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Anime Episode Review : Durarara!!x2 Shou (Episode 3) Psycho Monster Girl?! Review Gone Wrong...

Hello and good night,everyone~! How are you guys doing?! Welcome back once again to my blog of anime reviews~! Haha,I'm fine as usual and I already ate dinner so I'm full and happy and I want to add that I'm glad that I'm not hype right now because if I do,I might get a headache because today was a bit tiring..^^" Anyway,enough about me and let's get to the review! So,in this episode, we learn more about the mysterious serial killer, Hollywood which is not a mystery anymore because Shizuo's little brother, Yuhei is a detective! Who would've thought that he is a detective! I mean seriously,how did he find out? Just because he is good at making costumes?

And I guess before you get to go to Ikebukuro in Japan, make sure to write down on your note that some monsters in Ikebukuro have some screw loose in their brains. For example,the scene where Ruri is playing with one of her dumbbells or weights on the tip of her fingertips like that. She is crying and laughing at the same time but imagine if the dumbbell fell on her face? I wonder if they put it in the bloopers or something because that would be funny. Also,I think in this season they changing up a bit and what I meant by that is.At the starting of the episode,they will show what happened before what we see in the previous episode.In this case,we get to see what Shinra was doing before he was trapped in the black shadow ball. I'm so sorry for the long explanation XD

I don't mind about that at all.In fact,I think it's a bit better and it suits Durarara!! I'm also glad that they make other characters from the last season that didn't have much appearance than now such as Yuhei and Izaya's sisters because it makes us learn more about them and what their roles are. I don't know if they will soon be a big fight like in the last season when there was a fight in the Yellow Scarves (Kida's gang). Or any fights that affects the story. So,I can't wait for those fights to happen and watch how the story goes. I'm getting all over the place again!!!

Darn it,I don't know anymore. Overall,I love the episode and when I was watching the episode, I was like, "Damn,the episode went by too fast". I just don't know how to express my thoughts for now so,I will posts some pictures and maybe entertain you guys with them. Not THOSE kind of pictures! Scenes from the episodes kind of pictures!

Now,some funny pictures!

                           Remember this guy? He was one of the mafia that was in                                                                           Shinra's apartment and I noticed he makes this weird expression..

Nut Shot~!! Got Item: A Purse?

Kitty-san never lies!!

And now,the picture for this review. Thank you for reading this weird review...

Anime Episode Review : Kuroko no Basuke Season 3 (Episode 3) The Perfect Copy!!

Hello,everyone~! And good evening! How are you guys doing today? Well,I just woke up so,I feel a little bit tired and yeah,I woke up late again today^^"/ By the way,I think I figured out when the new episodes of this anime comes out and I think it's Saturdays. Which means I have to make three reviews on Saturdays and one review on Thursday which is Tokyo Ghoul √A. On Saturdays I will make reviews of Fairy Tail,Durarara!!x2 Shou and this anime, Kuroko no Basuke Season 3. I will review the new episode of Durarara!! soon because I have to go out in just a few minutes so,I don't have time to do that until I'm back.

Also,I hope you guys noticed some very little changes. Okay,a couple little changes in my blog. On the left side of my blog, I have putted up a pageview counter. I saw one of those from my friend's blog so,I thought why not put one just for fun? And I also changed the music in this blog as well as my other blog.Let me know if you guys liked the songs that I have putted in.The links are from YouTube so,if one of them doesn't work it means that the video has been down from YouTube. Furthermore, when you listen the music in my blog,the videos of those musics will appeared in your YouTube history so,make sure to check them out if you're interested.

So,in this episode we continued once again with the match of Kaijo and Fukuda Sogo. And by the way,guys, I'm back! I was out with my family for a while and I just got back! Back to the review,I liked and excited when I was watching this episode because this is usual for this anime. And that is for expecting a turn around for the losing team that we rooted for and for this case,Kaijo. Even though Kise has never entered the Zone but he has a very monster-like move. To be able to copy the Generation of Miracles. Which is quite invincible and to copy the invincible basketball players, you yourself, will become invincible as well. And for not making Kise too OP, Kise has a time limit for using the Generation of Miracles moves which is quite fair.

And the look of Haizaki's face was priceless,he was totally scared shitless! Excuse me for the language.. I like the situation that makes us think that Haizaki is a little bit better than Kise and his team is losing.But after the next episode,a complete turnaround. Because in situations like this we begin to think if Kaijo is really going to lose. And that is why I was excited in this episode. It's quite thrilling. I also liked the scene where Midorima,Akashi,Aomine and Murasakibara's aura is surrounded around Kise. And Kise was so badass for using Midorima and Murasakibara's moves. Of course, he didn't used Akashi's moves because the author wants to keep it a secret till Kuroko's team fights against Akashi's team.

The funny scene in this episode was after Aomine punched Haizaki XD He looked so badass for a minute and then he was like, "Okay,I knocked him out...Now what?" XD I also liked the flashbacks of Haizaki and Kuroko because I actually thought he was nice somewhere inside of him but I don't know. And that is it for the review! I'm sorry if I was all over the place! >.< I was out for a while and I forgot how to review well and my brain can't process it very well >.< But expect a better review for the Durarara!! review which I will do soon! I'll see you guys next time,take care and have a great day!!^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.42/217) Fighting The Celestial Spirit Beast!!

