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
18.Hunter x Hunter(1999)
19.Mirai Nikki
22.Sword Art Online
23.Baka and Test

That's all that I could remember,everyone^^"Well,thanks for checking this out and bye,guys!^^//

Anime Review - Gintama

Hi,readers!^^ Today's review is "Gintama",Gintama is a Shounen Jump anime.This anime is full of comedy,parodies,epic fights and some sad moments.The main character in this anime is Sakata Gintoki,he also known as The White Demon,he is the leader of Yorozuya/Odd jobs.With only to workers,Kagura and Shinpachi and their hugs dog,Sadaharu.

In the anime they live in the land of samurai but was taken over by aliens/Amanto.There also a police force that take action in their own way,the police force is Shinsengumi.The characters that mostly appear in the anime is Hijikata(Same voice actor of Zoro in One Piece),Sougo,Kondo and Yamazaki.The Shinsengumi always try to capture a wanted person named,Katsura,Gintoki's friend.Katsura and Gintoki  with their other friends,Takasugi and Sakamoto,have fought side by side to fight the Amanto when they came to take over.However,Takasugi changed and became evil,all he thinks is destroy and kill.He wants to kill higher ups Amanto,those who are higher than the Shogun.

There a lot of other characters will show up after a new arc ends,there are about six arcs I guess and all of them are epic,funny and also very touching.

This anime maybe still ongoing,it has two movies.The second one came out in July,I think the title is "Gintama the movie:Yorozuya Forever" .I guess that's all,I'm sorry if it so short or you don't understand of the explanation^^" If you do please let me know so that I'll try my best to correct it and as always,bye guys!^^//


Anime Review - Bleach

Hi,readers^^ .Tonight I'm doing another anime review and it is "Bleach"! Bleach is one of the famous Shounen Jump anime,the anime ended maybe because it's almost where the manga is which need to prevent from happening.In this review,I want to apologize if my explanation doesn't make any sense or something and if I'm wrong in some point of the anime,please tell me in the comments^^ .

The anime is about a high school boy named,Kurosaki Ichigo.He is 15 years old,after timeskip he is 17 years old.Ichigo can see spirits since he was a little kid and he has been been helping them,visiting them and giving them souvenirs.One night,a female soul reaper/Shinigami named,Rukia,appeared in his room.She was surprised that he can see her and later on she begins to explain to him about hollows and spirits then a hollow attacked his house and take his youngest sister,Yuzu.

After that,Rukia and Ichigo try to save her but they both failed and Rukia was badly injured.She then turn him into a soul reaper by piercing him through his chest and so he turn into a soul reaper and defeat the hollow.Originally,Ichigo is a soul reaper and Rukia's power just awaken his power.Later in the story,Ichigo's friends can see hollows too,at first they don't but after their power slowly awakens,they can see hollows and fight them.

I was feeling depressed when they stop making the anime because this is the first anime I watched.I watched animes when I was a kid but at that I thought they were just cartoons so I think they don't count as my first anime I watched and I decided that Bleach is the first anime I watch.To those who haven't watched the anime yet,I recommend you watch it and those who stop watching it because it has too many fillers,try watching it again.

Well,that's all for this review.I'll see you guys later,bye!^^//


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Anime Review - Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Hi guys,Danial here^^Today's anime review is "Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou",its a comedy anime about the life of high school boys.The anime has only 12 episodes,all of them are funny and it is highly recommended by those who seek comedy anime.

In the anime,the epsiodes are random mostly of course about the life of high school boys.There are three main characters,Tadakuni,Hidenori and Yoshitake.Tadakuni's role in this anime is a straight man.Straight man is when someone is making a scene like a prank or something,the straight man will correct them,yell at them and use common sense.I don't know if my explanation makes any sense to you readers is so I apologize^^" .

At the end of the episodes,there will be a short episode about high school girls.Also have three main characters about three girls.I don't remember the names so go watch the anime!

I think that is all,I'm sorry if it is so short but that's all I know about the anime.So,bye readers!^^//


Anime Review - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Hi,readers!Another review for today and it is "Katekyo Hitman Reborn!" It means "Home Tutor Hitman Reborn!" .Its a Shounen Jump anime by Akira Amano,this anime is about a 15 year old boy named,Sawada Tsunayoshi who will become the next Vongola Family boss and his baby tutor Reborn.

Tsuna is just a normal boy who is not good at doing anything like always fail his tests,not good in physical education and other stuff.Reborn was sent to Japan by the ninth boss of the Vongola Family,he wants reborn to train Tsuna to become a boss since he is a boss candidate.As time goes by,he slowly uses the power of the Vongola Family to protect his friends and family.His friends are part of Tsuna's Family now because they are the Tenth's Guardians.The guardians are Hibari,Yamamoto,Gokudera,Lambo,Mukuro/Chrome and Ryohei.The guardians have powers based on the colour of their flames of resolutions.Red is storm,yellow is sun,blue is rain,green is lightning,purple is cloud and indigo is mist.While Tsuna's flame is orange,sky.

The Cloud Guardian is Hibari,always protect the school,doesn't like people crowded around him but he helps Tsuna in his own way.The Storm Guadian is Gokudera,Tsuna's right hand man,respects Tsuna,a hothead,have a stepsister named Bianchi also known as The Poison Scorpion and he looks out for his friends.The Rain Guardian is Yamamoto,an easy going person,likes baseball,a swordsman.The Sun Guardian is Ryohei,likes boxing,captain of the boxing club,have a sister named Kyoko(Tsuna's crush),his motto is "EXTREME!".The Lightning Guardian is Lambo,a 5 year old,a crybaby,like to fight with Reborn but always lose,from another family.The Mist Guardian is Mukuro and Chrome,Mukuro is currently held in a mafia prison but he sometimes takes over Chrome's body to protect her.Chrome owns Mukuro her life because Mukuro saved her from the brink of the death.

They all use their flames through Vongola Rings which is passed down through generation to generation.As there are 7 Vongola Rings there are also 7 pacifiers.The Pacifiers are attached to the Arcabaleno/The seven infants.Reborn is one of the arcabaleno,they all have been cursed by turned into babies and never age.

So,watch the anime to find out more about Tsuna and his friends's adventure and be sure to read the manga too.The anime have 203 episodes,let me know in the comments on what you think about the anime.Bye,guys!^^//