Monday, September 8, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 10) Ogre Jr.'s Drill Will Not Pierce The Heavens!

Hey,what's up guys?! How are you guys doing and how is your Monday going? Everyone hates Monday but let's just endure it until Friday! Anyway,I already watched this episode probably an hour ago and I keep thinking for a title and I decided to choose that.And Actually,I just woke up^^" I was playing with my cat and I fell asleep... I swear,mattresses are evil! They make you fall asleep whenever you lay on it! They will rule the world,you'll see! Let's just get on with the review before I get too carried,okay...?

From the last episode,Tatsumi was taken by Esdeath and become her lover.He is either lucky or unlucky,I can't really say because whenever when we see a male character with a beautiful and hot or cold depends on the female character,we would say, "Lucky,bastard...". It's funny whenever I see a comment like that but in this case,I guess he's unlucky and lucky at the same time because of the situation and what he is?

But dang,that Ogre Jr. got some upgrades now? With that big drill reminded me of another anime called Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann,a mecha anime. She probably watched that anime too! Or that Stylish guy.And her gun looked like Sinon's Hecate,well kinda. LOL,imagine her playing GGO XD She would be famous with her psychotic behavior and that scary look. Back to the episode,at the there aren't a lot happening except of the Jaegers raid at the Bandits Hideout/Esdeath and Tatsumi's first date and the scene just themselves,alone in the bedroom and more cleavage shots... I was surprised when Tatsumi actually asked her to join him but thankfully,he didn't mention that he is from Night Raid.

When he came up the idea,I thought he was crazy but when I think back that Esdeath doesn't like how the capital works too.So,I thought it would be great if she joined but the other members will not talk to her and just give her bad looks,I guess. I like her character because sometimes she's a war fanatic or something and when she's in love she's just like any normal girl.I really looking forward of the next episode after Stylish discovered Night Raid's base. There might be a Night Raid VS. The Jaegers! What I like in the episode,the funny scenes from the start, I like Tatsumi character development because of mature of him making decisions and remember everything that Bulat said to him. And I can't wait to see Akame fight against her sister,Kurome.

That's all for this review,let me know if you guys enjoyed yourselves and like the review.I'll see you guys next time! Have a good day and take care!^^/