Hello and good night,everyone~! How are you guys doing? Hows your day going? I'm fine as usual and well,I didn't do much today because I woke up very late. Wanna know how late it was? More like four in the evening kind of late! XD I was very tired last night, I don't know why and I'm sure it is not because I slept at three in the morning. I was chatting with my girlfriend and then I was like headbutting my monitor XD I was really that sleepy! And it wasn't a good time to be sleepy because there was something important that my girlfriend and I talked about. but ain't gonna lie,I got some good sleep because of that XD What I meant was,I was so tired that it feels good to sleep.Nothing dirty or anything so,yeah. And why do I still telling you guys about my sleep or just what happened last night in general?! XD Let's get to the review already!

Alright, before I begin the review, I-  No, I'm not going to talk about my sleep or anything. Maybe next year,okay? Haha,okay seriously. I want to thank you guys because this blog has reached 5000+ pageviews! You guys have been going ham on that Tokyo Ghoul review and that,I thank you! Mad love! Okay,now onto the review! When the episode started,I was doubting myself because I'm trying to make sure that this is the new episode and that I didn't click in the previous episode. (Because I forgot what was the previous episode's number was...^^") So,I checked back on my blog and looked the episode number before I watched back the episode. I was still doubtful because they show what happened or explain to us again about the situation which took place in two previous episodes.

Of course,I was excited in this episode because the episode has started to get a little more intense,a big fight with the Celestial Spirit King a.k.a Beardie or Celestial Spirit Beast a.k.a Beardie. The Beast's form reminded me of those giant black (Don't think any dirty thing~!) figures from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The things that appeared when she is sad or something.  And it was funny how the Beast fights everyone with just pointing his finger. Imagine if that is the author XD And his power is whichever characters he pointed will end up with the other characters that were shipped by fans XD And I just noticed that I have been rambling for three paragraphs...sorry>.<"

Okay,overall review on the episode. I love the action.The comedy.The soundtracks they played in this episode during the fight scene.And I also liked the combined roar attack from the three Dragonslayers. I missed that technique and I love that technique! I can't for the next episode and I want to see what happens to Loke and the others. Will they help Natsu and the others fight the Celestial Spirit Beast? And thus that is all for the review! I'm sorry for all the useless and nonsense rambling throughout the review^^" I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!! ^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Kuroko no Basuke Season 3 (Episode 2) Kaijo VS. Fukuda Sogo!!

Hello again,everyone~! And welcome back to another episode review of Kuroko no Basuke the third season! I thought it was only episode one but nope, episode two is also out and released! Even though my hype energy is already depleted but that doesn't stop me from making a review on this episode! So,you guys are in for a treat. Three reviews in one day?! O_O Did we do the impossible?! I'm just rambling nonsense at this point so don't pay attention to what I just said just now^^"/ I'm still not quite sure yet about the date of the new episode that is going to be released. Let me check my calendar real quick...I just checked it and still not quite sure when. I'll figure it out soon so, don't worry about it! I'll do my best to post the review early like today!

So,in this episode. We get to see more background about that Haizaki guy and his skills. He has the same skill as Kise but slightly different and maybe better than Kise? But I'm sure things will go around and Kise will keep his promise that he made with Kagami that he will not lose and kick Haizaki's ass or butt. And he is way cooler when his hair was white or silver. But it looked like he doesn't change from the past till now. Also,it must be suck to be treated that way from your junior or should I say 'Kouhai'.

I don't know if Haizakis teammates can beat him up or not but I think they won't do that just because Haizaki is good. Even though he is such a jerk. Stealing Kise's first girlfriend and talked to her in front of him.And she didn't even cared! I guess she was all over appearance and not the person himself. And by the way,does Kasamatsu reminded of you guys of Eren? He looks just like him but their personalities are different because Kasamatsu is calm and is a responsible leader. Despite of all the hate towards Haizaki-san, I was happy to see some funny scenes when Hyuga and Riko got angry when watching Haizaki's behavior towards his teammates.

He sure is a handful. I wonder if he loses in the next episode,will he change and stop being a jerk like when Kuroko defeated Aomine? And I was surprised that Haizaki didn't cheat or anything. At least he is better than that jerk from Kirisaki Dai Ichi but at least the guy wasn't being a jerk towards his teammates. Anyway,I can't wait for the outcome of the match in the next episode. Overall,I liked the episode and it doesn't changed at all from the last seasons but I like when at the half of the episode, they showed the teams emblem and the team members. That is so cool and basketball-like!

That is it for this review! I hope you guys enjoyed both the episode and the review! I'll see you guys next time so, take care and have a great day!!^^/

P.S: The captain from Fukuda Sogo looks exactly like Tepei! O_O

Anime Episode Review : Kuroko no Basuke Season 3 (Episode 1) The Most Despicable Guy! And Hype!!

Hello,everyone and good evening! how are you guys doing today?! I'm fine as usual and I'm so hype right now because I just watched the first episode of the third season of Kuroko No Basuke! Or Basket... Let me explain how I know that the episode is already out. I was on Tumblr. and I was scrolling down and liked some posts until I saw a post about the first episode was already out! But before that, a few days ago I keep seeing a countdown for the new episode to aired or released. I forgot about the countdown and I was so surprised when the first episode is already out!

