Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Anime Review - Black Lagoon

Hey,guys!^^ Here's another anime review and I probably post another review after this so stay tuned^^ If you guys haven't read my recent post,go check it out if you want.It was about Samurai Champloo^^.And today's review is 'Black Lagoon'. Black Lagoon is a name of a illegal company of a group of people.They'll do any kind of jobs as long as they get paid.

This anime is not suitable for kids so those who are under 16,don't watch it^^" It involves a lot of swearing,killing and blood.The anime started with the Black Lagoon about to either rob or getting someone,I don't remember,sorry^^" On the first episode,they recruited a new member and his name is Rock and even though he joined an illegal organization,he still refuse to kill people and if possible to avoid to kill people.I watched the anime when I was 13,I was already matured so,it is okay for me to watch it at that age,right? XD A friend suggested the anime to me and I like the both dub and sub version of the anime.

My favorite character is Revi or known as Twin Guns Revi (Or something like that) because she uses twin pistols as her main weapon.She is Russian and she also has an older sister named Balalaica.She's the leader of an organization which was formed by ex-military. The anime also has a second season called 'Rebecca's Blood Trail', in that season they're looking a rich kid's maid but she is not an ordinary maid.The kid knows about her true identity and now he is worried about her because she disappeared.

I guess that is it,I'm sorry again because there is not much info about the anime.I'm not a perfectionist and if I do I would even included the name of author of the anime or manga writer^^" But hey,less info makes you curious and want to know more,right? Go check it out and I'm sure,you guys will like it.That's it for this anime review and I hope you guys are having a great day!!^^//