Thursday, July 30, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Durarara!!x2 Shou! (Episode 10) Things Building Up And A Depressed Shooter

Hello again, everyone! How are you guys doing?! I'm fine as usual and I should be going to bed right now but I couldn't decide to make this post first or just go to bed yet. It's already 3:24 in the morning, lol XD So, anyway I don't remember much about what happened in the last episode but as I recall in the last episode, things were still building up and there aren't anything else for me to review on. So, this review might be a little bit short and I will review the other two episodes in one post just like I did with Death Parade. Now, on with the show that is not a show but a review instead and you have to read it instead of watching it on YouTube! Unless they don't review this on YouTube...Yay, me :D

SO, most of the episode was explaining more about Akane, she wasn't a psycho little girl but a cute, kind hearted and poor girl. I guess it's kind of sad when you don't have real friends and they friends with you because of something else but if I were her though, I would just scare the bullies and be friends with the girl I saved from getting bullied. And Akane said she was afraid of confronting them to stop bullying. Don't be silly Akane-chan, most people older than you couldn't do that and I don't blame them because I'm in the same category so, don't hate yourselves! You're you and that is all matters! J-J-JUST DO IT!!!

I don't know what Izaya's up to but I'm envy by that slick and evil brain of his. Even though he is evil but dang, he is smart! He can make others do as he planned and all, and that is badass actually. Thankfully, there were no spoilers about Durarara!! in social media because I really want to know what is the big thing that Izaya talked about! I'm so excited and I just can hide it! DO IT! Kadota was pretty cool to deal with the boss of another gang for the sake of the Dollars. And man, gangs are kind of scary...haha... Anyway, I think that is all for now. I don't know what else to talk about in this episode because not a lot happened just a wild goose chase. And I hate goose but I like the episode.

Until next time! Have fun, live life, have a nice day and take care of yourselves!!!^^/

Shooter gets all the ladies! And the love of children. Poor Mikado... *Pats his back*

Anime Episode Review : Death Parade (Episode 11 & Final Episode) Chiyuki's Past And Arbiters

Hello, everyone! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine but I'm a little tired because I'm not use to wake up early in morning but today I had to because I had to wake my little brother up because he has to go to school T^T I think I will take a nap later on after my little brother's school is over. Nap is love, nap is life... So, anyway! I watched episode 11 yesterday and it was a little surprising to know about Chiyuki's life before she died and about her cause of death. And that is why you don't kill yourself! You will not be free but you feel regret forever! I know it is easy for me to say but my words are not wrong. You control your life, live it to the fullest before you die! So, anyway let's start with the review, shall! JUST DO IT!!! Man, that never gets old...

In this episode, it focuses on the two assistants of Arbiters. And it was kind of a low blow move for Ginti (I think that is his name, the Arbiter with the black cat, hot temper and badass looking) to send both his assistant and the guy to the void. And when he explained to her about the void like you will falling forever and stuff, I thought it was not that bad until he said that you will be despair and kept remembering about things you regretted. And that will be quite annoying. Falling down forever, yes. Keep remembering things I regret, hell no!

And what the hell is that old dude up to? What is he going to do? Send Chiyuki to the void or something or do something to Decim? Please don't do anything to, Decim... I have seen the spoilers of him in social media. Nothing dramatic he just cried and it was quite sad for me because he was such a cool and chill dude, you know? I think that is all for episode 11, I might forgotten some things in that episode because my head is blank right now from that amazing ending! Yeah, I just watched the last episode and it was so good! I will review it below!

Alright, let's begin with the last episode of the cool anime, Death Parade. In this episode, I thought the old guy would do something such as attacking Nona or Decim because they were violating the rules or something. And did he mentioned that he was a dummy as well in the past episodes? And by the way, the way he tilted his head while looking at Nona was pretty creepy. Like haunted cyborg that is going to kill you in your sleep creepy. Kind of like FNF, haha...

The episode was very pretty. I like the color of the evening when Decim deceived Chiyuki that she was back to the real world. And that music when Chiyuki remembered the people who were being judged by the past. I was thinking the same as Chiyuki but a little different. Chiyuki didn't want to press the button because the others also had people cared for them but instead of going back to life, they were being judged and moved on. But what I was thinking that it wasn't fair because she had this special opportunity to brought back to life and not them.

It was pretty sad to see her cry like that and when her mom was talking about her. I was a little angry at Decim for making all those illusions until he told Chiyuki his intentions, to get to know her better. I ship them both so much~! T^T In the end, Chiyuki was sent to the rebirth place where she will be reborn and seeing them both smiling at each other was so touching! And it was pretty funny when Decim tried to smile and Chiiyuki laughed at him. Oh, why do you have to end, Death Parade? I know that if you were longer, you would not have as much touchingness to the viewers and all and the ending was perfect but still! I feel like I missed them already! T^T So, anyway. If it's possible if you haven't watched the anime yet, go watch it. It is worth it. The art was great, the music was great, the characters were awesome and the story was great! I feel so sad and happy right now, lol XD

Haha, I'll see you guys next time so, take care and have a great day, everybody!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Death Parade (Episode 10) Baba Power! And Arbiter With Human Emotions!