So at the starting of the episode,they continued off from their last match which was Yosen High. And the episode was a recap at first as they were interviewed by the reporters. I was glad that they didn't make the whole episode as a recap from the last season but if they do made the whole episode as a recap,I wouldn't mind at all because of my excitement for the new season! It feels good to see the team and the others again and it also seemed we're introduced to a despicable guy from the despicable land of despicables! That didn't made no sense what so ever...Anyway,introducing~ Shogo Byezaki- I mean Shogo Haizaki!

And guys,I think something is wrong with him... He tries to pick up a beautiful blonde named Alex and he thought picking up girls is that you have to really picking up girls! Just remind all the young ones out there, that is not how you pick up girls. They don't like it when they got picked up out of nowhere and they will make sure to kick at your only weakness. Also,it is funny that Alex get's a bit of the spotlight when two guys interested in her. That scene with Kise was so funny and Kagami's reaction was hilarious as well! XD

That is another thing that I missed from this anime and that is the comedy. This Haizaki guy is despicable but he looks interesting and I can't wait to see Kise kick his ass! Even though it is illegal to kick or punch a player when you're in the game. And I see that they won't show us Akashi's teammates for now and keep them in the shadows like that shadow guy from Detective Conan. Aaaand~! That is all for this review! I hope you guys enjoyed the episode and this review. And I noticed you guys were going crazy with the Tokyo Ghoul review that I just did! Thank you!!

I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!!^^/

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul √A (Episode 3) Kaneki Ate Jason?!

Hello and good morning,everybody~! It's 2:55 AM here and that is why I said good morning. But if I were in the same time zones as you guys, you guys would probably be sleeping and I will be talking by myself...and watch you sleeping~! Sorry,I didn't mean to be so- Hey,don't leave! Okay,I won't be creepy anymore! >.< Anyway, I'm sure you guys realize why I made this review a bit early. A friend of mine told me that the new episodes of Tokyo Ghoul came out on Thursday and I said, "Man,are you cray? It's Saturday!". Well,no I didn't said that but I said the new episodes are out on Saturdays.

Then, I checked to see if the new episode is already and it did. Thanks to my friend, Review Portal. And yes, he also makes reviews so if you guys want to check him out click in the link below. I will put the link under the picture! So,let the review begin! So,in this episode we got introduced to a new character off the bat. His name is Naki, who is Jason's underling but we all know he is Jason's fanboy. I mean,look at him. He is so weird and he acts like a little kid and I like him. He's kinda random and all but I'm looking forward to see his reaction when he knows what happened to Jason.

Now,just right before the last episode from the last season ended. Did we all see that Kaneki ate Jason? I thought he was just beating him to death. Did I missed something? I'm such a forgetful person... T^T I also like that they give and show some action at the start of the episode and also clear out something such as the two one-eyed ghouls are not from Aogiri. They are probably from another organization. Also,imagine super strong ghouls locked up at the facility that was shown in the episode,imagine if they all got out somehow. It would be like a real life J-Stars game! (The game where all or some of Shonen Jump characters in one game)

Seriously,it would be just utter chaos. And I was a little surprised that there are other organizations besides Aogiri and to me Aogiri is already a strong enough organization. And you're telling me there were and are more organizations like them?! On the side note, I'm glad that Kaneki's best friend is still on his side and still cares about him. And I think the author lady was that kid covered in bandages. Don't tell me that she will lead Aogiri and ambush Anteiku... But enough with the ghouls for now, let's talk about Suzuya's scythe though! The Juza's Jason! That quinque looks awesome! And it was kinda funny how he/she just sliced a bunch of quinque metal with no care of the world XD

And I think that is it for this review on this episode! I hope you guys liked the episode and this review! I'll see you guys next time so, take care and have a good day!! ^^/

My friend's blog:Review Portal  

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Anime Review : Barakamon

Hello and good morning,guys~! How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual just a little tired because I slept pretty late last night. I think I will take a nap after this. Anyway,I decided to watch this anime after I watch a video on YouTube. I think the video was "Funny Anime Scenes" or something like that. It looked interesting and pretty funny and that is the reason I started watching it. I really love the countryside in animes. It looked so beautiful and peaceful and I imagine that the countryside in Japan or any countryside in the world is the best.

Maybe because in the countryside,you have nothing to worry about and just enjoying life,you know? I also love the traditions that they do in the countryside which is very fun and interesting.In my country,we have a lot of villages and you could say that is our countryside.Or maybe it is...? I've never stayed or lived in any village before but I use to visit my grandmother who lives in a village. Our villages are always near rivers and always surrounded by forest.Well,it depends on the location,I guess.Anyway,before I get the review started let me tell you guys what is this anime about. It's about Handa Seishu, a talented calligrapher who went to an island to settle down after giving the gallery director a punch in the face.

He settles in with the people who live on the island and made some friends, Naru,Tama,Miwa,Hiro,Aki and many more. Watch the anime as we look at this city folk settles in and struggle in the countryside! This anime is pretty funny so if you want to have some laughs and have a great time,watch this anime. It only has 12 episodes. I like both the opening and the ending song. To me the ending song was perfect for every end of the episode because I like the calmness of the song which represents the countryside.

The animations in the ending was my favorite because again, it really fits the anime. The soundtracks are great and the characters are great as well. The voice actors and actresses did a really good job on the roles that they were given. To me,this anime is a 10/10 . I'm not really good at rating things so,you guys better see the anime yourself and rate it if you will. I don't want ot give you any spoilers so,I will bring this review to a close! Also,can you guys comment in this post or any post that I will upload in the future? I want to know what you guys think and I want to know if you guys even read my posts. Anyway,I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Durarara!!x2 Shou (Episode 2) New Durarara!! Chatroom?!!

