Friday, August 23, 2013

Anime Review - Mirai Nikki

Hey,what's up everyone^^ I know it has been awhile and I'm sorry,I've been a little busy and always forgot to make a new post in this blog.I've been thinking which anime I want to review and note that I'm still not good making reviews and I hope you guys understand every review I made.So,the anime I decided to pick is "Mirai Nikki" or "Future Diary".

Mirai Nikki is about a boy named Yukki,he has gotten into a game which you have to kill the other diary owners' diaries and become a "god".The god,Deus,create that game so that the winner take his place because he's dying and if he dies the world will be destroyed.In the game,Yuki is First and there are twelve other people besides him.

Another player named,Yuno or Second,has a crush on Yuki and doesn't want him to get hurt and wants him to be always be with her and love her.She will kill anyone who will get in her way and she doesn't feel anything when it come to killing people.The anime has only 26 episodes,it is kinda a bloody anime so if you don't like the kind of anime which has some violence and blood,I recommend you don't watch it but aside of all the killing and stuff the story is okay and it has some romantic moments and some touching moments.

To me I like the anime,it has a great story and it has some twists in the story which it is awesome.Different players in the game have different goals when they become a god and they have no other choice but to kill other players in order to achieve that goal.Watch it and after you finished watching it and you like the anime,go watch the recent OVA of Mirai Nikki.The tittle is "Mirai Nikki:Redial"

Well,that's it guys.Let me know if you like the anime and to those who just finished watching it,also let me know what do you think about this anime.I'll see you guys later and have a great day!^^//