Hello again,everybody! How are you guys doing what are you guys up to?! Well,thankfully the chest pain is slowly going away and I am back as my old self! I cannot say that I feel good as new because of some conditions right now such as I haven't showered yet which is embarrassing to tell you guys but hey,everything goes in conversations,right? No? Okay.. Anyway,we finally get to see what happened after that last episode and here it is! And without any ridiculous and unnecessary nonsense from me,let' get this review started!

Decim looked like- 3/15/15

Hey, guys! Me from the present here^^/ The past me stopped finishing this post because I had a headache and that was when I was a little busy with something  that I don't remember so, I will try to review this episode which is episode 10 on which I could remember. I think this was the episode when Chiyuki, the woman who became Decim's assistant, yelled at him for his judgement and in this episode she and the elder that was being judged, remembering their past by looking at their cards. The hints of Chiyuki's life was on the cards such as the Chavvot character and ice skating shoes. I don't know if this was considered spoilers but I'm sure some of you who just watched it have already figured it out.

And the old guy who claims himself as God, right? He said he was God, right? I don't remember XD I thought he was a cool old dude, man! And then he used his flowery hair and...sucking on that guy's face and red his memories or something. I wonder what he will do next? By the way, I think I will just review this episode in this post and I will review the other two episodes in another post. I don't want to make super long posts for you guys and I'm sorry if I did that but it's just the way I do, you know? Anyway, that is all for this episode! I hope you guys are fine and well. Keep chasing your dreams and as our pal Shea would say: MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!! DO IT!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul √A (Episode 11 & 12) Kaneki VS. Amon & Endure The Loss

Hello, everyone! It has been quite awhile. How are you guys doing and hows your day so far? I'm fine and my day was normal as always. And yes, I am back...again...I won't apologize because I don't want to annoy you guys by keep apologizing and stuff but I'm back again because I found another anime website that was suggested by my girlfriend and thankfully, the site was not bad at all. It was much better than the usual anime site that I use to watch because they put a lot more ads than before and it was pretty annoying.

I will finish watching Durarara!! and Kuroko no Basuke, I want to catch up with Fairy Tail and I'm kinda scared to watch the Tartarus Arc because if you guys who already red the manga, the things that happened and after that really made me torn a little XD It's kind of the first time I felt torn for an anime, I think but I felt so torn right now for some reason and I felt this for awhile since a couple of months back when I saw some spoilers in Tumblr...-_- But I don't blame them so whatever. Anyway, without further ado let's get this thing started already!

To me the episode was a little slow maybe because I haven't watched it for awhile and now when I just jumped in like this it looked slow to me. I liked the fight between Amon and Kaneki, because they both kind of represent humans and ghouls. Do you guys think they will continue the anime? Another season maybe? Where did Amon go? Did he ran away or something because he lost to Kaneki?

And by the way, I was glad the manager of Anteiku was still alive! Well, I don't if he is still alive now since I just watched episode 11 and I will be watching the last episode soon...And didn't he had a son and not a daughter?! She's pretty sexy too, I'll tell you that... I don't know, it's a little confusing but do you guys think I should red the manga? If possible I just want to watch the anime. I like manga as well but sometimes the pages won't load and you have to go to another manga site to read one specific page! -_- Anyway, I think that is all for episode 11. I know it's not much but that is all I can review to. I hope you guys hang tight for another episode review! Down below not another post...

Just finished watching episode's a lot of blood. And man, the ':re' at the end, that was a great touch. Is that a new Tokyo Ghoul manga or just a new volume or chapter? Now, I want to read the manga! >.< A lot of questions in the last episode, what happened to Kaneki? What did Amira The Badass Long Chin-san do to Kaneki? Manager, where the hell are you?

I like those kinds of ending because it makes us imagined or think what happened after that. Touka opened a coffee shop, :re, is she still with the other ghouls? Now, I feel more need to read the manga!!

It was nice and sad when Kaneki met Hide and when Hide died. For some reason, I imagined Hide asking Kaneki to eat him or something but that would be difficult for Kaneki. I mean, come on. He ate Jason and someone else I think and I'm sure he won't eat his friend so that he could live on inside him. Sounds a little bit yaoi but hey, I don't judge! I think that is it for this episode. The hype for the episode was so real, I still remember people keep posting about Kaneki and Hide, when he carried him to the CCG ( I kept calling them CGI for some reason...) Anyway, thank you all so much for reading this and the other posts when I was gone. You guys are awesome, remember that! Have a great day and be happy. JUST DO IT!!