Hello again,everyone~!! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and my day was okay- wait,I already told you guys how my day went and all. Why do I keep repeating myself? Why...? Oh,because that is my intro,hahahahaahahahah XD Anyway,why do I keep saying 'anyway'?! By the way,I forgot to tell you guys how surprised I am when I saw how many views on my previous Tokyo Ghoul review yesterday! There was a lot of views! I think it was 29 views! I know it doesn't seem a lot but to me that is a lot. Thank you for sticking with me and keep on reading my reviews even though some of them contain some lame jokes and less entertaining^^" Even though there are a lot of amazing reviewers in both blogger and YouTube! Thank you and I really appreciate it <3

Let's start the review,shall we?! In this episode,it made me really realize that Durarara!! is back. Seeing them chatting in the chatroom, Shizuo fights someone and other problems and just seeing all the characters back in action. I don't know why I felt that but let me know if you guys felt the same as well.Furthermore, (Yes! I use another word instead of 'anyway'!! XD) the episode was fun especially they rewind back and showed us what happened before what we saw in the last episode. Another thing that made me feel that Durarara!! is back, is that they show us who Sunohara and Ryugamine is a.k.a Saika and the founder of Dollars.

I always forgot the names of anime characters so,I apologize in advance! >< The two otakus (Erika and Walker. I just looked it up for their names in Google XD) were awesome,at least they weren't represent as two fat people wearing glasses. To me,these two are more suitable to represent us,otakus. I know that maybe some of them may look like that but chill,you could hurt their feelings and lost some fans. Another thing,I'm glad that the Orihara sisters make an appearance and will involve more in the anime. They make it more Durarara!! like because of their personalities and the fact that they are Izaya's sisters. I wonder what do they parents look like? o.O

And it was cool for Tsukiyama (Was that his name? ><) The guy who approach Ryugamine in this episode. And he is one lucky bastard for most of you guys out there XD I don't mind since I already have a girlfriend XD And what I meant by calling him a lucky bastard is that he got kissed by the Orihara sisters. And sorry for the language^^"/ I had to look up some of the characters' names in 'MyAnimeList'...  And that is all for today's review! I had a headache because I tried so far on finding their names! Now,I shall write them down on my Death Note! Just kidding but the headache part was not a joke so,see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day!!^^/

P.S:I wonder if the guys that made the Durarara!! chatroom will update it to this new one?
And yes,there is a Durarara!! chatroom,look it up,folks!^^/

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.41/216) Golden Wings Is a New Trend!!

Hello,everyone~! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and my day was okay but it was really hot though.Haven't felt that for awhile (Because I mostly spend my time indoors and the fact that it was raining almost everyday last year). By the way,it has been very hard for me to find pictures for the reviews. I haven't tried to get the picture by myself yet because whenever I paused the video player in the site that I watched,there will be a 'play' button on the screen. So,I get to cut the photo I wanted,there will be the 'play' button in it. Any ideas how to solve that?

Enough of that for now, and let's get on with the review! We finally got some action that we want in this episode and I'm glad that the fight in this battle is a 'race against time' kind of battle which will create some tension to both the characters and the viewers. I got to be honest,not that I'm complaining or anything but this fight didn't seem new to me and what I meant by that is,it didn't have much of a punch to us,the viewers. I like the fight but it feels like a normal fight,not a huge,overkill and in the end got a new move fight. You know what I'm saying,guys?

What do you guys think? Does it feel the same with the past fights in the anime? Or it feels slightly different from the other fights? Maybe after this filler,we get to watch an awesome fight because sometimes the fights from the original story is very epic and pack a punch. But at least there was a funny scene when Yukino summoned Deneb and ask him to destroy the globe XD He really did tried hard to destroyed that but it didn't seem to make damages on the globe XD I wonder what is his power though? o.O

Don't worry,Deneb. We don't judge your color^^/ There are black swans,right? So,cheer up! Just don't think what other people think,okay?^^" Also,I was happy when Erza ordered the others to destroy everything which is their specialty! XD I remembered every time they finished their missions,they end up destroying the town or basically anything XD Anyway,that is it for this review. I'm sorry that I didn't talk much or review much on the episode but I really do like the fight,it just felt different somehow. And by the way,has Natsu used that technique at the end, "Darkness Phoenix Blade" or something like that before? Or is it new because he absorbed some dark magic from when he fought Loke?

Anyway,that is it for now! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul √A (Episode 2) The Eyepatch, The Owl and The Aogiri

Hello,everyone~! How are you guys doing today?! I'm fine as always- wait,scratch that. I'm not quite okay because I'm having a headache at the moment. Maybe because I ate too much? Is that even possible?! I don't even... Anyway,what are you guys up to? And how is your day so far? Mine was fine,spent most of the day going out with my family. We didn't do anything special just sending my dad to the clinic, eat lunch (I ate a lot XD) and buy some stuff. And it looks like everyone,especially the Chinese, preparing for Chinese New Year!

