Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anime Review - Lucky Star

Hey,guys!What's up and I hop you guys are having a great day^^ .Today's review is Lucky Star! Lucky Star is a comedy anime about a group of high school girls and their daily lives.In the anime,you guys will see a lot of the anime 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' and other parodies.

Konata is a hardcore otaku and online gamer.She lives with her dad,her mother passed away when she was little and you guys will be surprised what her mother looks like.To me,she is the most funniest character in the anime because she is so easy going,blunt and funny.

I watched the English Dub version and I haven't watched the subbed version yet.My firend suggested me on watching the anime so I searched the anime in YouTube and watched it.I enjoyed it,it was very funny and the English Dub is not bad at all and so does the sub version.

The anime has 24 episodes and one OVA and I guess that's it for the review.I apologize again for the short review,I try to not spoil much at you guys and making the review a bit longer than this but this is all I got and again,I'm sorry.Go watch the anime,you guys probably have some laughs while watching it and enjoy yourself.And as always,guys,have a great day and I see you guys later!^^//