Monday, July 21, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 3) Asada Shino's Past

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual just finished watching Sword Art Online II. I was going to make a review of it yesterday but I don't have the mood or the time to watch it and make a review about it.From now on,I'll try to make the reviews as soon as possible. Maybe right after the episodes came out. So,let's just dive into the review and enjoy^^.

So,in this episode we learned more about Shino or his avatar name,Sinon or Shino. If the guys in charge of the subtitles got her name wrong,I'll choke them to death and then gave them a hug.Nah,I won't do that so don't worry guys,I won't hug them. Shino is like every other teenager.Normal and always getting picked on because she has a trauma that happened to her when she was little but we get to that later. Question though,why female gangsters or bullies look so weird in the anime? Are they like that too in real life? Because I never met one before.

For example,do you guys know the anime 'Durarara!!'? Do you guys remember a scene when Sunohara gets bullied by these weird looking girls? If they look like that in real life,I would laugh at them and just walk away.I mean seriously.Okay,we totally gone off topic! Thanks a lot,guys! Sheesh...I mean I'm sorry,so sorry! Shino has a trauma with guns since she was little and she shot a robber when he tried to do robbery in a post office.Why the post office though? Why didn't he just go rob at bank or something? What an idiot. Shino should be a hero for killing that guy and I hate her mother's reaction when she looks at her.

You're her freaking mother! Go comfort her! Didn't you see she saved your booty and everyone else's booty?! I feel sorry for Shino.She lives alone and being a target for bullies like those three clown girls.I hope she will be happy in her life and get over with her trauma. By the way,I think her friend,Shinkawa,is the Death Gun guy.Because we got a glimpse of him,sitting in front of his computer and looking at the pictures of the players that got killed by Death Gun.And I think Shinon is his next target.

What I like in this episode so far.I like Shino's story and maybe we'll get to know a lot more about her.I like the comedy scene in this episode when Kirito was with that nurse.Imagine what will Asuna do when she saw her touch Kirito and knowing that she looked at his body before?! XD To top that off,I can't wait to see the next episode and maybe Kirito will meet Sinon in GGO. By the way,Kirirto has a cool bike! LOL,I'll see you guys next time.Take car and have a very good day!^^/