I didn't know that they sell bamboos for that! Those bamboos look so awesome and beautiful! There were screw bamboos,straight bamboos and five stacks bamboos in one vase for good luck. And another thing... THE ENDING SONG FOR THIS SEASON OF TOKYO GHOUL IS AWESOME!! I skipped it after I finished watching the last episode but damn~! I really like these kind of music. Not too fast paced and the combination of the piano and the bass (Bass or base? o.O),I think, was awesome. Okay,I'm already fanboying about the song but maybe I will continue to fanboy it after the review. Anywho anyhow and anywhere, there weren't much of an action in this episode because everyone is trying to settle down after what happened in the last episode.

Like I always said,I don't mind this kind of episodes because they are necessary to have in anime. Or maybe not necessary but that's besides the point. It all depends on the setting of the story. I mean,of course you would take a break after an all out battle,right? Well,same goes to these characters. Kaneki and Ayato,still doing some action after what happened in the last episode? Well,they are strong and it looks like they didn't do much work. They were just walking around and sitting on rooftops like it was normal. What? It is normal? Since when? This is not a trend thing,right? Sitting under bridges is old school now?

And I'm glad that they put some funny scenes in this episode such as the parrot and Nishiki, Touka and her friend, and Amon with Mado's daughter, Akira, who appeared and introduced by us and their members in this episode. And it looks like Aogiri has a couple more ghouls that has one red eye. Or maybe more than just a couple. And I think because of the one red eyes alone,a few people my think that the ghouls are connected with the Illuminati. Well,let's hope not XD

And that is all for this review,I'll see you guys next time so, take care and have a great day!! ^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.40/215) Long Live The King

Hello,everyone and good evening! How are you guys doing? And how was your day going? I'm fine as usual and my day was okay as usual too! I didn't do anything out of the ordinary but I was pretty tired because I had to wake up early and send my little brother to school. My mom was pretty tired as well. But besides all that,we're okay! And my little brother seemed to be enjoying himself at school which is good news for us! Anyway,I started watching Blood Lad and I'm already two or three episodes in. Do you guys want me to make a review of the anime or the episodes? And so far,I like that anime. It's funny and unique and reminds me of Gintama! I heard the anime will be back but I don't know if it's true but if it is,this year has just went on another level of awesomeness. And I don't know what the level of awesomeness are but not knowing about it makes it more awesome,don't you think?

And God,that is a long intro! O_O My apologies..^^" Anyway,let's get on with the review before I started another one of my random rambling and before I said 'anyway' again. By the way,I'm actually quite happy for myself that I have finally caught up with the episodes! Now,no one can stop me!! Except my laziness... So,we started off the episode or the entire episode was full of Goku and Naruto's combined power: "Spirit Talk Bomb no Jutsu!" Well,at least it didn't took a few episodes before continuing the fight. And don't get me wrong,I liked both of those animes. Just thought it would be funny,that's all XD

And damn~! New opening song already?! Was that the cliffhanger from the last episode? Huh,Princess Hisui? You didn't want to spoil us,huh? As expected from a princess,mmhmm! And not only that! You also figured out who was the culprit of all this goose chase of craziness! You might be the next Lupin or Conan,Princess! "You're a detective, Hisui" *Talks like Hagrid* LOL XD I'm enjoying myself a lot in this post today! Okay back to the review. If I remember correctly,the Celestial King flee after Leo and the others causing havoc at the Celestial World,right? And he didn't change at all. Was that roar from this episode is him? Did he changed into some kind of evil,with dark magic and huge beast?

I was looking forward with some action in this episode but I wasn't disappointed at all. I like the scene when Natsu uses his magic which was infused with dark magic to help Lucy and Yukino. I also,liked when Princess Hisui connected the dots and figured everything out. And Arcadios wasn't bad either,he was quite good for someone who can't use magic.Overall,I liked the episode. It explained to us the situation,didn't confused us and was a good episode to make us sitting at the edge of our sits and making us can't wait for Natsu and the others fight against Ophiucus and the Celestial King! And that is all for this review today!

I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have an awesome day in this awesome year!!^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.39/214) Dragon VS. Lion!

Hello and good evening,minna-san~! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual,just finished eating dinner! And now,I'm stuffed and so lazy~!! Just kidding! Though this might be the last review for today because I want to play some games on NewGrounds to calm myself down. I'm a little angry with the neighbors around here and I don't want to tell you guys about it and ruining the fun. Now! Let's get on with the review,shall we?

So,the episode started with Natsu fighting against Loke until the end. And it seem that this episode was merely the calm before the storm. I'm sure you already and of course you know because you already watched the episode after this one,lol XD I'm guessing that the Liberum will be activated when all of the 12 Zodiac Celestial Spirits have been sealed. And I think the Serpent Bearer, Ophiucus (Yes! I got the name right this time!!) has given a role as an enchanter or the mage to activate the Liberum. And dang,she has a nice voice!

Since the episode was nothing more of the fight between Natsu and Loke,everyone unite with each other except Lucy, Yukino, Natsu,Wendy,Carla and Happy and Virgo and Libra getting struct by red lightning of punishment! For Virgo,that is. Maybe once they got struct by Liberum they will become stronger. But if they remain unseal than how can the Liberum activated? And what was Princess Hisui talking about? Of all things they gave us a cliffhanger?! I don't wanna hang at a cliff! I might fall, you know?! Damn,cliffhangers are dangerous!

