Sunday, September 7, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep. 23/198) . . . . . . Is Going To Kill Frosch?! I Knew It!

Hello,everyone~!! How are you guys doing? I'm doing great just still a little paranoid about the spider... If you guys wondering what I'm talking about,go to my profile and there is a post from my other blog about my experience with a huge,creepy spider that suddenly appeared and I have to kill it. Anyway,let's get on with the review before I make you guys feel scared and paranoid like me...

Haha! My theory was correct! I knew they were gonna use one of the dragons and that is Motherglare to use the portal! Even though they didn't plan it all but still... That portal seemed pretty strong but I thought it's not that strong but after Lucy and Yuki use their magic,Zodiac, which is very powerful didn't make a dent at all.And why when they both holding hands their you-know-what jiggles up and down?! Fan service?! How many fan service do we need here? As long as nobody is complaining it's alright,I guess.

And I know that some manga writers don't want to reveal that much and give that much fan service.I think I told you guys before about an interview with Oda Eiichiro,the creator of One Piece,said that they need to please the higher ups of the company.If they're pleased,their manga will continue to be published and the anime goes on.But before you guys make any judgements or make a post in social media or whatever,look it up.I don't to be blamed and get in trouble^^"/ The episode was alright but it didn't feel like it was a victory like the characters said.Not just because the Dragonslayers didn't manage to defeat the dragons but also that it doesn't have that to me,an impact feeling.

Like when they always win,there will be a victory soundtrack and everyone cheers but I think right now they have a bigger mess to deal with and that is Fiore itself. I wonder if the next episode is just wizards from all guilds help to restore Fiore. Hiro really gonna do us like that,huh? Not letting us know who killed Frosch,what a troll. Even though he's a troll,that was a nice touch. And another nice touch is that NaLu moment at the end! I'm sure a lot of NaLu fans were very happy when they watch that scene! Because I know I am! What I like in this episode,even though there are a lot of things going on I like the funny scene of Princess Hisui and the Jade Dragon,it was great!

The scene with future Lucy meets with the other future selves from Fairy Tail was great too,it kinda makes you wonder that are they dead and in heaven or something or they all alive? Either way,I like that scene and the attack from Atlas and Natsu was awesome. Future Rogue's intention was kinda good but wrong at the same time just like Natsu said,he shouldn't tempered others' pasts and let them choose their own future. That's it for this review.I hope to see you guys next time! Have an awesome day and take care!^^/