Sunday, November 16, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 19) Asuna's Problems and Zekken Is A Girl?! O_O

Hey,guys and good afternoon! How are you guys doing today? Well,you all probably asleep now that I think about it,time differences is a very interesting thing and always confusing as hell! Anyway,I'm fine as usual,haven't took a shower yet, and just finished watching 'The Evil Within' gameplay by Markiplier and that game is pretty awesome,lots of action,the cut scenes was cool and the ending was okay and mysterious. I might a review of that in my other blog sooner or later. Now! Let's warp into the review,shall we?!

So,in this episode,we mainly focused on Asuna since she has her usual rich girl problems and that,mommy and daddy pressure you like crazy,separate you from your friends and worst of all married someone who is in your caliber or worthy for you.The way her mom said that like Asuna is a guy,lol XD And that scene when Asuna talked back to her before she left the dining room was laughable. Take that,mom! And the way her mom talks isn't like how mothers talk to their daughters or their children.It's like she is a secretary of Asuna's father.A secretary talking to her boss's child.That cold tone and that expression.

Well,at least we learned something from Asuna.And that is her mother is a total *****. Anyway,enough of that before I start ranting about it in this whole review.I was completely shocked when Zekken is a girl and I think it was Asuna's imagination's fault! It keep making us think that Zekken is a guy! Her expression was priceless and it was funny when she glared at Kirito.

So,it makes me wonder.If Zekken is not a dude and is not a guy who wants to married to Asuna,is she a NPC? Because she acted like one and it looks like she was about to give Asuna a quest or something.And I wonder what will happen between Kirito and Asuna. Will Asuna run away from home and stay with him or she will be again,trapped in a game or Kirito will rescue her in real life.Not our real life,their real life. So,overall.I like the episode and I can't wait to see what happen in the next episode.

Will Asuna have to do a quest or Zekken is not a NPC and she really needs her help? But what? What help? So many questions! LOL,I will leave you guys for now and let me know what you guys think of the episode! I hope you guys have a good day! Take care!!^^/