I'm just playing around guys~! Haha,did you guys had fun too? No? Okay... Anyway,I like the episode.It was pretty decent but at least we know that something big is going to happen and it is coming! Pause! Although,the fight between Natsu and Loke wasn't bad. Wish it would be more flashier but maybe we get to see that and maybe get blind by that in the next episode!

And thus, I shall bring this review to a close! I hope you guys were entertained and like the review! I'll see you guys again later or tomorrow,in anyway,I'll see you guys next time!! Take care and have a great day!!^^/

Loke: Talk to the hand! *Smirk*

Anime Episode Review - Durarara!!x2 Shou (Episode 1) A Day In The Life of The Headless Rider, Celty!

Hello and good afternoon,you guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine and very excited because the second season of one of my favorite animes is already out! I didn't expect it to come out so soon! Pause? Anyway,last year I didn't check the date of the anime releases in this year so,I really caught myself off guard when I know it was already out! I was on NewGrounds this morning and looking at some art work.Then,I notice a guy posted his own art work of Durarara!! It was Shizuo picking up a vending machine with the anime wallpaper on the front of it and under it is the release date of the new season! I can't even type right at the moment!

Now,I'm waiting for the new season of Kuroko no Basket. They said the new season will be released in 15 days or something. These animes are the ones that I have been waiting for,that I wanted to watch so much! Also,let me know what new animes that you wanted me to do a review on. I thought of making a review on Blood Lad and maybe Barakamon soon. Anyway,let's get on with the review,shall we? The intro was very good,how Ryugamine was narrating  that the city hasn't changed and the same goes with the other characters and that it has already been half a year after the last season.

I can see that they have added more characters in the opening song and I can't wait to know what their roles are and who they are.Also,when I watched this episode,it reminds me a little bit of Gintama because of all the references that they are putting in such as Black Bullet, SAO 2 and I think Oreimo? And lots of more reference of other animes that I haven't watched yet. I remembered that in the last season,I saw a Spice and Wolf reference. I think there was more but I didn't notice some of them nor recognized them.

Even though there wasn't a lot going on besides of Celty being chased by that cop,the news and the Baka Bikers. You know,the bikers with white bikes chasing down Celty because she has 10 million yen on her headless head? Anyway,that is all that I'm going to review this episode. Let me know what you guys think of this episode! Are you excited just like I am? Is it going to be good? How will the story goes? I can't wait! Haha,I see you guys next time! Have a great day! Take care^^/


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul √A (Episode 1) Joining Aogiri

Hello again,everyone~! How are you guys doing?! And what are you guys up to? I'm fine as usual and I'm actually...gotta go to the toilet real quick...Be right back^^"/ Okay,I am back! Anyway,I just finished watching the first episode of this new season of this new anime which was one of the top animes in 2014. Although,this doesn't continue the previous story instead this is another story. An alternate version,I think. So,let me know what you guys think of this episode. Some said that this episode would be a good ending on the last season instead of the beginning of this season.

I kind of agree because it fits in well and all but I haven't read the manga yet to know how the original story was going so,I can't be the judge on that until maybe the next season if they decided to continue the last season's version of the story. And another thing,I don't think anyone will hate this episode.Few might not liking it but there was a lot of action going on,a bit of tension and pressure going on and I'm sure everyone was shocked when Kaneki walks away from Touka and joins Aogiri.

I think he joins them for a reason and I hope I'm right on that. And I think it has to do with whatever Ayato's secret is. That is his name,right? Touka's brother? Correct me if I'm wrong on that. And it seem that secret is very important. Maybe a ghoul that is reproducing more ghouls or something like that? Because Ayato really hates his dad but he didn't said anything about his mom. They were both ghouls,right? Let's leave that subject for now and let's talk about those Kakuja quinque. I had to look it up to see if I spelled it right,lol XD

Those new quinques looks awesome,it looks like a cool barbarian armor or something and it seems it is still a prototype. I wonder if it will get more stronger when they completed it. Those quinques were cool and the fight scene between the three guys from Anteiku (I don't remember their names! ><) against a member of Aogiri. The one that mends itself after his top part of his body was blown away. He looks strong and a bit weird. And you know that those kind of characters are usually strong and weird and has a very weird laugh. We also got introduced by two more characters. A clown and a guy. I think they are both ghouls and are a part of Aogiri.

Before I end this review,what do you guys think of this episode. Did you expect any of that to happened? Did you like it? I love it and it was cool when Kaneki orders Ayato to shut up when he is talking. He has become one cocky but certainly badass. At least he is not a jerk all the time. Anyway,I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!^^/

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 24 Final Episode) Farewell, Zekken

Hello,everyone and good evening! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as always,just got home from the clinic because my dad has to go there everyday. And it was raining heavily as well,I hope it would stop raining for a little bit so that the flood will stop soon. Anyway,I heard that the new season of Tokyo Ghoul is already out! Hell yeah! You know already that I will,make episode reviews about it! I need to think of either trying to figure out on how to type out that square root symbol or I should just put 'season 2' or 'Tokyo Ghoul 2'.

Before we get to the review,what do you guys think of this last episode? Did the feels train hit you (I'm sure most of you guys get it XD) or you're just like me. An emotionless human that has no soul T^T Yeah,I didn't cried at this episode but I almost did though. But I must say that everything in this episode was beautiful. The artwork,the music,the scenes and of course,the story. And some of you guys might remembered the professor that Yukki's doctor talked about. Kayaba's assistant,I think. I don't remember her at all so,I wasn't shocked just like Kirito when he heard her name and the fact that she gave the plans for the Medicuboids? I don't know,I was too busy a few minutes ago and my mind is all over the place.

