Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Kuroko no Basuke Season 3 (Episode 4) Shutoku VS. Rakuzan!!

Hello again,guys~! How are you guys doing?! It's 3:42 AM here and my eyes are started to feel a little heavy but don't worry,I can endure it! I just hope that my mind and my brain is working perfectly otherwise this review will be very messy^^" Thanks for reading my content up till now,I don't know when I'm going to stop but I'm sure as heck that I won't.But if there is something that might happened and that I have to stop,I will let you guys know and I hope that I will always be in your memories^^/ Not always because you guys have a lot to go on in your lives,lol XD Never give up,stay strong and never let others bring you down! They're down there for a reason!

Let's start the review~!! So finally,we got to see Akashi's team in this episode and it looks like there are some interesting guys in Rakuzan. Three uncrowned kings and a member of the Generation of Miracles?! It's like a huge boss at the end of the last level! The final boss! I've been interested in Akashi- not in that kind of way! I meant I'm interested in his personality. How he reacts to things and communicate. I'm always like that whenever there is a badass character,I want to see him/her react to some little things and such. Do you guys know what I'm saying? No? Okay..

The match so far is geting pretty good since they are going all out,Shutoku at least. I'm glad that they involved more on the teammates in the teams.I know it was like that from the last two seasons but it's just cool to see them like that.I'ts like getting know to someone. Oh,by the way. The starting of the episode was great,huh? If you know what I mean~? XD Lol,I'm being so creepy right now. I'm also like the funny scenes in this episode because it lightens up the mood and all and I like that. It was funny when Riko yelled at Kagami and said, "Of all times, why are you boys synched up at such a time?!" XD

And it was also funny when Kagami keeps asking Aomine to play basketball with him one more time.And reminded him that he will just hold on to his shoes XD By the way,is it even possible to dribble that hard? I know that some moves or techniques such as Kuroko's shiny super pass thingy is not real but can someone dribble that hard? If there is someone who can dribble that hard,he or she is a superhuman.. O_O And that is all for this review! I hope you guys liked both the review and the episode! Have a great day and take care!^^/ P.S:I feel sorry for that white haired guy in the Rakuzan team XD No info about him at all XD And the voice actor for Akashi did voice acting on Orihara Izaya, Captain Levi and Trafalgar Law (I think >.<)