Monday, July 29, 2013

Anime Review - .hack//Roots

Hi,this is my first anime review and if I make any mistakes in this review,please comment what I did wrong.Thank you^^

So,based on what I learn from this anime is this is the second season of ".hack//" .I haven't finished watching the first season yet but I finished the second season which is ".hack//Roots".The summary of this anime is about the main character,Haseo playing an online RPG game called "The World".The anime starts when Haseo playing the game for the first time and of course he gets killed by the other players.But a famous player/guild master named Ovan is interested in Haseo,he believes Haseo has some sort of special power in his PC (Playable Character) .

When Haseo joined Ovan's guild called "The Twilight Brigade",Haseo starts to like one of the members,Shino.There are only five members,Haseo,Shino,Tabby,Sakisaka and Ovan.The purpose of the existence of the guild is to search "The Key of Twilight",rumoured to be the most powerful and rare item in the game but everyone thinks it doesn't exist since they never found it.Later on,the guild fell apart because of Ovan's disappearance when they finally got a clue of The Key of Twilight's location.Sakisaki left the brigade because he lost his trust on Ovan,he thinks Ovan took The Key of Twilight and take all the credit.

Then Shino gets killed by Tri-Edge.Tri-Edge is some kind of system that took form of a PC and kill only some players.When Shino got killed by Tri-Edge,her PC starts to fade away and when Haseo tries to call her in real life she doesn't answer.She is in a coma and hospitalized,Tabby feels so sad since she always alone while Haseo changed and want to get revenge.He soon to be called "Terror of Death" because he kills players after he asks them about Tri-Edge.And the season end as Tabby is not playing the game for awhile because she wants to study hard to become a nurse while Haseo keeps playing with a new resolution.

Well,that's it.I hope you understand this review and try watch the anime for those haven't watch it yet.And do try watch "G.U. Trilogy The movie" it's like a complete version of ".hack//Roots".Thank you for reading this review and bye ^^//