Review mode on! Okay,to me nothing much happened in this episode but at the same time there was a lot going on such as,Yukki's last moments with everyone, everyone came to her when she is breathing her last breath and about the conditions of the members of the Sleeping Knights. I would say that this episode,in a nutshell or any kind of shells in this planet, is the final touch of the anime. "Well,duh,that's why it's the last episode,you idiot!WUHAHAhahgahgaggah" I know,maybe what I'm trying to say is. I like the final touches in this episode towards the story and that it might raise some questions in the end, "Will there be another season?" and if there will be another season,I'm guessing that Kayaba's assistant will make an appearance?

To me,this would make a good ending for the series but I still feel that,this isn't the end. It's not the true ending or something like that. Anyway,what do you guys think? Do you guys want another season? Or do you want it to end here? Either way,I shall bring this review to a close! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day,everybody!!!^^/

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Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.38/213) The Iron Cat Gajeel! And The New King of Celestial Spirits?!

Hello,guys and good evening to those who is in the same timezone as me.And good morning,good night and good afternoon to those who are in any of those times today. How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual,I was about to get a headache but good old cold shower took care of it! It was really cold... >.< Anyway,as I said in the previous review.I'm going to make all the reviews that I have missed.However,I will be putting this post in the draft because I want to continue the usual schedule or sequence of posting these reviews. After Fairy Tail is SAO II and after that is Akame Ga Kill! And it continues on and on in a complete circle or triangle because there is three episode reviews for now.

Wait! Three reviews? Three angles? Triangle?! Three,three and three?! Hold on and let me calculate this! This equals this and this divides to this... I knew it! It all makes sense now! I am...NOT a part of the Illuminati XD Did you guys get the joke? You see this kind of things in the comments such as YouTube^^ Was it funny? No? ...okay... A-anyway,let's continue with the review,shall we? By the way,Secre will be back and she will handle the SAO II review after this so...was it really not funny? I mean,I tried... I-it's okay..It's not that I'm sad or anything... I'm a tough guy! I won't cry! HAHAHAHA! Now,let's get on with the review like MEN! Yes,you're men even though you are women!

First of all,can I just say that it is about time Lucy! You've been running around,covered with watermelon juice and you're wearing your bikini! About freaking time,damn it! Now,that I let that off my chest,I feel better now. But seriously though,it was about time that she decided to fight Virgo back. Girl,you could have gotten killed! Anyway,so all this time... they have been fighting inside Chui- Choui- !!!!!! The Serpent Bearer's belly?! Either she is the universe itself or she is very huge. And she didn't even look like a serpent! She looks like a giant centipede and I don't like centipedes! Snakes is cool but centipedes is a no no!! She's like Orochimaru but punk version with a lot of piercings! I don't why that popped in my mind but Orochimaru would look cooler,no?

But at least we get to see something funny in this episode and that is Neko Gajeel XD I was thinking of naming the title "Gajeel and the Squirrels?!" like Alvin and the Chipmunks. But after watching him turn into other animals,I decided to name the title that you see now. And it was funny when Lily was giving a message to those who shouldn't keep pets out there while Gajeel is getting tortured by Gemini XD And their hair looked like 

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 24 Final Episode) Demon Assassin Vs. Ice Queen

Hello,everyone and good evening,good morning and good after noon! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual but I'm still in disbelief that this anime, Akame Ga Kill! is already over. And the ending really reminds me of Angel Beats. I don't get much of the feels maybe because I haven't watched it for a while but I do feel something is missing.That is something,right? Anyway,enough of the low spirit attitude and let's get on with the review!

At first,I really didn't expect this would be the last episode of this anime. And did you guys notice that this episode has no name like the rest of the episodes? It always started with "Kill the..." and the fight to finishing off the anime was pretty exciting and epic.Still feel a bit down that Tatsumi is dead and that Leone died soon after. How many of you guys thought that that fat minister bastard was going to get away? I thought he will kill Leone instantly after he make her Imperial Arms useless but I'm glad he didn't and Leone gets to beat him to death.

I didn't expect but at the same time I do,that Esdeath would react like that when the episode started. She called him weak and all and still want to fight in wars and even create one! But at least she was with Tatsumi and died with him. I guess that is a good touch. I think we all have been mistaken who is the main character is and it is not Tatsumi. I mean,look at the title and it's quite rare for a main character to die. But it would be a great impact if a main character died.It's sucks but the quality of the story would be top notch,that is my opinion.

I'm guessing either Najenda becomes the emperor of the capital or she guides the new emperor from the side lines. Either way,it's good to see them all happy and having a peaceful life. And at least the little emperor wasn't being a sore loser and do what he had to do. Lastly,I like the narration at the end about Night Raid and they showed all members of Night Raid.It was pretty epic and everyone looked so cool. Just curious,why is there two Bulats? He is standing behind Tatsumi and Najenda,I think. And there is his Imperial Arms at the far right. I wonder what is that about. Anyway,the anime was awesome.One of the top animes from 2014 and I agree with that.

Like I said,it is not suitable for certain people but to those who like this kind of anime,you should probably watch it. It has a lot of action,great stories and some fan service... Overall,I love it and I'm sure you guys loved it as well! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a good day!!^^/


Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 23) Party Pooper No More!

Hello again,guys! How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual,thanks! Danial is going to take a little break and eat dinner. Look at that guy,eating dinner at 11 PM. What do I ever going to do with him. Anyway,it has been awhile hasn't it,guys? It feels like I haven't talked to you guys like forever! Also,I heard that Danial just make an Illuminati joke in the previous review. I just red that and I facepalmed myself.I'm sorry that you guys had to go through it but to those who enjoyed it,I'm glad. Anyway,let's get started with the review!

The episode started off with Kirito and his friends personalizing or something for the camera that he was working on in the last episode with Yui. But this time,it is for another another person or data or Digiman (Digital Human). It's for Yuuki,alright?! I must say,if technology have made that far it would be very awesome and fun! You can still go to school even when you're sick! Just use that camera and ask a friend to put it on your desk or something and BAM! Now,everyone has no excuse to skip school! *Pretending to be an awesome principal with my hands on my hips with a flag in the background.Standing so proud~ :')*  What~? -_-" H-Hey,shut up! Leave me alone! >.<

Anyway,I like this episode because it is so touching for both Yukki and Asuna. It was great to when Asuna took Yukki to her old house and when Asuna is in good terms with her mother. Her mother has such a cold tone,don't you guys think so? I also like when they talk when they just logged in. I'm the kind of person that likes a good character and bad character getting along and for action animes,I like both good and bad characters wok together and fight another villain that just appeared.

And I like how the episode focuses on both Yuuki and Asuna as both of them solved their problems and just be happy at the end.  I wonder what will happened on the next episode and I wonder if the next episode is the last episode. Well,you guys already know since you already watched these episodes,don't give any spoilers,okay?! I think that is it for this episode. Overall,the episode was awesome.I like the good feeling and energy from the episode. I hope you guys like this review and enjoyed yourselves! I'll see you guys next time so take care!! :)

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Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.37/212) The Sadist, The Delinquent and The Shogun!! (A very bad review^^")

Hey guys! How are you guys doing?! I'm fine as usual and doing some exercises.I'm taking a little break at the moment so,imagine a guy catching his breath while typing and can't think straight because he wants to be fast all of the sudden.You can't? Well,me neither.Anyway,I don't think I will making this review today because I'm so tired and I have to wake up early tomorrow and do some important stuff.I promise I will complete all three of this reviews as soon as I can! Thanks for reading my content,you guys are the bomb! Don't explode though,okay?

Hey again,everyone. I'm sorry for not posting this last year,I've kept this post in the draft since 16th of December last year. I will continue and finish the review now and making reviews of the episodes that I have missed.Thanks for reading this blog and my other blogs,I really appreciate it. Also,I just un-deleted one of my story blogs, Chaos Town. Thought I could right that story and post here just for fun while I save other stories for publishing! Check it our if you guys want and please tell me what you guys think about it.Now,let's begin!

Alright,I'm gonna try to remember the episode right now so,if I miss anything,I'm sorry. I remember the fight between Juvia and Aries which is pretty decent and okay. The funny part or the part that I enjoyed was when Levy answered some more question and beat Capricorn.It was pretty funny and I'm sure all the GaLe fans already know what was Levy's answer and were enjoying that. I like all the pairings in this anime so,it is all good.No need to compete against one another,alright? And the part with Lucy and Virgo was pretty funny. A lot of fan service but at least there is comedy. I still don't get why is she afraid of getting watermelon on her? It would be fun to be covered in watermelon,right?

I know Virgo is being a sadist in this arc and all but her punishment is so weird XD First, getting Lucy covered with watermelon and now,mayonnaise? Hijikata from Gintama would love to have those mayos though.

So,I'm guessing Aries is supposed to be some kind of delinquent in this arc.And I think that makes sense because she was a goody two shoes and polite. And she is very weird when she is a delinquent and it was funny when Juvia said that she has changed and that she doesn't have big boobs anymore XD Since I can't remember much about the episode,I'm gonna go for a bit and watch it again.Be right back!^^/ Okay,I'm back. I forgot about Ophiu- Ophiou- ARRGHh!! THE NURSE LADY! Characters and their weird names... Or is that it's real name? Who in the hell give that name to the Serpent Bearer, start thingy,twinkle twinkle,astronomy,I don't know...^^"

Anyway,I like that Hiroshima (The name of the author of Fairy Tail. I hope I didn't misspell his name...) put in one or some new characters in the middle of the arc.It gives us to wonder and get on the edge on the character. Such as, "Who is she?", "A NURSE!! YESSSS", "Oh,she is the snake spirit from Yukino!" or "I wonder if she is strong? What is her power?". That is a good little touch in the arc. I'm also impress how he,the author, knows about the horoscopes such as their meanings and such. It shows that, if anyone want to be an author or a mangaka they have to research a lot of things and make sure that the material they are putting in is correct.

The fight between the nurse and Natsu and the others was pretty good and funny. Yes,I am reviewing while watching the episode. Working so hard! T^T Actually,not really :P I need to work hard more...^^" And look! More emoticons~! (Or whatever you call it! XD). Anyway,I think I will put this review to an end since it has already turned into an essay or maybe worse than that. I hope I got you guys somewhat entertained in this review! I'll see you guys next time! Take care!

                                                     (Damn~! 8 paragraphs?! O_O)